tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabine At School Ch. 15

Sabine At School Ch. 15


I woke up the next morning with Melanie spooned up behind me, one breast in her hand and I felt so warm and relaxed. I loved having her hold me like this. It was sexy and romantic and it helped me forget everything else. But I couldn't help but remember last night and that I let a man fuck me in front of her and Erin. Let him come in my mouth and that I had swallowed his stuff, because Melanie asked me, told me to do it. The only thing that made my personal live porn show not a horror was that Melanie had wanted to see me do it. She had wanted to see me fucked. I shivered, remembering.

My shivers made her wake up also and she kissed the nape of my neck.

"How is my little slut this morning?"

"I'm fine, Melanie."

I really wasn't that fine, I was embarrassed and ashamed. Melanie didn't seem to worry too much about my embarrassment.

"Tell me Sabine, did you like his cock?"

"Ah, I guess, but I really wanted you, Melanie."

"Yes, I'm sure and you had me later, didn't you? Whose cock did you like best, mine or his?"

"I liked yours better, Melanie."

"Why is that, Sabine?"

"Because it was you, Melanie. I was really embarrassed with him."

"Why darling? Erin and I have seen you fucked before."

"I know but not with a man. I felt really dirty, slutty."

"Well it isn't any different than having it done with a strapon. And Erin and I have seen you with a strapon in your cunt, haven't we?"

"Yes, but it's different, Melanie."

"So you say, Sabine, but it is still just a fuck. I'm glad you weren't a virgin, darling. It would have been harder to have that done to you if you were. Tell me how it felt."

"Ah, it was hard and warm. It felt thick and stretched me a little, but he wasn't as big as your strapon. But I could feel him throbbing inside me and I could feel it twitch too. It wasn't as good as you because he finished too soon."

"Yes, I noticed that too."

She giggled as she said that. I was blushing, glad that my face was not facing her. My face felt so hot, because of remembering and Melanie asking me so many questions.

"Did you like sucking him?"

"Um, I guess, maybe, ah God, no I didn't. But I did it because you told me to suck him."

"Mmmmm, very nice, Sabine. And how about when he came in your mouth, darling, was that good?"

"No, I didn't like that at all."


"I didn't like the taste and I didn't like swallowing it."

"But I did, Sabine. It was very good of you to obey me."

I said nothing to that. There wasn't much I could say and thank you Melanie would sound stupid. She pressed up tighter against me and kept teasing my breast and nipple. She kissed my neck once more.

"Darling I am rather excited by talking about last night. Would you do something nice for me?"

"Yes, Melanie."

"Good, let me roll over on my stomach and then I want you to lick my ass, darling."

Melanie rolled away from me and onto her stomach. I sat up and tugged down the covers and then lifted her nightie to bare her ass. She spread her legs enough for me to get in between them and I knelt, kissing her cheeks for her. Then I slid back and kissed right on her ass crack and then burrowed my nose between her cheeks and my tongue found her asshole. I kissed it and then licked. Her breath hissed out.

"Ah Sabine, you are such a good little slut. Lick my ass good."

I wanted her to be pleased with me so I licked her all over between her cheeks and then got busy licking and kissing her asshole, just how she liked it. I licked her ring of muscle and pushed my tongue at it. I swirled my tongue over it and licked. Melanie reached back and held her ass open for me, her soft cries of pleasure music to my ears. It wasn't long and she was squirming as I licked. Suddenly she pulled away from me, making me lift up and look at her as she turned around.

"I have to have you, you little bitch. Get on your hands and knees."

I knelt and put my hands down so I was as she wanted me. Melanie jumped out of bed and I heard her at her dresser. In a few moments I felt her kneel behind me. One of her hands, the left, pulled my cheek over and I felt her cock at my asshole. She had lubricated her cock and she pushed forward. I grunted as it began to enter my ass. She usually prepared me much better but Melanie was so hot she just wanted to be up me.

I clutched the sheet below me in my hands and bit my lip. She pushed harder and the head popped in, making me gasp. Then she thrust into me until her hips hit my ass. It hurt some going in and I whimpered softly not wanting her to think that it was really painful.

"Oh God, you little bitch, your ass is so tight. I could fuck it forever."

I just held on, gripping the sheet tighter and lowering my head. She pounded me hard, making my breasts sway under me.

"Where is my cock, you slut?"

"I-I-it's in m-m-my ass."

"That's right, Sabine, you little slut, I'm fucking your ass. God it feels so good!"

I knelt and let her have her way with me, feeling how hard she was thrusting into me. Melanie had never been this demanding with me before. She was rampant, aggressive. It hurt some, but I was willing to give it to her if it made her happy. I felt I should be happy, since she wanted it, wanted me and even if I wasn't happy it was going to be done to me anyway. Usually she teased me also, but now she was just fucking, her breathing coming fast, her hands at my nipples, tugging on them, pinching and twisting them.

"Do you like my cock up your slutty ass, you cunt?"

All I could do was grunt in response she was slamming into me so hard.

"You're such a dirty little cunt, letting me fuck your ass, Sabine. I bet you would fuck anyone if I told you to, wouldn't you? You'd strip naked and spread your legs for anyone, wouldn't you? You are such a fucking slut."

I whimpered softly, humiliated but turned on by how she was, so demanding and by how she talked to me. My hands were clenched on the sheet, gripping it so hard. Melanie was so excited, it was so wonderful to feel her excitement and know that I was at least part of the cause of it.

"I'll bet you are thinking of all the cocks you've had up that cunt of yours, aren't you, you little whore. All the cocks you sucked. I bet you were the girl in school who fucked the football team, weren't you? Did you charge them for a shot at your cunt?"

I could feel her thrusting faster and faster and then she groaned loudly and thrust deep up inside me, grinding against me when she was all the way inside. I felt her hips jerk back and forth, her breath hissing out. I didn't know what was happening to her. She slumped back, her cock pulling out of my abused ass, her breathing harsh and ragged.

"Oh Sabine, you darling little bitch! That was wonderful!"

"What Melanie? I don't understand."

"I just came from fucking you darling! You didn't have to lick me. Always before I had gotten hot from fucking you and couldn't wait to get your mouth on me, but this time I just kept going and I came!"

I felt happy that I was able to give her pleasure, but I was also a little concerned.

"Does this mean that I won't get to lick you, Melanie?"

"No darling, I'll always want you to lick my pussy, but not now. But it's wonderful to find out that I can come from fucking you too. The dildo hit my clitoris just perfectly and it was so good!"

I turned around and smiled at her.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Melanie."

Inside I was a little hurt because I wanted to lick her, to have her stroke my hair as I did, to have her make me feel loved. But I felt that I would get that too, just not now. Now something new had been added to our lives. It was good because it pleased her. I hadn't orgasmed, but that wasn't that important to me. What was important was that there was now another way to please her.

Melanie got up and walked into the bathroom. I heard water running into the tub. I sat and listened, staring into space. Soon I heard her calling to me.

"Sabine, come here."

I walked into the bathroom and saw that the tub was full and she was standing by it naked.

"Get in the tub, darling and sit forward so I can get in behind you."

I was hesitant, remembering how she had ducked me. I didn't really like that and I was wondering if that was what she wanted now. I got in anyway. I shivered, even though the water was hot. Melanie got in with me, behind me and pulled me back to her, holding me and kissing my neck. Then she washed me, lovingly, still kissing me. I felt so happy. Only no teasing, just washing. I was slightly frustrated because I was aroused, both by how she had played with my nipples and how she had been with me, so demanding, so forceful, but I could live without the teasing if she was happy. And she was. After she had finished washing me, I got to wash her too. I took the opportunity to kiss her nipples and breasts as I did. Melanie just looked at me with love in her eyes as I washed her and it made me feel so good inside.

The water was starting to cool and we had to get out and dry off. We spent most of Sunday lazing around, doing a little studying. Mostly listening to music and reading. She didn't let me dress, just wear my robe, so she could torment my nipples from time to time. I dressed only for meals and she made me take off my clothes when we got back to our room, so I was available for her. That night I was hoping she would take me to bed, but I ended up in mine, alone. I was aroused from all the teasing. I wanted her to make me come but she didn't. Part of her control over me again. I took a long time before I was able to fall asleep.

Then Monday came. Classes had to be attended, studying to be done. I had to run her bath and wash her, but I didn't get to dry her off today, we were running late. We dressed quickly and off to the cafeteria for breakfast, bringing our books for the classes we had. Then we had to go our own ways, since we didn't have classes together. .

The next couple of days were normal school girl days, filled with classes and studying and cafeteria meals. She had some friends over again and I was in a state, thinking that she was going to make me sit on a dildo again while they were in our room, but Melanie didn't. She did look at me speculatively during the time before they arrived, making my stomach knot up. She loved to see my expressions when she teased me like that. She always said it was cute, but not from my side of the fence. I was always in a state of nervous tension, wondering what idea she would come up with next to make me embarrassed and humiliated.

Wednesday was a tough day at school for both of us. We had the same number of classes as on Monday and Friday, but we had labs on Wednesday too. So it was a long day. Melanie was back in our room before I was and when I came in she looked at me.

"Strip, darling, naked."

I set my books down and slipped off my shoes and socks, then my top. I shivered as I noticed her watching me. I took off my jeans and folded them and my top neatly, laying them in my dresser. Then I took off my bra and panties and put them in my hamper in the bathroom. When I returned, Melanie motioned me over to her. She looked at my entire body, making me turn around.

"I'm tired and bitchy, Sabine. I had a crappy day. What do you think would make me feel better?"

"If I licked you, Melanie?"

"No, I'm bitchy. I don't feel loving today. I need something else."

Her eyes lit up and she smirked at me.

"I know just the thing, Sabine. Get in the bathroom."

I walked in; hoping it wasn't going to be the ducking and fucking again. I really didn't like that at all. Melanie followed me a few minutes later. I was hugging myself, shivering in anticipation of something I probably was not going to like very much. Melanie was naked too. She walked up and took a grip on my hair. She pulled me to the shower and pushed me inside it.

"Sit on your ass, legs open, bitch."

I did as I was told, as I always did and Melanie stood between my legs. She reached down, gripped my hair again and pulled my head back so I was looking up at her. Her other hand spread her lips and she closed her eyes. I knew now. I closed my eyes also. I heard her breathing, I heard myself breathing.

"Ah God, Sabine, here it comes."

I scrunched my eyes closed tighter, just as a spurt of pee hit my forehead. Then she let loose and a steady stream of pee was hitting my face.

"Ah, God, you little bitch, do you like being pissed on?"

I couldn't speak with my mouth clamped shut and I knew better than to move my head either by nodding or shaking it so I just sat while she peed on me.

"You must like it, slut, otherwise you would be crying."

I wanted to snort. How could she tell if I was crying or not with all her pee hitting me in the face? And besides my eyes were closed so I didn't get any of it in them.

"Open your mouth, cunt."

I shivered then I did and she peed right into it. I sat with pee streaming down my face, in my hair and down my body to puddle around my ass and legs. It was warm, sharp smelling and I was struggling to keep from gagging as my mouth filled with it. When my mouth had filled and it was dribbling out, Melanie let go of my hair and sprayed pee all over my head, soaking my hair and giggling as she did. I still held my mouth open so she could see that it was full and sat, waiting for her to finish. She gave a couple of final spurts in my face. She giggled again; looking at my pee soaked hair and body. I still had my mouth open.

"Do you want to swallow, bitch?"

I shook my head no. I didn't really want to do that. I was going to swallow some anyway, but I didn't want a whole mouthful. Melanie relented.

"All right, Sabine, spit it out, but someday…"

I spit it between my legs and gagged still as I swallowed some of it anyway. I wiped my eyes and lips with one hand and looked up at her. She nodded and I bent forward and licked the drops of pee off her lips to clean her. I also licked in between them to make sure that I got everything. I was careful not to let my wet hair touch her. When I finished my lower lip was trembling. This wasn't from love; it was just peeing on me. The other times we had made love, sort of. I was ashamed of myself for doing it, but I also knew that I would again. All she had to do was tell me. I shuddered.

"Get up darling and we'll shower together. I feel much better now."

My eyes opened wide. Shower together? This was good for me. All of a sudden it wasn't so bad. I turned on the shower after she stepped out so she wouldn't get cold water on herself. I adjusted the water so it was just right and then Melanie stepped in with me. I got to wash her, all over! I even got some kisses in. It was lovely to be able to wash her. I was a happy girl, very happy. Melanie didn't wash me, but that was all right. She shouldn't have to do that for me. Just to have her with me in the shower was reward enough.

I dried her off after our shower and then myself. We dressed for dinner and went to the cafeteria. I was very happy. Melanie smiled at me and I knew that she loved me. Just as she knew that I loved her.

When we got back to our room unfortunately we had to study. Sometimes going to school is a pain. I put her favorite CD on softly and we studied, side by side, at our desks, companionably quiet. Around 10 o'clock Melanie closed her text and looked at me. I looked back.

"Yes, Melanie?"

"Sabine, darling, I need to ask you something."

"Anything, Melanie."

"What is it like to be penetrated?"

"Ah, you mean with a cock or a dildo?"

"Either one. Does it hurt?"

"You use, ah, tampons, don't you?"

"Yes, you know that I do, Sabine. Why did you ask that?"

"Well, since you use tampons, Melanie, your hymen is probably torn already. There may be just a little holding together so it will hurt a little but not much if you put something in your pussy. If you played sports that sometimes tears the hymen also. It's usually the first stretching of your pussy that may hurt the most. I don't understand why you are asking me this."

"I'm trying to decide if I want to be a true virgin, Sabine. If I don't I need to find somebody to take care of it."

I almost started to cry, she didn't think of me. She looked at my face and understood.

"Look, darling, in our relationship it just wouldn't be right for you to fuck me. You see that don't you?"

"I guess so, Melanie. I just don't like the idea of sharing you with someone else. Isn't there something that we could do that would be OK? I mean I will do anything for you, Melanie, you know that."

"I'll have to think and look on the Internet to see if there is something that would work with you, Sabine. It isn't like I would be seeing someone every day if it was someone else, Sabine. It would just be to get rid of it. I'd still come back to you, darling."

"I know but…."

"Look, I am not going to go out tonight and find a guy, Sabine. I was just asking and thinking about it. Don't start bawling on me."

"Yes, Melanie."

I managed to stop my lip from trembling and wiped my eyes. I didn't want to share her with anyone. I really would do anything for her, as long as she was mine. I think Melanie understood how I was feeling though, since at bedtime she took me into her bed. She held me and teased me for a long time, and then she fingered me until I had an orgasm. After I had calmed down, I slid between her legs and licked her to orgasm, her hand stroking my hair as she always did when I licked her. I felt much better and even more so when she pulled me up and held me in her arms until I fell asleep.

Thursday morning Melanie reminded me that we were going to that stupid lingerie party, which I had no interest in doing, but I didn't say anything. She had told me that I was going and as far as she was concerned, that was it. Classes weren't bad on Tuesday and Thursday, so we were both in a good mood when we got back to our room. She had me do something for her right after I arrived from class. She told me to get naked and then she had me sit on the couch with my legs open. Melanie knelt down and looked at my pussy very closely. She opened it up and looked inside as far as she could. She looked at my lips and clitoris. She slipped a finger inside me and pulled to one side then the other.

After she had inspected me, almost like a doctor, she had me stand up and got me a small mirror. Then she took off her jeans and panties and sat down. I had to hold the mirror, so she could look at her own pussy in the mirror. She did all the same things, looking inside it, at the lips and clitoris and she slipped a finger inside, she just didn't pull from side to side like she did with me. She didn't tell me why she did this, just did it.

Once she had looked at hers, she dressed and I was left naked again. She allowed me to put on my robe, but nothing else and she teased my nipples again, something that she loved doing to me.

When we had finished studying for the night, she had me get in my bed and then she put on her strapon over her panties. She was topless though, which was nice. I still wished that I had breasts like hers. She had me on my back and watched as she thrust the strapon into my pussy. It wasn't like a fucking, more like studying how it went in and what it looked like. After a bit, she had me up on hands and knees and thrust into me that way also, watching it going in and out. By now I was getting aroused but after she had studied penetration enough to suit her, she got out of my bed and took off the strapon. Then she got in her nightie and went to bed. I was confused and aroused. She said nothing to me about this either.

Friday came and our classes went well. After dinner she was in a good mood and we listened to music for a while, mostly quiet.

"I think we should play, Sabine. Would you like to play?"

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