tagLoving WivesSally's Anal Buddy

Sally's Anal Buddy

byJust Plain Bob©

It can be quite a blow to your ego when you find out just how dumb you really are. Then again maybe I'm not being fair with myself in using dumb as a description instead of words like unobservant or gullible. I just found out that my wife is fucking around on me and has been for quite some time and I'd not had an inkling of it.

It was only by accident that I found out that Sally has been fucking around on me and I do mean by accident - literally. Sally is an executive in a small electronics firm and one of her perks is a company car. I drive a pick up as my personal vehicle and one day Sally asked me if I would let her use the truck. One of the corporations branch office was in a building that had just been sold and the new owners were not going to renew her corporations lease. Sally needed the pick up to move things and she had gotten permission to let me drive her company car. As a sweetener they also let me use her company credit card for gas for as long as they needed the truck.

I had stopped at the local Safeway on the way home and when I came out of the store I found a crowd around the car. While I'd been inside a couple of teenagers had hit the car and had then attempted to run, but some people had seen it happen, had stopped them, and had called the police. When the dust had settled I was left with a crushed rear fender and a flat tire. I opened the truck and got out the tire iron, which I used to pry the fender off the flat tire, and then I put the spare tire on. I looked for a rag in the trunk to clean my hand, but I couldn't find one. I did find an over night bag and I opened it hoping to find something that I could use. What I found were two pair of high heels, some sexy lingerie and a carton of condoms. I also found an envelope that contained several pictures of a naked Sally and two pictures of Sally having sex with someone. The man's head was not in the photos so I had no idea who it could be.

To say I was upset wouldn't even be close to what I felt. Actually murderous rage would just about cover it. The pictures were dated on the back and according to the dates Sally had been fucking around on me for over seven years. Seven years! Almost the entire time of our marriage. How in the hell could that happen without me noticing something that would make me suspicious? I must have had my head up my ass. Now the question was "what to do about it."

Knowing definitely presented me with more problems than only suspecting. Should I confront her with what I'd found in the trunk or should I dig a little deeper and come up with more information before I faced her. For that matter did I want to confront her at all? A confrontation would have a major effect on our marriage, possibly even leading to a divorce. Did I really want that? We had a good marriage, or at least I thought we did. I certainly hadn't detected any loss of affection over the seven years we had been married and she had been fucking someone else. Our sex life hadn't suffered. In fact, as far as a sex life was concerned mine was definitely a whole lot better than the sex life of many of my friends. Most of them were always whining about only getting laid on the average of twice a week, but Sally was still jumping my bones five and six times a week. I decided that I'd better find out more about what was going on before I did anything. The first thing I needed to do was find out who, how, when and where. The why could come later, after I knew more. That night I told Sally about the accident, but said nothing about what I'd found in the trunk.


I'm salaried and while I put in a good deal more than forty hours a week I don't get paid overtime. I do, however, get comp time for my extra hours. I had about two weeks coming to me and the next day at work I arranged to take five days off. Monday morning I left the house at my usual time, drove to where I could watch the house and settled in to wait. About twenty minutes later Sally came out, got in her car and drove off. I followed her all the way to work and then I found a place where I could park and watch her car. It was the most boring eight and a half hours of my life. Several times I almost nodded off, but I always caught myself. At five fifteen Sally came out, got in her car and drove home. At dinner that night I kept waiting for Sally to ask me why I had followed her to work, or why I had sat all day and watched her place of employment and then followed her home, but she never mentioned it.

The next two days were the same as Monday and I began to think that if something didn't happen soon I might have to hire a private detective. I had more comp time coming, but I couldn't afford to take that much time off work especially at that time of the year - it was my company's busy season. Ten minutes into Thursday's surveillance it was obvious that that something different was going to happen that day. Instead of turning right to go to work she turned left. I made the turn after her and followed her. She turned into the parking lot of the Shangri-La Motel and went into the office. A few minutes later she came out and drove down to the end of the building and parked. She got out of her car, got her overnight bag out of the trunk of the car and then went into unit 116. Five minutes later she came back out, got in her car and drove away. I found a place where I could park and keep an eye on 116 and I sat back and waited. Since Sally rarely came home late I didn't figure that I would have to sit there until five-thirty and I was right. At one-thirty Sally pulled up in front of 116 and went inside. Ten minutes later a Ford F-350 that I knew very well pulled up beside Sally's car and parked. The door to 116 opened and Sally stood there in high heels, nylons and s black bustier as she waited for my best friend to get out of his truck. Once the two of them were inside 116 and the door was closed behind them I started up my truck and drove on home.

I'd known Bobby since the third grade. We grew up three houses from each other and had gone to school together all the way through college. It was Bobby who had introduced me to Sally during our junior year at Michigan State. He had dated her for a while, but when he got serious and asked d Sally to marry him she told him that she wasn't interested in a long-term relationship with him. Not long after that he had introduced me to her. After just being friends for a while I asked her out, she accepted and soon after that I was somewhat surprised to find myself in a torrid relationship that was still going strong a year and a half out of college. It was a relationship that I was very comfortable with and remembering what had happened to Bobby when he proposed I kept my mouth shut. That is I kept it shut until the day she told me to shit or get off the pot.

"If you don't ever intend to marry me you need to tell me now so I can get on with my life."

The wedding took place the following June and Bobby was my best man.


At home I sat in front of the TV and channel surfed, not because I was looking for something to watch, but because I was trying to keep myself occupied while my mind wrapped itself around Bobby's betrayal and Sally's infidelity. I spent the entire afternoon trying to decide how to bring up the subject and what to do about it. In the end bringing up the subject was no problem - Sally did it - but I was still left with the what to do about it part. Sally got home at her usual time and made no comment about my beating her home. She got busy in the kitchen and fixed dinner and then we sat down to eat. Dinner was a very quiet affair and it wasn't until I started to clear the table that Sally spoke:

"Now that you know what are you going to do?"

I looked at her and she said, "Don't quit your day job sweetie, you won't make it as a detective. I've watched you following me all week. I'd been expecting it ever since I saw the dirty hand print on my over night bag when I got the flat fixed on Saturday. I could have skipped my meeting with Bobby today and waited until you weren't following me any more, but I'm tired of hiding it and sneaking around behind your back."

I was a bit taken back by her bluntness and didn't know what to say so I just put the dirty dishes in the sink and walked out of the kitchen. She followed me and said:

"That's it? You just walk away?"

I turned to face her, "Just what do you want me to do? Want me to slap you around and call you an unfaithful, cheating whore? Maybe I should grab my shotgun and go after that asshole who is supposed to be my best friend. Is that what you want? You want me to be like most other men who find out that their marriages are just a fucking sham? Sorry Sally, I'm just not built that way" and I turned away from her and headed for the bathroom.

I was undressing to take a shower when she came in and asked, "Don't you even want to know why?"

I shook my head no and said that it didn't matter. I was surprised at the anger in her voice when she said:

"Of course it matters damn it. Do you think I have been pretending to love you all these years? Do you think I don't care about you and our marriage? Of course I do."

I made no reply, I just got in the shower and pulled the curtain closed. I had just started shampooing my hair when the curtain slid back and a naked Sally got into the shower with me. She didn't say a word, just grabbed the bar of soap and started to wash my cock. The traitorous thing began to rise and Sally said:

"I see that not all of you hates me" and she went to her knees in front of me and started to suck my cock.

I might have been mad, but I was also only human and I responded to her hot mouth being wrapped around me. I put my hands on the back of her head and began to fuck her face and she pulled away from me and turned around. She bent forward and put her hands on the wall and I knew what she wanted and I slid my cock in her from behind. It was only after I was in her and had started fucking her that I realized that I had slid into her so easily because I was getting sloppy seconds. As fast as that thought came to me I remembered the condoms. If I wasn't sliding in Bobby's cum, what was I sliding in? Was she so hot to fuck me that her own juices were running like water out of a faucet? I didn't know and at that exact instant I didn't care. All I wanted to do was get myself off and to that end I fucked Sally as hard and as fast as I could. When I finally came and my dick got soft Sally turned around and went back to soaping my cock:

"You know you love my mouth on your cock and you know you love fucking me. Are you really willing to throw all that away rather than talk to me?"

While she was talking her hands were busy with my cock and it started to get hard again. I turned the water off, opened the shower curtain and got out of the tub. I picked Sally up and carried her over to the bed and threw her down on it. She was smiling up at me as I pushed her legs apart.

"That's it baby, that's it. Fuck me baby, fuck me."

When it was over I collapsed on the bed next to Sally and after I had caught my breath I asked "Why? Why did you do it to me?"

Sally rolled up onto her elbow and looked into my eyes, "Because he does something for me that you can't."

I looked at her and waited for her to tell me something like "He has a bigger cock that you, way bigger" or "His tongue is really long", but what she said was a total surprise.

"You don't know, mostly because I won't let you do it, how much I get off when I'm fucked in my ass. I won't let you do me there because your cock is just too damned big and fat. The three times we tried back when we were first married, you tore me and caused me an awful lot of pain and I bled for days. Bobby's cock isn't any longer than yours, but it is really skinny. It isn't any bigger around than your middle finger and it fits into my ass just fine. That's all he does for me sweetie, honest. I don't suck his dick and I don't let him fuck me anywhere except in my ass. My mouth and pussy belong to you sweetie, my ass would too if you weren't so damned big."

It took me a moment or two to think on that. I remembered how much pain I caused her when we first tried anal sex and I remembered her bleeding for days afterward, but I never knew that she loved being fucked anally.

"How long has it been going on?"

"Long before I met you sweetie. I've never really stopped. The reason Bobby and I broke up was because his cock couldn't satisfy me anywhere but in my ass, but when he was up my butt he could really ring my chimes. We stopped seeing each other when you and I got married, but up until the week of the wedding he fucked my butt three or four times a month. I didn't start seeing him again until I found out that I couldn't handle you in my ass. One day I ran into him at Sam's Club, we started talking, and an hour later we were in a motel and he was pounding me in my ass and I've been seeing him about once a week ever since. Honest to god sweetie, I love you to death and I don't want to be married to any body but you, but I love anal sex and you can't help me there. I'm not giving Bobby anything except what I physically can't give you. Please sweetie, please say you understand. Say you don't hate me."

Through the crack between the bedroom door and the door frame I watched as Bobby slowly pushed his cock up Sally's poop chute. She was on her knees with her head on a pillow and her face turned toward me, and she winked and blew me a kiss just before crying out, "Oh God yes Bobby. It feels so good baby, fuck my ass baby, fuck my ass."

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