S-I-L and I


"So many times I thought of diving under the water and coming up between your legs and clamping my mouth onto your pussy. I imagine the look that would be on your face as I started to eat you out while all of your guests are looking at you. I wonder how long you could hold your composure and not show the ecstasy as I make you cum." I confess

Just then I turn back around and say "like I said thoughts and dreams"

It was only a minute but it felt like an hour before Toni said anything. I thought I had pissed her off or insulted her in some way and I fully expected to hear her ask me to leave. But instead I feel her reach around over my right shoulder and hand me a fresh drink. I take it from her outstretched hand and turn to say thank you but I felt my voice leave me as I am now looking at the nipples I have been lusting after. While I am fearing that I insulted her she was behind the bar stripping down to only her thong. Nothing else! I damn near dropped my drink.

"I ... um.... But.... What....?" Was all I was able to incoherently stammer out?

"They are not the only ones who can be having fun you know" she says.

Finally I was able to clear my throat and say "Toni are you sure about this?"

"We have been teasing and bantering back and forth for so long, do you think it was ALL just in jest?" Toni says

She continues, "Until now I haven't been clear about how you really felt. But with your revelation I now know for sure that I can tell you that I feel the same as you."

"I have lusted after you since you first started dating my sister. I was only 16 so I knew there was nothing I could really do about it. I thought I was going to die when she announced your engagement. Why do you think I became such a bitch to you? I was jealous of her. I wanted you. I wanted to feel you kiss me, not her. I wanted to feel you make love to me, not her. Do you understand?"

I am floored at this point, I have no idea what to say. I know there is no way I can say what I really want to. No time for that. I know that if I tried I would lose my nerve to do what I really wanted, no desired, to do right now.

I want to make love to her.

I stand up and walk around the couch take the drinks from her hands and put them on a nearby table. I turn back to her and pull her to me wrapping my arms around her. I look down at her beautiful brown eyes and full lips. I tilt her head back and lean in for our first real kiss. Not the fake air kisses family members give each other but a full on deep sensual kiss. I hold on to her afraid she will come to her senses and try to pull away. But to my delight she is holding on just as hard pulling me into her. I break the kiss only to lift her up by her ass she wraps her legs around my waist her arms around my neck. We are kissing at an almost frantic pace. I am loving the taste of her. I need more. I back her up to the pool table and place her on the edge. She is still holding onto my neck as I lean down to take her left nipple into my mouth. I suck on it as if I am trying to tear it from her chest. I start to lightly bite on it just hard enough to make her feel it without being painful. I swirl my tongue around the tip making it stand out I can see the goose bumps appear around the areola as I tease her. Then I switch to the right nipple and treat that to the same onslaught. Licking sucking biting back and forth I switch from one to the other. Lori is now squirming on the pool table and without warning she throws her head back and screams as she has an explosive orgasm. I can smell the sexy odor of her cum as she panting hard sucking in air as if will be her last breath.

I've had women cum from just me sucking their tits, I can make Lori cum that way every time and I guess it's a family thing.

I reach down between her legs and rub her pussy through her panties. It takes no time until they are soaked from her juices. I move them to the side and I feel her flesh for the first time. I am amazed at how soft, and extremely wet, it is. I begin to move my hand rubbing her slip. I separate her lips with my middle finger and push it in. I insert it as far as I can, felling her soft delicate silk.

I add another finger now finger fucking her, curling my fingers searching for the sweet spot. I use my thumb to stimulate her clit as I continue to fuck her with my hand. I can see she is really enjoying the attention I am giving to her clit.

Another scream and a gush of her womanly fluid drench my hand. I pull my hand away from her and bring it up to my mouth and lick it. I am amazed how good she tastes and smells.

Toni pulls my face to hers and again we kiss.

"Oh my god I haven't cum that hard in years twice no less. I am still shaking. I don't think I could stand even if I wanted. You are amazing."

"Why thank you missy I am glad I could accommodate." I say kidding her.

I pull Toni back up to a sitting position. As I look down between her legs past her disheveled panties I notice a fairly large wet spot now appearing on the green felt of the pool table. And I can't help but start to laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" she asks.

"I am looking at the cum stain you are leaving as evidence between your legs." I respond.

"OH SHIT!" she says as she jumps off of the table. "He just had this recovered, he's gonna kill me"

Toni jumped off the table and ran to the kitchen area to grab some paper towels. She wet a few and started to tamp the wet area then laid the dry ones over in an attempt to soak up the moisture.

"Oh well it is what it is" "I'll just blame it on the kids"

Toni then turns to me and says, "Listen I am tired of waiting fuck me while I am still wet!"

Without needing another word I open my shorts and push the off along with my briefs in one fell swoop.

My cock is at its full attention and getting harder.

Toni turns her back to me and bends over the back of the couch. Ooh that ass! I guide my man missile straight in to her sopping cunt and fuck her with the intensity that I haven't done to my wife, her sister, in years. I slam my hips in to hers with such force we end up moving the couch about two feet forward.

I start to think I need to slow down some if I want this to last. I pull out of her just as I start to feel like I am on the verge of cumming. I pull her up to a standing position and turn her to face me. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my hips. I feel the tip of my cock at the entrance of the softest wettest pussy I have ever felt and lower her on to it until she is as far in as the position will allow. Together we flex our hips and start to fuck more slowly. Without the tight feeling around my cock I come down off of high and settle into a steady rhythm. I can feel her start to speed up since I may not feel the tightness but my cock is giving her clit a steady massage. I feel Toni go rigid for a second and let out an ear piercing scream that actually scared me. I suddenly feel her go completely limp and I am quickly holding her full weight. Instead of letting her down I walk us over to the front of the full size leather couch and sit. With her legs still wrapped around my back and her arms around my neck I pull her in to me. I pull her close and lay her head on my shoulder. Toni is still breathing hard trying to catch her breath after the most explosive orgasm I have ever heard any one have.

As she starts to steady her breathing I feel her start to move. She uses a slow back and forth motion without actually raising up. I start to kiss her neck and bring my hands between us pushing her away from me just enough or me to massage her tits again. I lean forward and suckle on the right then the left.

Her rhythm is starting to get more forceful as I feel out pelvises rubbing together.

"Tell me when you are ready" Toni says in a pant

"I am ready now" I tell her

She suddenly jumps up off of me and in one quick motion she is down on her knees in front of me with my full 7" tickling the back of her throat. I feel her grab my balls massaging them. I have never felt anything like it. One. Two. Three pumps of her head and I explode!!!

"ohmygodyessssss, suckthatcockooohhshitdon'tstopdon'tstop......."

I know I was making no coherent sense in what I am spewing but it just felt so fucking good.

Toni took my full load in her mouth a swallowed every drop. Un-fucking-believable!!!!!

As I look down at her, when my vision comes back, she is licking me from end to end. As I go soft from that immensely powerful orgasm she keeps my softening penis in her mouth licking it all over until there is not a speckle of cum evidence anywhere.

"Toni, that was amazing. I haven't cum that hard in a long time." I say in my still panting tone.

"Why thank you kind sir, I am glad I could accommodate." We both get a chuckle out of that.

"I am sorry I couldn't let you cum in me but I am not on the pill and longer. I figure why bother since he wasn't fucking me any more."

I see a tear form in the corner of her eye. I pull her back up on to my lap again and look her in the eye and pull her in for another kiss.

Like the last this was not you in-law air kiss. It was full on tongue twisting and passion filled.

"You don't ever need to apologize to me. What you did was amazing. I have never in all of my years felt the way you make me feel."

"I really hope this wasn't a one time deal between us?" I ask in a pleading tone.

"No way mister you are not getting away that easy. You owe me 20 years of lust filled fucking to make up for not picking the right sister."

"Now how about we go upstairs we can get in bed and fuck in comfort." I have a new king size bed that needs to be broken in right."

With that we went up to her bedroom and fucked the rest of the night away. I got to fuck her hard then slow it down to remind her there is still passion in love making.

I also got to explore every hole she has. OOOhh that ASS!!

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