tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSabrina's Submission Ch. 05

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 05


Slowly Sabrina awoke, rising up from the dark velvety depths of the best sleep she had had in years. As she tried to stretch, the pull on her wrist brought her back to her situation. Still, Michael had treated her so kindly before she fell asleep, she felt sure the worst was over.

As if her thoughts had drawn him to her, Michael appeared in the doorway. "So my slave is finally awake!" he said, looking down at her.

"Yes Master. Thank you" Sabrina replied smiling up at him.

Crossing to the bed, Michael bent over and detached her wrist from the chain. Without letting go he took hold of her other wrist and drew them both behind her head, attaching them together with a clip.

"Now on your knees slave!" he ordered. "Thank your master properly."

Confused at his sudden change in attitude, Sabrina nevertheless obediently sank to the floor and knelt at his feet. Swiftly Michael undid the fly to his slacks and his cock sprang free. By now Sabrina knew what she must do and obediently took him into her mouth, her tongue licking and caressing up and down the entire length of his shaft, swirling over it's head, darting into the hole at it's tip to taste the pre-cum that was glistening within. Suddenly Michael grabbed her hair and pulled her away, instead forcing her head to a position where she was directly in front of his balls. Unsure what he wanted her to do, Sabrina raised her eyes to his questioningly.

"Lick them!" was Michael's command. "And this time slave, use your initiative to make your master cum!"

Slowly at first, and then with more confidence, Sabrina started to work her tongue across Michael's balls, licking and caressing first one, then the other. Working on pure inspiration she lit her tongue drift up the channel between them and was rewarded by an intake of breath above her. Feeling more confident, she repeated her action more firmly. Yes, this was definitely having an effect.

Pushing closer against him, Sabrina moved her tongue backwards until it approached his hole. Greatly daring, she swirled her tongue around the entrance and then swiftly darted it across. She was rewarded by a groan from Michael. Once again she repeated the process before shuffling backwards and once more taking his cock into her mouth. By now it was completely engorged and pre-cum glistened at the head. On her own initiative Sabrina adjusted the position of her head and took him as deep down her throat as she could manage before pulling back and swirling the tip of her tongue around his head. Again, she took him down deep, and again, and again until she could feel the irresistible pressure start to build. With one more swift flick of her tongue Michael shot his load deep into her throat, gripping her hair as wave after wave of orgasm swept through him. Finally spent, he pulled out slightly, allowing her to lick him completely clean.

"Very good, Slave. You have pleased your Master" he told Sabrina.

Sabrina smiled up at him. She should be feeling humiliated to be used like this, but knowing that she had pleased her master made her feel as if it was the best thing to have happened to her!

"Now it's time for your training to continue." Michael told her, unclipping her wrists. "Follow me."

Sabrina was about to stand up when she suddenly remembered she must crawl everywhere unless told otherwise by her Master. Shivering in relief at her close shave, Sabrina crawled out into the main room.

"Very good, slave, it seems as if you are finally learning your place!" Michael commented. "Now come and stand over here!"

Sabrina did as she was told. Michael once again clipped her wrists behind her head and then placed them over a hook suspended from the ceiling. He then moved to the drawers and returned with several lengths of doubled rope. Sabrina watched him warily, wondering what was next in store for her.

Michael took the first length and wrapped it around her chest, first running over her breasts and then running under them before tying it off at the back. He then took a second length and fed it vertically between the two bands, drawing it tight between her breasts. She now looked as if she was wearing a bra, but he was not finished. Taking one length of the doubled rope he wrapped it around her left breast, pulling it snug until her breast stood out like a globe. He fed the leftover rope diagonally over her right shoulder and secured it temporarily. He repeated the process with her right breast. Finally he tied off both ends to the ropes at her back. Both her breasts now stood proud and globular.

"Very nice!" Michael murmured.

Then he reached for another length of rope and expertly formed restraints around her waist, and hair, leaving a fair amount of the length unused and threaded 2 final lengths of rope through d-rings set into her ankle cuffs. Finally, he unhooked Sabrina's wrists and detached the cuffs.

"Put your hands down behind your back." he commanded.

Sabrina hastily complied. Michael reattached her wrists together. Giving her a push to get her going, Michael told Sabrina to get onto the padded table, lying face down. Uncertain as to what was going to happen next, Sabrina nevertheless complied. She did not want to incur any more punishment than she was already due!

Unable to see what was happening in this position, she felt Michael moving around the table. Suddenly she felt her right ankle being drawn up behind her, her knee bending as Michael swiftly tied it to a d-ring in her right wrist cuff. Then her left ankle was bound in the same way. Sabrina was now lying on the table in an efficient hog tie. Michael left her there briefly whilst he moved over to another section of the room. This was where he kept his special items. He returned with what looked like a T-bar, with both lengths being extendible. Attached to the ends of the cross bar were two leather cuffs. These he locked around Sabrina's legs, just above the knees. Now her legs were spread far apart, exposing her ass and pussy completely. Sabrina gasped as he swiftly removed both the dildo and butt plug and then sighed in relief.

However, Michael was not finished. He returned to the drawers and returned with something Sabrina could not see. To her dismay, she felt herself being filled once more, this time with larger, thicker implements and something else was resting against her clit. What she could not see was that this was a very special device that Michael had created himself. It was a combination of 3 different vibrators, anal, vaginal & clitoral, all held in a cradle that could then be attached to the end of the T-bar. Moving the telescopic bar until he was sure that they were all nestled tightly where they should be, with no chance of Sabrina expelling them, he locked it into place.

He now brought over more lengths of rope and pulled ring down from the ceiling until it was directly above Sabrina's body. First he took the length of rope left over from the cinch he had made at Sabrina's waist and tied it to the ring. Then he took a second length of rope and ran it around the point where her ankles were attached to her wrists, before again attaching it to the ring. Finally he took hold of the rope tied around her hair and drew her head back until she was looking towards the ceiling before it too was tied to the ring. Now Sabrina was completely immobilised.

Moving around to her head, Michael withdrew a ball gag from his pocket. As she drew breath to protest, he gripped her jaw, forcing her mouth to open and then swiftly pushed the gag behind her teeth, doing up the buckle behind her head before she had a chance to push it out. He then took out a leather blind fold from his other pocket and wrapped this snugly over her eyes. His cock stirred once more to see his slave bound and helpless, with no idea what was to happen next!

Sabrina felt a pressure exert itself on her body and then realised with dismay that the table was dropping away beneath her. Michael had moved across the room and pressed a switch, which was now raising the ring back towards the ceiling. When she was about 4 feet off the floor he stopped. He moved back to stand by Sabrina's head.

"Well slave, I have things to do, so I shall just leave you here for a while." he said. "I will leave you to entertain yourself, but mind you do not cum as I haven't given you permission!"

He smiled to himself as he said this. There was no way she could avoid having orgasm after orgasm tied and immobilised, with the vibrators locked into place!

Sabrina flinched as she felt the first vibrations start up in her ass and pussy and then gasped as she felt her clit being stimulated. Within no time at all her pussy was dripping wet as her body climbed irresistibly towards a climax she could not control. Finally she crashed over the edge, shuddering as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her. However, there was no relief for her, as the vibrators continued their insistent stimulation. Again and again she orgasmed, each more intense than the last until her whole body was over-sensitised. She could do nothing to get away from the vibrators and was now dizzy and disoriented as her frantic movements had set her body swinging and the blindfold blocked her vision. Finally, unable to stand any more, she blacked out.

Sabrina came around and realised with relief that the insistent stimulation had ceased. Instead she could feel fingers softly stroking her skin, smoothing strands of hair away from her face, lightly running finger tips across her sensitised breasts, which were still tightly bound, the nipples engorged. God, it felt so good! She willingly accepted her master's touch, trying to angle her body closer to him, trying to lean into his touch. The fingers moved up behind her head and released the buckle holding the ball gag in place, before gently removing it from her mouth. Then they slowly drifted down her body, stroking and caressing her skin. She felt them leave her body and she heard sounds behind her and then once again they were back, gently withdrawing the vibrators from her body.

"Oh Master, thank you!" Sabrina murmured. "That feels so good!"

"Well slave" she heard him say, "I think you are progressing well. I am pleased with you. However, you did cum without my permission and will have to be punished severely!"

Tears leaked from beneath her blindfold as she realised that his tender treatment did not in any way mean that his demeanour had softened.

"However my slave, since you have pleased me so well, you shall have a reward first." he continued.

Once again the fingers were back, running gently over her mound, and slipping easily between her legs and parting the lips of her labia. Suddenly she gasped as she felt a tongue dart in and start to stimulate her sensitive clit. She moaned in ecstasy as it started to respond to the expert treatment it was receiving from her master's tongue. When she started to rise towards a peak the tongue left her clit and started to lick up and into her pussy. Sabrina was now awash with desire. Once again the tongue made its way back to her clit, flicking, licking and then she felt teeth take hold and nip gently. She cried out at the sensation created.

"Please Master, I need to cum. Please Master, may I cum?" she cried.

"Yes slave, you may cum," was all she needed to hear from Michael's voice before she shuddered into climax.

All at once the blindfold was removed, leaving Sabrina blinking in the sudden light. She saw Michael standing in front of her, but all at once she felt fingers start to stroke the inside of her thighs, rising slowly up towards her pussy. What was happening? How could this be? With her head still held back by the restraints, she could not see to whom the fingers belonged. However, Michael smiled down at her.

"Are you enjoying the ministrations of Suki?" Michael asked.

Sabrina's jaw dropped in shock. There was another woman in the room, and she was touching her, stroking her in her most private places!

Michael observed her reaction. "Oh yes slave, Suki is quite skilled." he advised Sabrina. "Tell me, did you enjoy your orgasm?" he asked.

"Y-yes, Master." Sabrina replied.

"Well I'm sure you will be pleased to know that you have Suki to thank. She was one of my best slaves and I was almost sorry to sell her!" Michael told her. "However, she brought a good price and her master lent her to me tonight as a favour."

Throughout Michael's explanation Suki's fingers had continued stroking and caressing Sabrina's pussy until she could no longer deny the effect they were having on her. Slowly, inexorably, she was moving once again towards climax! But the idea that a woman was doing this to her left her shocked and confused. Raising her eyes, she looked imploringly at Michael.

"So slave, what do you have to say? Will you now admit that you like the attentions of a woman?" Michael asked.

Heat rising to her cheeks, Sabrina had to finally admit to the truth. Suki's fingers seemed to know instinctively how to give her the greatest pleasure!

"Yes, Master," Sabrina replied quietly. "I like the attentions of a woman."

"Excellent response, slave," Michael advised her. "Are you close to orgasm?"

"Yes, Master." Sabrina replied.

"Very well, slave, because I am feeling generous, you may cum!" Michael told her, nodding at Suki as he did so.

In response, Suki stepped up the rhythm of her fingers and tongue, working faster and harder. She moved one slender finger up into Sabrina's ass whilst slipping another inside her pussy to find and stimulate her g-spot. Fingers moving in unison, Suki gently bit down on Sabrina's clit, sending her spiralling into orgasm. Finally, as Sabrina hung shaking in the aftermath, she felt herself being lowered to the table. The strain on her neck and limbs was eased as Michael started to undo the ropes binding her, although he left her breasts still bound. At last she was able to straighten her body and lay limply on the table.

"You will be allowed to have a drink and use the bathroom before your punishment, slave", Michael told her.

"Thank you Master." Sabrina replied weakly.

At a gesture from Michael, Suki rose from where she had been kneeling and walked over to the door. Just inside the doorway was the trolley from which lunch had been served. Now standing upon it was a jug of chilled orange juice and a glass. Filling it, she returned to Michael's side, eyes demurely downcast. At another gesture, she sank to her knees and offered the glass to Sabrina. Raising herself slightly from the table, Sabrina took the glass and let the cool liquid wash down her throat, easing her thirst. Before long, she had drained the glass.

Hesitantly, she looked up at Michael. "Please Master, may I have some more juice?"

Michael looked at her consideringly. She did look dehydrated. "Very well, slave." He told her, "You may have as much juice as you need."

"Thank you Master!" Sabrina said gratefully.

"Slave Suki, bring the jug over and give my slave as much juice as she requires!" Michael ordered.

Eyes still downcast, Suki rose and moved back to the trolley, returning with the jug and refilling Sabrina's glass. Again, Sabrina drained the contents and held out the glass for more. With the third glass empty, Sabrina finally felt as if her thirst was quenched. She handed the glass back to Suki and looked up at her Master.

"Please may I use the bathroom, Master?" she asked.

"Yes Slave, you may," he replied. "Slave Suki, you may go" he instructed. "You may tell your master that you performed well."

"Yes Master," Suki replied quietly, the first words she had spoken since Sabrina became aware of her presence, and immediately left the room.

Sabrina, meanwhile, had slipped off the table and was crawling towards the bathroom. Michael followed her and leaned against the doorframe. She was so exhausted that she didn't even react as she turned around to see him watching her. She sagged in relief as a golden stream gushed from her into the bowl.

Michael nodded to himself. This was going very well. One by one her barriers were coming down. She was a natural submissive. The next step was to induct her into the pleasures of pain. He was confident that within a short space he would have her completely trained to do whatever he wanted and to thank him for it. In return, he would expand her boundaries and take her to the peaks of pleasure. His cock stirred as he anticipated the future. It was taking all of his self control not to ram it into her sweet little pussy and adorable ass, but he could be patient. He would wait for the perfect moment, knowing it would be all the sweeter when it came.

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