tagInterracial LoveSafari Wife Ch. 01

Safari Wife Ch. 01

bySally Tart©

(Wail on an African Safari a little white housewife sees things she never seen before. But likes!)


This story that I'm about to tell you happened about 5 years ago. I was 28 years old at the time. My name is Brandy and I'm married to Hank who is the same age. We have been married for 10 years and have two children.

Lets see, I'll tell you a little about Hank and myself before we get started. I'm not like a movie star or super model. I'm just your plan Jane white housewife. I have hazel eyes and blonde hair that is cut short. I'm 5'3" tall and my numbers are 34B-22-33. I'm not a pothead or a big drinker, but I do drink from time to time, but not very much.

Now Hank is right at six foot tall and keeps himself in great shape. Seeing his nude body still turns me on, even after fifteen years of marriage.

Hank is always telling me how sexy I am, and that I should wear more reviling clothing. I do dress up sexy for him at home, behind closed doors. I have all the sexy little garter belts and baby dolls that I wear for him. All most all the sexy things that I own Hank, has bought for me. I do wear a lot of sexy panties and bra's from Victoria's Secret. One of Hanks rules is that I can't wear granny panties, as he calls them. He loves me to wear thigh-high stockings under dresses or skirts. And I do wear these for him. Oh yes, Hank has this thing about bikini panties. He doesn't like the g-string or thong panties. He tells me that he love to see my ass, or any girl's ass shake and move under bikini panties. He loves the way it rocks and rolls and moves up and down as your walking away, and thongs take away a lot of that. Must be a guy thing!

Okay, now on with the story.

About 6 years ago Hank started talking about taking a month long African Safari. He's into all this lions, tigers and bears stuff. From day one when we first meet he has talked about doing this one day. And now that he has a lot of time on the job and lots of vacation time saved up, he was ready to really do it.

I told him my idea of a vacation was a cruise away from the kids. Not a trip out in the woods or jungle, living in huts and tents. But being the good wife that I am, I gave in and told him to plan out the trip and I'd work on a sitter for the kids.

Hank got the entire trip lined up over the Internet. We did get a two-night stay at a hotel before the safari started. Then it was to be driving in 4-wheel drive vehicles until the last 10 miles. The last 10 miles was deep jungle and had to be walked.

All I kept thinking about was big bugs, snakes, spiders and all the stuff I hate. And the price of this safari, shit, we could have gone on a cruise around the world for the price of this camping trip. But I bit my lip and went along with Hanks so called dream vacation.

I wasn't sure how to pack for this kind of a trip. Hiking boots, raincoats swim wear and what ever Hank said I would need. The bad thing was going to be that we would have no electric, so no curling iron or blow dryer.

The trip started out like hell. We left Chicago for London. Changed planes and were off to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzangire, Africa. Then change planes again to fly to Dodoma. Don't get mad if I kill the names of these places. Anyway it took us 25 hours to get there. And once at the hotel in Dodoma I about died. The place was a shit hole. No A/C, no pool just a full size bed in a crappy little room. Crappy or not we both hit the bed and were out for the night.

The next day we met with our safari guide whose name was Jameraka. He was a big black man that didn't look like he missed a meal in his life. He spoke good English and told us a lot about how the safari was going to go. He also told us that he could speak the language of any tribes we would run into. I was so glad to hear that none of the tribes were headhunters or eat people. We were only going to travel in the daylight and at times would set up a tent camp at night. And other times we would be at some tribe's village in grass huts. The plan was for us to be at the Dodoma airport the next day with our baggage. We were then going to take a helicopter to some Village to meet up with Jameraka and all his helpers and trucks to start the safari.

The last night in our hotel room I took a bath, yes a bath, we didn't have a shower. I was combing my hair and getting ready for bed as Hank took his bath. Thank God the room did have a ceiling fan to move some of the hot and humid air around a little.

I slipped into a sexy little pink lace baby doll. I was thinking this might be our last night in a bed and my last chance to wear a sexy outfit for Hank. I knew he would love seeing me dressed like this, lying in the middle of the bed when he came out of the bathroom. Wail taking my bath I had taken the time to shave my vagina mound and legs nice and clean. I have shaved myself clean in the passed and it never failed to drive Hank wild.

As I was laying on the bed waiting for Hank I started thinking about this hot guy that I had seen in the London airport yesterday. I started rolling my lace-covered nipple around making it very hard. I next squeezed both my breasts and then started playing with both my now very hard nipples. I closed my eyes and was thinking this guy was kissing my nipples and just then was working his way down my belly. My left hand was playing with my right breast and nipple as my right hand was sliding down my body. My fingers made their way down over my little lace panties. Once they got to the crotch I slowly started rubbing my vagina right through my panties. I felt my panties getting wet as I then slipped my fingers under the waistband of my little panties. My mound felt so smooth as my fingers slowly made their way down to my wet vagina lips. I moaned and rocked my hips up to my fingers as I sank two of them inside myself. I pulled my wet fingers back out and slowly started rubbing my juices all over my hard clitoris.

MMMMMMMM I opened my legs wider as I rolled my clit around getting very close to have a powerful orgasm. Squeezing my nipple I moaned out again, mmmmmmmm.

"Looks like somebody is ready for some hard cock".

I about jumped out of my skin when I looked up to see Hank watching my play with myself. I pulled my hand out of my little panties and said; mmm baby I was just getting warmed up for you.

"Don't stop lover, let me see you make yourself cum".

I looked at Hank and said, mmmm no way, that's your job, get over here.

Hank got in bed next to me and took my hard nipple in his mouth right through my lacey baby doll top. His hand went right between my legs to feel my wet panty crotch.

Mmmmmm I moaned as Hanks fingers went to work on my hot and wet vagina. He then pulled the crotch of my little pink panties to the side and sank two fingers deep inside of me.

"Ohhh God it feels like somebody just got done fucking you, your so wet".

I hit him and said no, nobody just got done fucking me but I hope somebody is going too.

Hank then started kissing his way down my belly. Pulling my little panties to the side even more as he moved down.

"Well lookey here, you shaved this sweet little pussy clean for me'. He then kissed my mound and next ran his tongue up my vagina slit from bottom to top.

Mmmm yes that feels so good I moaned as I pushed my hot vagina up to Hanks probing tongue.

Hank started licking and sucking all around my vagina. Taking time to suck and kiss my labia and clitoris. I was going wild and knew it wasn't going to be long before I was having a great orgasm. Hank never fails to drive me wild when he eats me.

"Oh baby your pussy tastes so good, I could eat you for a week". Then he started sucking hard on my clit. "Come on baby, cum for me, cum so I can get my hard cock inside you".

Well it didn't take much more of Hanks pussy eating to push me over the top. He had my little pink baby doll pulled all the way open as he rolled my super hard nipples around. I had my ass up about 4 or 5 inches off the bed pushing my pussy into Hanks tongue. I kept moaning more and more as my orgasm started through my body.

"Yes, yes that's it baby, cum for me, let me hear you yell your cumming".

Yelling I did, I yelled out OH YESSSSSSS GOD YESSSSSSS I'M CUMMMMMMMING. I grabbed Hanks head and pulled it tight to my cumming vagina. I was rocking my slit in a way that kept Hanks nose rubbing my clit as I kept cumming and cumming, OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I yelled. I could feel and hear Hanks tongue lapping at my pussy as I came on his tongue.

Once my orgasm came to an end I dropped my ass back down on the bed and moaned mmmm God that felt so good. I then looked down between my legs to see that Hanks face was covered with my pussy juices.

"WOW, are you hot or what? I think everybody in the hotel now knows that you just came like a firecracker. I've never heard you yell that your cumming that loud before. But I like it, keep yelling like that. It lets me know I did a good job of making you cum. Now lets see if we can get you cumming again?"

I'm sure it's not just me, but there is something about being in a hotel bed having sex that bring the slut out in me. It's just not the same as sex at home.

Anyway I looked back down to see that Hank was now crawling up between my legs getting over the top of me. His cock was as hard as a rock pointing at his belly button. He took the time to kiss and suck each of my hard nipples as he moved up my body. Once he was up face to face with me we started in with a long hot kiss. I could taste my vagina on his lips as we kissed. This wasn't the first time that I had tasted my own juices, and it did nothing but make me even hornier for Hanks hard cock.

With my sexy little pink panties still on Hank just pulled them to the side again and started rubbing his hot and hard cock up and down my wet vagina lips He was making sure to rub it all around my hard clit. Once he had his cock covered with my pussy juice he lined it up to my vagina opening. I was so wet he just sank inside me so easily.

"Oh fuck Brandy is your pussy on fire or what? God your so hot and wet, mmmmm, lets see if we can cum together?"

Hank started pumping his cock in me nice and slow. He would push in as deep as he could then pull out until it popped all the way out of me. Then back in again as deep as it would go. Hank knows just how I like it. He would pick up speed very slowly, and this drove me out of my mind. I hooked my legs around his back and moaned mmmmm yes as we kissed.

"Come on baby, we got no kids to hear us, tell me what you won't."

Hank loved for me to beg him to fuck me. And the truth is, again in a hotel room I love getting wild in bed. It just seems so hot and dirty to beg your man to fuck you hard.

"Mmmmmm your pussy feels so good, oh man I'm going to pump you full of hot cum. You like your pussy full of cum?"

Oh God his hard cock felt so good I was way into this now. OHHHHHHH YESSSSS FUCK MEEEEEEE. FUCK ME HARDDDDDDDDDDD. Oh baby yes, make me cum again. Give me all your cum, yes, yes OH FUCK MEEEEEEE.

We were now screwing at full speed. Hank slipped his hand between us and was playing with my hard and wet clit. This was driving me mad and I knew I would be cumming again very soon.


I could feel Hanks cock starting to get bigger inside me and knew he was about to cum also. He was now hammering into me like mad.

"AHHHHH I'm going to cum in you baby, are you ready?"

I just got out, OH GOD YESSSSSSS, when Hank pushed deep inside me and started pumping me full of his hot sperm.

"Oh yes I'm cumming."

Hanks jerking cock set me off also. I pushed up to him and yelled out, OHHHHHH GOD YES I'M CUMMINGGGGGG TOOOOOOOOOOOO. I was milking all his sperm out with my pussy lips as we both came together. OH GIVE ME YOUR HOT COME BABY, FILL ME UP. This was the last thing I got out before Hank collapsed on top of me.

After we got our breath back we kissed and Hank rolled off the top of me. Leaving a trail of sperm across my leg from his shirking cock. I could feel all the cum that he had pumped in me now running out of my vagina down over my butt-hole making it's way to the bed.

"God Brandy, you have to be the best fuck in the world. Man I love when you get wild and start yelling like that. Wish we could have sex like that at home."

Smiling I got out of bed and said thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I'm also glad that you had a vasectomy, God look at this mess you made in my pussy. Have you been saving that up? That could have been twins. I had sperm running down both my thighs plus dripping on the floor.

"Well it looks like we're going to be hitting the tub again, my face is covered with pussy juice."

I smiled and said yep your right, "FIRST", as I ran into the bathroom, leaving Hank sitting they're with a sticky face and cock.

The next morning Hank fingered me to a nice orgasm before we headed off to the airport.

I dressed in shorts and a button up short sleeve top for or first day. I would've liked to worn flip-flops but I had on my hiking boots.

Once we landed in this little Village and met up with Jameraka I started having second thoughts about this trip. One thing was the way that Jameraka was eyeing me up and down. It was like I was the first female that he had ever seen in his life. He never looked at my face, just my boobs, crotch and legs. And the second was all the black workers. There were maybe 10 or 15 black workers of all ages. Hank and I were the only whites in the group. Not that I have a thing against black, it just they didn't speak any English and I didn't know what they were saying to each other. I felt like they were talking about Hank and I as they talked. In any case I was stuck and would have to make the best of it.

Jameraka help loaded all or stuff into one of the truck. He then told us that we didn't have to do a thing. His workers would load and unload our stuff every day. They would drive, set up out tents, cook all the food, you name it they do it. All that we had to do was take pictures and enjoy the Safari.

Once everything was loaded and set Hank and I got into one of the Hummer type 4-wheel drive vehicles with a young black kid driving. It felt like Florida in the middle of the summer, very hot and humid. And wouldn't you know it, not one of the vehicles had air conditioning.

Our convoy started out of the Village on this bumpy old dirt road. The Safari had begun, where we were heading I had no idea.

We rode down this dusty road all day long, stopping a few times for drinks and restroom breaks. Right restroom breaks. I had to go pee behind a bush and hope all these guys were not watching me.

Late in the day we pulled into this clearing next to a river to set up camp. I must say it was a beautiful spot; it looked just like a post card. The guys had tents up, a fire going and food on cooking in no time. Again I had to use a bush to go to the restroom.

We had a so, so dinner and were sitting around the fire enjoying the end of the day. It was still light out and I asked Jameraka where I could take a shower?

"A shower? The only shower you're going to get is if we get a big rain. And I think we'll be getting some rain at the end of the week."

I looked at Hank and then Jameraka and said your fucken kidding me? I have to stay out here in the jungle and stink until it rains? No bathrooms, no showers this safari shit is bullshit.

Jameraka spoke up once he seen I was mad. "No, no sexy lady, you can bathe all you like. That is why we stopped here. See all my helpers down there in the river bathing? Just take your soap and towel down there and jump in. But please make sure one of my crew is with you keeping and eye on you. This is the jungle and there are wild animals out here that will eat you."

"Oh this is just fucking great," I said as I got up and went to our tent.

Hank followed me into the tent. The tent was big, not your little camping tent. You could stand up and walk around in it. We had two cots, a chair and a little table, a lantern hanging from the top. Our bags were in one corner.

"How in the hell am I going to bathe on this trip with all these guys watching me," I asked Hank?

"Easy, just put on your bikini and I'll go with you, it's no big deal" Hank replied.

"No big deal? You asshole, I have to piss and shit in the woods like some back-woods hillbilly. I don't know how I let you talk me into this shit. Close the fucking door flaps so I can change."

Hank knew I was pissed and didn't say a thing as I stripped down nude. I dug out my only bikini from my bag. It was not the kind of a bikini a married woman should be wearing around all these men. It was a little white string bikini with little black poke-a-dots. The top didn't cover a lot of my breasts; lucky I'm not all that big on top. It left the sides of them exposed and it didn't have any padding so you could see the little lump my nipples made in it. The bottom did cover my butt with just a little V in the front. Don't ask me why, but somehow I had forgotten any other bathing suits. I tied it in place and then dug out some soap, shampoo and a towel.

"Oh boy are the guys ever going to love seeing this little outfit. Damn honey you look hot."

"Kiss my ass, I am hot, hot and stinky. Are you coming with me or not?"

Hank jumped into his trunks and we then started down to the river. Jameraka was now really eyeing me up as we passed him. I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my ass as we went by. "He then yelled, don't be long kids, the sun is going down, we don't need anyone eaten the first day out."

When we got down to the water edge I saw about nine or ten of the workers swimming and playing around in the water. They all stopped and watch me walk into the water. The water was very cool and I was surprised to find the bottom was all sand and not mud. We walked out about waist deep and started soaping ourselves up.

I looked up towards the bank and saw three of the workers knee deep in the water. All three of them were totally nude and looking my way.

"Oh my God Hank, them guys over there are nude.

"Yep the sure are" was his only reply as he started washing his hair.

I looked back at them again this time dropping my eyes down to their black cocks. All three of their cocks were hanging down pointing at the water. This was the first time I had seen a black cock. And for my first time I got to see three of them. I couldn't believe how far they hung down. They hung down about half way down their thighs. I've been told all my life that black guys are hung, but I had no idea it was true. I started thinking; God how big is it when it's hard? How do black girls take all that? I wonder how one that long would feel? I couldn't believe that I was making myself honky looking at these guys as I was rubbing soap over my bikini covered breasts and nipples.

"Honey your staring, hey Brandy you hear me? Hello, hey Brandy you better stop the tit washing, your turning them guys on."

All at once I heard Hank and snapped out of my trance, only to see that the guy on the end was now getting hard. His cock was pointing right at me now. His hand went right around it and he started stroking himself as he looked at me.

"Oh my God" I turned my back to him only to see Hank smiling from ear to ear.

" I think he likes what he sees, don't you?"

"Oh my God that's so sick. Is he still doing what I think he's doing?"

Smiling Hank said, "yep, ya done turned the kid on and now he's jacking off."

I then started looking around only to find out that every man out there swimming was nude. Hank and I were the only one's with bathing suits on.

"Is he still doing it?" I asked?"

"Oh yes, I think he's about to blow a load in the water. Turn around and see."

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