tagFetishSally's Ch. 02

Sally's Ch. 02


This should be read as a series, but sometimes series can be very time consuming, so here is a bit of a summary in case you didn't read Part I. If you did read it, jump to the text just after the stars.

As always, feedback and requests are appreciated. Please vote too—5's are very much desired. As they say in Chicago---vote early and often. Illinois---where your former governor will make your license plate! (The last three are all convicted!)


After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today's sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally's---a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim---a close friend of Olivia's, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.


We were now a complete mess, but there was a bond building between us. We knew there was so much more to come. Olivia kissed me gently and said, "Let's go back to my place."

My smile was the only reply necessary. I knew Olivia was correct. We did share many of the same interests and I was sure we were going to find out just how many shared interests there were."

....to be continued

We put ourselves and the booth back together. If no one paid attention to us, we'd be able to just walk out. So much for that idea.

Pulling back the curtain there stood Kim with a look of deep lust. It was obvious she knew what we did. She probably watched it all too.

With a desperate, almost pleading voice Kim begged, "I'd like to come over after my shift tonight?"

Olivia looked at her and then to me. Even though I wanted to spend time exploring Olivia, the thought of having Kim join us was enticing. Taking my hand Olivia gave Kim a sultry, sassy look as we started for the door. Kim stood there with a hurt look about her.

The devilish grin Olivia wore told me she knew Kim was watching. The way her hips swayed sent a message of things to come. I opened the door for us and Olivia made a sexy turn and looked back at Kim.

"See you when you're done."

Kim's look went from disappointment to delight. Olivia blew Kim a kiss and threw her the car keys. Turning towards me, she told me it was going to be a long night. Obviously I was driving.

On the way, Olivia said she told the office we were out for the rest of the week visiting customers. It wasn't uncommon for her to travel with the District Sales Managers, so no one would be suspicious. As it only Wednesday night, if things went right, we'd have four days and five nights together before needing to be back in the office. This had to be a dream.

Olivia's place was thirty minutes away and we spent the time chatting about Sally's. She really liked it because everyone was different had had unique interests. "We'll go back tomorrow night. Thursdays are really jumping." Olivia only mentioned Kim's name once saying I will really like her.

Following Olivia's directions, I pulled onto a lane between some fencing. The full moon illuminated the curvy, tree lined way. It led to the front turn-about of a rather large, two story estate house. Sensing my thoughts, Olivia nonchalantly explained she came from money.

Her place was huge and I half expected servants. Again, Olivia was a step ahead of me saying she lived there alone because of her lifestyle interests. I wasn't completely sure what she meant but I knew I was going to find out.

Putting the car in park, Olivia leaned over and kissed me tenderly and then gave my lips a quick lick with her tongue. "Let's go inside and get out of these wet things and into something more comfortable." A few thoughts raced into my mind. Olivia seductively placed a finger on lips and said, "Dirty boy."

We both laughed and I got out of the car and opened Olivia's door. Offering my hand, Olivia accepted it and swung her legs out of the car. She had already unzipped her pants and the light of the moon sparkled off of her wet pussy. Standing she pulled me to her and took me with deep kiss.

She literally wrapped her legs around mine as she began to moan. Without warning a torrent of her nectar began to soak through my pants and flow down my stocking clad legs. The shock of Olivia pissing on me triggered my bladder and we drenched ourselves in our golden fluids while our tongues danced in each other's mouth.

Empty, we headed toward the front door. Olivia told me to strip as she had already started. "Leave your clothes on the bench. It will tell Kim how to dress for our little party."

My cock was thickening as we stripped. Both of us watched the other; voyeurs in the night. Olivia's creamy white skin was even more pronounced by the full moon. Her body was that of a well maintained middle aged woman—a bit fuller---but still very nice.

She was free of markings with the exception of the bars piercing each nipple. Her breasts were indeed B cups as I thought. Each nipple was about three quarters of an inch long and nearly as thick. She had no areolas to speak of; Olivia was all nipples.

I was becoming very aroused. Olivia told me to leave my stockings and panties on top of my clothes; again for Kim's benefit. As I stepped out of my lingerie, Olivia took hold of my cock and kissed....no...bit my lip hissing, "I've got plenty inside for you to wear."

Olivia unlocked the door and we entered. "I'll give you the quick tour...there is so much too see." Olivia went to a master switch panel and the house came alive; bathed in soft lighting

Her place was gorgeous. The foyer was white marble and cool on my bare feet. It felt good and produced goose bumps all over on my body. Olivia's body did the same and her nipples grew a bit larger....so hot....

There was a center stair case leading to the next level. A number of rooms were on either side of the foyer and a hall led to the back of the house. Olivia took us to the back with a flick of her wrist and the word, "Kitchen." I watched her full, firm ass sway and couldn't believe I was with such a Goddess.

Passing the formal dining room on the way, something seemed odd about it but those thoughts left as we entered a massive kitchen. The back wall was all glass and provided a magnificent view of good sized pool area as well as a manicured, expansive yard. Trees surrounded the estate and Olivia told me it was completely private except for some wild life. She winked on the phrase wild life.

Olivia poured two tall glasses of water and added a slice of lemon to each Handing me one she clinked my glass and drank a good portion. She refilled hers back up and I followed suit. We were both very thirsty. Olivia commented that this was the most normal room in the house.

"Not everything has to be kinky," she said as we started our tour again.

The first room we went to was the formal dining room. She turned up the lights a bit and I could see what caught my attention. "This is my Flogging room."

The floors were hardwood and the walls a rich burgundy. It had an elegant and aristocratic ambience. Long, graceful chandeliers ran the length of the room.

The dining room table had place settings for ten on each side with a master place setting at the head of the table closest to the entry. The other end did not have a place setting but a rather large, throne like chair.

The place settings were not the typical silver and china. Each was an array of leather floggers with various clips, clamps and other implements of pain and pleasure.

The chairs at each place were unique also. Each had arm, wrist, and ankle straps attached to them. The seat was open giving it a toilet like appearance. My cock jumped a bit. Olivia noticed.

Each wall had four well appointed St. Andrews crosses and larger more ominous trappings accented them. Olivia went back to the control panel and the room filled with the moans of past floggings. The sound of leather on skin followed by a whimper, a cry, and the voices of Masters, Mistresses, and slaves filled the room. The volume was perfect; everything in the background while still being able to converse at a normal level.

We went to the far end to look at the throne. It was placed about eight feet from the table and there was no place setting in front of it. However, there were writs cuffs dangling from the end and an ankle spreader on the floor connected to the table.

"This is the Head Master's or Head Mistresses throne. Each night there is activity in this room, one of the players is appointed to be in charge. They rule all play and can take anyone they desire for any purpose they see fit. It is quite erotic. One moment you may be flogging someone and the ruler decides, yours is the ass to be flogged. Turn about is so unfair and kinky."

Olivia sat in the chair and gave me a knowing look. "It appears I am the Head Mistresses tonight."

I was speechless as Olivia let out a deep and evil laugh. The background moans produced a heady aura in the room. The sins of floggings past were still alive.

"Take hold of the table and prepare yourself slave."

Olivia stood, snapped her fingers and pointed to the end of the table. "NOW!" she commanded. My pulse quickened and my cocked stiffened. This change in attitude took me very much by surprise.

Turning to the table, I did as Olivia had instructed. As she fastened me in position she played with my body and gave me the rules of engagement.

"Whenever we are in this room, we will address each other as Mistress, Master or slave. Our roles will change depending on the mood du jour. I enjoy receiving a flogging as much as I enjoy giving one. Do you understand, slave Bradley?"

My reply was a bit delayed and incorrect, "I understand."

Crack.....the sting of Olivia's hand across my face startled me. She grabbed my face by the cheeks and turned me to face her. Her eyes were torches and I could sense the power.


She released my face and lowered her voice, "Let's try this again. Do you understand, slave Bradley?"

"I understand Mistress Olivia." My voice was sure, but humble.

"Good, now let me gather a few suitable instruments."

I watched Mistress Olivia select a leather flogger. Dragging the straps across her own breast, she gave a few knowing moans. She acted as if I wasn't there. The flogger handle had a leather ball on it and she slowly flicked her nipples a few times with it before bringing it to her mouth and fellating it.

Mistress then proceeded to suck and lick the entire handle as if it were a cock. After a few licks she looked at me and gave a teasing laugh as she set the flogger to the side. "Oh how I love to suck cock. From the looks of yours, I bet you wish I would come right over there to suck you off; don't you."

A trick question for sure. A 'Yes' meant arrogance and assumptive thinking on my part; while a 'No' meant it really wouldn't happen. I was trained well.

"Mistress, I am here for your pleasure. Do with me as you please."

Mistress Olivia smiled and began the process of selecting clips for my nipples. Each type she lustfully tried on herself first. She finally settled on black, rubber coated clothes pins, adorning her own breasts with them. Four surrounded each nipples and one was firmly clamped onto the nipple itself. She moaned in the pleasure each produced as it clamped onto her skin.

Armed with the flogger and a like number of clothes pins, Mistress Olivia approached and wedged herself between my body and the table sitting on the its edge. She was in position to take my tongue or my cock into her pussy if she desired. I knew better.

Mistress Olivia took one of my nipples in each hand and began to tease them. The impact on my cock was quite apparent. Seeing this, Mistress pinched each between her red painted nails sending waves of pleasure and pain through me. She twisted each causing my knees to buckle slightly.

My moans pleased her and she applied the pins in the same pattern she wore. Mistress took her fingers and began to flick the pin attached to the nipple. The feeling was wonderful, painful pleasure.

"I am so pleased you love pain, slave Bradley. It turns me on to know I can do anything to you."

Mistress started rubbing her mound and growing her clit to cock like proportions. She dipped her fingers into her pussy and offered her juices to my eager mouth. I licked and cleaned each of her coated fingers.

Satisfied, Mistress Olivia moved from the table, by sliding down my body, under the table and around. On the way, she did take the head of my cock in her mouth and give it a few slutty sucks. I didn't want her to stop.

Positioned behind me, Mistress Olivia told me her to use simple English as safe words. "A good Mistress or Master will always honor their slave's limits."

The flogging started slowly, the straps falling with a rhythm across my back and ass. Mistress' tempo built and I could feel the heat on my skin from the straps. She played me well; my body craved each snap of the strap. We were in heaven because I never used a safe word. Our limits and styles were absolutely in synch.

When my legs began quivering from her lashes, Mistress Olivia stopped and used other methods on my body. She would alternate gliding her smooth hands over my reddened back and ass, to dragging her sharp nails over the same areas. This sent uncontrolled spasms through me.

Mistress moved her attention. Crouching beside me she flicked the pins on my nipples back and forth. Her comment about having them pierced to look like hers started a little flow of precum. Mistress Olivia cooed happily and collected it onto her finger tips.

"Taste," she whispered bringing one finger to my mouth. My tongue extended for the droplets. "Does slave like to eat his cum?"

The question was rhetorical as I took her whole finger into my mouth and sucked it as a cock. A sultry and enlightened 'hmmmm' came from Mistress. "Not only does my slave like to eat his cum, but I believe he likes to suck cock too."

With those words my mind drifted to the glory holes of video booths; the T-girls in various cities; as well as to a couple of the gay bars visited. I did love to suck cock. It took awhile to develop a liking for cum; but desire is a strong motivator.

Mistress Olivia fucked my mouth with each of her fingers. I let no drop go to waste as my saliva cleaned and recoated her digits. As I sucked she caressed my cock and balls with the handle of her flogger and ran the leather ball over my asshole.

"Has slave Bradley ever been fucked in the ass?" This question called for an answer.

"Yes, Mistress Olivia. Often."

"I see." She feigned surprise. "Has slave Bradley ever taken a real cock up his ass?'

Again my reply was simple. "Yes, Mistress Olivia. Often."

This did have an impact on her. She dropped the flogger and pushed her fingers into her pussy. Her clit was now huge and the squishing sound of her fingers fucking her own cunt was taking us both to higher levels of desire.

Moving behind me she took her pussy soaked hand and started to rub her juice around my asshole. I could fee its thickness as she worked it into my bud. With each application, Mistress' finger probed my hole a bit more until it finally broke through. I never wanted it to stop. Being taken up the ass is one of life's greatest pleasures for me. Mistress did eventually stop but only after she had buried each of her fingers deep into my ass.

Mistress Olivia then went back to the painful pleasures; this time on the front. Mistress undid my bindings, turned me around and then reconnected them. The flogger was replaced by a single flap riding crop. The targets were my cock and the clothes pins on my nipples.

One by one, Mistress slapped away the pins surrounding my nipples. The pain was searing at times, depending on the trajectory of the crop and the amount of twisting the pins went through as they were hit. I took it all knowing there were only ten. For each clip removed, my cock received a slap from the crop. I must admit, Mistress was careful not to damage the goods.

Two clips remained; the ones directly on the nipples. Mistress Olivia placed the crop on the table and stood a few feet from me; hands on her hips and legs spread. She was glowing in her arousal. The inside of her thighs glistened in the light of the room. Mistress spoke about the next steps.

"Slave Bradley, you responded admirably. You took what I gave, and I trust you learned. Soon it will be your turn to flog me as I will become your slave and you become my Master. Treat me as I have treated you."

As she spoke she removed each of the four clips surrounding her nipples. Her eyes never left mine in the process. She went on.

"I am going to remove your bindings and together we will remove the final clips from our tender nipples. I want you to do as instructed. We will reach out together and on a three count quickly remove both clips. We will then push each nipple into its breast; massaging it for a few seconds until the pain subsides. Our mouths will know what to do."

Mistress Olivia removed the bindings and we stood face to face. Our hands were in position and per her directions the three count began. The pain was shocking and the massaging did help relive it. Our mouths went to each others and the kiss when deep, passionate, and loving...yes loving.

Let's go see the rest of the house. Olivia took me by the hand and led me out the door, diming the lights and fading out the background moans from the control panel. As we moved to the next room, the front door opened and a completely naked Kim sashayed into the foyer.

I was correct about her hair being able to go from work to play with the removal of one hair band. She was beautiful. Her breasts were larger than Olivia's, a smaller C I guessed. The areolas were darker and she too had thick pierced nipples—with the same bar Olivia wore. I knew then this would be the same bar I would wear at some point in the very near future.

Kim's legs were long and they blended perfectly into her tear dropped ass. She was probably ten years younger than Olivia and hadn't gone through the birthing process. There was a good reason for this; a thickening cock adorned her body much the same as mine, but infinitely more erotic.

Olivia glanced at me for my reaction. My cock said it all. Olivia whispered in my ear, "It's why I asked about sucking cock and being fucked in the ass. Kim is so hot; I knew you'd like her but I had to make sure."

We all met in the middle of the foyer, exchanging very lusty and sloppy kisses while our hands touched, fondled, squeezed, and pinched whatever they came in contact with. I made sure Kim knew I loved her cock. She showed me how much she loved mine by falling to her knees and moving into a wanton blow job. I could have cum right on the spot, but Olivia broke things up by saying "Where's mine?"

Kim shifted from my cock to Olivia's protruding clit and began licking and sucking it. Olivia steadied herself on my arm. She wore a glazed, almost crying look of pleasure. Kim was an expert and knew exactly how to get Olivia off. I was taking mental notes.

Olivia fell into my arms placing her hands in Kim's long blonde hair. With one loud, quaking moan, Olivia came. I held her for a few moments and she quickly recovered. She then pulled Kim to her feet and began to lick her own juices from her face. Olivia gave me a side glance and I knew what was expected.

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