tagIncest/TabooSafe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 03

Safe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 03


The next morning Carol woke up wet and horny. She had been been dreaming that her son was perched above her, his beautiful cock pointed at her dripping pussy. She reached out to try to stop him but discovered her hands were tied to the bedposts. This made her hotter and she watched him lower his meat slowly until he was almost touching her swollen twat. Her alarm clock interrupted them leaving her with a deep craving.

She then heard David close the door to the hall bathroom and turn on the shower. Her mind returned to the previous days conversation when he admitted he regularly jacked off during his morning shower. She decided to use the hall bathroom to relieve herself.

Carol quietly pushed open the door and saw that he was already in the shower. The opaque shower door showed the rough outline of his tall frame. She moved to the toilet and sat to pee. She stared at the masculine form in front of her and when he turned away from the water she could see the shape of his semi-erect penis jutting from his loins. Carol felt the now familiar jolt register in her pussy. Then she saw his hand go down and grab his meat. David washed his long rod and it quickly began to grow. He just began to contemplate visiting his mother for some relief when the shower door opened.

"Good morning sunshine," Carol said with a grin as her eyes wandered over her son. His body was slick with soap and he pulled his hand away from his cock. It bounced in front of her, teasing her even more. "Do you need a hand in there darling?"

David was speechless. His mother was wearing a short white nightie. Was she actually thinking of joining him in the shower? She was indeed and toyed with the idea of stripping off her clothes and melting against that gorgeous body. She still had enough control to discard that idea, so she stepped into the hot shower in her nightie.

David watched as small drops of water splashed onto her, slowly peppering the white fabric. He turned slightly and more water splashed onto his mother. She stood still, looking straight at him while the thin garment collected more water and began sticking to her skin. Carol took a small step forward and took the soap from her son's hand. With measured patience she turned the bar in her hands creating a thick white foam.

Carol reached out and began soaping David's smooth chest. His muscles were toned and hard and glistened in the soapy water. As she admired his gorgeous body water ran down her arms, continuing to drench her little nightgown. She didn't have to look down to tell that it was beginning to stick to her large breast like a white film. She felt her nipples growing hard and press against the fabric. It turned her on that David was staring at her breasts and his now fully erect cock showed just how much he appreciated her mature curves. She wiggled her shoulders back and forth knowing it would make her wet tits jiggle for him.

She moved her soapy hands down his lean stomach, washing all around his belly and pelvis but avoiding all contact with the manly rod that protruded seductively before her.

"Turn around baby," she said. David complied and warm water washed the soap down his body and rained down upon his aching member. He felt his mother's soapy hands caress his broad shoulders. He was surprised to discover how sexy it felt when she washed his armpits. This was an erogenous zone he didn't even know he had. He closed his eyes and luxuriated under the warm water and her firm but delicate touch.

Carol moved her hands down his lower back. She watched the river of white bubbles flow down his back and run into the crack of his muscular ass. This was the first time she got a good look at that ass. It was perfectly formed. The cheeks were well defined. His crack was long and just hid his sensitive hole. Perfect semi-circles formed where his cheeks met his strong legs. She soaped up her hands and slid them down over each cheek.

David felt his mom's hands caress his ass. She massaged his glutes deeply then allowed her fingers to trace the gentle curve of his crease. She saw the goosebumps lift on his arms and smiled. The water splashed against her face and a light mist dampened her hair.

She squatted down and washed his legs. She felt his firm calves and strong quads. His hamstrings were taunt. His legs were spread just enough so she could see his scrotum hanging down. She fully enjoyed this view of him, seeing his manly features dripping with warm water. She soaped up her hands and massaged the inside of his smooth thighs. He parted his legs farther and she saw his small, clean asshole. Moving her hands higher she brushed against the bottom of his balls and felt him tense. She wrapped her slick hand over his balls and washed them lovingly. Her other hand began a deep cleaning of his crack, rubbing gently over his anus. She was rewarded with the sound of his small moan.

"Turn around baby," she said in a hoarse whisper. David did and his hard cock brushed against her face. She pretended to ignore it and started washing his thighs. She leaned against him and reached around to wash his ass again. His raging cock rubbed over her face. The fact that she was ignoring it turned David on even more. She looked up and met his eyes. She moved his hips with her wet hands, forcing his cock to rub back and forth over her face.

Carol moved back slightly, breaking the contact with his long dick. It pointed at her, inches from her face. Again she soaped up his smooth scrotum. One hand gripped just the very base of his cock and lowered it down so it pointed directly at her face. David watched as she opened her mouth. She held his stare and leaned forward allowing his large rod to enter her mouth without making contact. For a good minute she watched him, washed him, breathed in his clean smell with his cock in her open mouth. David was beyond horny and finally shifted his hips, forcing his cock to touch the inside of her mouth.

Carol continued to hold her mouth open. With his cock there she couldn't swallow and the saliva that gathered in her mouth began to flow over her lip and down her chin. She let it drip down and form a thin string. Then she realized what she was doing; she was nearly sucking on her son's hard cock. This was a line she wasn't ready to cross. She leaned back and finally let her hand slide up his shaft.

David stared down at his mom. Her nighty was completely drenched now and she was as good as naked. Better than naked he thought, so fucking sexy in the wet gown. He could now see just how large her nipples were. They were at least two inches in diameter and a beautiful shade of pink. The tips were long and thick and he desperately longed to suck on them. His hands needed to touch them and he felt himself losing his self-restraint.

Carol brought the bar of soap up to his balls and produced more suds. With a soapy hand she massaged her son's cock. She slid the soap between his ass cheeks and over his sensitive asshole. David's hands began to move forward toward his mother's huge, wet boobs. Carol could see his hands moving slowly to her chest. She shivered in anticipation. Her breasts had always been extremely sensitive, especially her nipples. It had been so long since a man had touched her there. The first time her ex husband did, way back in high school, she lost all control and was powerless to stop him. He ended up fucking her for the first time that night. He learned her secret, that her sensitive nipples were the keys to her pussy.

Carol knew this was terribly dangerous ground. As soon as he touched her she would lose all control. She increased her rhythmic pulling on his cock. Her only defense was to make him cum and cum quickly. He leaned down, reaching out to her aroused nipples. She dropped the soap and slid a finger into her son's tight asshole and focused her jacking on his sensitive head.

David's eyes rolled back when he felt her slick fingers circle his cock ridge. He felt his balls tighten and he fought the coming orgasm. Finally he looked down on her with a hard passion in his eyes and grabbed her rock hard nipples. The sound she made and the look on her face was pure and total lust. Her fingers frantically rubbed his tingling head and David felt his orgasm crash over him as blasts of cum shot out of his engorged head and land on his mother's wet tits. His moans were mixed with hers as he came. She felt his ass squeeze her finger. She watched as the pleasure contorted his handsome face. Then he was done and let go of her nipples. She slipped her finger out of his anus and rubbed his tight ball sack.

"Oh my," she said, "that was close. We'd better be careful dear before we go too far. Now will that get you through your school day?"

David nodded and smiled. Carol stood and stepped out the shower. She saw herself in the mirror and realize just how naked she looked. She grabbed a towel and hurried to her room. She was shocked to see the time and suddenly realized she would not have time to take care of her quivering pussy. She was late as it is. Carol would spend the rest of the day in a prolonged state of sexual tension.

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