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Sacrificial Victim


Lana's parents cried as they joined the rest of the village in walking away, her mother sobbing onto her father's shoulders as her screams and pleas filled their ears. Beside them, her brother clenched his fists in rage and glared at the backs of the village Elders who led their people back to their homes, but even he didn't speak out.

It had been decided last night, Lana was one of only three eighteen year old females in the village... she was also the only one who had turned down the advances of one of the village elders. When their decision had come she'd fought it, insisting that it was only because she'd refused to bed the Elder Darrel... but no one listened. Flora and Daria were virgins as well, but they'd never been approached by any of the Elders for a bedmate... and chances were that if they were now then they wouldn't turn him down. Everyone had learned from the example made of Lana.

Crying, the naked girl struggled against the chains on the stone slab, the strange designs etched into its surface seemed to burn her skin. The Elders had decreed that she would be the village's sacrifice to the demon that lived in the woods... without the yearly sacrifice the fearful specter would torture the inhabitants of the country-side and more than one virgin girl would be lost. The dangerous age was 18, the Elders thought that girls shouldn't have to fear every year of their lives, only the 18 year olds were in danger. And this year, it was Lana's fate to be sacrificed.

Personally, she had always wondered about whether or not the demon was a true story... she greatly feared that it was not and that she was going to be eaten by wild animals instead. No one had ever seen this demon, not that was still living, and the Elder's insisted it was because of the yearly sacrifice. But perhaps it was really just to assuage their vanity when one of them was refused.

And so the night passed, her thoughts turning over and over in her head... the wind chilled her body and caused her pink nipples to pucker while the stone slab beneath her back and buttocks seemed strangely warm. The sounds of wild animals kept her awake for awhile, until the moon was full in the sky and her body finally gave in, exhausted from a day of frustration and fighting.

A sudden cracking of a stick awoke her, and she came to with a scream, wondering if she was about to be eaten... eaten perhaps. She glared ferociously at the Elder Darrel as he walked towards her naked body, grinning lustfully, his hands were already in his robes and playing with himself.

"What are you doing here?" she hissed, angrily, "Going to bargain to free me if I'll sleep with you?"

The Elder laughed, "Why would I need to bargain when you're already chained up? I'll just take what you refused and be on my way before the demon comes."

"You wouldn't dare!" gasped Lana, revolted and angered at the same time. She screeched her outrage as he approached her, pulling his robes away from his member. When he put his hand on her young supple breast and squeezed she tried to spit on him, her eyes tearing up in disgust as he caressed her flesh, pinching the pert nipple. Struggling uselessly, she felt nauseated as his hand slipped down and caressed the folds of her womanhood, his fingers running through the patch of hair there. One of them slid along her slit, coaxing wetness from her body with its gentle manipulation, and she hated herself for responding involuntarily.

Elder Darrel screamed as he was suddenly jerked away from her outstretched and chained body, his clothes seeming to crumble to ash off his own. Lana screamed as well as she saw the red-fleshed creature that held him... it stood a head taller than the Elder with coal-black eyes that glowed with inner fire, it flicked a fork tongue at her from wide lips. A face and body of iron it seemed to have, the Elder kicked at it frantically but his blows just seemed to hurt himself rather than the creature. Forcing the Elder to his knees, the creature pressed its long weapon into the man's mouth, pressing it down the gagging Darrel's throat.

Lana wasn't sure if she was terrified or triumphant as the Elder was forced to suck on the creature's member. There was certainly a part of her that hoped that the Elder would be a suitable sacrifice and that the creature would pay her no attention at all... to that end she was as quiet as possible on the stone slab and didn't move a muscle, although she couldn't stop herself from watching as the Elder was forced to swallow the creature's dick. Slurping sounds and muffled screams filled the air, it didn't take long before the creature bellowed and thrust its long dick completely into the man's mouth, obviously climaxing.

Now Lana did scream, and couldn't help but thrash as she started struggling again... the Elder's flesh seemed to be melting from his body as he screamed and jerked. Sobbing in terror she tore at her bonds as the man-shape collapsed in front of the creature, creating a foul-smelling puddle of melted human flesh on the ground.

Laughing the creature looked up at her and she froze, her breath caught in her throat as it began to speak to her, "Not a virgin apparently... I hope you are, you're a pretty little thing and I'd hate to lose you just because you aren't as innocent as you look."

The girl shook with fear as the creature approached her, not because she wasn't a virgin but because she didn't know whether to believe it or not. It knelt on the stone slab in front of her and reached for her breasts, squeezing them like it would plump fruit... she screamed as its touch seemed to burn her flesh. Writhing, she thought for sure that her breasts would be red with fire when it released her, but as it laughed and licked at her nipple before removing its hands, she saw that her flesh was unmarked. Squeezing her breasts again, it didn't hurt this time, although she whimpered with fear when it's hands came down.

Pinching her nipples roughly it twisted them, its eyes glowing as it told her, "My touch can hurt or it can not... it's up to you. Cooperate and we can even make this almost pleasant... or I can really enjoy myself."

"I'll cooperate," whispered Lana, her voice was hoarse with the sobs and screams of the night. Looking up at the creature, she hoped with all her heart that it was telling her the truth.

Smiling, it flicked its hand above her and suddenly the chains that held her down released her... her first instinct was to run but she realized that the demon would probably be able to catch her easily. And the remembered burning of her flesh made her dread any kind of punishment.

"I can sense your thoughts," it hissed at her, and her eyes widened and she screamed as its fingers touched her nipples and they exploded with pain. Screams echoed down into the village where her family huddled and cried; on the stone slab she writhed as her nipples felt charred, like they would crumble from her flesh.

Sobbing she curled into a ball as it released her, holding her arms over her tortured breasts as the pain slowly receded. The creature ran one finger down the curve of her body before flipping her onto her back; spreading her legs with its hands it just watched as she continued to cry, although she didn't struggle at all.

Shrugging its shoulders at her tear-stained face it positioned itself at her virgin opening. Pressing inwards firmly it quickly reached her maiden-head and ripped through it, Lana screamed again and thrashed as her virgin opening was stretched harshly and something inside of her tore. It burned, not like the creature had burned her, but just the pain of something invading her tight space. The creature fucked her roughly and without care for her, she was just a vessel in which to sheath its dick; her hips were pounded against the slab, bruising her tender flesh. When it came, its cum burned in her body, seeming to writhe on its own, a burning path that squirmed its way up into her womb and made her shake with agony.

The next morning the villagers returned to the slab and found her there, laying on the stone, asleep. When they woke her, she told them what happened to Elder Darrel and to herself... no one know why she was the first girl to ever be left there in the morning. At least, they didn't know until a month later when Lana discovered that she was pregnant.

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