tagGroup SexSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 20

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 20


Setting Up

Jerry Malone was talking on the phone with his wife, Marlene. She and his step daughter, Sarah, were strippers at a nude bar north of the city.

"I've invited a bunch of people to our place tonight," she was telling him.

"Strippers?" he asked.

"Except for me and Sarah, no. But it's going to be a bit of a sex party. Everyone's expecting sex."

"All guys? How many."

"Five guys, counting you and five women, counting Sarah and me."

"Sounds good!"

"Could you get things ready? Don't need any refreshments, set out some water, nuts, whatever we have. Be sure we have beds for five couples. Use the air mattresses if necessary."

"Will do."

"We'll be leaving soon. One of Sarah's friends may show up earlier."

"One of Sarah's friends," he thought. "Pretty much every one of them is a delectable piece of ass."

He had barely hung up when the doorbell rang. Standing there when he opened it was a lovely young woman, maybe five-eight, slim, but not skinny with B or C breasts and a nice figure. "Jennifer!" he exclaimed with pleasure. "I haven't seen you for a while."

The young girl hesitated. "Uhh, is Sarah here?"

"No, but I expect her soon. Come in."

Jennifer expected a party. That usually meant no parents home. Sarah had promised a sex party. That definitely meant no fathers present. "She called, and said there was a party?"

"You're in the right place, come in!"

She stepped hesitantly over then threshold. "You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. I'm just starting to set up. You can help."

"I guess," she was still hesitant."

"Well, we need beds, ... five. We have three upstairs and there's the sofa bed in the family room. I'm getting an air mattress. If you'd blow it up and find a place for it."

Beds meant that she might be in the right place. She decided to come right out and ask, "Okay. What kind of party is this anyway?"

Now he wasn't sure. "Oh. I thought you knew. Marlene, that is Sarah's Mom, said it's a sex party. Everyone's expecting to have sex. If that's not what you want ..."

She interrupted, "No! Good! That's what I expected. I just didn't expect a parent."

"Oh, of course you wouldn't. Sarah's mother will be here too." He took a chance, "Maybe you'll give me first shot."

"First shot?"

"With you. Sex with you?"

She was flattered but uncertain. Said, "Sure," only to keep from disappointing him.

Jennifer set up the bed in the downstairs den/library while Jerry set out some dishes of nuts, crackers and bottled water.

They reconvened in the living room. "I thought some games as ice-breakers and maybe to get couples together," he told her. "A stripping game might be nice rather than just having people get naked. Maybe strip poker?"

"I don't like that," she said. "Rules about whether you can or can't trade clothes you got from someone else seem to be a problem. Besides I like undressing the guys."

"Can't argue with that," he replied. His cock stiffened as he considered having her undress him, or better: him undressing her.

"I know a card game that works pretty good,"

He decided not to ask the rules. He could be surprised with the rest of them.

"Good. Then after everyone is naked, how about this game." He showed her a board game with dice and a stack of cards to draw with sexual activities on them.

"Looks complex. Too much time doing the dice throwing and figuring out what the card means, who's doing what to who. Not enough doing that to whoever."

He had to agree and he knew it wasn't really usable for more than 6.

"Hey, what's this?" She was looking at a brochure that was in the game box. She pointed out one of the advertised items.

Jerry was fascinated. It referenced a "foreplay and pairing app" for mobile phones. It claimed to provide sexual activities for groups of any size with "optimal pairing for subsequent happy endings."

Jerry pulled it up on his phone. "$29 Expensive for an app but I guess that's worth it even just to try."

It downloaded and he started it. "We need to set game parameters," he said. "Weighting for heterosexual, lesbian and gay activities. Zero for lesbian and gay?"

"That's no fun," she replied. She was a bit bi herself. "Max 5 for heterosexual, make lesbian 2 or 3, and at least 1 for gay."

He took her suggestion though the prospect of playing with another guy's cock didn't appeal to him. They set the individual activity time to 2 minutes and picked moderate as the rate for "increasing eroticism".

Finally. they had to put in the names and genders of the participants. "Lets do a trial run," Jerry suggested.

They put in their names, two fictitious names and he pushed the setup complete button. The app immediately displayed, "Jerry, pick a number between 1 and 10." He entered 3 and it displayed "Helen pick a number between 1 and 10." Then it asked Jennifer and Frank to pick. After Frank picked it said, "Jennifer kiss Jerry on the lips," and, "Frank kiss Helen on the ear."

They tried another round and then restarted the game. "I hope it gets more sensual than that," Jennifer said.

They decided to set individual activity time to 30 seconds and "increasing eroticism" to "rapid". "It looks like that change setting button can be used in the middle of the game," Jennifer said. "We should be able to slow it down once the activities get more interesting."

Jerry tried it and discovered that was true.

Jerry Malone took her by the waist and gently guided her to the sofa and sat with their hips in close contact. He had been occupied with set up but now that they were done he had a chance to reflect.

Jennifer probably had the best overall face and figure of all of Sarah's high school friends and almost all of them were real lookers. The first year or so they were just cute young girls in their little cheer costumes. But starting late in Sarah's sophomore year they started really blossoming into young women.

By the end of junior year they seemed fully aware of their effect on men. Sarah was always a bit of a vixen with him and then she had these nubile young women running around their home in the briefest of underwear, sometimes displaying a lack of panties under the short cheer skirts. There were times when they showed up completely nude. He knew Sarah was the instigator.

Now, here he was sitting next to possibly the most attractive of the bunch about to be involved in a sexual activity with her. His penis was responding to his thoughts. "I wonder if she would object ...," he thought, putting his hand on her thigh.

Her first reaction was to brush his hand to the side but she remembered they were soon likely to get much more intimate and let it stay. Then she remembered how only a couple months ago Sarah had she and three other cheerleaders walking around the house naked. "My step-dad has a big cock watch how his pants tent up," she had told them after daring them to do it. Jennifer could see his pants bulging out. She couldn't resist putting her hand on it, squeezing to get a feel for its size. Sarah had been right!

That was all Jerry needed. He moved his hand to her crotch and ... The door opened!


Marlene came in with two guys. She quickly evaluated the situation. "Hi, Honey. Hello Jennifer, it's so nice seeing you again. I'm glad you could make it. You two getting in the mood already?"

Startled but satisfied that Sarah had told the truth about its size, Jennifer quickly removed her hand from Jerry's cock. She felt a need to say something, "Hello, Mrs. Malone."

"We're all set up," Jerry reported keeping his hand firmly pressed into her crotch, "Jennifer helped."

Marlene introduced the two guys as Ramone, a short, thick, Hispanic, and Ryan, a big guy in his mid twenties. "Sarah and Sally are directing the rest of the group to the house. They should be here soon."

She had scarcely completed the sentence when two cars pulled into the driveway. Sarah, Sally, another girl, and two more guys got out. In the house Marlene introduced the girl as Eva. She was a strikingly beautiful redhead with ample breasts and a fabulous figure. Jerry was surprised to hear she had gotten only second place in the amateur stripping contest. He would have picked her over any woman he knew. Especially if he could get between those long, shapely legs!

The guys were Derek and Jay. Jay was close to 40, thin and wiry. Derek was short and stocky. He had gone to high school with Sally and Sarah.

Jerry described the bedding arrangements, "Jennifer and I have selected some games. One to undress with and one to provide pairing and sexual activities. I'm not sure exactly how the sex will play out but the master bedroom is for Marlene or me. Sarah will use her bed. The others are first come first served."

"Jennifer came up with the undressing game so I'll let her describe it and we'll begin."

Jennifer began, "Each of us turns over a card from the top of the deck. If two people have matching ranks then the one with the higher suit removes an item of clothing from the one with the lower suit."

"Suits don't have value," Ryan interjected.

"Bridge ranking: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs."

"What if three cards match?" "Or four?"

"Highest removes item from next highest, second highest from third highest."

"One other thing," she said. "After removing the item of clothing you have to kiss the other on some exposed part of their body."

"what about lips?"

"Lips are okay. Your head is part of your body."

Ryan pointed out, "I could match another guy. What about that."

"Guys have to kiss the guys, girls have to kiss the girls."

"Can't we change that?"

"If the group wants."

In a quick poll all the women wanted to keep the rule and all the guys wanted it to change.

"Stalemate," Jerry Malone said and changed his vote to match the women.

Ryan had been thinking that since it involved the guys, the guys' vote should count for more. He glared at Jerry as Jennifer stated, "Ok, it's settled. We keep the rule." She shuffled the deck and dealt the first round face-up.

A single match had Ramone removing Marlene's sandal. He kissed her foot repeatedly.

"You have a foot fetish?" Jay asked.

The second round resulted in a three way match. Derek removed Marlene's other sandal and kissed that foot.

By chance, Ramone was the last in the three way match and Marlene removed his work boot.

"No socks, Ramone?" she asked as the boot came off, revealing a bare foot. But she didn't kiss the foot. Instead she grabbed his head and planted a firm kiss on his lips, working his lips open with her tongue.

Startled at first, Ramone recovered and his tongue pushed back and into her mouth.

"Hey! save some for later," Derek joked.

The first guy on guy match came in the third round and Ramone removed Jerry's shoe. He gave Jerry a quick peck on the cheek. "Hey, give him more," Marlene chided. "You guys have to get into this!"

Ramone managed to get his nerve up to kiss Jerry repeatedly on the neck.

The third round also resulted in the first girl on girl match and after Jennifer had removed Sally's shoe she gave her a firm kiss on the lips. Sally responded in kind.

Ramone found himself once again removing a guy's shoe. Getting more into the swing of things he surprised Jerry with a long kiss on his lips. Jerry, being used to sexual experimentation had done this before and kissed back. Ryan whistled.

Play continued as Jennifer handed the deck to Jerry after the first five rounds had exhausted the deck. Each round resulted in two or three matches. Ramone seemed to be frequently involved and on the tenth round as Jerry finished out the deck, Eva had high suit in another match with Ramon.

She unzipped his jeans and a thick, circumsized, partially erect cock popped out. "OH!" Eva exclaimed, not expecting that.

"Commando, huh?" Ryan joked.

Eva removed the jeans, leaving Ramone sitting naked. She knew there was only one thing to kiss and grabbed his balls, brought her lips to the thick penis and engulfed it. The others cheered her action. She swirled her tongue around the shaft, feeling it expand and stiffen. It pushed into her throat and she slowly pulled back and let it pop out, now almost fully erect, a 6 inch long and almost two inch in diameter shaft of man flesh. Sally looked at it in envy.

Six rounds later, Eva won a match with Marlene and removed her final item of clothes, the G-string she had kept on after the night at the club. Eva looked at the fleshy outer lips and the slit between them. She dove in, found the clit with her tongue and began licking. Marlene gasped and jerked her hips forward. Eva sucked the hardened nub into her mouth and let it pop out as she pulled away.

Marlene and Ramone had eyes for each other all evening and had been sitting next to each other. Now that they were both naked, Marlene began stroking Ramone's most intimate parts. Ramone took a furtive look at Jerry to see his reaction to his wife's action. Deciding Jerry was fine with it, Ramon began playing with Marlene's breasts and as the game went on had his finger embedded almost constantly in her moist womanhood.

Ryan was the next to be naked as Marlene pulled off his boxers. Ryan was a big guy but his penis was only 4 inches long and less than an inch in diameter. Marlene sucked it fully into her mouth before releasing it and resuming her ministrations to Ramone.

Jay won matches a couple of times with Ramone and with the first match gave him what had become the "traditional" neck kiss. But the second time he sucked Ramone's thick penis into his mouth. That opened up the guy on guy activity for the rest of the game.

Sally won a match with her best friend, Sarah. She pulled off Sarah's G-string to reveal a slit almost identical to her mother's except that Sarah's was completely shaved. Sally and Sarah were both nymphomaniacs and had spent time together naked both fucking guys and bringing each other off. Sally knew what Sarah liked and nibbled at her ear bringing a shudder of excitation and raising goosebumps over her entire body. Sarah felt obliged to return the action with a kiss.

But then the honor turned twice to Derek, As luck would have it, both times he was removing another guy's briefs. The first time it was Jerry revealing his substantial 8 incher with its pendulous testicles. He hesitated and then following Ramon's example sucked as much of it as he could into his mouth.

The second time it was Jay and Derek sucked his co-workers average sized cock without hesitation.

Only two rounds later Derek had the pleasure of Eva pulling down his briefs and deep throating his cock as it popped free.

Then Marlene, with the guys looking on jealously, removed the panties of Eva and Jennifer. Eva, with rose pink aureoles, her neatly trimmed fire-crotch, small major labia and large minor labia had been seen by all the guys but Jerry since she was in the amateur contest at the strip club. Jerry looked in admiration at the tall, beautifully proportioned red-head. He had been most anxious to be fucking Jennifer but now wasn't so sure.

A couple of rounds later Marlene pulled off Jennifer's panties. She had black pubic hair that had been shaved for a bikini and the dark hair covered her crotch making it difficult to see her vulva. But there was no doubt that her appearance was on a par with the redhead's.

At that point only Sally was still clothed and she wore everything except her shoes. She had matched cards several times but had always had the higher ranking suit. She had removed Sarah's and Eva's bras and suckled at their breasts. She had had an opportunity to have Ramone and Ryan's cocks in her mouth but had been on the losing side only twice. The others began kidding her and feeling anxious to have this portion of the evening over. Jerry was thinking about suggesting they just have high card remove the next item of Sally's clothes so they could get on with the sex.

Then Sally started losing. Every other round or so she lost an item of clothing. Derek removed her right sock. Eva removed her left sock. Ramone removed her blouse. She didn't wear a bra and that reveled her huge, half inch long erect nipples. Ramone sucked away at them and had to be shouted away. Marlene removed her skirt. Ramone removed her panties to expose her huge major labia nestled in the gap between her thighs and the delicate flaps which always peeked out from her slit. Again the group had to shout at him to get his head from between her legs.


Now that everyone was naked Jerry picked up his cell phone and explained the app he had found. The group vetoed any homosexual activities, having gotten over the novelty of it during the undressing exercise. He entered everyone's name and the foreplay began.

As when Jerry and Jennifer were checking it out the app began by requesting simple kissing and progressed to more and more intimate kissing and touching. At first they had handed the phone to the next person called out in order to enter their number but then decided to have Jerry call out names and enter the numbers so things progressed more rapidly. Sally insisted the numbers were meaningless and so always called out "6". Jerry had a different idea and when the app named him after Jennifer he always entered the number she had called out. Sometimes he called out a different number than the one he entered.

But there seemed to be little difference in the result. Jerry found himself fondling and kissing the various body parts of all the women and he was being kissed and fondled by all of them. The intimacy had increased to a maximum level, every round had couples kissing and touching genitalia. Quick blow jobs and hand jobs, finger fucking and clitoral stimulation were being demanded with both members of a pair doing some activity on the other. Jerry had just finished finger fucking Sally while she fondled his balls when the app alarm signaled the end of the round. Jerry watched with jealousy as Jay pulled his head from between Jennifer's legs and she stopped sucking on his cock. Jerry had had her at his cock and she was fascinated by his balls, unable to restrain herself from playing with them as she sucked. He had also gotten to taste her clean but salty womanhood. She had put some kind of melon scent on and it permeated his nostrils as he worked on her. He wanted more of that.

For her part Jennifer had been lusting after Jerry since she had found him alone in the house preparing for the party. She had wanted him since Sarah had encouraged cheerleading squad members to expose themselves to him so they could watch his penis tent out his slacks. Now that she had seen it she was anxious to feel that cock inside her and those pendulous balls slapping against her butt or clit depending on position.

Jerry looked at the screen to see whose number was requested, "Hey! It's asking if we want 'The Primary Pairing'."

"What's that?" several people asked.

Jennifer had found the brochure about the app and checked it out. She responded, "It's described as a foreplay and pairing app. I think it's going to suggest couples for sex."

"Let's see," was the general consensus.

Jerry tapped at the "YES" icon and read off the first pairing, "Marlene and Ramone." Everyone was surprised at the choice, Marlene and Ramone had clearly had the hots for each other since they had met at the club. "how did it know that?" Sally gasped out, realizing in the back of her mind that the number picks may not have been entirely meaningless.

"Do you want our bed?" he asked Marlene.

"No, the air mattress," she responded. Then she smiled at Ramone. "Bouncier," she offered as an explanation.

Jerry continued, "Eva and Derek." Jerry had a pang of jealousy as did the other guys, excepting Derek who beamed. Eva was happy too. She wondered inside how the app had managed to pick the guy she wanted most.

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