tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabine At School Ch. 03

Sabine At School Ch. 03


The next morning when Melanie and I woke up I think we were both embarrassed. I certainly know I was. I had masturbated in front of Melanie, naked, with the light on. She saw everything! My little boobs with nipples so hard they almost hurt, my pussy, glistening with moisture, my clitoris, poking out as I rubbed it and how easily my finger slid inside me.

I relived that, and the whimpers and moans and how my hips lifted up, pointed right at her, my legs spread wide, hiding nothing, my finger jammed in my pussy and how wet I was when I collapsed on my bed. How I laid there wide open with a little trickle of my juice leaking out.

I didn't look at her, I couldn't, but I sure performed for her. Jesus! My face felt like the mother of all sunburns.

I knew that Melanie had gone to bed naked, I felt her nipple, at least I thought it was her nipple, touch my arm as she helped me get under my covers. I would never be sure, though, she had turned the light off before she helped me under my covers and got into bed. And I was pretty sure that she masturbated too, from the little whimpers and moans I listened to before she and I fell asleep.

Melanie leaned up on one elbow with her sheet clutched to her chest. Her shoulders were bare. I was willing to bet anything that the rest of her was too. I leaned up the same way. We looked at each other. I blushed and sort of smiled and Melanie did the same.

"I apologize for last night Melanie."


"I, ah, shouldn't have done that in front of you."

"Sabine, if I would have minded it, don't you think I would have said something? It was very interesting."

I turned a deeper shade of red, if that was possible.

Look, Sabine, I feel kind of guilty since I feel like I almost pushed you into it. I mean, I kept asking you if you wanted to and it was like you finally gave up and did it."

I nodded, understanding what she was saying, but I still would not have done what I did if I hadn't wanted to do it. So in my mind, I masturbated in front of her all on my own. I got a wicked little idea.

"Well, you could make it up to me, Melanie."


"You get up first this morning."

Melanie turned bright red.

"Ah, no, I think you should get up first and go shower."

I knew that she was naked now. I had only seen her in her bra and underpants up to now. She put her nightgown on the bathroom. I was pretty shy, but she was worse. I looked at her and grinned and she knew that I knew she was naked under that sheet. I sighed and sat up, my sheet falling to my waist, baring my breasts again for her. Just talking about things made my nipples harden. I swung my legs over and stood up between our beds and stretched, letting Melanie see me naked once again. Then I walked slowly to the door to our bathroom, my hips swaying.

"You're a bitch, Sabine."

Then I heard a giggle behind me. I showered and came out into the room drying my hair, still uncovered. Melanie had put on sweat pants and a baggy tshirt. She got up taking a good look at me again and walked into the bathroom. I heard the shower go on and thought about going in the bathroom too, but I decided against it. Melanie would let me know if she wanted me to see her. Right now I just wanted us to stay friends and pushing in on her wouldn't help that one bit.

I got dressed and she did in the bathroom and we went to breakfast. We didn't talk about what we had done last night, but every now and then one of us would look at the other and we both would giggle and blush.

We spent the rest of the morning studying and then went to lunch. Back in our room Melanie sat down and looked at me.

"Can I ask you some questions?"

"I guess."

We sat on our beds, facing each other, legs crossed at the ankles, knees out, Indian style.

"Do you have the desire to do that often?"

"Ah, what do you mean? The flashing or nudity or the…."

And I turned scarlet again and couldn't say masturbate.

"The nudity. Showing yourself off to people."

Then she turned red when she realized what I hadn't said.

"Since I started the longest I have gone is a month without getting naked outside. Or showing off to someone."

"How long have you been doing it?"

"Maybe a year."

"How many people have seen you naked?"

"Oh god, Melanie, I don't know. Lots I guess, maybe a hundred."

"Does it bother you to know that many people have seen you? I mean it's so many they all couldn't be expected to not say anything."

"Oh god, I don't know. Almost all of them really didn't know who I was or where I was from. There are just a few people who know it was me and I don't think any of them will tell anyone. If they do, I play dumb. Who would ever think that I would strip naked and let people see me? Who would believe them?"

"I think you should be careful when and where you do this, Sabine. I like you and don't want you to get into trouble."

I was silent, appreciating her concern. We sat silently for a few minutes each with our own thoughts. When I looked at Melanie, she was smiling.


"Let's study some more and then go for another ride, Sabine."

I flushed wondering what Melanie had in mind.

"Sure, just tell me when."

With that look she gave me do you I think I could concentrate on studying? I sat at my desk and tried but my mind brought thoughts to me. Not really nasty ones, but the usual ones that I had. Me naked, outside. My normal thoughts, the ones that I always had. I tried, but the words I was reading didn't make sense and I found myself staring out the window. I wasn't a wreck, but I was full of anticipation. Finally Melanie stretched.

"Had enough studying?"

I nodded. She stood up and got her purse. I was going to change, but she shook her head. I was puzzled. How was I going to flash someone wearing a sweater and jeans? I mean I could pull up my sweater but the jeans? I went to get my purse too, but she said I didn't need it. So I left it in the room and followed her to her car. We got in and she drove off, south of town. I had no idea where she was going. She got off the main highway and took a county road. We were in an area of farm fields with beans and corn and sunflowers. Do you have any idea how tall sunflowers are? They are huge!

Anyway, she pulled to a stop by a large cornfield and turned off the car. She looked at me.

"Will you do what I tell you to do?"

I felt that little jolt of fear inside me. I swallowed. I had no idea where we were. I had no identification. I felt very alone and not a little scared. But I nodded. Melanie smiled at me. She motioned me to get out of the car and I did, relieved when she did also. She walked to the fence separating the field from the road and climbed over it. She turned and motioned for me to follow her, so I climbed over it too. Then she turned and walked into the corn, disappearing shortly. I walked in behind her. Melanie had waited for me.

"We're going to play a game. I know this area, my family farms around here. We're going to start walking into the field and count ten steps. Each time you reach ten, you will take something off. When you are naked, you will stop and count to one hundred and I will walk back looking for your clothes. You had best hope that I can find them, because when you have finished counting, you get to find the car. I should be there waiting for you. I'll give you back your clothes and you can get dressed and go back to campus. But you'll have the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time naked. Sound fun?"

"Ah, no, Melanie, it sort of scares me."

"Oh come on, Sabine. It's a chance for you to be naked outside without much chance of being caught."

"Ah, what if you don't find my clothes? What if I can't find the car?"

"Well, the field is a mile on each side, so if you come out to a road and the car isn't there, it's no more than a mile to the corner. You can do that, walk a mile, can't you?"

It was stupid on my part, but I looked at her and nodded. I was feeling pretty nervous, but she was right, I could be naked outside and hidden and being naked was a rush for me too.

Melanie smiled at me, then started off. When I caught up to her we had taken ten steps. I bent and untied one of my tennis shoes and slipped it off. I looked up at her. She smiled again.

"Don't walk in a straight line, Sabine. Move over and back. I'll see you in a while."

"Ah b-b-but Melanie, aren't you coming with me?"

"No, then it would be too easy for me to find your clothes. I'll count to one hundred and then start looking. Go on, Sabine. Get going."

All of a sudden this didn't seem as much fun as it had. She expected me to wander around a field in the middle of nowhere, strip and walk away from my clothes and she was going to find them after seeing me disappear from sight? I felt my stomach clench a little and with an effort, turned to my left and walked away. Ten steps and I bent and untied my other tennis shoe and left it.

I headed off in another direction and took off a sock. I walked ten more steps and looked back. I couldn't see my sock or anything but corn stalks. The other sock came off and was dropped in the dirt. My toes felt the softness of the field. I walked on in another direction and shivered as my sweater came off over my head. I had a thought and hung it on a corn stalk. Up in the air it would be easier for Melanie to see!

I headed off thinking how smart I was and after ten steps I looked back. I could see nothing but corn. I shivered. I didn't know what to take off next. I stood and then undid my jeans and pushed them down, then sat in the dirt and tugged them off. I hung them up on a stalk also. I headed off once more, tingling inside. I had forgotten how stupid I had thought this was already. My bra came off and my nipples were stiff. I hung up the bra and just brushed my fingers over them, shivering as they tingled with the touch of my fingers.

I looked down at my underpants, the last thing I had on. My feet were dirty. I got a naughty thought as I started off again. I walked for twenty steps and sat down in the dirt. I squirmed around, rubbing my butt on the dirt and then pulled my underpants down with my butt still on the ground. I squirmed back and forth to tug them down my legs, feeling the dirt rubbing my bare skin. I got them off and hung them up, seeing the dirt rubbed into the fabric and knowing my ass was the same.

I looked around. I could have been miles from anywhere. I couldn't see anything but corn. I walked away from my underpants. Not looking for the road, just deeper into the field. I don't remember how many steps I took; just that it was more than ten. I stopped and looked around. Everything looked the same, just corn all the way around me. I looked down at my naked body and realized I had no idea where my clothes were or how I had gotten where I was.

I suddenly wanted to find my clothes. Even if it was peaceful and quiet in here, I was very vulnerable. I was naked and I didn't even know which direction the car was. I almost started to cry. I couldn't remember if I had walked straight from my underpants or if I had walked left or right. I could spend hours in here looking for my clothes. Oh god, how was Melanie going to find my clothes?

I stood for a long time, listening and berating myself for being so stupid. Then I tried to think of which direction the car had been. West, it had to be west. But what direction was west? I looked up and saw the sun slipping behind a cloud. It had to be that way and I started off, walking. I felt the cool air on my naked body. It made me tingle, my nipples, my pussy too. I wasn't walking confidently; I was slinking like a cat in tall grass. If I touched a corn stalk it rubbed on my body, my skin, not like a caress, but a soft scrape. I'd jump when that happened and my breathing would quicken.

I walked naked for what seemed forever but I began to see more as the corn thinned out. I finally came to the end of the field and crouched down. I peered out. Shit! No car. I looked left and right, straining my eyes to see. Nothing in sight but the fence and a stretch of county road for as far as I could see.

I squatted there, naked, and thought. Left or right, which way to go? I was thinking how stupid I was. Here I was naked in the country, my friend was somewhere with her car and hopefully my clothes, but I didn't know where the car or she was.

I mentally flipped a coin and started out to the left. I tried to walk inside the first row of corn, so I could see the fence and the road, but the leaves rubbing on my skin was irritating, so I stepped out of the shelter of the stalks. I walked along, nervously looking behind me. I was in the open, barely, but if anyone was along here, they could see me. I felt scared, exhilarated and aroused. The grass and soft dirt felt good on my bare feet. The sun felt good on my skin. Every now and then I would reach up and tease a nipple, keeping them stiff. When I did, I would lose track of everything. I had just finished teasing my left nipple and my hand went down. Then I heard a car behind me. I squeaked. My head turned and I gasped. I didn't even think of the corn as a hiding place, I just dropped on my stomach in the grass. Trembling, I glanced to the right where the road was. The car passed by slowly. It wasn't Melanie's car. I stayed down, watching, as it pulled by and down the road, heading in the same direction that I was. I waited until I was sure they couldn't see me and got into a squat. I stayed that way until it was a speck on the road before I stood up. I looked down and my breasts and belly were streaked with dirt. I tried to brush it off but just smeared it on my skin.

I sighed. I was going to be a mess. I started off again. No cars sneaking up behind me, but I saw something that made me crouch down once more. I was approaching some buildings. I crept closer. Shit! A farm, barn, a garage and a house were staring back at me. Shit, I just couldn't walk through them. I had to think. I looked around. There was an open field behind the barn. Crouching I tried to keep my breathing slow. It was hard. I looked to my right. Across the road was another field of corn. If I could just get there I could creep by the farmhouse and then come back to this side. I crept closer to the fence and looked both ways. Nothing was coming. I climbed over the fence and crept through the ditch, wrinkling my nose as I stepped into water.

I stopped at the edge of the ditch, crouching down, my butt touching water. I looked both ways again and then I got up and trotted across the road, through the ditch on that side, splashing water on my legs and then over the fence that separated the corn from the road. I crouched down, just outside the cornfield and looked both ways again. I crept along slowly, watching the house. When I got to where I felt I could be seen from the house, I slipped back into the corn. Just a couple of rows, enough to hide me.

I walked slowly, one eye to the front of me and one on the house and the other buildings. I walked along until I felt that I was far enough away and stepped back out of the corn. I looked down to see my legs spattered with mud. I was becoming a mess! I looked towards the farmhouse and I could see it, but I was a long way from it in my mind. I squatted again, looking both ways once more. I took a couple of deep breaths and then crept down to the ditch. I walked through water again, getting muddier.

I crouched down and looked left and right. I took another breath and trotted across the road and down into the ditch on that side. I felt the water tickling my ass as I crouched and shivered. Then I crept to the fence and climbed over it.

"Hey Charlie, did you see whatever that was that crossed the road?"

My mind raced. Had I been seen? I gasped. I scuttled through the grass and into the corn. I crouched down and looked out. There was a man standing on the other side of the road, looking towards me. Another man soon joined him. Shit!

"Did you see it?"

"Partly John, it wasn't a dog and sure didn't look like a deer. I wonder what it was."

"It went in to the corn, just about right across from us. Do you think we should go look?"

I was starting to panic. Shit! If they came across the road what was I going to do? I was naked and had no chance to get dressed. You stupid, stupid girl, Sabine! I crouched down and crept further down the field from them. They were still looking where I had entered the field.

"I'm not sure we should follow it if we don't know what it was, Charley."

I cheered John on, silently.

"Well, hell, it wasn't a bear, John or a big cat either. Let's just go an take a look."

I watched them from my hiding place and saw them start across the road. Shit! I crept further away, but something kept me from going too far.

"Look, a footprint. I wonder what someone is doing out here without shoes."

I looked back at the ground and saw a couple of my footprints. Oh fuck! I crept further into the corn and began to walk faster, almost hyperventilating. I wove my way deeper into the field and then back towards the road, trying my best to hide my footprints by making moves in and out. I was praying that they would give up if they didn't catch a glimpse of me.

This was sort of my fantasy, but I wasn't too happy about what was going on at the moment. The men were following me. I could hear them behind me. I felt like I had to pee. I couldn't stop. I had to get away from them. I moved faster and the urge to pee got stronger, from my fear of being caught. I crept along feeling more and more uncomfortable until I felt something warm and wet ooze down my left leg. I almost started to bawl. I crept into the field more and stopped to listen. I couldn't hear them at all. I squatted and my bladder let go. I heard the hissing sound of myself peeing. I went and went, whimpering because of how long I was taking. Pee splashed the dirt in the row I was squatting in and on my feet and lower legs. I looked down to see a puddle of my pee forming and moved my feet further apart to keep from ending up in the puddle.

I finally finished and got into a crouch and took off as fast as I could go. Everything was quiet to me for a while. Until….

"Hey John, someone or something just pissed here. Come here. Look here, another footprint. Someone is in here with us. It isn't an animal. It looks to be heading that way."

God damn them! I scurried along, trying not to make any more footprints, but the ground was soft enough that I couldn't help it. And with them following me, I couldn't get to see the road and see if Melanie was there with her car.

I finally had to creep closer to the edge of the corn to see if Melanie was in sight. Oh thank god! I could see her leaning against her car perhaps two or three hundred yards ahead. I was trembling. I ducked into the field deeper and hurried along. Having to stop to pee allowed them to get closer to me. I could hear them behind me, rustling through the corn. Why couldn't they just have left me alone?

I was going to get caught, I knew it. I worked my way back so I could see Melanie. She was standing up now, looking to her left and then her right. She had no idea where I was. I crept along until I was right at her car, but in the corn. The two guys were still following me. I sucked in air and dashed out of the corn. I climbed over the fence with Melanie watching me. She smirked, seeing how dirty I was from mud. I splashed through the ditch and up to her car. She looked at me and started to giggle. I just kept moving until I got the passenger door, which was facing the cornfield. Damn her! The door was locked.

"Melanie, open the damn door!"

She burst out laughing at me and then she saw the two guys come out of the corn. Her eyes got big and she hurried around her car to the driver's door.

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