tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabrina on Vacation Ch. 2

Sabrina on Vacation Ch. 2


To find out how we got to this point see Ch. 1 Sabrina On Vacation.

We had pulled back onto the freeway and we were approaching the truck that had surprised Sabrina when she woke up. She was setting back, leaning on the truck door looking at me. I could see that she was deep in thought as I watched her out of the corner of my eye. Sabrina keeps her pussy lips and most of her mound shaved and I was thinking how good she looked with her panty's pulled up into the folds of her pussy as she sat there.

She gave a little laugh as we pulled up next to the semi, saying boy you weren't lying! You can't pass him very fast can you?

With that she lifted up onto her knees leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. When she got up on her knees she had put her butt up in the air next to the window. She was giving the truck driver a good look at her ass and pussy! Her panty's pulled tight up into her slit, letting her ass cheek's open wide for him. He would have had to be blind not to have seen what she was showing him. She stayed there long enough for us to get by the truck. Then when she set down she acted like she had no idea she had shown the truck driver that had seen her tits earlier her whole ass and pussy!

I watched her fiddle nervously with her shoulder length hair looking off, lost in thought.

You liked that didn't you?

She snapped back, I liked what?

That guy in the truck seeing you. You know he saw your whole backside when we passed him.

Do you think he saw my whole backside? Oh Sam did he see my pussy too? She was smiling at me.

I looked over at her and smiled back. Yes your pussy too!

I watched as she dropped her hand to her lap, running a finger across her smooth lips with out thinking about it. I was surprised as she pushed her finger farther down into her slit. Sabrina leaned back across the seat putting her other hand on my swollen dick squeezing it through my pants. I could see in the reflection of the side window that she had put a finger in herself. As she rubbed my hard dick through my shorts she pulled her hand back from her pussy. She almost laughed as she put her wet finger in my mouth!

Oh Sabrina you are killing me here, you know I love your taste!

Are you mad at me?

You know that's the first man to see me other than you sense we got married.

Well no, I'm not mad. I am surprised! Oh honey I'm so hard I think I'm going to cum in my pants if you don't stop doing this!

She rubbed more of her sweet nectar on my lips. She shook just a little and I'm not sure but I think she cum just a little bit as she touched herself.

I'm sure he will be talking about that for a month! We laughed and she kissed me on the cheek again. She moved close to me and I could feel her heat as we drove along.

I don't think you'll do it again! I licked my lip's still tasting her as we talked.

Do what again? Smiling, looking at me.

Show yourself off to this next truck!

You loose! She yelled as I pulled up next to this new truck. She pulled her top off and shook her tits at this guy laughing her head off the all the time we were next to him. I couldn't see his face but I'm sure he was one happy trucker.

Soon after that we turned off onto the road to Henderson Nevada. Sabrina didn't put her top back on and I could tell it excited her very much to be seen like that. This was a new side of my wife, one I wasn't sure of. I knew I was stone hard and I sure liked seeing her so loose and easy going. It was great seeing her ride topless like that. She always seemed to be covering herself up at home. I liked seeing her like this.

When we arrived at the lake she picked up her full T-shirt top, she stopped, looked at me and smiled. Sabrina picked up her half top and put it back on.

How much stuff do you have to put on the boat?

Not too much, just the small suitcase from this morning. What are you up to young lady?

Sam I got so hot showing myself off like that! I have never done any thing like this and it's so bad. Look just thinking about it has dripping wet.

She took my hand and put it on her hot pussy mound! She was wet, wetter than I could remember!

Go get every thing ready and when you tell me I'll come hold the boat while you park the trailer.

Your going to get out and hold the boat dressed like that?

Are you sure with those fishermen and people on the dock! I don't know about you doing that. The top is ok but your sweet little butt is necked you know! I mean that little strip in the back doesn't cover anything if you move wrong!

I don't have to bend over and if you hurry I won't be there long. Besides I think it will be fun to see how they react. My panties cover the front and the back just looks like I'm in a thong.

Please Sam let me do it!

I couldn't believe she wanted do this, but looking at her I could see she was really wanting to! Wanting to get out of the truck almost necked and stand they're on the dock in front of those people. It was like I was seeing her for the first time as I looked at her trying to read her mind. Man she looked hot setting there. Her face was flushed with excitement as she smiled at me.

Ok here is what we can do. I'll get the boat in the water and tied to the dock. Ill wave at you and you can walk over and stand next to it, but it will be tied off incase you need to get on board and cover up. I'd hate for some little kid and his mom to walk up on you with your ass hanging out!

That's a deal I think. God Sam I don't know if I have guts enough to do this!

Well its up to you, this is your idea you know.

I backed the boat into the water. I looked over at Sabrina and there was new light in her eye's it was like a fire was building in her. At that instant I loved her more than ever before!

Are you ready?

Yes! I think I am. She held out her hand.

Look how I'm shaking!

You don't have to do this I mean its ok if you don't!

I got out and moved the boat over and was about to tie it off to the dock when she got out of the truck!

I watched her walk down and stand there on the dock in her t-back panties and half T-shirt. I could plainly see her little landing strip bush through her panties and the bottom part of her nipples was visible under her top. She turned and looked at the beach and showed me her bottom, her panties had slipped deep into her leaving both cheeks open for any one to see!

I looked at the other people as I realized that this scared the hell out of me! But I was very turned on by the whole thing. I could feel myself dripping in my shorts as I looked around.

The only people that were looking at her were a couple of old men fishing. It was like she was invisible to every one else or they just didn't care and I relaxed a little.

Ok ill hurry right back! God I can't believe your doing this! I love you!

I ran to the truck and broke all records parking it and getting back to the dock

As I ran back to the water I could see that there was one of the old fisher men standing next to the boat and Sabrina had went on board and was setting down. I thought, your not as brave as you thought are you my dear. I was still smiling at that thought as I walked up.

She was setting down all right, setting with her legs up in the chair leaving her pussy exposed to this guy!

I looked at him and he couldn't move, as he looked right at her pussy seeing her in-between her slightly parted legs. I started untieing the boat and pushing off and that woke the old guy up. The fisherman smiled at me as he walked away.

How is the fishing, I ask him.

It doesn't look like to me you're going to have time to fish young man, and he walked away still smiling.

I pulled away from the dock and Sabrina move past me to one of the front seats. She set facing me spreading her legs wide showing me her pussy lips and how hard her clit was. She moved her and down and touched her outer lips, slowly rubbing them, feeling them. She moved her other hand to her right breast and tweaked her nipple making it stand out. I watched as she rubbed herself, slipping a finger into her pussy. Her head fell back and she shuddered as she came.

Oh please fuck me Sam. I'm so ready, I want it right now, please give it to me! Please!

Looking back at the dock I could see we had only moved about a few hundred yards from it and I knew if any one looked closely they could tell that I was fucking her!

I was way past caring about that now!

It was the first time I had ever seen my wife masturbate and I was crazy hot for her. I pulled my shorts down as I moved to her.

I knelt before her and she held her pussy open for me. I pushed forward and entered her with one push. I pulled out and pushed in again feeling her stretch as I went in to my balls. I pushed in a mad frenzy as I felt her start to cum, spreading her juices all over my cock and balls.

OH, OH, OH GOD SAM. She clawed my back pushing her hands down to my ass. Sabrina pulled me tight up to her pussy humping wildly as she came again.

Ho shit baby I'm cuming!

Yes Sam please give it to, me cum deep in me, please, OH, OH HUMMMMP MEEE! OH Yes, and she came again.

She had never been like this!

I slipped out of her and pulled back looking at a different woman than the one I had woke up so many hours earlier.

I was setting shaking trying to get my breath as she started to laugh. She slipped down to the floor next to me kissing me holding me.

I love you Sam, are you ok? I don't know what happened to me I just had to cum.

Her face was red and flushed she looked so young and sweet. I hardened again as I looked at her, I moved her onto her knees leaning her onto one of the seats. I entered her from the rear, pushing in until I could go no deeper. This was not the frenzied fucking of the first time but good hard lovemaking. Sabrina shuddered again cuming in low grunts as I thrust into her. I only lasted a few minutes until I was cuming deep into her, cuming as hard as I did the first time.

We held each other for a few minutes, until the desert heat caught up to us. I striped off my shirt and we both jumped into the cool clear water. We swam to a life ring I had thrown over and held each other not talking just being in love.

Sabrina and I spent the next four days in a secluded cove and necked. She acted like she had never worn cloth in her life. There were a couple of times some one would come close and she never bothered to cover her self. She would just smile and look at me.

We had plenty of time to talk about what had happened that first day and to decide where this was leading and to tell each other what we would and would not do.

The fifth morning we woke up to a storm coming in from the north. We picked up camp and had to out run it to get back to the marina and safety.

I'll tell you all about our adventure in the marina in Sabrina's vacation Ch. 3: Sabrina in the marina and going home.

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