tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally Likes Showing It Ch. 02

Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 02


I was totally blown away by the fact that my wife of 15 years not only would show off her 36b breasts and long legs but that she would let another person get a good look up her dress! What the fuck was that? Is this the same woman I had known all this time? I was also surprised at the fucking she had given me by the side of the road on the way home! I mean sex had always been good but dam nothing like that!

As I started the truck Sally slid over setting close to me as she looked out the windshield. “I have to tell you that some times I have let people look up my dress before to night!” she said. “It has always turned me on every sense I was in high school and the boys tried to get a look.” She ran her hand up my thigh. “And now I find out you like for me to do it, but Sam I have never done more than let some one see my panties before tonight!”

“Well it’s like I said we might have went a little over the top, but god Sally! I loved it! I think we should make a few rules about this though. I don’t want you doing it by your self! That could get you raped or something.” I smiled at her as we pulled into the drive way at our home. “Besides I can’t enjoy it if I’m not with you!” I opened my door as I turned off the motor. “Here let me get the door for you!” I said as I hurried around to let her out.

I watched in the dome light as she pulled her short skirt up over her naked hips fully exposing her self to me as she slipped out of the truck. Sally stood up and reached around behind her back slipping down the zipper to the skirt and in one quick move let it drop in a pile around her feet! She just stood there in the dime light from the street in just her white peasant blouse watching me as I purposely moved slowly around locking things up and when I finished I looked at her.

“You wait here while I go open the door!”

She smiled at me knowing full well what I was going to do as I ran the 50 feet or so the front door of the house. I opened it and turned on the porch light then turned to watch as Sally walked bare assed to the house! She never looked either way as she came to me walking slowly up the sidewalk to me!

“Rule number 2 is we can’t do this at home to much!” she said as she reached me. “What would Tina and Mark think if they looked out the window to see me half naked walking round out side?” She kissed me as I closed the front door behind her. “Now you order the pizza while I go clean up! It feels like a river leaking out of me and I will put something on so we can plan the rest of my weekend my love!”

I ordered the pizza and was told 30 minutes or less as I heard the shower start. I sat the table with paper plates and got out some wine then turned on the CD player to some soft stuff I knew Sally liked. The shower shut off and I called back to her telling her the pizza would bee here soon.

“Ok.” Came from the bedroom. “I will dry my hair and be right out!”

Sally walked into the room wearing noting but a short crop top T-shirt that just exposed the bottom curve of her breasts and shear white panties just as I opened the door for the pizza guy. “Dam!” she said stepping back behind the door. “I didn’t hear the door bell!”

I just smiled at her as I felt my self-getting hard again while the pizza guy turned bright red and tried not to look at her acting like she was hiding but still showing him every thing!

She just laughed as I closed the door and pulled my now hard member out shaking it at her! “You are a bad girl!” I said.

“Just come and eat!” she said as she sat down.

Sally and I sat talking about what we had both been hiding from each other until late into the night. It was both a soft and romantic time as she sat close to me doing simple things we had not done with each other in a long time. Even holding hands was a turn on for me and I could see by the look in her eyes as she kissed my fingers she was feeling the same way.

Because I had to work half a day in the morning it was decided that Sally would go shopping for a few new things that she thought would let her show off with out getting her arrested or make her look like a hooker. She told me she felt the whole fun of showing off was to make it look innocent and then later when we did go to bed she snuggled up to me putting her head on my shoulder as she pushed her breasts into me chest and draped a leg over me.

“I love you Sammy.” She whispered as I slipped off to sleep thinking of what she would buy!

The next day I woke early and stood looking at my sleeping wife wondering just what the rest of the weekend would bring. I walked out of the door with a very hard dick as I thought about Sally and what we were going to do.

About 11:00 AM my cell rang.

“Hi honey, you ok?”

“Yes and listen I have every thing ready and loaded into the boat. I put all of our gear and food enough to last a week in it. Now all you have to do is get here your sweet ass here!”

“A week?”

“YES A WEEK! You own the place! Tell them fuck it and get your ass home to me!”

“OK, ok!” I laughed I’m on my way!”

Sally was standing in front of the boat waiting to guide me back when I pulled in. She had on a very small little halter-top that tied between and almost covered her breasts. It also had little yellow flowers all over it that seamed to make her boobs look even bigger than they were! She was also wearing some very short, Daisy Duke type shorts!

I looked up to see our neighbor Mark walking across the yard just as the Nextel radio clicked on. “I see him! Just back up and I will land the trailer!” I looked into my mirror to see her smiling at me and I just nodded to her. “Ok stop!” came over the radio and I could see her cranking the boat down onto the truck as I got out.

Marks eyes never left Sally as he walked up! He had always been hot for her and to tell the truth Tina was sweet to look at to! Mark and I had talked a lot about or wives likes and dislikes over the years as friends so there wasn’t to much we didn’t know about each others wives. But as far as I knew this was the best look he had ever gotten of Sallies goods. Oh he had seen her in a swimsuit but they were never as showy as what she was wearing as she bent over with most of her ass exposed top him as she hooked up the boat to our truck.

“Hay buddy Sally told Tina you two are going up to willow flats for a week. I was kind of surprised but we are glad you ask us along.” His eyes ran over Sally breasts as they pushed on her skimpy little top trying to get out! “We will come up early in the morning if that’s ok with you!”

I looked at Sally to see her squat so she could hook up the last safety chain! She held her legs opened wide letting the narrow band of her shorts slip into her pussy lips exposing them to Mark and my self as she pulled on the chain. I quickly looked up at Mark not wanting him to know I knew what he was looking at as I moved so I could see both of them. Him from the front and her from slightly to the side!

“Sure buddy, sure!” his eyes kept going from sallies exposed pussy lips to me! “It will be a good time! I hope Tina is up to me dragging her all over the lake!” he licked his lips as he pushed his hands deep into his pockets trying to hide a growing bulge as Sally stood up looking at him.

“Yea you know how she loves to ski!” Sally said as she stepped across the trailer tongue and hooked her arm in mine mashing her breast into my shoulder. “We are all set Sam. The house is locked and every thing all you have to do is get in and drive!”

“Well ok then!” I said as we walked to the truck. His eyes went right to her crotch as she slipped up into the drivers seat and opened her legs as she turned to slide over so I could get in! “We will see you in the morning. What time? Should I make breakfast?”

He pulled his eyes from her legs. “Yea we should be there about 7:00.

He had a kind of shocked look on his face as I started the truck. “Ok buddy see you then!” and pulled us out of the driveway!

My cock was busting to get out of my pants as Sally put one foot up under her butt and turned side ways in the seat so I could see her. “Is that what you wanted my love?” she just smiled. “You know he had no idea I knew what he was seeing! God it has me all sticky baby!”

I put my hand on her thigh. “I loved it! But what do you think he is thinking now?”

She just laughed. “I think he is probably pounding the shit out of Tina right now!” She looked out the window as I pulled onto the freeway. “Did you know he takes photos of Tina nude all the time?”

“I guess I don’t know him as well as I thought because I didn’t know that!” I looked at her. “How do you know that?”

“Tina let me see some once. I had gone over for coffee on morning and the computer was on with a very hot photo of her on the screen. She didn’t know that it was there until I pointed at it. She laughed and called Mark a bad name saying he must have forgotten to turn it off! I said well you can’t stop here you have to show them to me and tell me all about it, and she did!” Sally pulled her knee up by her chin hugging it to her. “They were pretty hot Sam! I mean some of them were of her dress sexily and some were of her touching her self and most of them had been taken on there deck.” She let her hand run down her thigh as she talked. “I’m sure there was some of them making love but she stopped when we got to that point saying she was all ready to embarrassed to show me more, but I think she liked it Sam!”

“Wow! You just never know people do you!” I said as I pulled us off the main highway and onto the 2-lane road that lead to the lake and where we would launch out boat.

Sally was still looking out of the window and had let her hand slip down to her crotch! She was slowly moving her fingers over what there was of the material covering her pussy! “Tina asked me if you ever did any thing like that and when I told her no she picked up Marks camera and asked me if I would let her!” Sally had slipped her fingers under the material and was touching her self now. “I let her Sam!” she closed her eyes reliving what had happened with our friend! “I let her take some of me in my bra and then I changed into a swimsuit! It wasn’t long until we were out by there pool and she was just shooting away!” Sally lifted her bottom and pulled her shorts down loosening the material over her crotch so she had more room for her fingers!

“At first it was just posing like that and then she talked me into taking off my top. Well now you know that wasn’t to hard for her to do!” Sally opened her eyes looking at me as she slipped a finger deep into her soaking wet little box! “She took a bunch of me like that and then wanted to, to do it with out any bottoms. I told her I would if she would and we took turns taking pictures of each other.” She slipped her thumb over her clit trembling just a little as she looked at me. “Sam we took turns touching our selves! I mean she started touching her self as I took her picture and, and I don’t know we just both did it!” she closed her eyes as she opened her legs wide pulling on her clit! “I came so hard and when she came she was grunting and groaning so loud I was afraid of the other neighbors hearing us!” now Sally was fully fingering her self s she relived her playing with or friend! “Oh Sammy it was so hot watching her touch it! OH BABY IT WA OHHHHHHH HOT OHHhhhhhhhh yes so, so hot umm oh god!” Sally closed her legs over her hand humping it as she looked at me! Cumming Sam, oh baby I’m cumming!

I had stopped by the side of the road and pulled out my cock as she was taking and she leaned over me taking my dick in her mouth! Sally licked down the vain on the back pushing her nose into my balls and then licked back to the top! She sucked the head of it into her mouth licking it like an ice cream cone and then took it deep into her throat! “I going to cum baby!” I said expecting her to pull back but instead she pushed down deeper and started to moan as another orgasm ran through her body!

“Oh God oh baby yes ohm shit umm suck it baby!” I could feel her trying to swallow but it was too much for her and began to run out of the corners of her mouth! Sally final set up jacking me as I finished shooting on her hand as cum dripped from her chin and down onto her top!

Sally leaned into me kissing me softly as I looked at her. “To answer your questions. No we didn’t touch each other. She deleted them after we looked at them and I know she did because I watched her do it and no we have not done it since. But we do tease each other about it!” she kissed me again. “Are you very up set?”

“No not really! I would have liked to see the pictures though!” Sally pulled a towel from a bag in the back and began wiping us up.

“Well I’m glad you’re not upset because the playing with our selves part I made up! The topless part at the pool was real though!” I started the truck rolling again pulling us into the road. “Tina knows about me liking to show off a little!” she slipped close to me as she talked. “What if she likes to be seen as much as I do?”

“Well then I’ll look!” we both started to laugh as we drove on not knowing where the weekends fun would lead us but both of us realizing things would never be quit the same!

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