tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSabrina's Submission Ch. 07

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 07


Sorry for the delay in posting this next chapter. A combination of Mundania intruding and my beginning a brand new story interrupted Sabrina's journey. To all those of have sent me positive comments, I thank you, they are gratefully received! I hope you all enjoy Sabrina's next stage.

Left alone, Sabrina ran the events of the past two days through her mind. She had been beaten, abused and humiliated, but in spite of that she was surprised to find that a deep attachment to her master had formed. She couldn't understand it! By rights she should hate him for abducting her and subjecting her to the things she had suffered, but every time she thought of him, her stomach flipped. How was it that she could experience the most intense orgasms at his hands? She shifted slightly, still unaccustomed to sitting with both holes filled and realised as she did so that pleasant sensations were being created by that simple motion. Only two days ago she would have been too scared and shocked to have noticed, but now, her nipples were hardening in response!

Sabrina was unaware that Michael was carefully watching her on CCTV monitors which were linked to tiny cameras mounted in various places throughout the suite of rooms. In fact she had never once been left unobserved throughout the time she had been here. He nodded to himself as he noticed her squirming on the chair. Yes, she was coming along nicely! She was now starting to recognise the pleasures of being completely filled. The dildo was large enough that the smallest movement on her part would cause it to stimulate her G-spot. Briefly he toyed with the idea of leaving her a while longer to see if she would try to achieve an orgasm on her own, for which, of course, she would be punished, but eventually he decided that the hour was up and she needed time to recover from the beating she had sustained last night.

Lost in her own thoughts, it took Sabrina a while to realise that the door had opened and that Michael was standing looking at her.

"Well slave, how are you feeling?" he asked, "And I want a truthful answer!"

"Master I don't know why, but I'm feeling aroused!" Sabrina replied. "Every time I shift position, I'm becoming stimulated!" Seeing a faint shadow of a frown forming on Michael's face she hurried on. "I swear I haven't been moving deliberately, Master! It's just I have to move to ease the strain!"

"Very well, slave. Seeing as you have been truthful, I shall be lenient this time, but if I ever catch you trying to stimulate yourself without my permission, I will severely punish you!" Michael advised. "Now, I expect you would like to use the bathroom?" he asked.

"Yes please, Master," Sabrina replied gratefully.

Michael strode over to where she was sitting and helped her to ease herself off the chair, noticing as he did so, how wet the dildo was! Without being prompted, Sabrina sank to her knees and crawled towards the bathroom.

"Slave, wait!" Michael commanded.

Instantly Sabrina stopped and looked back at him hesitantly.

"You may have already had one bath today, slave, but I require you to take especial care with yourself this morning. Remember, I expect my slave to be completely smooth everywhere!" he told her. "Now come back to your Master so that I may remove your wrist and ankle cuffs!"

Sabrina did as she was told and meekly waited as he removed the restraints from her wrists and ankles. With a sharp slap to her backside, Michael indicated that she should continue towards the bathroom.

Once inside, Sabrina wasted no time in turning on the taps and selecting suitable bath oils, before moving towards the toilet. She no longer even noticed that Michael was standing in the doorway as she sat and relieved herself. Then her heart sank as she realised that the butt plug was still inserted. She was going to have to ask her Master to remove it!

Blushing crimson in embarrassment she looked up at Michael. "Please Master, I need you to remove the plug!"

Michael looked at her for some time, keeping her in suspense. "Very well, but it will be inserted directly after your bath, and you will do it yourself, in front of me!" he ordered.

Sabrina was scarlet with mortification but she had no option but to agree! It was one thing to submit to her Master inserting the plug, quite another to have to do it to herself. It would be making her complicit in her own training!

Michael moved towards Sabrina.

"Rise and bend over, slave!" he commanded.

Sabrina swiftly complied.

"Feeling generous, Michael deflated the plug, appreciating Sabrina's sigh of relief as he did so. Unable to resist the sight of her wet pussy, he moved his fingers under her, working them between the lips of her labia and up into her pussy, whilst his thumb found and stimulated her clitoris. Sabrina moaned at the sensations he was creating. Unheeding, Michael continue to work his fingers within her, constantly caressing and stimulating her until Sabrina could feel herself rising inexorably towards climax.

"Please Master," she cried, "I need to cum! May I cum?"

"Not yet, Slave," he replied. "You must learn more self control. You will only cum if and when I allow you to do so!"

Unmercifully, his fingers continued their magic, and Sabrina was now panting, partly from desire and partly from her desperate struggle to hold back her climax! Higher and higher she climbed until she was at the brink. As if he knew, Michael's fingers stilled, leaving her hanging at fever pitch. Judging it perfectly, he waited until she was falling away from the peak before starting again. This time it took less time for her to reach the brink. Again, his fingers stilled. By now, tremors were rippling throughout Sabrina's body.

"Please Master, make me cum!" Sabrina begged.

"You forget yourself, slave!" Michael told her. " You have no rights here. Everything is at my pleasure and my will!"

Sabrina bowed her head.

"Yes, Master" she replied quietly. "I'm very sorry for my behaviour!"

"You will of course, have to be punished for your lapse, slave, but that will be later. For now I am feeling generous. This time you may cum!" he advised.

So saying, he moved his fingers once again within her, slowly, very slowing working her towards the peak. Sabrina was now caught in an inexorable wave of sensation and was rising ever higher. Suddenly Michael increased the speed and pressure of his fingers, finding and stimulating her g-spot. As Sabrina began to shake in the beginnings of a powerful climax, Michael flicked his thumb against her clit and simultaneously pulled the butt plug out. Sabrina screamed as she crashed over the edge into an intensely strong orgasm, all but collapsing against the edge of the bath. Michael placed a strong arm around her and held her until the last spasms faded, then drew her up and turned her to face him.

"When my slave behaves, she will be rewarded. When she disobeys she will be punished! But through it all she will learn the true heights of ultimate pleasure!" Michael advised her.

Sabrina could do little more than nod, her face still flushed and her hair hanging in damp tendrils around her face.

"Now slave, attend to your bath before it overflows!" he ordered.

Brought sharply to her senses, Sabrina turned and saw that the bath was indeed perilously close to overflowing! Quickly she turned off the taps and tested the water. It was hot, but not unbearably so. Still, she was going to have to go slowly if the heat was not to overwhelm her so soon after experiencing that amazing orgasm!

Unnoticed, Michael slipped from the bathroom and exited the suite. He had some items that needed to be retrieved before Sabrina finished in the bathroom.

Before getting into the bath, Sabrina returned to the toilet. Finally, she rose and cleaned herself before moving to the mirror and the cabinet beside it. Opening the door she noticed a set of high end razors, shaving gel and wax strips. Giving herself a careful examination, she decided upon the razor as two day's worth of growth would make wax ineffective. Taking out the razor and shaving gel, she moved towards the bath. Placing one leg on it's side, Sabrina proceeded to lather the gel over her pussy, making sure the entire area was covered. Then she carefully took the razor and removed every scrap of hair that she could find, making sure no trace was left.

Then she stepped into the bath and gently immersed herself in the hot water, letting her mind drift as she relaxed and reflected on the incredible experience she had just had. Slowly, what her Master had instructed filtered into her thoughts. He had said that she must take especial care of herself today! Why? Suddenly moved to action, Sabrina washed her hair once again before exiting the bath. Wrapping a towel around herself, she moved into the bedroom.

Wincing a little from the after effects of her beating, Sabrina patted herself dry and inspected the contents of the dressing table drawers. Contained within them was a range of very expensive cosmetics, everything from foundation to mascara and eyeliner. Choosing carefully, she selected a foundation that blended perfectly with her skin tone. Smoothing on a rich and creamy moisturiser, she then deftly applied the foundation, blending it until she had a flawless and natural finish. She continued her preparations by applying a volumising mascara to her lashes and a faint trace of blush to her cheeks, highlighting her perfect cheekbones. She hesitated before applying shadow to her eyelids. What colour would be appropriate? Knowing that her Master preferred a subtle look, Sabrina opted for a delicate , shimmering gold, shading into a tawny bronze in the outer corners. She finished with an application of tawny gloss to her lips, before re-styling her hair. Rummaging around in the dressing table, she found a length of black velvet ribbon and swiftly braided her hair, incorporating the ribbon, before using the end of it to secure the plait. She gazed searchingly into the mirror, anxious to ensure that her master would be pleased with the result. Again her eyes dropped to the cuffs, lying where he had left them and without hesitation she snapped them closed around her wrists and ankles.

Hearing footsteps in the corridor outside the suite, Sabrina rushed back to the main room and was ready and waiting for her master.

Michael entered the room carrying a bag. He studied Sabrina as he moved inside the room. Good! She had obeyed his instructions. Her make-up was subtle yet enhanced her natural beauty and she had remembered to replace the cuffs on her limbs.

"On your feet, Slave, hands behind your head, legs spread wide!" he commanded.

Sabrina obediently rose to her feet and assumed the position he had demanded of her, standing patiently as he circled around her. Suddenly his hand lashed out, landing sharply against her backside.

"Slave, what did I tell you?" he growled.

Trembling, Sabrina couldn't speak, her thoughts in a whirl as she tried to recollect their earlier conversations. Suddenly she froze. Her Master had told her that she must replace the butt plug herself and she had not done so.

"Th-that I was to replace the plug myself if you removed it, Master," she stammered.

"And yet I see that you have not done so!" Michael said silkily.

"I-I'm s-sorry, Master, I forgot!" Sabrina whimpered, dreading what was to come.

"This goes down into the punishment book, slave." Michael informed her. "You will now get the plug and insert it in front of me so that I can see you comply!"

Sabrina blushed a furious red. Bad enough she would have to do this herself, but she was now going to have to do so in front of her Master. She dropped to her knees and crawled to the bathroom where the plug was lying in the sink where Michael had left it. She cleaned it off and then hesitated as she wondered how she was going to transport it back to the main room. Startled, she jumped as she heard Michael's voice behind her.

"You will carry it in your mouth like the bitch that you are!" he growled.

Completely mortified, she nevertheless complied, too afraid of incurring further wrath and crawled back into the main room with the butt plug in her mouth. It was so large that she was drooling by the time she returned to her previous position. Embarrassed and ashamed she waited for further instructions. Michael left her kneeling until a pool of her saliva started to form, making sure her humiliation was complete.

Finally he barked out "On your feet, slave!"

Sabrina got to her feet.

"Well, slave, seeing as you have made such a mess and got the plug so wet, you won't be needing any lubricant, will you?" he informed Sabrina, smiling cruelly as her eyes went wide as the realisation of what he had just said hit her.

He expected her to insert this huge plug by herself, completely without lubrication. An action guaranteed to hurt! Tears in her eyes she looked imploringly at him, but was met with stoney impassivity.

"Get on with it, slave!" he demanded.

Swallowing hard, she reached up to her mouth and took the plug from her mouth. Trembling, she moved her hand around behind her and tried to insert the plug. She gasped as she felt the tip push against her asshole where it met with resistance.

"I said, get on with it!" Michael growled impatiently, "or do you want to incur yet more punishment?"

Shaking her head in denial, Sabrina gritted her teeth and pushed hard. With excruciating slowness, the plug entered her, inch by painful inch, until finally, with tears streaming down her face, Sabrina felt it come to a rest completely within her.

Showing no trace of compassion, Michael looked at her.

"Go and fix your make-up, you're a mess!" he commanded.

As Sabrina moved to obey him, he reached for the pump and had it ready to hand when she returned, her face cleaned and her make-up refreshed.

"Bend over, slave!" he told her.

Sabrina dutifully bent over and whimpered as she felt him attach the pump to the butt plug and start to inflate it. She gasped as she felt him inflate it further than he had done so before. He truly was intent upon causing her as much discomfort as possible!

Finally he removed the pump and told her to move towards the back wall of the room. On her arrival, she noticed rings placed into the wall and into the floor. Taking short lengths of chain, he attached her wrists to the wall, before bending to attach her ankles to the floor. Once she was spread-eagled and completely immobilised, he returned to the bag he had been carrying when he entered.

Walking back to where Sabrina was restrained he dipped into the bag, bringing out one of her corsets and showing it to her. The original fastenings had been replaced with what looked like strong black ribbon, and the bra cups had been cut down until there was barely any material there. The little that was left looked to have been reinforced.

"I told you that these would be modified to my tastes, and this has been done. Now you will wear this and a couple of other items for the rest of the day to accustom yourself to the feel."

Sabrina didn't understand. Why would she need to become accustomed to the feel of her own clothes? She was shortly to find out! Michael slipped the corset between between her body and the wall and started to lace it up. Sabrina allowed herself a small smile. Whilst it had been modified, it was still her clothing and the satin felt good against her skin. She felt Michael's fingers at the base of her spine and waited for him to tie off the ribbons. She gasped as she felt him suddenly pull hard against the ribbons and the corset tightened accordingly. Now it was snuggly fitted against her skin. Again, Michael pulled hard and the corset tightened further. Still not satisfied, he pulled again. Now the corset was so tight that her waist was cinched in to a fraction of her usual size and the cut down and reinforced cups pushed her breasts up and out, displaying the nipples for all to see and allowing easy access. Sabrina could barely breath, the corset was so tight. To her complete disbelief, she felt Michael once again tighten the ribbons and her vision faded as she blacked out from lack of oxygen.

When she came to, she had been turned around and now stood with her back against the wall, wrists attached, but ankles left free. Michael watched her regain consciousness and waited until he saw sense return to her eyes.

"I told you that you would need to be accustomed to the clothing." he told her. "You see, while your body is decent, it is not perfect. I have already started modifying you to accommodate me, and now I shall start modifying your external body so that you please me both physically and aesthetically."

Leaving Sabrina staring at him open mouthed in shock, he moved into the bedroom and opened the wardrobe. Reaching in, he took out an unusual pair of shoes. They were black patent, with 5 inch stiletto heels and a wide strap across the ankle. He returned to where Sabraina was restrained with the shoes and bent to slip her feet into them. The straps fastened snugly around her ankles and were secured by small padlocks.

He then removed a pair of jewelled weights from his pocket and attached them to her nipple rings where they swung and caught the light each time she attempted to breath. She was learning that if she took shallow breaths, she could maintain consciousness, although it was still a struggle to breath.

Finally, Michael dipped his hand once more into his pocket and removed a black crotchless micro G-string and another item that Sabrina could not identify. Michael ordered her to spread her legs and when she complied he took the unidentified item and attached it to her clit. Sabrina gasped as it pinched and looked up as Michael explained it was a clitoral clip, whose purpose was to stimulate her whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing vision to her master. He then held out the crotchless g-string and told her to step into it. He slid the micro G-string up her body until it rested under the base of her corset, making sure that the strings separated her lips, exposing her pussy completely.

He stood back and admired his handiwork. Sabrina stood before him, wasp-waisted, her breasts pushed up and out by the corset, nipples and clit adorned with glittering jewels and forced to stand on tip toe by the heels on her shoes. She was truly a vision to behold!

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