tagLoving WivesSally's Cheating Ways Ch. 4

Sally's Cheating Ways Ch. 4


When I arrived at work I headed straight for my office and spent the next three hours thinking about my wife, about what she might be getting up to in a few short hours. Every so often I would find myself with an erection, and had to resist the urge to pull it out and masturbate right there and then.

Every so often I would look out the window onto the Sales floor, idly waiting for the party to start so I could get Steve to tell me what had really happened with Sally. At one point in the morning I even considered calling him into my office to ask him straight out. I was desperate to lay my mind at rest, whatever the outcome, but somehow I managed to stop myself. After all discussing something of that nature is of course permissible at a social occasion, but unlikely to be something you want to talk about with your boss in his office during working hours. He had no idea that Sally was my wife, and I’m sure it would have looked strange if I had expressed too obvious an interest.

The party was scheduled to start at 3pm, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I walked out into the main office and told everyone to stop working and start drinking. A small cheer rang out as I opened up a bottle of champagne, the cork hitting the ceiling with a loud pop. Jim rushed over with two glasses, and when they were filled he gave one each to Mina and Kelly, who were the only ladies present. Jim isn’t normally the gentlemanly type, so I can only presume he planned to get them as drunk as possible, in the hope that they might get a little raunchy.

Mina was wearing her usual short skirt and tight sweater combination. All the guys in the office fancied her like mad and were constantly chatting her up and getting nowhere. Kelly was a different story. Not that the guys ever got anywhere with her, simply that they never bothered chatting her up. She always wore loose fitting dresses, and though her figure was very shapely, it was hard to tell unless you looked closely. She was attractive but also very innocent, and any flirtatious comments men made to her seemed to go right over her head.

There were seven of us in all in my department, and I opened another bottle of champagne, so that each of us could have a glass. When both bottles were empty, the guys began to drink beer, while the girls had some white wine. I kept as close to Steve as I could, encouraging him to drink more and more, in the hope that it would loosen his tongue when I got the chance to speak to him privately. Unfortunately, every time I attempted to broach the subject, Jim would suddenly interject with some stupid joke or other, and Steve would laugh and lose track of what I was saying.

I noticed that Tony and Alan had both been trying to steer the two girls towards the mistletoe that they had put up by the door this morning. They didn’t have the courage to actually ask for a kiss, so they were hoping to snatch one from them, with the mistletoe as excuse. Both girls seemed to be well aware of their ploy however and stayed clear of the door. The two men looked disappointed but things livened up a little when a radio was turned on.

Mina started to sway her hips and sing along, and it wasn’t long before Steve was dancing with her. After a bit of persuasion Jim had Kelly in his arms on the impromptu dance floor as well. I watched as they lightly groped the girls. I would have expected more resistance from Mina and Kelly, but they didn’t make much of an attempt to stop the wandering hands. Even more surprisingly, when Tony and Alan stepped in, the girls allowed them to do the same thing. There was nothing too raunchy, just a gentle fondling of their behinds and the occasional brush of the hand against their breasts. At about four o’clock the music stopped and the news came on, bringing an abrupt end to the dancing. Both the girls drew back into a corner, giggling to themselves.

When the music started again they refused to dance anymore, but weren’t averse to the men chatting them up and flirting outrageously with them. I tried as best I could to join in with the revelry, but I found it incredibly difficult to concentrate. All my thoughts were on my wife and whether her own office party had started yet. Would she be behaving like the girls here? When I couldn’t stand it any longer I walked into my private office and closed the door behind me. I picked up my telephone and dialled Sally’s mobile number. I didn’t want to appear to be checking up on her, but I needed to know what was happening.

“Hi,” I said as breezily as I could. “How’s the party?”

“Hold on a minute,” she said. For a few moments all I could hear was a general hubbub of laughter and conversation. “Well, I’d like to be able to tell you different, but it’s not very exciting. We’re stuck in some pub, drinking as much as possible before we all die of boredom.”

“Sounds like some people are having a laugh anyway.”

“Oh yeah. But that’s not my group. I moved next to another table. Do you think I’d be saying how boring they are while I was with them? Actually, I might well do that after a few more drinks. You know, it was fun teasing you like that this morning, but I tell you, this must be my revenge.”

I could tell from her voice that she’d already had a few. I also knew she was telling the truth. She sounded very bored, something she rarely is when she’s having a drink. These people she worked with must have been seriously dull for her not to be able to liven them up.

“So you’re not going to stay long then?” I asked.

“Probably not. How about you?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m not really in the party mood to be honest.”

We talked on for a few minutes more, and then agreed that I would call her when I found out what time I’d be leaving my office. When I put the phone down I found to my surprise that rather than feeling relieved that nothing was happening at her party, I was disappointed. While I was coming to terms with the fact that I probably enjoyed my wife being a slut, wanted her to be that way even, I still needed to know whether she had ever really fucked another man during our marriage. I sat down and pondered the best way to broach Steve about what had happened at Oakleys.

Suddenly I heard a commotion from the sales office. A small window, high up above the larger one that looked out onto the Sales floor, was open, and allowed me to hear everything that was being said. I looked out to see Mina slapping Jim in the face. Moments later she had her coat on and strode out of the office, swiftly followed by Kelly. The rest of the guys were all laughing at Jim, who held out his hands as if to say, “What did I do?”

“Well done Jim,” said Alan. “Shit, I was on a sure thing with Kelly. Why’d you have to do that?”

“Sure thing? The only sure thing you’ve ever had is your right hand, mate.”

“She was up for it, I’m telling you. God, I’m feeling horny as a toad and you go and get rid of the only girls at the party.”

“Yeah, well. I thought Mina was up for it as well. I guess I was wrong though,” Jim laughed.

“Shit, I thought so too,” said Tony. “Oh bollocks. Do you think it’s worth staying around?”

“Only for the free booze,” replied Jim. “Hell, we may as well finish that off, then we can go down to the strippers bar down the corner.”

“Good idea,” Steve chimed in. “Naked ladies. That’s what Christmas parties are all about.”

“Well. We’ve still got a crate of beer to get through. Let’s get on with it,” Alan said cracking open another bottle.

I didn’t know what had happened out there to make the two girls run off, but I guessed that Jim had gone a little too far with Mina. The guys were obviously all in the mood for a bit of fun, and were very disappointed to be left without any female company. I was just about to leave my office and join them to ask what had happened, when I heard Steve ask the others where I was.

“I don’t know,” Alan answered. “I haven’t seen him since we started dancing. Do you think he sneaked out and went home?”

The others didn’t know where I was either, and I saw Jim step up towards my office door. Before he could reach it I swiftly and silently turned the lock so he couldn’t get in. I had suddenly come up with an idea, a plan to find out more about Sally’s cheating ways, and to pull it off I would need them all to think I wasn’t in the office.

“Well the door’s locked,” Jim said, turning back to the others. “He must have buggered off.”

I quickly picked up my phone and called Sally’s mobile again, hoping she hadn’t lied to me, and that she really was bored out of her mind. When she answered, I asked her if she fancied us meeting for a drink, just the two of us. I told her that I wasn’t really enjoying myself, and if she wasn’t either, we may as well both do something else together. I kept my voice as low as possible so that none of the men in the Sales office could hear that I was still around.

“Yeah, sure,” Sally replied brightly. Her voice was still a little slurred, but now she seemed in much higher spirits.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay?” I asked.

“No. There’s only me and three other girls left anyway. All the guys are off playing pool in the bar next door. Where shall we meet?”

“Um, let me think,” I stalled her for a moment. This was going to be the tricky part. “Listen, do you mind meeting me here, at my office? It wouldn’t look good me leaving the party early, as I’m the boss. But if you come around and pick me up they won’t say anything. Is that all right?”

“I suppose so. Okay then. I know the building, but what floor are you on?”

“It’s the fourth floor. How long will you be?”

“Oh, probably half an hour or so. I’ll have to say my goodbyes and stuff.”

“Okay, honey. I’ll see you soon.”

As soon as she hung up I quickly dialled the number of Alan’s phone in the Sales office. I looked out of the window to watch him as he picked up the receiver.

“Alan? It’s Tom. You aren’t planning on leaving soon are you? Listen, I’m at Mr Johal’s. He called up earlier asking for a meet. He wants to finalise a sale, but he won’t wait until after Christmas, so I had to go over there. I slipped out and got a cab here while you were all dancing. I thought it would only take a few minutes, but it’s taking longer than expected. You know what he’s like. Anyway, the thing is, my wife’s coming over there to pick me up at about five, and I might be a little late. If she gets there before me can you ask her to wait for me? I shouldn’t be too long.”

Alan readily agreed to do as I asked, then put the phone down and told the others where I was.

“So his wife’s coming over is she?” Tony leered. “Has anyone met her? What’s she like? Nice tits I hope.”

Of course Jim and Steve had already met her previously, but they didn’t know that. Yet. All four of them began speculating on her physical attributes, and Jim said that perhaps they might get some use out of the mistletoe after all.

For the next twenty minutes I sat on my desk, nervously drumming my fingers against a notepad, as I waited in anticipation for my wife to arrive. As I waited I listened to the lads outside exchange dirty jokes and stories, as they guzzled more beer down their necks.

When I heard a faint knocking at the outer door I almost jumped out of my skin. This was it. I watched Alan go over to let her in and seconds later I heard her voice.

“Hi. Is Tom around? I’m his wife…”

“Bloody hell. Is that you, Sal?” Jim interrupted.

Sally looked shocked for a moment when she saw who it was. Then she burst out laughing, stepped up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Do you work here?” she asked, and then pulled away as she saw Steve stand up behind him. “Not you as well,” she exclaimed, as she put her arms around him and kissed his cheek as well.

“Quite a reunion,” Tony commented. “I thought you didn’t know each other.”

“We used to work together at Oakleys. It was a couple of years ago wasn’t it, Sal?” Jim winked at Tony behind Sally’s back.

I saw realisation creep into Tony’s face as he cottoned on to why Jim had winked at him. He leered at her, and I was sure he was remembering all the details he had been told about the goings on at that Christmas party. He sidled up to Alan and whispered in his ear. Alan’s wide-eyed reaction made it clear what he had just been told.

“So where’s Tom?” Sally asked.

“He’s had an urgent call to meet a client. He’ll be back soon. Here, have a drink,” Steve said, handing her a bottle of beer.

She opened the bottle, took a swig and eased herself up on to one of the desks. As she sat down her skirt rose high up her thighs. All eyes immediately focussed on her lap, but she made no move to adjust her skirt until they had all had a long look at the tops of her stockings and a couple of inches of her smooth white skin.

Sally, Jim and Steve spent a few minutes telling each other what they’d been doing for the last two years, and talking about the people they used to know at Oakleys. My main worry before she arrived was that Sally might get suspicious when she walked in to the office to find two of the very men who had been at the party that had started the whirlwind of cockteasing and debauchery she had indulged in over the past two weeks. I thought that she might realise it was all a set up, but she seemed to take it for granted, and treated it as one of life’s little coincidences. While they caught up on old times, Alan and Tony paid little attention to the conversation, instead concentrating on ogling my wife and no doubt undressing her with their eyes.

After a while Steve asked Sally why she had come to pick me up.

“Yeah, well, I was at my office party and it was really boring so we agreed to go out somewhere instead.”

“Boring, eh?” Jim winked at her. “I thought you would have livened things up a little. You sure did at that party at Oakleys anyway.”

Sally giggled at him, her eyes darting between Alan and Tony and the two men who had been at Oakleys with her. This was why I had wanted her here. To find out exactly what went on at that party. The only problem might be that she wouldn’t want to reminisce with Alan and Tony there. I waited in anticipation for them to begin talking about what happened.

Sally didn’t answer him, she just stayed silent and I wondered whether I would ever find out what had really gone on. Then Jim walked over to where the mistletoe hung from the ceiling, and beckoned my wife to follow him. Sally was a little unsteady on her feet, having drunk way over her usual limit and finding it particularly difficult to walk in her high heels. As soon as she reached where he was standing, she put one hand on his chest to steady her, and then asked him what he wanted.

“Just a kiss,” he said, pointing up to the mistletoe.

“But I just gave you a kiss when I came in.”

“No, I mean a proper one. As it’s Christmas.” She seemed to ponder the idea for a moment, and then she shrugged and puckered her lips a little, giving her consent. Jim put his arms around her and held her hips as he kissed her deeply, his tongue roaming around inside her mouth. The kiss went on and on, and before long his hands crept down to the bottom of her skirt, lifting it up above her stockings. I watched with ever mounting excitement as one hand reached up and fondled her ass while the other continued to lift the skirt higher. Soon the cheeks of her ass were visible to everyone in the room, and we could see his fingers playing with the material of her thong. I was wondering just how far she would let him go when suddenly she pulled away from him.

“Hey. I never said anything about letting you feel up my ass.”

“So? You didn’t mind when Oliver did that to at the other party, did you?” Jim looked at my wife with a leer. “And you weren’t wearing any underwear then either.”

Sally smiled, but said nothing.

“Is it true then?” Alan asked her. “Jim told us about that party before. Did you really do all those things?”

My wife turned towards him. This was it. What I’d been waiting for the past fortnight. Would she admit what she’d done? Would she go into all the details?

“Well, put it this way. Have you ever known Jim to tell a lie?”

The others all laughed. Jim must have had his reputation even when Sally knew him.

“Come on Sal. You know it’s true.”

“Why? I don’t even know what things you’ve been saying about me. You could have said anything at all. Anyway, I was drunk. I can hardly remember what happened.”

“Do you remember photocopying your bare tits and your ass?”

“Mmm, maybe,” Sally hesitated. I could see now that she was enjoying herself. It wasn’t only me she liked to tease.

“And do you remember showing us the results?”

“It wasn’t my idea. It was Jane’s. Anyway, it was only a bit of fun.”

“So you do remember some of it then,” Tony commented. “You’re right about Jim. He’s a lying bastard. Why don’t you tell us yourself exactly what happened?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed to myself in a whisper. This was exactly what I had planned. I had lured my wife here knowing that the guys couldn’t help but talk about what had happened at that party. Now I was going to hear the true version of events from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Then I would simply call up the office again and tell Sally to meet me somewhere else. Everything had gone so perfectly up to now that it seemed too good to be true. Of course, as it turned out, that’s exactly what it was. It was only in the days that followed that I realised that there had been very little chance of the set up working the way I had planned it.

“Oh, I’m not telling you that,” Sally said to my disappointment.

“Mind if I tell the story then?” asked Steve.

“Well, If you must,” she replied. Her voice was blasé but I could tell that the idea excited her. “At least you’re less likely to exaggerate than Jim.”

Steve then proceeded to tell the story almost exactly as Sally had told it to me. There had been a competition involving the photocopies, then the winner Oliver had kissed and groped all three girls. He had pulled up Sally’s skirt while he kissed her and they had all seen her naked ass. Then Jim had tried to persuade all three girls to take off their clothes so he could check that there hadn’t been any cheating. This was the point in the story where Sally told me that she had left the office, and to my surprise and I must admit, disappointment, Steve concurred with her version of events. He continued on with the story, telling how the other two girls had stripped off and let the other guys fuck them, but I wasn’t really interested. I had found out what I needed to know.

“Why didn’t you stay and join in the fun?” Alan asked my wife when Steve had finished his story.

“What, have sex with them, you mean? Oh no. I didn’t mind photocopying my tits and my ass. That was just a bit of fun. Girls always do it at office parties. Anyway,” she said, changing the subject. “How come there are no women here? Tom told me there were two girls working in this office.”

“Yeah, they were here, but Jim scared them off,” Steve said.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” Sally laughed. “Shame though. I’m sure you could have got them to do the photocopying thing, as you all seem to like that sort of thing.”

“Well, as they’re not here, maybe you can do it,” Tony chimed in.

“Yeah,” said Jim. “Go on Sal. It’ll be like old times.”

“Oh sure. Then you keep the photocopies and pin them up on my husband’s office. I’m sure he’d like that.”

“Would I do something like that?” asked Jim in his most innocent voice.


“Anyway, even if we did show him, which we wouldn’t, how would he know it was you? You do have amazing tits and a lovely ass, if I remember correctly, but nobody could tell from a photocopy that they were yours.”

I could tell from her expression that far from being offended by what he had said, she thought of it as a compliment. She had told me before that when she walked past a building site and men called things out at her, it really excited her. Especially if they made remarks about her body, telling her she had nice tits or sexy legs.

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