tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSafari Wife Ch. 02

Safari Wife Ch. 02

bySally Tart©

One little note from part one. It states we'd been married for 15 years. Sorry that was a typo it should be 10 years.

In part one of this story, Hank and I had just gotten to this little village deep in the jungle. We were given a little grass hut to stay in by Chief Zoomama. After a nice shower under a waterfall Hank and I retired to our hut for some lovemaking. We had just gotten done making love when I looked up to see that Jameraka, our safari guide was standing in our doorway watching us. I had no idea at all how long he had been standing there watching us. All I did know for sure was that he had just seen me have an orgasm sitting on my husband's hard cock. Don't ask my why, but I never said a word to Hank about Jameraka watching us. Oh yes, Jameraka told us before our shower that the tribe was going to put on a feast and dinner dance for us just before dark.

Now, on with the story, picking up right where I left off.

I bent over and gave Hank a long hot kiss before I climbed off his now soft cock. As I stood next to the mat I felt Hanks sperm start leaking out of me and running down the insides of both my thighs. I looked at it and said, "God were do you get all this cum from? It feels like you pumped a gallon into me!"

Hank smiled up and me from the mat and said sorry I made such a mess in your sweet little pussy.

I replied, "Mmmmm, I like this kind of a mess," as I bent over and gave him another kiss.

We both cleaned ourselves up in our hut as we started getting ready for the feast that evening.

I asked Hank, "What do you think I should wear tonight?"

Smiling from ear to ear Hank said, "How about just some sheer little red panties and nothing else? "

"Oh sure, like I'm going to dress like that!" I replied, "In your dreams!"

"Why not?" Hank replied, "That little wet bra you were just wearing didn't hide a thing. Everybody here now knows what your hard nipples look like. So why not let them see them hanging free? None of the other girls here cover up their boobs."

I looked at him and said, "You're kidding me? You would really like for other guys to see me totally topless? You wouldn't get upset with them looking at me?"

"Hell no I wouldn't. For that matter I think it would really turn me on. And I think it would turn you on also. And you know what's going to happen once we both get turned on."

I looked at him smiling and said, "Well keep dreaming sweetheart, I'm not going topless. Sexy tops, bra's or whatever is about as far as this girl is going, sorry."

Having said that I slipped on a yellow tee shirt, leaving my breasts braless. I then stepped into a little pair of light blue lace bikini panties. Last I pulled on a little pair of black Daisy Duke shorts.

I placed my hands under both my breasts, turned around facing Hank. I started bouncing them up and down as I said, "How's this look, not topless but bouncing around free, is that okay?"

Hank smiled and said, "You look great, but topless would be better."

We finished getting ready then exited our hut. We then made the short walk across the village to where the feast and dinner dance was to be held. As we walked into the area we saw Jameraka sitting at a long table next to Chief Zoomama. He waved us over and told me to sit on the other side of the Chief and for Hank to sit next to me. Jameraka eyes kept eyeing me up and down as we took our seats. He eyed up my tight little Daisy Duke shorts then moved up to my swinging breasts under my tee. I felt so strange inside knowing that he had just seen me total nude and having sex not over an hour ago.

Once seated the Chief turned and said something to both of us in his native tongue. Jameraka then translated that he was welcoming us and that he hoped we enjoyed the food, drinks and dancers. We both smiled and told him thank you, not sure if he understood us or not.

The drums started and a few of both male and female tribal people started dancing and jumping around in time with the beat of the drums. Other people started bring out food and drinks to all the other tribal members. They sat some kind of food in front of all us also. They also gave us each these cute coconut cups with our drink in it. My drink was pink and Hanks was yellow. I looked to see that both Chief Zoomama and Jameraka had a clear drink. I asked Hank what is this stuff as I pointed at the coconut cup?

He picked his up and took a little sip and said, "Mmmmm it's some kind of fruit punch, try it, it's really good. But what I would really like to know is what kind of meat that is, but I'm afraid to ask!"

We both laughed as I tried a sip of the fruit punch too find that Hank was right, it was very good.

We ate and drank like pigs as the four of us sitting at the table watching the tribal people put on their show for us. Hank kept making little comments about the nude black boobs bouncing around in front of him. I had my own little comments about how the male dancers' long cocks would pop into view from time to time from under their loincloths.

A short time later and all at once my vision got very blurry. I was trying to focus on the people dancing and couldn't. I turned to tell Hank what was happening with me only to find him passed up still sitting up with his head fallen back like he was looking at the sky. I shook him and he didn't wake up. I told the Chief and Jameraka that something is wrong with Hank, he won't wake up!

The Chief had that I don't understand what your saying look on his face but Jameraka spoke up and said, "Don't worry sexy lady, he's fine. He just had too much kekpa to drink, what do you say in your county, oh yes, he's passed up drunk."

"Your kidding me, drunk, I didn't know that this punch had any booze in it."

Jameraka laughed and replied, "Oh yes, sexy lady. It is made from local plants, unlike your American made, how do you say, booze. It will put your lights out for the night if you drink too much. Don't worry I'll have my men take him to your hut for you." He then said something to two men and they came right over and picked up Hank and started carrying him off towards our hut.

I got up to go with them. My vision was still blurry and I felt like I was on fire or something. I felt very strange inside. The Chief said something to me and I looked at Jameraka to translate it.

"The Chief said he was sorry that your mate passed out, and he would like you to stay and enjoy yourself."

I replied, "Tell him thank you, but I'm not feeling well myself, and that I better go. Please tell him thank you and we had a great time tonight."

I made my way back to our hut and I wasn't sure what was going on with me. I didn't feel drunk or high. I'm not sure what I felt, I had these feeling going on inside my body that I never felt before. Not bad feeling but like pleasurable feelings. The two boys had dropped Hank on the mat and were leaving our hut as I got there. I walked in and closed the grass door. I wished it had a lock on it so I could keep Jameraka from looking in any time he felt like it.

It was just starting to get dark so I lit the little torch to give our hut some light. Hank was passed out flat on his back, sleeping like a baby. I pulled his shirt and shorts off, leaving him lying there in only his boxers. I was burning up myself so I pulled off my tee shirt. I was surprised to see both my nipples sticking out and hard as rocks. Drinking has always seemed to make me somewhat horny but I don't ever recall it making my nipples so hard. I ran my right hand over my left nipple, oh my God, I about came on the spot. I stood there a few minutes now playing with both my super hard nipples. I was squeezing and rolling them between my thumb and index finger. I was thinking my goodness why are my nipples so sensitive tonight?

I got myself so horny playing with my nipples that I had to lie down and masturbate. I pushed my little Daisy Duke down my legs and stepped out of them. Now dressed in just my little pair of light blue lace bikini panties, I laid down next to Hank on the mat. As I was rolling my right nipple around I slowly ran my right hand down my tummy to my little panties. I ever so slowly started running my fingers over my wet crotch. I could feel the out line of my hot vagina lips right through the wet crotch. My hard little clitoris was trying to poke a hole right through my little panties as I found it and started rolling it around. I looked over at Hank and moaned, "Oh God, lover, why did you pass out on me? God I need you so bad tonight!"

I could feel an orgasm starting deep inside my body as I continued playing with my right nipple and rolling my clit around through my wet panties. I closed my eyes and was again thinking about all those long black cocks that I've seen on this trip. In my mind one of the tribal boys was rubbing the hot rubbery head of his black cock right on my clit. His pre-cum was leaking out all over my clit making it slippery and wetter.

"OH MY GOD!" I pushed my hips up to my fingers and started cumming right next to my passed out husband. "MMMMM GOD FUCK ME NOW!" I moaned out as in my mind one of the black guys had just made me cum by rubbing my hard clit with his cock and I was ready for him to slip it in me now.

As my orgasm started winding down I opened my eyes and looked at Hank who was still passed out and sleeping like a baby. I reached over and pulled his soft cock out of the little slit in the front of his boxers. I moaned, "Mmmmm baby, get this thing up for me," as I took it in my mouth. I did my best to get his cock hard but it just wasn't going to happen. I kissed it, sucked on it, and licked it and still nothing. I stopped playing with it and looked up at his peaceful face. I moaned, "God damn you Hank, The night I need you, the night my pussy is on fire, you pass out on me."

God I needed a cock inside me, I've never been this horny before in my life. I couldn't keep my hands off my hard nipples; they were so hard they felt like they might pop. Nor could I keep my hands off my wet crotch, which was now even wetter. Shit, why didn't I bring that toy vibrating cock that Hank had gotten me a few years ago? Man could I have put that thing to work right now.

I got up and started looking through my bag for something that I could use as a cock to satisfy my burning vagina. I looked at the toothbrush tub my toothbrush was in but put it back. I was sure it would come apart and I would have half of it stuck way up inside my pussy. It would be hard to explain why I needed to go back to town to have it removed. Then I picked up my hairbrush, "Hmm," I'm thinking, "Long handle, has a little curve to it."

I took the brush and laid back down next to Hank. Again I'm thinking, "What the hell is wrong with me, why am I so horny?" I was so horny that if Jameraka or any of the other boys or men came through the door right now I would give myself to them. I would let them fuck me until the fire in my vagina was out.

Well, I couldn't wait for someone to come through the door to fuck me, so I pushed my little pair of light blue lace bikini panties down my legs and off. I spread my legs and ran my index and middle fingers right up my hot and wet slit. Oh my God, was I ever wet, hot and wet. My pussy was on fire and needed a cock.

I looked over at Hank again and moaned, "Mmmmm, you asshole," as I slowly pushed the hairbrush handle inside my wet pussy. Oh God did it feel good as I started rolling my hard little wet clit around in time with the hairbrush handle. Once again I closed my eyes imagining one of those long black cocks sinking inside me. In my mind the young man I had seen masturbating in the river was now filling me with his long black cock.

Hank was now totally out of my mind. I didn't even stop to think what he would think if he was to wake up to find me fucking myself with my hairbrush. The only thing I cared about right then was cumming, I needed to cum and cum bad. And I knew that the ways I was pumping that brush into myself it wouldn't be long at all before I was cumming again.

Faster and faster I started pumping that brush in my pussy. Rolling my hips up as I was going in as deep as it would go. I took turns rubbing my clit and squeezing both my hard nipples. Then it happened, I moaned out, "OHHHHH YESSSSSS!" I pushed the brush handle deep inside my pussy as I squeezed my clit and yelled, "OH GODDDDD I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG!" My hips kept jerking up to the brush as I kept cumming and cumming.

Trust me, I've masturbated before, but I've never had an orgasm like the one I was having just then.

Once my body started to settle down a little I turned and gave Hank a kiss on the cheek. I moaned, "Oh baby please wake up I need you." I could not believe that I was still horny. I started playing with his cock again, trying to wake it up. At the same time I sank two fingers deep in my wet pussy and moaned, "What the fuck is wrong with me?"

I then pulled Hanks boxers off and lay down on top of him. I started dry humping him as I pushed my pussy mound down on his soft cock. I was kissing him and still hoping he would get hard and fuck me the way I needed to get fucked. But after a few minutes I saw that Hank was not going to be getting it up, so I ran my hand down between us. I sank two fingers inside my wet pussy, then pulled them out with my juices on them, I started rubbing it on my clit. I was now rubbing my clit as I humped on Hanks soft cock. I could not believe that I was on my way to making myself cum yet again.

I didn't know if the tribal people could hear all my moaning outside of our hut or not. I did know that I was at the point of cumming again and was ready for it to happen.

I was kissing Hank and humping down on his soft cock faster and faster as my orgasm started through my body. "OH GOD HANK, OH GOD HANKKKKKK!" I moaned out as I started cumming. I sank my fingers as deep as I could into my hot wet pussy and about yelled out, "OHHHH FUCK I'MMMM CUMMINGGGGGG!" I kept working my fingers in and out of my wet pussy making it even wetter as I kept cumming and cumming. My mind went right back to thinking that I was now cumming on one of those black cocks. I was soaking that black cock with my pussy juices right then.

Once my orgasm had come to an end I rolled off Hank onto my back next to him. I was shaking and trying to get my breath back. I again ran my fingers over my right nipple to find it still hard as a rock and in need of being sucked on.

I could not believe what was happening to me. My other hand had a mind of it's own as it made its way down between my legs again. My pussy was now even wetter as I sank my fingers back inside myself again. And again I would pull some of my juices out and lubricate my hot and hard little clitoris as I rolled it around.

I was taking turns squeezing my hard nipples and fingering myself again. I was humping my pussy mound up to my fingers and well on my way to yet another orgasm. Then I don't know what happened to me, all went black. I'm thinking that when I started to cum I must have passed out.

As I was waking up I could see that it was now daylight from the light shinning through cracks around the hut door. I couldn't believe that my pussy was still on fire and in need of some service. I moaned, "Mmmmm God what's going on?" as I felt like I was just about to have an orgasm. I looked down to find Hanks head between my legs licking and sucking on my vagina. "OHHHHHH!" my head fell back on the mat as my hips started working in time with Hanks tongue. "OHHHH GOD YESSSSS!" I moaned out as I came on Hanks hot tongue.

Once my orgasm ended Hank kissed his way up my body, stopping to give each of my hard nipples a long hot sucking kiss. Once he was up face to face with me I felt his hard cock slowly sinking into me.

"MMMMMM YES!" I moaned as I pushed up to him.

"Do you like waking up with a tongue in your pussy?" he asked.

I moaned, "Mmmmm yes, but I'm mad at you, asshole!"

Still pumping in and out of me nice and slow he asked, "What did I do?

"It's not what you did, it's what you didn't do. You passed out on me last night."

"I know, all I remember is eating and drinking that juice. Hmm that juice must have had something in it."

I moaned out, "Mmmmm that feels so good," as I pumped up to Hanks hard cock and said, "It's called kekpa, it's some kind of booze made from a local plant."

Hank replied, "Shit, I didn't know it was booze or I wouldn't have drunk so much of it. I'm sorry I passed out on ya baby, did it knock you out also?"

Looking up at him I moaned, "Mmmmm, no it didn't knock me out, I didn't drink as much as you did, it had a totally different affect on me."

Picking up a little speed now Hank said, "What kind of affect did it have on you?"

Hooking my legs around his back I moaned, "Mmmmm baby it made me horny, mmmmm God I was so horny last night. Oh yes, yes don't stop lover, oh God this feel good."

Kissing my neck Hank then said, "Why didn't you wake me up?"

I hit his arm and said, "Shit Hank, I did everything but sit on your face to wake you up. You were dead to the word, there was no waking you up."

So what did my horny little wife do? "Please tell me one of the guys here took care of your needs?"

I hit his arm again and replied, "No, none of the guys here took care of my needs, I would never do that to you. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do!"

Hank was now pumping in me even faster as he asked, "So what did you do, did you get yourself off?"

Humping up to him I moaned, "Mmmmm maybe a little!"

This dirty talk was getting to Hank, and myself for that matter as he asked, "Are you telling me that you got yourself off right here next to me, and I missed it?"

"Mmmmmm yes baby," I moaned up at him, "I got off a few times last night. God I was so fucking horny I couldn't stand it. Oh God Hank fuck me mmmmm yes."

We were now fucking at full speed. Hank was hammering his hard cock as deep into me as he could.

He moaned, "A few times? How many times did you cum?"

A great orgasm was just starting inside me as I moaned, "mmmmm baby I think four or five times!"

My reply got to Hank, he replied, "Four or five times OH FUCK!" He then pushed deep inside my wet pussy and started squirting me full of his hot cum.

His jerking cock set me off as I pushed up to him and came also. I was working my wet pussy up and down his throbbing cock as I moaned, "OH GOD FILL ME UP BABY, I NEEDED YOUR CUM INSIDE ME LAST NIGHT. OH GOD YESSSSSS I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG!"

After a great orgasm Hank rolled off me and said, "Fuck that was good, did you enjoy that?"

I kissed him and moaned, "Mmmmm yes, very much so."

Then Hank sat up and said, "How about you do it again at let me watch this time?"

"Do what?" I asked.

"Get yourself off; I've never seen you make yourself cum, let alone five times. Come on baby do it for me, I would love to see you fingering yourself."

I laughed and said, "Sorry but I'm not going to do that for ya baby. I was in a bad way last night and that was my only out!"

"Come on," Hank moaned, "just once so I can see."

I smiled and said, "I'll make a deal with you. You jack yourself off first and let me watch. Once you're done, I'll do it for you. How's that, we got a deal?"

Hank got a funny look on his face and replied, "No way, I'm not doing that."

I smiled and said, "Okay, case closed," as I gave him another kiss.

Hank then gave me one of those looks and said, "How about one of these black guys? Would you like to do one of the black guys and let me watch?"

"Get out of here, like that's going to happen."

"It could happen if you would let it happen. And I would love to see how you acted with one of them long cocks deep inside of you. And tell the truth, you have been checking them out. And I know you would like to try one, wouldn't you?" he asked.

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