tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabine At School Ch. 14

Sabine At School Ch. 14


I was still fuming the next morning. How could that witch come to us and ask us to this, this, fuckerware party? Why did she even think we would go? And why was Melanie even thinking about it?

I was lying in bed, mumbling to myself when Melanie woke up.

"Don't you have a class?"

"I don't want to go, I have something on my mind that is bothering me."

"Class is more important. Get up and get dressed and go."

"You aren't my mother, Melanie."

Oops. She sat up in her bed and fixed me with a stare.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, Melanie."

"I think I heard something about a mother, Sabine?"

Ah, shit. I was caught and might as well admit it.

"I said that you aren't my mother, Melanie."

"I see. I knew that I wasn't your mother, Sabine. I think you do too. Was there some other meaning that I should attach to that statement?"

"Just that I am old enough to take care of myself and I don't need you mothering me. There is something on my mind that I need to work out and until then I won't be able to concentrate on anything."

"And that is?"

"Nothing that would interest you."

"I think I will be the judge of that, thank you. What is it?"

"I don't want to go to any stupid party with Ms. Wilson and her friends."

"And what if I want to go and bring you with me?"

"I don't want to go, period. If you do, fine, I'll be here when you get back."

"I think that you are missing something here, Sabine. I said and bring you with me."

"I don't want to go, I don't like her anymore and I don't know any of her friends and probably wouldn't like them either."

"That's fine, you don't have to like them. And I don't want to hear anymore about it. If I decide we are going, we are going. That means you and I, Sabine. Not me, but you and I."

"I looked at her and saw the look she was giving me. My anger at the whole thing was bubbling and it didn't register.

"I don't..."

"Enough, Sabine. Remember what you said to me. I set the rules, right? I make the decisions, right? You mind me. I don't want to hear another word. Is that clear, perfectly clear to you?"

It started to sink in but my mouth was faster than my brain for once.

"I don't..."

She was out of her bed in an instant, grabbed my hair and pulled me out of mine. I squealed as she dragged me to the door.

"No, Melanie, my class, no..."

The door opened and she dragged me down the hall, struggling with her, trying to get her hand out of my hair. I was naked; she didn't allow me to wear any nightgowns to bed anymore. And I was staring frantically down the hall to where the other girl's rooms were.

"Melanie, I 'm sorry, I really am, I'm sorry, I'll be good, I promise..."

In the punishment room and she turned me away from her. She pulled my arms back and held my wrists in one hand while the other smacked my ass, hard. I squealed.

"Shut up unless you want the rest of the floor down here, watching, you silly bitch."

She lifted my wrists up so I had to bend over and then proceeded to smack my cheeks hard and over and over until they were all hot and red. I could hear the smacks and wanted to scream, but I didn't want anyone down here to see this. The slapping noises as her hand hit my ass were loud enough anyway. I bit my lip and squirmed but kept silent. She really gave me a good hand spanking, the first really good one I had ever received and it was amazing to me how much it heated my ass. Then she grabbed my hair again and dragged me out of the room and back to ours.

"Now, will you argue with me again, Sabine?"

"No, Melanie. I promise."

I tried to sneak a rub to my cheeks. Of course she noticed.

"No rubbing. Get dressed, no bra or panties. After class come back here immediately, understand?"

"Yes, Melanie."

Damn her, she knew I hated going braless. I jiggled, even as small as I was and my nipples, they always stuck out. I'd get looks and blush and I hated it. As I pulled up a pair of jeans, I winced. Christ, she could hit hard! I pulled on a top and grabbed my books, hurrying so I wouldn't be late for class. Melanie watched me, standing in her nightie, not looking at all happy. I dashed out the door without saying goodbye.

My class was boring, but I was good in this subject so I didn't mind too much after I got there. It was the instructor, not the subject matter so I could get into that. It made the time go fast and helped me to forget Melanie for a while. It was an hour and half class and I talked with a couple of girls I knew from it afterwards, forgetting that I was to be back right after class. Yeah, I know, pretty stupid.

I walked back, enjoying the Indian summer weather and took my time climbing the stairs to our room. When I walked in I saw Melanie, looking at her watch and frowning at me. Then I saw Ms. Wilson and another woman about her age sitting on our couch. I understood Melanie immediately. She was pissed off that I dawdled on the way back from class and my stomach did a flip. My ass wasn't sore, but it still felt warm from my spanking earlier today. A nice warm feeling, but I didn't want another. I watched Ms. Wilson and the other woman look me up and down. I was nervous because of Melanie's obvious pique at me, but I also didn't think I liked how they were looking at me.


"I'm sorry, I forgot, Melanie. I just talked to two girls for a minute."

"I wasn't talking to you, Sabine."

"I think she'll do."

My face swiveled to the two women.

"It's kind of hard to tell, though."

I just stared at them for a second, then turned to Melanie.

"I don't understand..."

"Shush, Sabine."

She turned to them, ignoring me. She had a smirk on her face.

"Hard to tell?"

"Well, she does have quite a bit of clothes on and it is a lingerie party."

Melanie giggled. Then she turned to me and my stomach dropped. She had her Melanie smirk going full bore today.

"Take off your clothes."

"I don't want.."


I got the look she gave me. I sniffled softly and slowly pushed off my shoes. I didn't want to do this, but I was afraid of another spanking. I bent and pulled off my socks, delaying as much as possible. I whispered to Melanie.

"I don't have underwear on."


My eyes started to tear up and my lower lip began to tremble. I closed my eyes and grasped the bottom of my top. My hands were shaking. I slowly pulled up my top, over my head and off and clutched it in front of me. Melanie held out her hand and took it from me. I crossed my arms over my breasts and stood, blushing and humiliated.


I whimpered softly and lowered my hands to my jeans, baring my little breasts. I fumbled with the button, finally getting it undone, but looked at Melanie once more, begging her with my eyes. She just looked back at me, no expression on her face other than expectation. I moaned and unzipped my jeans and then began the stupid dance we all do when we take off tight pants while standing. I squirmed and wriggled, finally getting them off my hips and then bent over to tug them down, hiding my pussy from them. I finally got them off and Melanie took them away from me also, leaving me naked. I had one arm over my breasts and one hand clamped over my pussy. I was blushing and trembling. I could feel how hard my nipples had gotten and I was not going to touch my pussy, afraid of how wet it might be.

"She looks fine, but it's still hard to tell with her hands in front of her."

"Sabine, hands at your sides."

I gave Melanie a look after she said that, not moving, she couldn't mean that.


My hands dropped immediately, baring everything. My face was hot and red. I looked at the two women, who were unashamedly looking at my body. I closed my eyes and shivered. It was good, but humiliating. I liked it when Melanie made me take my clothes off, but lately it had mostly been her and I. Just a few times with Ms. Wilson and she had seen me naked before. This new woman was acting a little too interested in me for my comfort.

"Can we see the rest?"

"Turn around, Sabine, slowly."

I was happy to do that, since it took my pussy and breasts out of their sight, but it also made me show my ass, my fat ass, to them. My lip was trembling all over again. I turned in a circle ending up with me facing them once more.

"She'll do just fine, but I think the hair should go."

My mouth opened, my eyes went wide, and I stared at her and then turned to Melanie.

"I don't..."

"Shush. Anything else?"

"No, I think she'll do very well."

With that they stood and walked to our door.

"See you at the party."

The door opened and they stepped outside. Melanie swiftly walked up to me and grabbed my hair, pulling me towards the door.

"No, no, please, no.."

"Shut up, Sabine. You are going to learn not to talk back to me or to ignore what I tell you to do if I have to do this every hour on the hour."

I was dragged into the hall, seeing Ms. Wilson and her friend stop and turn. They watched Melanie drag me into the punishment room, smirking. I could have died! And then when she bent me over again and swatted me I began to cry, humiliated, that they had seen me hauled down the hall, naked, and that they knew I was being spanked. They couldn't help but hear the sound the smacks on my bare ass made as Melanie whacked me. Harder than she had already this morning. Much harder. And they had to hear me bawling like a baby. I was so humiliated!

Melanie smacked me good again and then left me bent over and bawling, to make my own way back to our room. I finally managed to stop crying, wiped my eyes and walked out to see them standing, facing me and I sniffled again. I stepped out and put my hands behind me, trying to hide my red ass, but mentally I knew it didn't make any difference. They knew, they knew that I had just been spanked and it was so embarrassing.

Melanie was waiting for me, standing in our door. She took my hand and kissed my cheek, making me stand in the hall.

"I don't want to spank you darling, but I also want you to mind. Will you?"

I nodded yes, trying not to look over my shoulder, back down the hall. I was nervous, thinking of someone walking our way and seeing me standing naked in the hall. I kept my eyes focused on her, even though it was hard not to look behind me.

Finally she let me inside and she led me into the bathroom. Sitting on the counter was a pair of scissors, ladies shave cream and a razor. My eyes filled again.

"Melanie, I don't want to be shaved completely. I'll look like a little girl. I'll hate it."

"Darling, it's just until after the party. Then you can grow it back just like it is. Now hop up on the counter and lean back and spread your legs."

Lip trembling once more, I did as I was told and watched her pick up the scissors. I closed my eyes and listened to the snips and felt the tugs on my pubic hair. I cried silently, tears leaking out of my eyes and trickling down my cheeks. I heard the hiss of the foam and Melanie rubbing it on me and then the scrapes of the razor across my skin. I didn't open my eyes until she wiped the excess foam off my pussy. I looked down and sniffled. I looked like a twelve-year old girl!

Melanie rubbed some lotion on me, making me whimper softly and then she thrust the first two fingers of her right hand up my pussy and rubbed her thumb over my clitoris. Her left hand found a breast and teased it, squeezed it, rolled the nipple and soon I was panting and squirming my ass on the counter. Just before my stomach was going to contract and my orgasm hit me; she stopped and pulled her fingers out. I looked at her through teary eyes and she smirked at me. Her hand lifted and I sighed and opened my mouth, sucking my juice off her fingers and feeling my abdomen knot up from denial. She let me clean her fingers and thumb and then stepped back.

"Maybe later, Sabine, right now you have class."

If I didn't love her so much I could have cheerfully strangled her right then. I slipped off the counter and looked at my reflection in the mirror above it. I sniffled. I was bare down there, nothing at all and it was humiliating, because with my tiny breasts I looked so young. I sighed. Melanie would get her way one way or another, I realized that, but did she have to do things like this to me?

I walked into the main room, she was already seated on our couch and she looked up at me and smirked, making me feel worse than I already did. I walked over to my dresser to get a pair of panties and a bra.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"I'm getting some underwear."

"What did I tell you earlier?"

I looked at her and then it dawned on me. Before my first class she had said no bra or panties, but she couldn't mean that still, could she?

"Um, no bra or panties?"

"Yes, Sabine, very good. Now tell me why you are in your underwear drawer?"

"I, um, didn't think, ah, you meant all day..."

She smiled at me.

"Actually I didn't mean all day, but now that you mention it, Sabine, that sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Let me pick out a nice outfit for you to wear."

"Um, my jeans are fine, Melanie."

"Oh, I don't think so, we want you to look your best, Sabine."

She got up and went to the large closet that we shared. I heard her rummaging around, hangers moving and then she came out. Melanie was holding my shortest skirt and a spaghetti strap top. She walked over to me and held them out.

"I can't wear this without underwear, Melanie, please."

"Tell me that you are not talking back to me, darling..."

I took the skirt and top and shut up. I slipped the top on and then the skirt and walked into the bathroom to look in the mirror. Jesus! My nipples weren't erect but they were showing noticeably and my skirt was mid-thigh, standing up. I hated to think of where the hem would go when I sat down. I walked back out.


She looked up from her textbook that she had been reading.

"Enjoy your class, Sabine."

I sniffled quietly and picked up my books for this class and walked out the door, careful to not slam it, like I wanted to do. Shit, I didn't want to go to class! Not now, dressed as I was, but if I didn't and she found out. I sighed and headed to the stairs, blushing as I thought what someone might see if they were coming up as I was going down. I hurried down the stairs, meeting a few people but I don't think anyone noticed. Walking across campus to the building for my class wasn't too bad, except for the cool air on my pussy, but when I got in the classroom I looked for a place in the back but there wasn't one. I had to sit in the third row from the front and I as I sat down I heard a whisper.

"Why doesn't she just wear a belt, it would be longer than that skirt."

I blushed. I heard snickers behind me and I think everyone in the class heard too, because it really wasn't a whisper that was meant not to be heard. It was one of those that everyone was supposed to hear and they did. I sat unable to control my blushing, like always, and kept my knees clamped together. The guy sitting next to me smiled at me, but it was at my nipples, not my face. His look never rose above my neck. A guy and girl in front of me turned and looked at me. The girl glanced at my skirt and snorted, as if I was whore or something. The guy stared at my legs as if he had never seen legs before. I was never so happy in all my life as I was when that class was over.

When I got back from class, Melanie was quiet and thoughtful. She did look at me and say hello but she had been studying and went back to that. I wondered if there was something she wanted to say and waited for her, but I soon realized that I had been sort of neglecting my schoolwork, so I sat down to study also. We spent a good share of the afternoon together, but silent and each in their own world. I did notice that she would look at me from time to time, speculatively, and then go back to her texts. I'm sure that I didn't see each time that she looked but enough that I shivered inside. We went to dinner together, each fairly quiet although we did talk some.

We got back to the room and studied some more until I had had enough and put some soft music on. I sat on the couch and curled my legs underneath me, letting the music take over my thoughts and not really paying much attention to anything. I was relaxed and thinking about bed when Melanie closed her text and turned to me.

"Sabine, darling, remember what we decided on for us?"

I was startled slightly, she had been sort of distant and I didn't expect her to talk to me tonight. The thought that she might ignore me hurt. I was happy that she decided to say something to me.

"Um, sort of, Melanie. I'm not sure what you are asking me, though."

"Do you remember that you told me that I set the rules, darling?"

I shivered when she said this to me.

"Um, yes, Melanie, I guess I do."

I wasn't sure where this was leading.

"Good, and I am sure that you meant what you said, right?"

"Ah, yes, I did, Melanie."

"Good, then take off your clothes, darling."

I shuddered inside, but I stood up, feeling that something nice was going to happen to me and I wanted it very much. I undressed, not coyly, but almost eagerly, folding each item as I removed it. I wasn't wearing much anyway and I was soon naked, standing and looking at her. My anticipation was strong. I was shivering and getting aroused without having her touch me. Just the act of stripping while she still was dressed was good for me.

"Now, darling, my top dresser drawer. The lubricant and the strapon, get them."

I had trouble getting myself to move, but I finally did. While I walked to her dresser, Melanie got up from her desk and walked to the couch, sitting down on it. I walked back with the lubricant and strapon, extending my hands to give them to her. She did take the strapon, but left the lubricant in my hand.

"Now darling, kneel down, facing away from me, put your head on the floor and lubricate your asshole."

I sucked in a breath. I was not happy at all with this command, because always before Melanie had done this, I had done it one day, just to show her how much I loved her. I had never had to lubricate myself other than that. Melanie always did it for me. Besides, I knew what she wanted and she knew that I didn't like it. I stood, staring at her, unhappy.

"Sabine, did you mean what you said or was it just talk?"

I shuddered and turned away from her, my eyes filling. I knelt and lowered my face to the floor and opened the top of the bottle. Reaching back, I drizzled the lubricant between my cheeks, sniffling softly and then set the bottle down. I shuddered as one hand reached back and rubbed between my cheeks, finding my asshole and rubbing the lubricant on it.

"Put a finger inside, darling."

I was trembling, so ashamed as she watched me humiliate myself for her. I slowly inserted a finger in my asshole and shivered.

"Move it in and out, darling, finger your asshole for me."

I did as I was told, blushing and feeling so embarrassed. She watched me humiliate myself for her for a while.

"Where is your finger Sabine?"

"In my ass, Melanie."

"Does it feel good, darling?"

"I don't like it."

"Put another finger in darling. Open yourself up for me."

I gave out a soft sob and grimacing, inserted another finger.

I felt so full, there, stretched open and disgustingly dirty and nasty.

"Twist them around and in and out, darling. It will help."

I did as I was told, Melanie smirking at me, I knew she was smirking. I could see that look, even with my face on the rug. It was burned into my mind. I heard clothes rustling behind me. My ass felt open, distended. I felt her kneel behind me and I shuddered.

"What are you doing, darling/"

"I'm fingering myself, Melanie."

"Oh goodness, you are fingering your pussy?"

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