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Sadist Next Door


It was a Friday afternoon as I watched her move in.

Little did I know this event would cause such a massive change to my life.

The house had been up for sale for months and rarely did anyone even come to see it. I had guessed it was priced too high, but who knows.

I watched from the upstairs bedroom window as the movers brought in her stuff.

There was the usual, sofa's, chairs, tables, dressers, and tons and tons of boxes; there was also some unusual pieces of furniture such as a padded leather table, and a large wooden cross, not to mention the gynecological table.

She was quite attractive, and appeared to be in her mid forties. She ordered the movers around like a General on a battle field. It was late in the afternoon when they appeared to be finishing up, and I decided to venture out and introduce myself to my new neighbor.

I grabbed a couple cold beers from the fridge and walked over.

"Hi? I'm Pete your neighbor." I said cheerfully offering her a beer.

"High I'm Sophia" She replied eying the beer, "I don't drink beer, why don't you go and get me a bottle of red wine, when you get back you can be my slave and help me begin to unpack?"

"Sure!" I replied, "Don't think I've even been someone's slave, this could be interesting!"

"Oh I am sure it will be more than interesting" She replied with a smile.

I didn't quite know how to take that last comment...I just let it go. "See you shortly." I turned and trotted back to my house, grabbed my keys and drove up to Spec's.

The trip took about 30 minutes. When I returned the moving truck was gone. I parked my car threw my keys into my living room grabbed two wine glasses from my kitchen and bottle opener and then headed back over to her house. I knocked on the door and waited.

There was no answer.

I knocked again this time harder..and the door opened a crack.

I decided she was busy upstairs and didn't hear me knocking, so I let myself in and called loudly..

"Hello? Sohia. Anyone home?"

"Up stairs, slave!" Came the answer, "I'll be right down."

I closed the front door and waited.

I was standing in the foyer, to my right was the formal living room, straight ahead was the main living room and the stairs leading to the three bedrooms upstairs. The master bedroom was off to the left, the kitchen to the right. I slowly walked into the living room, as she was coming down the stairs.

She was wearing a sun dress, obviously braless (I tried not to be too obvious about noticing), and bare foot.

"Have you unpacked the wine glasses?" I asked.

"No, I would hope my new slave would have thought of that before coming back! If not he deserves a beating!" She replied.

"Well lucky for me he did!" I laughed, noting her slave comment again, her mentioning a beating caused me to begin to get aroused. I don't really know why.

"Well get the wine open I'm exhausted!" she said.

I entered the kitchen and opened the wine bottle and poured her a glass, then began pouring one for myself.

"Did I give you permission to drink wine?" She asked. "If your going to be my slave you had better start behaving properly..otherwise I'll be forced to strip you and punish you!" she said matter of factly.

"Oh, I'm sorry master" I laughed playing along.

"That's Mistress, slave...Do I look like a man?"

"No, you most certainly don't! My sincere apology, Mistress." I said bowing.

"May I join you in a glass, My Mistress?" I asked.

"No, not just yet. First I want you to unpack a few boxes."

"Yes Madame, as you wish. Which would you like me to begin with?" I said playing along.

"The kitchen boxes, slave" She replied taking another sip of wine.

I flipped out my picked knife and cut the tape on the nearest box and opened it up; it was full of glasses.

"Put those in the upper cabinet to the left of the sink." She commanded.

She sat in the chair as I began unpacking the box and loading up the cabinet. My eyes kept returning to her, there was some lure to my eyes on this woman. I was very much attracted to her, and soon found myself getting more and more aroused.

"I'll be right back, slave, you keep working."


"No! That is Yes Mistress!" She said angrily.

"Yes Mistress." I replied instantly, and again my arousal took a jump.

She turned and left the kitchen carrying her wine glass, as my eyes followed her, her dress flowing about her beautiful bottom, it was then I felt my cock throb in my pants.

"Geese!" I sighed , "What's wrong with you?" I mumbled as I pushed my hard penis down towards my knees, trying to get it under control.

I finished the box of glasses and opened another, this one full of coffee mugs, and began adding them to the cabinet, trying to ignore my 'other' brain.

"Having difficulty?" I heard her ask from behind me.

"No, Mistress." I replied.

"I'm not referring to the mugs." she replied. "It seems your wayward penis has a mind of its own...I think it likes you being my slave!" She said with a smile on her face.

My penis answered for me, by throbbing noticeably again in my jeans. "I think it does." I admitted blushing a dark red.

"My. My what ever am I going to do with you, slave?"

"I don't know, Mistress. What do you suggest?" I replied still embarrassed beyond belief.

"If I knew you better I know exactly what I would do to you, but I'll save that for another time, for now I'll give you a glass of wine and order you to sit on the floor before me. Lets talk." She replied.

"Thank you, Mistress." I meekly replied as I sat on the floor before her.

"So, Slave, have you ever dabbled in S/m?" She asked handing me a glass of wine.

"No. Never. I mean I know what it is, from TV an all, but I've never..." my face flushed again red.

"Well, don't believe what you see on TV...that has NOTHING to do with the real thing." She said taking a sip of wine.

"Never fantasized about S/m? Ever masturbated thinking of S/m?" She continued her questions.

"No! Honest!" I blurted out, my cock was throbbing wildly in my pants.

"Somehow I think you are lying." She smiled at me moving her eyes to tented pants.

I looked down at my throbbing crotch..as her hand connected with the left side of my face in a loud smack!

"Don't lie to me Slave!" She commanded angrily.

"Yes." I admitted completely humiliated. "I've bought magazines and surf the web looking at S/m porn all the time." I admitted to her.

"That's better." She replied.

"Have you ever seen a Mistress in person?"

"No Mistress....you are my first." I replied sheepishly.

"Do you have a wife or girlfriend?"

"No Mistress"

"Just you, and your right hand, and internet porn?" She said.

"Yes Mistress"

"Do you want me to BE your Mistress?" She asked.

I looked up into her eyes.."Yes!" I said, my penis in agreement throbbed wildly in my pants.

"I will consider you a candidate for my stable." She replied. "You will have to prove your worth, before I accept you, and collar you."

"Thank You, Mistress" I replied.

"You will no longer be allowed to masturbate, unless I expressly tell you!" She said.

"Anything you say Mistress!"

"I'm serious! You are NOT to cum unless I expressly tell you to! Is that understood!"

"Yes Mistress. No Masturbation."

"Now stand up and get back to work, we have a lot of work to do around here. I want this kitchen done in the next two hours! Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress. As you command."

"I will be working upstairs in the last bedroom at the end of the hall. When you come upstairs you are to be completely naked, kneel in front of the door and knock, then wait. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress!" I said excitedly.

She picked up the bottle of wine and left the room. My eyes followed her ever step.

I could hear her in the upstairs room working, the entire time I was finishing up the kitchen. It took every bit of the two hours she allotted.

My penis never faltered off rock hard the entire time.

When I was done, I wiped down the counters, piled the boxed neatly in the den, pealed out of my clothes and when upstairs. I walked down the hall to the door, knelt and knocked.

"Be with you in a moment." She replied.

"Yes Mistress."

A couple moments later the door opened...she was wearing (need your input here) a black leather corset which shelved her large breasts leaving exposed her nipples, black leather thong, fish net hose and black leather knee high boots.

As my eyes took in this Goddess of my dreams my penis involuntarily throbbed and then erupted shooting several ropes of cum into the room between her boots.

Her hand lashed out striking me in the face, "I did NOT give you permission to cum!"

"I'm SO sorry Mistress! I did not mean to!"

"Clean it up with your tongue!" She ordered. "And if your penis doesn't stay hard it will suffer untold punishment!"

Upon her threat my cock throbbed again...undaunted by having just released its cum...it seemed to have a mind all its own begging for her to abuse it.

I leaned forward and began licking my spent cum trails...I was thoroughly humiliated my face a bright red.

"I can see your penis needs to learn who it's NEW master is!" She said enjoying my humiliation.

As I finished licking up my spent cum, I looked back up at her. in her hands were four leather cuffs. She dropped them before me onto the floor.

"Put these on! I can see you are WAY over due for some punishment, especially that cock of of yours!"

I put a cuff on both of my ankles and wrists.

"You have been a very naughty boy, Pete, get over here on my spanking bench!" She commanded.

She pointed to an odd bench looking piece of furniture...it was more akin to a horse about 12 inches wide along the top, with four shelves jutting out from the sides, two on each side. It didn't take much to figure it out...laying on the top (on my stomach) and the shelves were the placement of my elbows and knees. I laid down placing my arms and legs into position, she walked around me attaching my cuffs securely to metal eyelets securing me in place. It was then that I realized that I was fully exposed, my genitals hanging freely between my spread legs, my butt prominently displayed and spread.

Once again my cock throbbed with excitement, betraying my fear.

"Hmmm, looks like you are enjoying your position, slave." She laughed having obviously seen it.

"Yes, it does seem he is excited despite my fear!" I replied.

She plucked a leather crop from the wall, "Lets see what you can take...shall we?"

She began striking my exposed ass repeatedly with the crop, not too terribly hard, but thoroughly covering every inch of my exposed bottom, making sure to completely cover the in between cheeks of my ass reigning many hits to my anus, and several to my testicles. It was those hits in particular that caused my cock to throb...and begin to drool precum.

"My! My! Aren't you a randy one!" She mused. "It seems the more I hit your precious genitals the more excited they become!" She said refocusing her attention to my dangling testicles.

My back side and testicles were burning hot when she finally put down the crop, and picked up a leather paddle.

"Lets see how you enjoy this, now that you are properly warmed up?" She smiled. "I think I will start you out light tonight, with 25. You will count each one out loud and thank me for each one."

"Yes Mistress." dread filling my voice.

Smack! I about jumped out of my skin as this leather clad paddle struck my sore ass.

"OUTCH!! God that hurts!" I cried out.

"Smack!!" a second one landed, "I don't hear you counting?"

"Two! Thank you Mistress!" I choked out in pain...

"No! You start at ONE! And should you miss counting again it begins at ONE Again!"


"One...Thank You Mistress!" I cried.

"Good boy!" She smiled...Smack!

Two! Thank you Mistress!" Tears forming in my eyes.

"Very good, Slave."

By the time we hit 10 I was crying, at 20 I was sobbing, my ass on fire...

Her 25th hit was brutal...sobbing I cried out "Twenty Five! Thank you Mistress"

"There there my slave...this is your punishment for cumming without permission! All is forgiven now, but know that each time you cum without permission I will at 10 more hits to your punishment!"

"Yes, Mistress, Thank you" I sobbed.

She sat on a chair in front of me sipping her wine, as I cried, slowly regaining my composure.

God she was breadth taking....in minutes my penis was once again rock hard and drooling.

"Now, Lets move on to another of your body parts shall we?" She said setting her empty wine glass down on the counter and began unlatching me from the spanking horse.

"Hop up here into my gynecological table." She smiled, "My aren't we excited again!" She teased me seeing my rampant cock. "It seems your little pee pee there is just begging for some of my attention!"

Shame filled me, my cheeks flushed red again. I nodded agreement.

I carefully got into the chair, my arms and feet were tied in place, my legs spread wide, my cock and balls exposed and helpless. She had several wide leather belts that fastened across my chest and stomach making any movement on my part impossible.

She opened a drawer and pulled out a small hand leather hand held whip and many laces.

"This is a penis whip." She said matter of factly, "In time your penis will come to enjoy its affects..in time..." with that she swung the whip striking my cock head with the laces sending a spike of pain through my manhood. she gaged my response, and then began beating my cock in earnest...the blows coming every couple seconds, I lost count of the hits...easily two or three hundred, my hard cock endured twenty or thirty before it began to loose its strength...by one hundred it was completely limp and dark red. She beat every inch of my penis from root to frenum, all sides and enjoyed beating the underneath side especially...

Once again I was reduced to tears, sobbing long before she stopped.

"That should keep your hands at bay from wanting to stroke this worthless piece of flesh"

I looked down at my penis it was covered in welts and bleeding all around. She then took a piece of tape and taped it to my stomach.

"Now for your testicles!" She sighed. "You do seem to have nice big testicles! How I adore a nice set of testicles!" She sighed sadistically

To my horror my penis once again began to get hard pushing its way through the tape.

"My! MY! Such a pain slut you are! Few men can still get aroused after I've beaten their cocks!"

She took some thin rope and put a single knot about my balls separating them from my body, trapping them in their sack. and began squeezing them and pulling on them with every increasing strength...before long I was crying out in pain...my cock defying my agony was rock hard and once more oosing precum onto my stomach.

My balls were hot and loose in their sack when her first hit landed...I involuntarily lunged forward in my straps, and cried out in pain the pains shot from my testicles into my abdomen, a moment later another hard blow..sending another waive of pain into my body.

"This is all about timing" she began methodically, "Strength of hit, and distance between hits...your balls are the ultimate source of pain to your body, done correctly I can do this to you all night long." her third hit landed sending another waive of pain into me. I was unable to talk, my cock never faltered betraying the pain I was absorbing, "Done right, I may even be able to make you cum by only punching your testicles!" She smiled at me, a very scary smile, sadistic yet erotic...this was obviously turning her on.

I do not know how long she hit me, it seemed like hours my stomach muscles were aching from flexing from each hit, my shoulder and neck muscles ached from the pains...and my testicles...my testicles never stopped throbbing even when she was not punching them or clubbing them with that large latex dildo.

"That should do for this evening." She said setting down the dildo and standing up.

"Thank you Mistress" I whispered.

"You have done better than I expected...I believe I am going to enjoy you slave..I do so love that you are next door and always at my beck and call. Would you like a reward for you endeavors tonight? Not that you have earned one, having cum already tonight...But I am in a good mood."

"Oh YES Mistress...Thank you!"

She smiled, and ripped the tape from my bruised and bleeding penis.

She opened a drawer and pulled out a tube of something, put on a latex glove, put the paste onto the glove, and then added something red from another bottle, and returned between my legs. I will only stop when you cum, but know you will spend this night in this chair...in the morning I'm going to beat your balls again.

"Yes Mistress"

She smiled and grabbed a hold of my hard penis and began stroking it with the latex glove...the cream felt cold at first, and then it began to burn.

"God that burns!" I cried out.

"Well it should!" she mused, "Its extra strength Bengay and tabassco sauce!!"

The burning pain seemed to fuel my arousal, and finally my cock erupted sending several ropes of cum onto my chest, one hitting my face. She laughed at me.

"Now you will feel the true pain of this ointment!" she said pulling off the glove and placing it over my penis making sure my entire cock was covered with the mixture..."see you in the morning slave...Sleep tight!"

My cock was limp and burning as she turned off the light and closed the door....

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