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Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!


Darcy couldn't believe this was happening. What the hell had she gotten into?


Her nails dug into the table's edge as she threw her head back.


This was so wrong. Things aren't meant to be this way. How could she let...


Isn't the sky blue and the grass green? Aren't things supposed to happen in a proper order?


Her knees buckled slightly, tilting her upper body to the left as she cried out, her nails digging even further into the wood.


Why should she be any different? Why can't the laws of life apply to her as well? How could she be the only one so special?


Her ass was already on fire. She couldn't take much more of this, but she knew it wasn't ending any time soon. He was that kind of man.


If only she could have done things a little differently. If only she could have seen the self-destructive path she had been taking before she ended up...


A tear rolled down her left cheek, the first of many preparing to burst from her eyes. It's all just so unfair!


She had no one to blame but herself. It was all hers. She had actually won. All that hard work had paid off. All she had to do was resist.


Again she buckled, this time to the right. A long moan escaped her parched lips, but she made sure she held herself up against the table. She only had herself to blame.


The promotion was her's. She proved it. She was clearly the best in the office. Even better than him. Every report, every presentation, every everything she had come out on top.


So what if she acted arrogant and cocky. So what if she made that stupid statement to him. She knew the job was hers. She knew she was the best.


Even he knew it. She could see it in his eyes. The look of disappointment and submission. She almost got him to admit it to. She was only moments away from ultimate success.


"You'll be kissing my ass when I get that promotion!" She remembered the anger in his eyes when she said it. She meant it to, at the time. No not literally, but the power of saying it and knowing it was all but true.


I deserve this. The pain, the humiliation. I asked for it didn't I? When you make a statement like that, you better win...or else! But I did win! Almost...


All she had to do was give that last final proposal to the board. She didn't even have to knock it out of the park. All she had to do was act normal. All she had to do was NOT Fuck Up!


He wasn't even in the room when she did it. He was probably crying like a fucking baby, knowing she had all but wrapped it up. Even her own boss smiled and winked to her as she stood up before all those staring eyes.


"Who's the best?" Darcy opened her eyes, tears gushing out, but she didn't turn to him.


"Who's the best? Let me hear it." She raised her ass to him, quietly whispering beyond his hearing.


"Louder employee. Tell your new boss who's the best?"

She closed her eyes and shook her hips. "You are sir!"


"Think you are good enough to fetch my coffee?"

She shuttered.

"You can do it AFTER you kiss my ass!


Darcy opened her eyes and stared at the buzzing clock. 7:30am

Quickly she pulled the hand from between her legs and felt her rear. No pain! It was a dream, all of it!

She threw her head back onto the pillow and sighed heavily. The proposal hadn't happened yet. The board room would still be there. She hadn't sabotaged herself. The world was still right.

At the office she saw him, looking as dejected as she had hoped. He knew the truth, he knew who was the best, and the best heard her name being announced as she sat in the board room, focused and ready. They clapped and she rose. Her boss smiled and winked. She took in all their stares. All those eyes. All she had worked for, and thought of him.


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