Saddle Up


I look around to make sure everything is in place. The fireplace is ablaze with a few vanilla scented candle in lieu of a fire. The Moet is chilling in the silver bucket by the fireplace. I put some romantic jazz on the CD player on random select. The bearskin rug is fluffed and laying in front of the fireplace.

I am in the bathroom adjusting the black satin cording of my corset when the doorbell rings. I thought I would have had time to relax. I guess now is as good a time as any for this. I make sure that my full chocolate breasts are in place before I head to the door. This corset is making me a bit nervous because I didn't know my breasts would sit up like I was serving them on a platter. I hope they don't fall out.

"Hi, nice to finally meet you." I usher you into the foyer as I am checking you out. You seem so conservative that I can't believe you are the guy that I have had phone sex with on many occasions. With a tee-shirt and jeans on, you seem like every guy that I hung out with in high school.

"The pleasure is all mine," you say as you are looking over my ensemble My pale pink satin corset is holding my lush figure at bay. You can tell with just a slight pull at the black tie at the back, the corset will release me from its confines. My black fishnet pantyhose and my black satin 6 inch heels accentuate my legs and make them look sexy and long. I can tell from the appreciation in your eyes that you approve.

I lead you into the living room and offer you a seat. "Would you care for something to drink? I have some Moet, but I also have colas, juices, and I have some gin on hand because I remember you saying you prefer gin and juice."

"I'll have a glass of Moet if you will join me in drinking it" you reply. As I go to get the corkscrew from the bar area, you and I start making a bit of small talk. We find it as easy to talk with each other in person as we have been doing online for months now.

I pop open the champagne and it bubbles over a bit and splashes my cleavage. Before I have a chance to respond, you are up on your feet. You take the bottle from me and suck the Moet from where it has gathered in my cleavage. "I am sorry," you laugh, "but I hate to see good champagne wasted."

I am so turned on by how it felt to have your lips sucking on the top of my breasts. All I can do is laugh and reply, "not a problem." I hope you don't hear how husky my voice got after you did that. I am tempted to pour a bit more Moet on me to get that feeling just one more time.

You grab the glasses that I have set out on the mantle and pour us each a glass. You settle back onto my couch and I choose to sit across the room from you on my chaise. After more small talk and two glasses of champagne we are both feeling pretty good. The music is starting to wash over me and I start to dance a little in my seat to the music. I forget why you are here and I close my eyes and enjoy the beat of the music washing over me.

"Are you ready?" I open one eye and you have one hand on your belt buckle and the other slowly stroking your manhood, semi-hard, through your jeans. I have never been more ready for something in my life.

"Hey. Lemme go get my dollar bills first." I scurry up the stairs, as much as a girl can scurry in 6 inch heels, and grab the stack of ones out of my purse. Being a little tipsy, I thought it would be best if I just slid down the stairs. Halfway down I realized that I didn't have any panties on. The carpet started to burn my booty just a bit. "Ow!" I exclaimed when I hit the final stair with a thump.

You are laughing as you come to help me up. I rub my sore cheeks as I am walking back over to the chaise. You bring your hand to join mine in the rubbing. I can feel the cool dry touch of your hand stroking the cleft between my cheeks. It makes me want to forego your show and let your hand stroke me all night. Reluctantly, I settle back on the chaise and raise my eyes at you expectantly.

I thought you would bring your own music to strip to, but the jazz is working for you. With hips gyrating, you inch your shirt up over your head and fling it across the room to me. I giggle as I catch it and hold it close to me. With a few more slick moves, your belt is undone and you are slipping out of your jeans. Your boxer-briefs fit snug and I can see your imprint clearly through the cotton fabric. Now that you are just in your shorts, you are dancing very close. I can tell you are watching me as I start to drool as I stare at your crotch. You start to stroke yourself through the cotton. My nipples get hard and my sex starts to drip just a little in response.

I look up in your face as you start to shimmy out of your boxers. Your manhood is completely at attention now. The head is a smooth mushroom and I am craving a taste of it. I just know you will taste good to me. I can see pre-cum starting to leak from your slit. Still dancing, you take your forefinger and spread your pre-cum all over your head.

You stop dancing as you get right to the edge of the chaise. You grab the back of my head and guide my lips to your shaft. I want to take it all in but I restrain myself and just lick the head with the tip of my tongue. When I start to take the whole head in my mouth and suck, you withdraw your head and say, " where is my show?"

I hate to stop sucking you because you taste so good on my tongue. But I get up and get my toy from beside the sofa. You thought that I would only be using a vibrator, but I thought I would surprise you. I bought a saddle toy yesterday and I am ready to give you quite a show. I made sure that I got the saddle that can accommodate two vibrators for double the fun. I place it on the bearskin rug facing you as you settle back on the couch, stroking yourself. I have never masturbated in front of someone so I am a bit nervous but I am too turned on to go back.

I straddle the toy and stroke my clit while I watch you stroke yourself. I want to make sure that I am wet enough when I sit on both of the toys so they slide in smoothly. I go down on one knee, still stroking my nub. With my other hand, I make sure both toys are positioned right at my holes. I let my body slip down a bit onto them and I feel my backdoor tense. I haven't used that hole in years so it is hard for me to let loose enough for my muscles to relax on it. After a few up and down tries, I feel the cold plastic sliding in both holes with relative ease. I let my other thigh drop and instantly feel impaled as both toys penetrate me completely. I stop playing with myself long enough to flick the on switch to the machine.

The back toy is pumping up and down in a steady leisurely pace. I am loving the feeling that it is giving me already. The front toy is going in and out of my vagina with a sexy little twirl action. With a sigh from all the pleasure, I start stroking myself once again. My nipples are painfully hard so I reach up and start to stroke one through the material of my corset. As I watch you take in the scene in front of you, I see more pre-cum bubble up from you.

You come to stand next to me as I am bucking the machine, a fine sheen glistening over my body. I am staring at your shaft, wishing you would bring it closer so that I could suck it. You seem to read my mind and guide my lips back to your shaft. I feel your hand cupping the back of my head as you start to fuck my face. The feeling is intense as you leak into my mouth. I start to moan because I can feel a massive orgasm coming on. That seems to spur you on even more.

I am now bouncing up and down, still rubbing my clit profusely. My other hand has abandoned my breasts in favor of holding your ass so I can urge you to fuck my face even faster. I let a scream go around your shaft as I start to cum profusely. You grab your shaft and start to jerk cum copiously all over my breasts. Shaking, I fall to the side of the saddle, girl cum leaking out of my well used holes.

I am laying there, trying to catch my breath when I feel your lips nursing on my pussy lips and clitoris. My body jackknifes into a sitting position as more orgasms rack over me in waves. You didn't give my body a chance to come down so the orgasm just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

My hips buck back and forth in a wild rhythm as I dance to the groove your tongue is providing. When I am screaming through yet another amazing come I feel something thick pushing at the entrance to my vulva. With a strong sure stroke, you are inside me. My inner walls, slick with milky cream, lock onto you and ripple up and down your member. I thought I would have a moment of rest before another squirt session hit me but before I know it, you are on my G-spot. My hot juices squirt out and dribble onto you. A huge growl later, you are pumping into me for all you are worth. My hips are being lifted up because your thrusts are so hard and I am loving it.

Soon neither of can breathe and our sweat is mingling as you drop down and rest on top of me, still covered in your nut. The only sound in the room is the music and our heavy breathing after a moment. I look up at you and start to giggle a bit. "Oh man. I forgot to tip you while you were stripping."

You get up and pull me up by my hand and grab the bottle of Moet. "You can tip me during my next show," you joke as you pull me to the back bedroom. "I want to find out how Moet tastes as I drink it from various parts of your body."

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