tagInterracial LoveSacrificial White Wives Club

Sacrificial White Wives Club


The Prologue

There are swingers clubs all around the world. Some you may have heard about and others are so private that you have to be sponsored by one of the group members. A few of these clubs are extremely private as far as the activities that go on behind their closed doors. I've personally attended a few of these private clubs myself. I can't give you their locations or even tell you their names.

The clubs you've seen on the internet are typical couples clubs where your average swinging couple are going to attend. It's the private clubs nobody has even heard about. They don't advertise and their meetings are held in a very private location. Sometimes a private home or perhaps a facility they own where meetings are held either weekly or monthly depending on the members.

Try to think of the most erotic or kinky sexual subject you can imagine. You'll most likely find a private club to caters to those kind of people. Couples that exchange partners has been around for ages. I've been to a few clubs that cater to interracial swingers. Each of these clubs are unique in their own way. Some allow just white couples and single black men. Others allow both black and white couples with an array of single men of every race.

There is a club in the North Eastern part of the U.S where a very private party exists. There are over five hundred members. It was formed about ten years ago by a group of African American men. It started off at first as a typical swingers club and eventually transformed into what it is today.

The founding members transformed the club and made the rules. There are currently sixty carefully selected Africa American men who control the club. Over two hundred white couples are members. Club parties are held on the third Saturday of every month.

Couples are selected through acquaintances they knew. Perhaps members of other clubs who enjoy what this club has to offer. This club caters to the hard core white couple who agree to give up all their sexual rights to the black members. This means they have to strictly abide by all rules set in place.

While in attendance at a club party. The husband has to act completely docile. He's not allowed to object to any type of treatment his wife may encounter during the evening. She may be dominated by one of the black members. Even gang banged by a group of black men. They may treat her rough, slapping her around, spanking her white ass. They might even pull her hair during the process as they make her suck a cock or two.

Sometimes the wife is taken into a private room where she will be subjected to the utmost humiliation in front of her docile husband. There maybe as many as several black men who are going to abuse her pussy, ass and mouth. By nights end she may not be able to stand or walk after servicing so many well endowed black men.

She may have bruises or bit marks on her breasts. Her once tight pussy will be gaped open from servicing those huge cocks. Her ass will never be the same. The once shy innocent housewife will be hardened into a black cock loving slut. She will eventually be transformed into a black cock loving slut. She will look forward to these parties in anticipation of what she will be subjected to during the evening.

Husbands will become cuckolds. He may or may not be allowed to screw his wife. He maybe subjected to humiliating tactics including chastity, verbal humiliation, perhaps even a beating. He'll soon know is place in the club and what to expect as a loyal obedient member.

The cuckold maybe forced to sit and watch as his lovely wife is subjected to whatever their black masters has on his mind that evening. He maybe shackled or tied to a chair. He even maybe asked to participate and help out preparing his wife.

He maybe asked to perform cleanup duty or even clean off a cock or two with his tongue. Skills every cuckold will learn as members of the club. He will soon learn every command of every black master at the club. He maybe put on a leash along with his wife and paraded around the club offering their services to their black masters.

Occasionally during these weekend parties the ultimate sacrifice maybe asked of the married white couple.

A lottery is held at the height of the evening's ceremony's. Everyone knows what to expect. It's a highly anticipated event that takes place at every party. Everyone is gathered around as the group founders get ready to read off the lucky lottery winner.

Couples are standing together holding hands or each other as they look toward the podium up high in the center of the stage. Each couple wait as the names of the lucky recipients are made public. A leader of the founding members is about to read the names.

The white couples who are always addressed as sluts and cuckolds listen as the group leader calls for their attention.

"Sluts & cuckolds. It's with great pleasure that I get the honor of reading out the names of this weeks winners. Let's give congratulations to Slut Connie and Cuckold Mark."

Everyone starts to clap. Some couples looking relieved as they look around the crowd of white couples looking for the lucky two. Slut Connie and Cuckold Mark are walking forward toward the stage. They walk up next to the leader and shake his hand. Everyone is applauding them as they turn and look at the crowd below.

They have been selected. The wife will be black bred. She will have one month to prepare for the event. She will cease any form of birth control immediately. The slut and the cuckold will than select a black breeding bull of their choice. Each bull has been carefully selected as breeders. The couple will be given their personal stats including the length and girth of their penis.

These black breeding bulls are all muscular with dark coal black skin. As soon as the breeding bull is selected by the couple. He will take possession of his slut. He may or may not involve the cuckold. The slut will become his property during the breeding process.

Are you ready to take the journey into the sacrificial white wives club? Are you ready to follow along as we introduce each new couple as they join this extremely private club? If you are, you will follow each new couple from day one as the wife is turned into a black cock craving slut. Will that slut be selected for breeding? Lets enter the large black steel door ahead and find out what awaits out new members.

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