tagGroup SexSabina: A Roman Slave

Sabina: A Roman Slave


The sun rose on another hot summer day in Rome as a simple cart, pulled by horses, snaked its way along the streets which were slowly coming to life. In the cart, chained along both sides, were slaves on their way to the market to be sold.

Sabina looked miserably along the road and wondered how her life had come to this point. Her father and mother had both died, murdered by their more aristocratic owner who had ordered both of them to be killed when he had found that is adulterous mistress had become pregnant with the bastard child of her slave lover rather than his. The owner, a member of the Senate, had ordered both of them to be crucified and the child to be sold as soon as it could walk. Since then Sabina had known only the life of a slave. When she was sixteen she had been sold and become the concubine of another senator and when she had failed to please him sexually, he had had her sold. She remembered the time she had lost her virginity, not slowly and tenderly with a man she loved but in a swift, violent coupling, without meaning or love which had been little more than a rape.

Sabina longed for a more meaningful life where she could stop the dull drudgery of slavery and fear of being nothing more than the sexual plaything of her master and mistress. She desired the sexual love of a man or women. Sabina had now reached the age of 20. Her body was well developed and muscular after years of toiling and carrying heavy goods. Her breasts were well formed with large nipples. Sabina had large brown eyes and long dark hair smooth which flowed down her back when it wasn't tied in place. It was one of the things that she was proud of and surprised that her past owners had not cut off so that their wives could have wigs made out of it.

The cart came to a halt and the smell of fruit and manure, synonymous with the market, rose into Sabina's nostrils. She had been here before and knew that she would again in time. Her time as a slave had made Sabina rebellious, wild and untamed. In the past, she had turned this to her advantage. Sabina had escaped but was recaptured after a few days. When she had been returned to her master, he had extracted from her a pitiless revenge. In front of all the other slaves he tore her clothing from her body and left Sabina totally naked. The master had then bound her arms and legs and left her tied up at the front gate, inviting any passing soldiers from the legions to do whatever they wanted with her. It had been one of the longest nights of Sabina's life but when the morning had come; she was released and had not been raped. The slaves had found some fresh clothes for her and after that day she had kept her thoughts about escaping to herself.

Sabina looked about her at the bustles of the market place. Carts of fruit, vegetables and other goods were being unloaded. There were also several more cartloads of salves, all looking as unhappy and miserable as Sabina. The wagon master tethered his horse and walked to the back of the cart.

"We're here, now move!"

Slowly the 4 other slaves, two men and two women stood, their chains clanking and began to walk to the back of the cart. Sabina was the last and she could feel the chains round her wrists and feet chaffing against her skin. The others began to walk but the wagon master, an unpleasant, sweaty man who she did not know by name but had always feared pulled Sabina close to his sweaty body. Sabina shivered, feeling his rough hands against the bare arms skin of arms. He then pushed her against a pillar.

"Your ex-master has something special planned for you, Sabina."

The wagon master slipped his hand down inside her tunica and grabbed her breasts, pinching the nipples hard. Sabina gasped in surprise and anger as she felt his rough hands groping and fumbling for her teat. Although she was a slave, she did take kindly to having her tits groped by this sweaty ox. Sabina tried to back away from the man but she was trapped by the pillar.

"The fun I could have with you!" grunted the sweating man as his hand explored further inside Sabina's tunica. She tried to back away further, trying to avoid the feeling of his palms against her breast but the pillar was immovable and she just whimpered as the man pawed away at her. Sabina could not believe that she felt almost aroused at this grunting imbecile, halfway to raping her there and then. She felt her nipple grow hard as his hand squeezed further and she gasped, half in a mixture of fear and surprise and the other half in anger at both herself for getting aroused and at this unknown man who was invading her most private area. The man pushed aside the thin material, exposing her nipple. Sabina looked around wildly, expecting someone to at least notice what the man was doing but everyone was either too engrossed in their work or ignoring what was going on. Something like this was not an irregular occurrence at the market where slaves were concerned. They were the lowest form of citizen and could be used and abused by anyone who saw fit. The man bent his head down and clamped his teeth around her exposed dug. Sabina felt moistness between her legs that she hadn't felt before.

Just as Sabina thought he was going to rape her in full public view, the man was pulled away from her breast. Sabina gasped in pain as the man's teeth grazed her tit. She saw her chance and brought her knee up swiftly, connecting with his hard groin. The man crumbled to the floor, roaring in pain and anger. He slammed Sabina against the pillar, his hands looking for the edge of her tunica to rip away and leave her naked for all to see. At that moment a sword entered Sabina's vision and she that it was wielded by a young Roman legionnaire.

"If you wish to go raping young slaves, whoremonger, I suggest you do it somewhere else." said the soldier.

"I didn't mean anything by it," whimpered the wagon master.

"From what I saw you were going to rip off this slave's tunica and rape her against the pillar. Now get out of here before I turn you into a eunuch!"

The wagon master jumped onto the back of his cart and rode away at great speed, the mocking laughter of slaves, citizens and soldiers ringing in his ears. It would be a long time before he would dare show his face in Rome again.

After checking that Sabina's clothes were not damaged and that she appeared to be shaken but nothing more, the soldier ushered Sabina inside the market. Sabina had experienced worse in the past but she was grateful that she had escaped the encounter with nothing more than damaged pride and her tit groped. And she reflected later, what a pleasure it had been to drive her knee into the wagon master's groin.

Sabina walked into a short tunnel and emerged to find herself with the other slaves in a small area partitioned off from the rest of the market. The two male and a female slave that had been with her a few minutes before had already been sold. The other female slave was sitting on the floor and looked up as Sabina came in.

"I hear you had some trouble from the wagon master?" whispered the woman.

Sabina looked the woman up and down and realised that this woman had not been in the cart with her. She must have come in from another entrance. She was dressed in the standard clothing of a slave, a simple rough tunica, tied at the waist with a belt and her hair cropped short as opposed to Sabina who had her hair tied back. Sabina realised for the first time how attractive this woman was and she was little older than she was herself. Her breasts were a little smaller than Sabina but she was still attractive although a little plainer when compared to Sabina.

"What is your name?" asked Sabina.

"You don't need to know that." replied the woman, "what happened to you?"

"The wagon master groped me....he....I don't know." said Sabina, flustered that she didn't know what to feel or say.

"Let me guess, he pinched your tit and then tried to suck it and then tried to rape you in broad daylight." said the woman.


"He does that all the slaves. I think it's because his manhood is so small, he has to try it on with other women." The woman paused as the curtain parted and the auctioneer looked in and then closed it.

"I've been taken before." said Sabina, wanting to pour her whole heart out to this unknown woman.

"I bet it could hardly have been called love making. It was probably at the hands of a previous master who stripped you and did what ever he felt like with you. Are you a mother?"

"No!" said Sabina, shocked at the forcefulness in her voice.

The woman stood and walked over to Sabina and kissed her. It was the first time that Sabina had been kissed by another woman and she found herself becoming deeply aroused by the passion that the woman was putting into it. She was a little scared at the thought that at any moment the guard could come through the curtain and separate them forever. Sabina would give anything to stop this happening. The woman's tongue explored deep inside Sabina's mouth with more loving passion than she could remember. Sabina ached to be naked with this woman, exploring her naked body with her hands and letting her body explode in a full and unstoppable orgasm.

Just as Sabina was wondering if this heaven would end, the woman broke the kiss and walked over to the curtain. It parted and the guard came in.

"We agreed a price of 7000 denarii, guard." said the woman.

"Yes." said the guard.

The woman bent down in front of Sabina and picked up a small leather purse, giving Sabina an opportunity to look down her cleavage. The coins rattled in the purse.

A few moments Sabina blinked in the sunshine as the woman led her to another cart and they both climbed on the back. For a few moments they were silent as each remembered the stolen moment they had shared. As the horse and cart left the city and headed into the countryside, bumping along the dirt tracks, the woman turned to Sabina.

"My name is Sallyarin. My lover who you are yet to meet is Davidus. I know that you are called Sabina and you are our new slave. Do not worry, you will be well treated. My lover wants a new mistress. And your new mistress wanted a new lover."

"What does that mean?" asked Sabina.

"It means that you will do what we ask. It will not be onerous. In fact, later today, we will go a little further."

Sabina stared out of the cart, trying to make sense of how quickly her world had changed. Not long ago she was being groped and half raped. Now she had been kissed by a beautiful woman and then.....what? She did not know but she had a feeling that she would enjoy finding out. Whatever happened with her new master, Sabina realised that although her new master and mistress would enjoy the experience, she herself would take some pleasure from it. Sabina realised that she was about to embark on a journey of sexual exploration that was entirely new to her. Instead of a rough, sexual fumbling and humping from dishonourable men, she would be treated as a human being for the first time in her life.

She looked across at her new mistress and looked more closely at her, allowing her gaze to travel down from her blonde hair, over Sallyarin's breasts to her long legs. Sabina ached to see her new mistress naked before her. And she wanted to see her new master and find out what kind of lover he would be. Sabina looked out over fields of grapes and olive groves as the cart bumped along and then it turned off the track and travelled a short distance further before it came to a halt outside a large white villa, several miles from the city.

"We're here, Sabina."

Sabina climbed off the cart and entered the cool house.

"You must be tired and hungry after the day so far. We have a room for you. It is small but comfortable with clean clothes. You will sleep this afternoon and meet my lover later on. He is currently busy with other affairs at the moment but you will meet him after dinner."

Sabina was led through the main hallway and into a small room. Sallyarin was right. It was small but was the first room she had ever had that she could call her own. Sabina slipped off her tunica and was soon asleep on the floor, dreaming of what the night would bring.

Sabina reclined on her bed, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun's rays at the end of the day. Her room looked out over fields planted with olives and grapes. She had no idea how far the city was but Sabina realised that it could not have been that far away.

The sun was warm and relaxing and Sabina realised that she had been both fortunate and lucky that day. If she had been alone with the wagon master, he would have been a lost less indiscreet than he had already. She shivered at the thought of what could have happened. Sabina knew that if they had been alone it would have involved the man tearing off her clothes and raping her on the floor or against a pillar there and then.

As she lay on the bed, the sun began to disappear slowly over the hill and Sabina realised that for the second time that day she was thinking about sex. She had reached an age when just thinking about it was not enough. After what had happened this morning she wanted to be loved in every possible way with a man and a woman. She wanted a woman to kiss her. She wanted to pleasure and be pleasured by a man and woman at the same time. She wanted long, slow love making. She wanted quick, fast couplings with a man she loved. Had the wagon master awakened something more in her? The thought of being simultaneously loved and abused appealed to her.

Sabina closed her eyes and thought about the journey with her new mistress who intrigued her. The moment that she had pressed her lips so forcibly against Sabina had been one of much needed tenderness after the terror of being fondled and exposed in public. It was not unknown for women to have affairs with other women. Common prostitutes and rich women were often known to have passionate affairs behind closed doors but for her mistress to kiss in what was a public setting was daring in the extreme. Sabina knew that she would now become a slave to the loving of both a man and a woman. The woman, she knew, Sabina could love but the man? She would just have to wait and see on that front.

The sun had disappeared beyond the hill when Sabina awoke, feeling the warm night air coming in. Beside her on the bed lay a fresh, clean tunica made of woven cotton. It felt fine in her hand and was certainly of a better material than Sabina had ever known. Sabina stood up from the bed and looked at the last light in the sky, warm reds coalescing into yellows and purples and blues.

Sabina lifted off her old tunica and looked at her naked body in the slowly decaying light. Her nipple and breast were slightly sore and tender where the wagon master had pinched and fondled her so freely. There was a slight bruise where his teeth had been so roughly pulled away from her body but apart from that she was healing slowly.

The new tunica was a different design to the one she had known all these years. It was woven in white cotton and tied at with two small buttons. Although it was similar to her previous one, this would not allow any man with wandering hands to invade the holes at the arms as the wagon master had done. Rather than put it on over her head, she had to step into it and then lift it up before buttoning it at the shoulders. When she was ready, she looked down her now clothed body. The tunica was cut in such a way that her cleavage was slightly more exposed than she had in the previous tunica which now lay on the floor. Sabina tossed it on to the bed. She might keep for another day but this new tunica was much nicer.

There was a knock at the door. Sabina opened it to find her mistress standing before her. She beckoned her to follow and led her to the lounge. In the middle of it was her new master.

As the mistress led her out of her room, she turn round to Sabina and gave her another long, passionate kiss. Sabina had not been expecting this but when she felt her mistress' tongue explore her mouth; she received more readily than she had at the slave market. Sabina found herself becoming deeply aroused by this woman and felt her nipples go hard. Sallyarin pushed her against a pillar and kissed her some more, her hands feeling down Sabina's body, stimulating her even more.

Just as Sabina thought that Sallyana was going to remove her clothes, she broke the kiss and smiled.

"Alas, my lover wants to see you first before we make love."

Sabina stared at Sallyarin, dazed and confused. She longed to be naked in front of this woman and to see her mistress naked. Sabina decided to break all protocol and pulled the other woman back to her and forcibly kissed her mistress with as much passion as she had ever felt for any other man or woman. Sallyarin tried to break the kiss but Sabina would not let her get away again so easily. The more her mistress resisted, the more Sabina explored her mouth. Finally, Sallyarin broke the kiss and forced Sabina against the pillar, smiling.

"I've never known a slave be so passionate. You've been longing for me all day haven't you?"

Sabina stood, shocked at how daring she had just become.

"Yes, mistress," was all she could say.

"My name is Sallyarin. I am not your mistress. You will be the lover of both me and my lover. You have been badly treated in the past but those days are gone."

Sallyana walked off and beckoned Sabina to follow her. They rapidly came to a room. On the floor were several cushions and rugs. It was well furnished and well lit. In the centre was Davidus, a big man and the lover of Sallyarin, dressed in a toga. He was tall, about six feet tall with dark hair. His hazel eyes explored her body and she thrust her breasts out purposely to allow his admiring gaze to travel from her head, down her exposed cleavage to the floor.

"I see Sallyarin made a good choice." He walked over and kissed Sabain on her cheek. Then he beckoned her to come and sit in the middle of the room and sat down. Sabina stood in front of him. Davidus motioned for her to sit but Sabina shook her head, preferring to stand. She was unsure what her new keepers wanted of her. Did they want a servant girl or a lover?

"She is unsure." said Sallyarin.

"I don't blame her. Let me guess, Sabina. This morning you were taken to a market, half raped, kissed by Sallyana and then brought here. Confusion is an emotion that I would probably be feeling if I was in your shoes." There was a silence for a moment and Sabina realised that the world outside had grown dark. The bird song of the day had gone to be replaced by crickets chirping outside. Sabina realised that she was both hungry and thirsty and realised that she had not had anything since breakfast, 10 hours and a lifetime ago but she was happy when, as her gaze searched the room, there was a simple meal laid out and ready.

"Are you going to say anything?" asked Sallyarin.

"I am tired, hungry and thirsty. You have shown me such kindness as no master or mistress has shown before. But I would like to know my duties. What is expected of me?"

"I thought Sallyarin had explained that." Davidus rose and stood close to Sabina "You're duties will be like this." He pulled her close, wrapping his muscular arms around her and kissed her. Sabina was surprised at how much she enjoyed this kiss from a man she barely knew. He was warm and passionate, like his other lover and she moaned with pleasure as one of his hands cupped her breast through the thin material of the tunica. Sabina held him close until they had both got as much from the kiss as each other and then he broke it. Sabina realised that Sallyarin had been watching them the whole time but she was not jealous.

"You will love us both." said Sallyana "You will pleasure and be pleasured. You will eat soon but before then there is something you must do for us."

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