tagSci-Fi & FantasySable and The Supers Ch. 05

Sable and The Supers Ch. 05


Author's note:

This is version 3. I edited it once for inconsistencies, continuity errors and really embarrassing editing mistakes, but I've since finished working out the world and its rules and its point, so now I've gone back to retcon things, basically. Or, to prevent myself having to retcon later. Or something.

Original note:

It's amusing when you notice you miss-typed "villainous", like a villain, as "villainess," a female villain. Freudian slip of the fingers. A villainous Villainess.

Now: If you have not been following this series: don't start now. Go back to the beginning and read through. It will make no sense otherwise.

If you have: This is not the resolution. Evolution, exploration, contemplation, philosophosation, but not resolution. There's at least one more of these in me yet, and I only hope it's lubed when it comes out.

Now, the standard disclaimer:

This is a parody. It is a spoof. It is, not to beat about the bush, written in a spirit of sarcasm, mockery and gleeful parody. It has evolved and become more serious with the passage of time, but anybody who was expecting a conventional superhero story will be disappointed.

It also contains what I hope are some running threads of titillation and some hot sex, with vacuum pumps and electricity and Really Big Things.

I just don't want you thinking I'm being serious about the traditional "super" genre, that's all.

I do hope you enjoy it, though.

As always, I welcome feedback via comments or the contact forms, anonymously or not, accompanied by gushing praise, suggestions, accusations of taking the piss, or naked photos of adoring female fans.


The Engineer planted his feet wide and stretched his arms out, posing, a chiselled, Michelangelo statue of perfectly proportioned manhood.

"Like what you see?" he asked, his voice preening, gloating and seductive.

The three mostly-dressed girls on his bed barely noticed his handsome jaw line, almost noticed the spread of his shoulders, realised the perfectly balanced proportions of his abdominals but mostly stared, transfixed, at his Heroic—more properly, Villainous—cock.

The two lying curled on each side of the bed, facing inwards and stroking the girl in the middle, had looks of remembered lust and eager anticipation on their beautiful faces. The one in the middle, lying on her back and almost, perhaps, held down by the slightly distracting caresses of the other two, bore a look of mingled shock, disbelief, giddying lust and stark terror mixed with gleeful anticipation.

She had short, spiked brown hair and was wearing panties, a leather bra and enough traces of glitter and makeup to suggest the bra had been all she was wearing above the waist to begin with.

The two flanking her were wearing identical vinyl and fishnet fetish versions of the classic French maid's costume. The girl with short white hair had peeled the top of hers down past her firm, conical, pink-tipped breasts. The one with long and red-streaked black braids had hers pushed up to show her vinyl G-string, askew, and fishnet suspenders.

The Engineer had decided to christen his decision to stay in this city by sending two of his servants out to a fetish club to find a girl for him to play with. It had only taken them an hour and that was only because they had wanted to dance and put on a floor-show (greatly applauded) first.

The girl they had found, whose patched leather pants and army-surplus boots hadn't even made it into the room, had been playing with a sweatily submissive man before gravitating to watch the floor show, and had responded to "Would you like to have sex with us and a Villain?" With "Fuck, yeah!"

They had managed to start undressing her in the Engineer's hastily-constructed secret underground railway car while she was attached to the breasts of the short-haired maid.

She had begun groping under the skirt of the other one as they staggered into the room and collapsed on the bed before the Engineer had halted proceedings by walking in, fresh from a shower, and dropping the towel from about his waist.

"Fuck me," the guest said, awe in her voice, unable to take her eyes from the eye staring back at her from its enormous, engorged, head.

"Oh, please fuck me!"

The maids giggled and the Engineer, dropping his arms, began slowly walking forwards.

"I could not deny such a lusty woman," he said. "But I think you're a little over-dressed."

She didn't have a chance to move. The maids pounced on her, one pulling her panties down her legs, revealing a bush trimmed into a thin line above a piercing, while the other pulled her up to undo the latch on the back of on her leather bra.

She had small but firm breasts tipped with fleshy and also pierced nipples.

The Engineer's eyes lit up. "Piercings! My favourite! Where are my manners? I am the Engineer. You are, my darling?"

She giggled. "I'm Felony," she said, fighting back laughter as the two maids latched onto her nipples and began sucking.

The Engineer's lips quirked.

"Oh, I don't know," he said. "But I'm sure we could think of something."

He stepped onto the end of the bed, straddling Felony's naked legs and looming above her.

"You know I'm a Villain," he said, slowly reaching one hand to his enormous cock and stroking it, his fingers not meeting around it. "And one of my powers is, my cock is a drug."

Felony's eyes lit up. "Do I snort it, drink it or inject it?" she asked, her fingers toying with the maids' hair as they continued to suckle on her breasts.

The Engineer grinned wickedly at her, wondering why he was always so lucky. "Whatever you like, my dear," he said.

"Hey girls, let me up!"

The maids abandoned her nipples reluctantly and pulled her upright, leaving her kneeling in front of the Engineer, reaching around to cup and slowly rub her saliva-slick conical breasts as they all three stared, two adoringly, one awe-struck and all three hungrily, at the giant cock in front of them.

Felony reached out and grabbed it, her hands not making it all the way around the rock-hard silken circumference. She stuck her tongue out and licked, slowly, up the front of the winged head, probing the slit on her way past.

Even though there wasn't even pre-cum beading saltily at the tip, the taste of him made her head spin, the rush to her womb making her giddy in ways she hadn't experienced but which made her desperately eager to do whatever it took to please him.

She stretched her jaw open wide and wrapped her lips around his head, squeezing the shaft with both hands as she unconsciously tried to make it smaller so she could even have a hope of swallowing it all.

Her normal aggressively possessive lust was becoming furry in her head, mixed with a desperate and wholly unfamiliar desire to please him, to do whatever he wanted. It was only an itch, secondary to her own need to prove she could manipulate him by doing the best damn job possible on his cock, but it was growing slowly while her attention was wholly on mashing his slightly spongy flesh inside her mouth.

Unknown to her, he was subtly reducing the thickness but not the length of his cock, and so she popped his flanged head past her lips with a feeling of immense personal satisfaction mingled with growing joy to have pleased him.

She worked him deeper into her throat, swallowing bit by bit, squeezing him, angling her body differently to make access easier, tasting him, breathing in his intensely masculine scent, the growing glaze in her eyes chronicling her slow but unstoppable descent into complete subservience and slavery.

"Good girl," he crooned, his maids giggling and pinching Felony's nipples, making her twist her breasts into their grip. "Relax and swallow and soon I'll give you a drink and everything will be so much better when you're completely under my control."

The last remaining bit of her brain wondered about that, but getting him all the way down her throat was so much more important.

She finally managed it, her throat bulging, and slowly pulled back.

The maids pushed their heads in on each side, kissing and licking the sweat-slick shaft as it emerged from her stretched lips.

"Now," the Engineer said fondly, brushing his fingers over Felony's spiked hair, "you're not to cum until I give you permission, okay? But you are to stay so aroused you're close to cumming. Moan if you understand."

With her mouth nearly free, Felony moaned around her penis gag, eyes fluttering closed, the flush on her chest deepening as the maids began more energetically pinching and rubbing and pulling on her nipples.

With both hands gripping his base tightly, Felony began to work him in and out of her mouth and throat, the fit so tight she wasn't worrying about trying to use her tongue, the pressure inside her already enough.

"Hmm, that's it, Felony. Make me cum and be my slave."

She no longer had enough will left to worry about what he said, or even to notice it. She was desperate to please him, and pleasing him meant making him cum, and so she was desperate to make him cum.

As her lips and throat settled in and became more comfortable she began moving faster, desperately eager to finish but frustrated by her own body's limitations. The Engineer, enjoying her desperation but quite willing to move on to other things, relented.

He began pulsing in her hands, driving her on to greater efforts, until "Pull back, little girl!"

She pulled right back but kept his head between her lips as he spasmed briefly and shot into her mouth, keeping the volume as low as he could to avoid damaging her human body.

She swallowed, desperately, and smoothly went from fuzzily lacking in her own will to completely and utterly subservient to his.

She swayed as his influence took complete hold of her mind, popping off the end of his cock, her lips aching sweetly and streaked with his cum.

Her hands went slack and her eyes vacant, and then cleared, returned, the full force of her personality returning but now worshipping him utterly.

A grin twisted her lips, widening as she stared up at him. "Oh, please tell me how to serve you, Master," she whispered.

The maids giggled, clapped their hands and kissed each other passionately underneath the Engineer's still erect shaft.

"You can help these two undress," he replied, his blood singing with the old joy of taking another slave. He never got tired, even when there was a pre-arranged, strictly limited time-frame on their slavery. Slowly the guilt Sable had inspired in him was wearing off. He was playing by the rules but adding his own honour as well. And since in most stories merely being greedy was villainous, so be it. He would greedily and selfishly build the best damn functional, high-tech, happy city he fucking well could.


The Engineer quietly walked out, leaving all three women, sated, satiated, replete and wet inside and out, sleeping the sleep of the completely exhausted and comatose, so many orgasms having wracked their human bodies they had no energy left for consciousness.

He belted a robe about his waist, feeling satisfied inside and between his legs for the first time in more than a week. It felt as though a year's worth of frustration had been resolved and he was on top of the world. Despite taking all his staff with him, he just hadn't even considered fucking them until now.

He felt so good about that he considered pulling all the security footage and settling in for a nice evening of highlights.

A brief chime surprised and intrigued him. That was a message alert, and there was only one person left who could possibly be messaging him.

He almost jogged to the control room, where he ordered a martini from his ship while he settled in his command chair and pressed the answer button.

He nearly sprang fully erect again as Sable appeared on screen with a towelling robe off her shoulders, supporting her naked breasts on her arms and pouting at him.

"Sable!" he exclaimed, "So good to see all three of you!"

"Glad you still like them," she said briskly, suddenly all business, flicking the robe around her and instantly returning to physical modesty, to his considerable disappointment. "I wanted to get your attention. Do I have it?"

He sighed. "That sounds serious. You have my full attention."

"Good, this won't be simple. Where are you?"

"One city south, looks good, not too different. Meeting the locals."

"I bet you are," she said sourly. "I'm four cities west. Didn't like the first three. The first one was a stereotyped utopia and I didn't think I could stand the syrup. The one after that was far too film noir, then there was one that was just a fort, and now I've found one that, frankly, isn't enough of anything to be described. It's just poorly written."

The Engineer had a vague feeling she was waiting for him to spot something, but couldn't work out what it was. "Are you keeping moving?" he asked, fishing.

"No, I may stay here. I seem to be settling in. The city seems to be adapting to me."

Again, but slightly stronger, he had the sense she was waiting for something.

"Well, I do recommend shaping it to your will."

"If I was doing that deliberately, that'd be swell."

This time, she was obvious enough to get his attention.

"Did you say 'adapting to you'?"

She almost gave him a sour smile. "These are the first three Supers I met when I got here." Head-and-shoulders images of Growler, Quicksilver and Thunder appeared on screen.

"They're a bit similar," he said, cautiously. "What are they?"

"The first two are Villains, the third one is a Hero."

He raised his eyebrows, but said nothing.

"Now!" she said brightly. "That's how they looked when I got here. This is how they look now."

The images changed. He sat bolt upright. "What the fu..."

All three had changed, subtly but somehow dramatically. Quicksilver was taller, had more definition in her face, more striking hair and eyes. Growler was more rock-like, craggy and rugged. Thunder was slightly slimmer but more sharply defined. And all three had a difficult-to-grasp quality of life in their face that was, without being obvious, missing from the first set of images.

"Now," Sable said sweetly as the Engineer stared in disbelief, "we move on to part two.

"I sent three drones out, one each west, north and south, to find and monitor any other cities they encountered. These are what the Supers look like."

A range of images completely filled the screen, all head-and-shoulders shots from different angles, and in three distinct sets of rows.

The Engineer was dumbfounded. Not only were the men and women in each row absolutely identical to each other in all respects save for costumes, they all looked like poorly formed models, waxen and lifeless.

"They..." the Engineer began, falteringly.

"They look like preliminary character sketches," Sable said, harshly.

"They do," the Engineer finished, weakly.

"You see, here's how I've been thinking," Sable said. "Oh, one more thing. You remember you told me you had invented the Wardrobes?"

"I did," he said, on firmer ground now. "It was in the second city I went to, when I started really playing around with the possibilities of the rules of this world."

"Well, they're here."

"They can't be, they..." He stopped, mouth open, as his eyes took on the distant look of someone remembering something they didn't notice the first time.

"I didn't introduce them to my third city! I thought at the time I didn't need to manufacture them because they were part of the city's DNA when I built it..."

"I think they're part of this world's DNA," Sable said, grimly. "Or at least, they are now. You see, I began wondering if maybe you had built this world and were just trying not to let me know."

The Engineer burst out laughing.

Even Sable thought it sounded like genuine surprise.

"But then I started noticing how things were changing. The Supers started out crudely scripted, then began growing personalities. They started out cookie-cutter, then began changing, and they're changing more, the more time I spend with them."

"Oh, you fox you."

"You're missing the point again, sweetie," she snapped at him.

"What point. Supers are... Hey, Supers are humans, reborn people from our world, they can't just change like that!"

"Are they, honey? Are they really?"

Once again, his mouth stayed open when his brain caught up to what he was going to say and stopped it. "Are you saying we're it?"

"Have you met anyone else who seems to qualify?"

"Well, no..."

"Well, there's a very good reason for that."

"You sure they're not just not waking up?"

Instead of answering, she flashed the before and after images on screen again.

"How do you know?"

"Ask them when they can't lie. I'm sure you'll work it out."

"I may be slow, but I'm not that slow," he said sarcastically. "Do you think the world is covered in these basic cities?"

"I think the 'world' is propagating when we push the boundaries back. I think I travelled too quickly for it and it didn't have time to randomise the next three."

"You mean consciously?"

"I don't know yet, I really don't."


When they broke the call, Sable paced, thoughtfully, back to the gymnasium serving as a temporary holding cell for Thunder.

Her scattered suspicions had been firmed. She didn't believe the Engineer was holding out on her, and so that just left the idea this entire world only contained at least two, possibly more, actual humans.

Which left the much more interesting question: Why?

She walked through the gymnasium door, which swished quietly closed behind her.

Thunder was still naked and was still furious.

He was confined to a 2 metre square area in the middle, unable to move off it not because of restraints but because of the computer-controlled stimulasers, which debilitated him any time he tried to move outside that area of space. They were faster than him and gave no leeway.

As a final safety net the door was locked. And the entire room was already built to the Engineer's toughest abilities.

Sable walked in, leaned against the wall, crossed her arms and stared at him pensively.

He glared at her, fists clenched. "What do you want with me, Villain?" He grated.

"Well, you're sounding more human, at least," she said, contemplatively.

"Kill me or let me go! Enough of these games!" He roared.

"Definitely a better vocabulary."

Her gaze wandered downwards. It was hard for her to take his anger seriously while he was bollocks-naked and staring at her, fists clenched and veins bulging but cock flaccid and, she was amused to see after initially wondering if he had one, halfway to his knees.

He saw the direction of her gaze and flushed a baffled pink. Still new to the entire idea of sex, he didn't yet know if it was good, evil or even possible, but was jumping to the conclusion that if she did it it was probably something a Hero shouldn't have any truck with.

Unfortunately, his body wasn't interested in moral judgements and was responding in the expected fashion.

"The thing is," she murmured, unfastening her robe, "if you're not really human, is it wrong of me to play with you, or are you just a really fancy vibrator?"

As the robe slipped off her shoulders, his eyes were drawn irresistibly down her entirely naked body. He didn't know where to look, so nearly split his eyes vertically between her huge breasts and the already slightly glistening cleft between her firm thighs.

Sable was thinking of the call she had received before contacting the Engineer, from Quicksilver, who had been flushed and laughing giddily. She had, she said, been thinking about what Sable had said about kidnapping Supers and having sex with them and she had thought well she hadn't tried that before so why not so she had and OH MY GOD.

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