tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabine and Melanie Return to School

Sabine and Melanie Return to School


Things went along normally for Melanie and me over the next week. Classes were going to start today and Melanie told me she had something for me to do, which made me a little apprehensive.

We had done our normal things and each time we had gone out together, of course I had to strip on the landing on our floor and count to fifty before I could go to our room. During this time I was caught once standing naked, no clothes nearby, but thankfully by girls instead of guys. I was standing naked, concentrating on my counting.

"Jesus! Are you all right?"

This was the worst thing. I was standing totally naked and three girls from our floor were looking at me and asking me if everything was all right! I blushed bright red.

"Ye-es, everything is fine."

When I said that I felt really silly and stupid. What normal girl would be standing on a stair landing in front of a large window, naked as the day she was born?

"Well, then why are you out here naked?"

I couldn't think for a minute.

"It's a dare."

I felt even more foolish now. They'd think I was really dumb now. Who else but an idiot would be where I was nude? When I said it was a dare they looked at each other and burst out laughing. That made me more embarrassed.

"Do you do dares like this often?"

"Um, no, not really."

They laughed again and one of them looked me up and down, seeing erect nipples and a slight shine on my pussy lips.

"I think she does do it a lot. Look at her nipples and pussy. I think she likes it."

They burst out laughing again and walked off, talking amongst themselves and looking back at me. I felt so humiliated! Now more girls in my dorm had seen me and were thinking that I stripped off and stood around in the open. I had lost count but felt sure that I would have reached fifty and scurried down the hall to our door.

"Melanie, may I please come in?"

"Of course, Sabine."

I hurried through the door and ran to my bed and flung myself down on it.

"What's wrong, Sabine?"

"Some girls saw me!"

"So why is that such a big deal?"

"I said I was doing a dare and didn't do it often and they didn't believe me. I am humiliated, Melanie. Can I please stop doing this?"

"I'll think about it, but you know that I like it, and I think no matter what you say, Sabine, you like it too."

"Melanie, this isn't fair. I don't like it; I don't like being the only one. It makes me look slutty."

"Sabine, Sabine, I never said that our life together would be fair, did I?"

"No, but, I don't like it, I don't want to do this."

"But, if I tell you, Sabine, you will do it, won't you?"

I didn't say anything because she knew that I would, just to be sure that she still loved and wanted me. I was caught in a trap of love for her and she knew it. She knew me too well to let me off the hook I was caught upon.

That night Melanie woke me at 2AM. She had me strip off my nightgown, since I was in my bed that night and then she handed me a long coat. She was dressed and I noticed her putting a camera in her coat pocket. I slipped into the coat and she led me to the door, out and down the stairs. We walked outside.

"Sabine, stand in front of the door and take off the coat and drop it."

I looked around, nervously, but there were only a few lights on. I unbuttoned the coat and slipped it off, letting it fall by my feet. Melanie took out her digital camera and snapped three shots of me standing naked in front of our dorm door.

"Put the coat back on and come with me."

We walked away from our dorm and each time we came to a building, especially those with signs, naming them, she told me to take off the coat and pose for her while she snapped pictures of me. In no time my nipples were hard and my pussy moist. I was scared but turned on, knowing that she was taking pictures of me for her to enjoy. I was still a little nervous because there was campus security, but I followed her orders anyway. It was really exciting to be all over campus naked, as long as I wasn't in danger of being caught naked again. I felt that at 2 in the morning, that was very unlikely. A few times she made me sit on the steps of a building with my legs open so my pussy and tits were on display. She also had me bend over by signs, spread my legs and grasp my ankles so my ass, pussy and my face between my legs were all in the camera's eye. By the time she decided that she had enough pictures, I was very moist and very horny. Then she scared the shit out of me.

"All right, Sabine, give me the coat and let's head back."

I moaned. I wanted the coat so badly. But, I handed it to her and she motioned for me to head back to our dorm. I had to think of how to get there and once I had the route in my mind, I started off. Melanie followed behind me and I could hear her soft giggles as she watched me walk naked towards our dorm. Every little noise I heard made me jump and look around. I kept heading towards the dorm. Thankfully, we did not run into anyone and I was soon at the door. Melanie came up behind me swiftly.

"Don't run up the stairs, walk, Sabine."

I did as I was told and walked all the five flights of stairs up to our floor. Melanie made me stop again and took three or four more pictures of me standing naked on the landing and then she walked off to our room. I followed meekly, excited and glad to be home. When we got in the room she walked to her dresser and pulled out the dildo with the suction cup and pulled my desk chair in front of the couch. She fastened the dildo to the chair's seat and sat on the couch right in front of it. Then she motioned to me. I knew what she wanted and I stepped up and straddled the chair. I took hold of the dildo, centered it on my opening and sat down on it. Melanie smiled at me.

"Now, slut, fuck yourself for me."

I held still for a moment, feeling stuffed. I grasped my breasts and it was like an electric shock from them to my pussy and I rolled my nipples, gasping. Then my hips lifted almost involuntarily and I began to bounce up and down on the dildo. I closed my eyes, moaning with pleasure. Being outside nude had made me so horny it was unbelievable! I bounced up and down, moaning, gasping, feeling my pussy stuffed to the limit. Melanie reached up and grasped both my nipples and pinched them and then began rolling them over and over. I couldn't keep bouncing and let her play with my nipples, so I drove down on the dildo and rolled my hips back and forth, grinding on the dildo.

"That's it you dirty fucking whore, work that ass! I want to see you come on the dildo, you dirty cunt! I want to see your cunt leaking all over your chair, slut! I love watching you fuck, bitch, I just love it! Do you like me playing with your tits when you're fucking, cunt?"

"Oh God, yes, Melanie, pull my nipples, twist them!

She did as I asked, pulling my nipples out and twisting them. I screamed as the pain shot through my tits and then I was coming. A spasm shot through me like lightning and I ground my hips faster and faster as Melanie twisted and pinched my nipples hard. I could feel my lower body jerking as I came in moments and then I slumped over, panting. Melanie gave my nipples one last tweak, making me gasp in both pain and ecstasy.

"Did you like that, darling?"


Then Melanie had me get up and wash and dry the dildo and put it away. She undressed and put on her nightgown and went to bed. I was hoping that she would want to sleep with me, but she didn't tell me to get in her bed, so I put on my nightgown and crawled into mine. I was disappointed that I was sleeping alone. I lay awake for a while picturing what we had done that night and wanting to masturbate but I didn't because I was sure Melanie would be disappointed in me.

Anyway, the next day was the first day of school and Melanie told me to meet her at the Art Building before lunch. I hurried there after my 11 o'clock class and she was waiting for me. Melanie smiled as she saw me hurrying up and she led me into the building. We walked to a professor's office and entered. His secretary looked up.

"This is Sabine. She is a prospective model. What do we have to do to set her up to model for your classes?"

My heart leaped up into my throat. I wanted to scream NO! But I kept silent. The secretary looked at me and then at Melanie, curiously.

"Well, there is a contract to be signed and then I am sure that Professor Snyder will want to speak with her. First of all, Sabine, have you ever modeled before?"


"Do you know what is involved? Well, I am sure that you do, since you are here. We have three figure study classes and you would model, along with some others, for all of them. The pay is $20.00 for each session that you sit for, which isn't much, but we are on a budget. You have to arrive fifteen minutes, at least, before each class and the classes are an hour and a half each. Any questions, so far? No? Good. I'll see if Professor Snyder can see you now."

She got up and walked to the interior door. I whispered to Melanie.

"What are you doing to me?"

"Nothing, Sabine. Either you will or you won't. I will be slightly disappointed if you don't, though. Just see this through, for me."

I realized that I was trembling. She had made it clear to me that if I didn't she would not be pleased. I really didn't want that to happen, but I also was not feeling too happy about having this sprung on me like this.

"Why didn't you talk to me about this rather than letting me be surprised. Its nude modeling, isn't it?"

Melanie just smiled at me.

"We'll just have to see, Sabine."

The secretary came out and motioned me into the professor's office. She followed me inside and Melanie sat down in a chair in the secretary's space. She smiled at me. I walked into the office.

"Hello, Sabine is it? Come in and sit down."

I did.

"Well, I'm glad you are here since we haven't had too many applicants. Mary tells me that you haven't modeled before. What makes you think you can handle this?"

I was trapped.

"How hard can it be, sir?"

"You do understand that figure studies means nude, right?"

"Yes, I figured that out, sir."

"Well, since you have not done this before, there is some question in my mind whether you will follow through. Since Mary is here and there will be no possibility of impropriety, would you be willing to disrobe here? It would show that you would be willing to follow through for the classes."

I groaned silently to myself.

"Sir, if I don't show up or if I do, won't that be sufficient?"

"Sabine, I can't take the chance of someone being scheduled and not showing up. It will throw the entire semester off. So, since I'll need to be sure that you are willing to take your clothes off in class, I must insist that you prove to me that you will do it. I just can't take the chance of losing one class session if you refuse. Especially since you have not modeled previously."

Now I knew for sure I was trapped. I was so angry with Melanie, but I knew it was the way she was and I didn't want her to be unhappy with me. If I refused now it was going to be very cold in our room when we got back and I also might get a spanking, which I really didn't want.

"Fine. She stays in here with us?"

Once I said that, I was committing myself and then I thought of having to take off my clothes for a class, possibly three times a week for a semester. My stomach suddenly felt like there was ball of ice in it.

"Yes, Mary will stay, since I don't want any problems coming up later."

I sighed and stood up.

"Just take off my clothes?"


I noticed that he leaned forward. I slipped my shoes off and set them beside the chair I had been sitting upon. Then I realized that I didn't have any underwear on and I started to turn red. I grasped the bottom of my top and stopped for a moment. Then I pulled it up and over my head. I didn't look at him, just folded my top and laid it on the chair. Then I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pushed them down. I had to struggle to get them down, since they were snug, but I finally managed and pulled them off my feet. I folded them also and laid them on the chair. I was now standing naked in a professor's office in front of him and his secretary. My nipples immediately stood up and I was silently praying that my pussy wouldn't get wet enough that it was noticeable. He looked at me, first at my tits and then up to my face which was getting very warm. And then his eyes went down to my newly trimmed and shaved pussy.

"Turn around, please."

I turned so my ass was facing him which put my tits and pussy right in front of Mary. Her eyes went from warm face down to my tits and then my pussy. She had a smirk on her face. I began to feel really embarrassed. They both were dressed fairly business-like and I was bare ass naked. It was surreal.

"Turn around, please."

I turned so I was facing Professor Snyder.

"Let's try a pose so I can see if you can handle this. Mary, please stand up. Now, Sabine, I want you to lie down on the couch, on your side. Leave your bottom leg flat and bend your top leg at the knee and place your foot on your other knee, please."

I pictured myself in this position in my mind and realized that it would completely expose my pussy. I swallowed and moved to the couch. I could feel both their eyes on my naked ass. I sat and then laid on my side and closing my eyes, my top leg bent and my foot rested on my bottom knee. Then I opened my eyes. Professor Snyder was in front of his desk, no more than five feet from me. I could see his eyes move to my pussy, which was now completely in the open. Mary was standing at the end of the couch, her eyes on my exposed pussy also.

"Just stay there, just like that, Sabine. I'll be back in a few moments."

I watched him walk to the door and out. It seemed like forever as I lay on the couch and then Professor Snyder walked back in followed by four other men.

"This is Greg Williams and Jon Masters, my two graduate assistants, and Professors Johnson and Grace. This is Sabine"

They nodded at me as they eyed my body. I tried to smile at them, but I wasn't sure if I succeeded.

"What do you think; will she do for the figure study class?"

I was almost about to cry, I was so humiliated. Here I was naked already, and I didn't even know if I would be chosen to take my clothes off for students. And I was already showing them my pussy!

"Her breasts are really small. Do you think they will do?"

"They look better when she is standing. Sabine will you stand up, please."

I could feel tears building in my eyes, but I got up and stood in front of them.

"I see what you mean. Turn around, Sabine."

I turned so my ass was facing them.

"Her bottom is nice. That will be a good feature. Please look over your shoulder at us, Sabine."

I did, but I noticed that not one eye rose above my bare ass as I did.

Let's try another pose, Sabine. Face away from us and get on your hands and knees and look over your shoulder, please."

I sighed. I knew what I was going to look like to them. Melanie had told me often enough when I was in this position for her. I knew that my cheeks would slightly open and my asshole was going to be showing and that my pussy was going to be showing between my thighs. I thought to myself, well, they've already seen it when I was on the couch. I got down on all fours and looked over my shoulder. My face was hotter. All five sets of male eyes were focused on my ass, my asshole and pussy. Mary walked over behind them and I heard a soft giggle. God, I was so embarrassed!

"So, will she do?"

"I think so. She doesn't seem to mind posing and even though her breasts aren't very big, the rest of her is fine."

I wanted to scream, you assholes! I am here naked and you are talking over me like I am a piece of furniture. Plus you have me in positions I am sure I will not be doing in class, just so you can stare at my pussy. Men are assholes!

"All right, then we can use her. Mary, take her out and get a contract signed and let her know what the schedule is."

Mary walked over and helped me up and to my shock; she took my hand and led me out of Professor Snyder's office naked! Melanie watched me walk through the doorway and smiled at me. So here I am, bare assed, standing in front of Mary's desk, while she explains the class schedule to me. I am to be at room 210 in the Art Building at 1:45PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will be paid $20.00 for each session that I do. She fumbles in her desk drawer for the contract and I hear the door open.

"Holy shit!"

I glanced over my shoulder and two girls and a guy have come into Mary's office while I am standing naked in front of her desk. I turned beet red. Mary finally finds a contract and slides it in front of me and hands me a pen. I had to bend over to sign it and heard the girl giggle. Mary takes it from me and stuffs it in a folder.

"I'll get your clothes, Sabine."

She stands up and leaves me naked and walks into Snyder's office. I can hear her talking to the five men and close my eyes so I don't have to see the three students standing to my right. Mary finally comes out and hands me my jeans, top and shoes. I hurriedly pull on my jeans, wiggling to get them up over my ass and then pull on my top. I slipped into my shoes and look at Melanie, daggers shooting from my eyes. She got up, smiling at me, and we left.

"Melanie, how could you do this to me?"

"Do what?" Did I tell you to take off your clothes?"

"No, but if I didn't you were going to be angry with me and I don't want you angry with me, Melanie. It wasn't fair; I was put in a corner."

"All right, Sabine. Let's make a bet. When we get back to our room, if your pussy is wet, you stand in our window for fifteen minutes, naked and then I get to fuck your ass. If it isn't wet, you can fuck my ass. Deal?"

I just sighed, since I knew I was going to lose that bet. I didn't even want to dignify it with a response.

"From the dead silence, Sabine, I think we know I am right in thinking your pussy is wet. So on some level, you enjoyed the whole experience. So, since we both know you in some way enjoyed it, you only have to stand in the window for fifteen minutes and I won't fuck your ass. Now that's a good deal for you, Sabine. You get to show off and your precious ass is left alone. Now just be quiet and let's go back to the room."

I was mumbling to myself, thinking of how easily I took off my clothes in front of Snyder and then how I let him tell me how to pose in the worst possible position. Then how stupid was I to let Mary take me into her office naked and having those three students walk in on me. God, I was so dumb! Another bunch of people on campus seeing me bare-assed. It was starting to be a habit. And I knew that Melanie wasn't going to let me out of standing in front of our window again. I might as well toss all my clothes in the garbage. No, strike that, if Melanie even thought I was thinking that, God, she wouldn't make me do that, would she?

We got to our dorm and walked up the stairs together and when we got to the fifth floor landing, Melanie stopped and smirked at me. I sighed softly and stripped naked again and gave her all my clothes. As she walked away giggling, I silently began my count to fifty. About halfway through my counting the three girls who had seen me before came up the stairs and wanted to run away and hide. But I just stood there bare ass and let them walk up to me and stop.

"Another dare?"

I nodded yes.

"You must have some friends, girl!"

They looked me up and down, at my still erect nipples and down to my moist pussy, laughed and walked away to their room. I finished counting and walked down to our room.

"May I please come inside, Melanie?"

"Of course, Sabine."

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