tagFetishSally's Rubber Bitch

Sally's Rubber Bitch


I was driving home from doing some work an hour away, and let my mind wander. This is a small part of what those wandering thoughts led me to write. I hope you enjoy it, and that it reaches the people I wrote it for.

My first writing. Ever. please be gentle.

God Bless


Sally was a tease and an Ice Princess, and damn proud of it! That's why no one really cared when they never saw her again.

Walking through the halls of the office where she was the office manager, Sally couldn't help but enjoy the clickety-clack of her stiletto heels on the tile floors. Ever since she started working at The Office, she knew she was going to be the office manager, the workers, in her opinion, were just too weak and stupid compared to her.

She had used her wiles to get to the top of the food chain, and used her glacial stare to make sure everyone stayed in line. With her 5'6" frame and her C sized tits and raven black hair, she knew she would continue to go far in the company, it was what she wanted, until The Present came in the mail.

It was a plain nondescript brown paper wrapped box from someone inside The Company, but the name just said "Your Admirer".

"Ooohh! A secret admirer at the company! I wonder if it could be Bob, the 1st shift supervisor?" she thought to herself.

Sally knew Bob had a thing for her. She knew that, because every time she walked past him, she made it a point to stop and talk to him. Keeping a smile on her face and a mischievous glint in her eye, she bent over around Bob as much as possible, just to make sure he knew what he could maybe get, if he gave her what she wanted.

He was an old fart, and not that smart, but she figured she didn't have to screw the guy, just get him to promote her. This is why Sally got The Present.

Opening the box with some enthusiasm, she was a little surprised to see a black rubber costume with a typed not on top of it.

"Dear Sally" the note started, "I have sent you this gift in the hopes that you will wear it for me at the upcoming Halloween Party at The Office".

"Stupid party. Nothing but a bunch of drunk fools weaving around grabbing anything in sight" Sally thought. "But Bob is sure to be there, with my secret admirer, and with this thing on, there is no way I won't get what I want from either one."

Holding The Present up to the light, it looked like a plain rubber catsuit. It seemed to shimmer a little, as though it had glitter in it, and felt warm to the touch.

"Weird" Sally thought, "I wonder if it came from one of the labs at The Company?"

People weren't supposed to talk about the things that went on at The Company. There were rumors of, odd, things happening in some of the labs, but nothing you could get enough information to blackmail with, or even talk to others about. Just strange rumors of experiments in strange materials and nanobits, or bolts or something. Sally wasn't too concerned with what people said at work, it didn't help her to get more money, or control over more people.

Sally continued to read the letter, "I believe I got your size correct, but you might want to try it on, just to make sure." "I wonder who would know what size I wear?" she thought. "It has to be someone at The Company! Maybe Rachael! She's always had a thing for me, even though I don't swing that way, and she's almost exactly my size".

Dropping the note back into the box, Sally looked the suit over. From what she could see, there were no zippers or openings, other than the one for her neck, and that one didn't look big enough to fit her shoulders, let alone her luscious tits.

"How in the world am I supposed to put this on?" Sally thought to herself. "Maybe there are instructions in the box?". Pulling everything out of the box, Sally found what looked to be instructions on maintenance and wearing the suit. "Maintenance? Of a rubber catsuit? Whatever." she thought, as she skipped that section.

"So! There is a hidden seam in the suit at the top of the back that opens large enough to let me step into it." "Hmmm, I don't see any...oh, there it is!"

Putting the catsuit close to her eyes, Sally could see a very small tab. Pulling the tab, the opening in the suit was, as the directions said, just large enough for her to slip on.

As Sally started to slide on the suit, she realized that if she left any clothes on underneath the suit, people would be able to see what she had on. Plus, it would look a little too weird, and Bob would certainly get a thrill if he thought she was naked under that thin layer of latex. "Bob is going to have a heart attack on the spot! I wonder who's up for his job?" Sally, ever the ladder climber, thought.

Stepping back out of the suit, Sally began removing what she had on. She took off her light pink satin cami. Dropping it to the floor,she reached back and unclasped her matching light pink lace bra and pulled it off, letting her full C cup breasts feel the cool tingle of the AC in her apartment, instantly making them hard as diamonds. "Mmmmm...that felt good" Sally thought to herself, feeling the excitement climb as she continued removing her clothes.

She unbuttoned and slid down her skin tight jeans, wiggling her aerobics tight ass back and forth to keep them sliding down her long smooth tan legs, exposing her light pink lacy thong panties. Stepping out of her pants, she slowly slid her panties down her legs, enjoying the feel as they slid down. Enjoying her feelings as they came closer to the floor and she came closer to sliding on the rubber catsuit. "I can't believe I am so horny right now. And just from taking off my clothes! I knew I should have used Mr. Trusty last night!" She thought to herself, knowing her pink vibrator was only a few feet away in her bedside table drawer.

"Mmmm, I have got to get that suit on and back off so I can see what Me.Trusty has for me today." She thought as she stepped out of her panties, leaving her completely naked in the cool of the AC. Sally took a moment to admire herself in her full length bedroom mirror. "I would totally fuck myself if I was a guy" she said, as she slowly spun around on her toes, admiring the tight young 23 year old body she had worked at so hard. "If only I can find the right man to give myself to. Too bad they only see my body!" The body she had worked so hard on, to make it appealing to men, so she could use it as a weapon to get what she wanted.

"Suit time!" she thought to herself, approaching the suit slowly, enjoying the juices starting to flow in her pussy, and the tingle that accompanied it. She felt like she was stalking an orgasm, it felt so good walking up to and stepping into the suit once more.

Sally slowly pulled the suit up her legs, feeling the, at first, cold touch of the rubber as it slid up her legs, then the steady warmth the suit appeared to emanate. Up past her knees, to her thighs, she slowly pulled the suit. Her pussy getting wetter and wetter as the suit got closer and closer to it.

At mid thigh, Sally started feeling kind of woozy, and exhaled the breath she had unknowingly been holding as she slid on the suit. "Goodness! What is coming over me?! I almost passed out!" she laughed at herself, and started breathing normally again.

Up her thighs, she finally felt the cool rubber press against her now dripping pussy "Oh my god that feels soooo good!" she thought, and began moving the suit back and forth between her legs. She could not believe how good it felt! It was just plain slick rubber, be she could swear it felt like one of her mini vibes as she rubbed it back and forth across her now moist pussy and ass. "Mmmmm.....oooohhhh that feels sooooo goooood" she mumbled as she continued to slide it back and forth between her legs, her pussy and ass now soaking in her juices. The suit kept her juices just where they needed to be to produce the maximum amount of pleasure for Sally.

Feeling woozy again, Sally realized she had once more forgotten to breath "Whew! I have got to watch myself! I don't want to pass out and have some dike firewoman break down my door and find me passed out with half of a rubber suit on" she thought, as she slowed down her rapid breathing, and let herself calm down enough to continue putting on the suit. "Well, half way there! I just hope I can get this thing on without either passing out from holding my breath, or cumming! Although the latter would not be too unpleasant" she thought to herself.

Sally slid the suit up her over her ass and continued to pull it up. Over her belly button to just under her breasts. She could feel the cool touch of the suit as it rubbed against her nipples, and paused to let herself enjoy the moment. Her pussy sending out a continuous throb throughout her body, enjoying the slight pressure as the rubber squeezed her legs, ass and pussy. Filling every crevice with it's tight, cool slickness.

"Almost done!" She thought, feeling so close to an enormous orgasm, she couldn't wait to get the rest of the suit on.

Sally started to pull the suit over her breasts, and ran into a little trouble. The suit almost didn't fit over her breasts! Pulling up on the back of the suit around her ass freed up a little room for Sally to get the suit over her breasts, but gave her one of the most pleasurable experiences she had ever felt, a slick rubber pussy wedgy. She could not believe how good it felt! The rubber sliding and moving over her pussy with even the smallest movement she made was indescribable, and made her rush to get the rest of the suit on and be able to enjoy the tight cool rubber against her skin.

Once over her breasts, Sally finally got the suit all the way up to her neck, and paused. "How am I supposed to get the thing closed in the back?" she thought. "There is no way I will be able to reach back there to zip it up, and there is NO way I am asking someone to come over to zip it up!" She thought, as she admired her black rubber covered body in the mirror. "Damn I look so hot in this suit, and I can not believe I am not sweating like crazy covered all in thick tight rubber!" she said.

Looking around her apartment, Sally noticed a wire coat hanger sitting in her closet. Unwinding it, she used the hook to catch the tab on the back of the suit and slide it up, completing her enclosure in the suit, and feeling the tightness of it across her breasts at the last little slide of the tab.

"Oh god this feels incredible! I have to feel this rubbing across my wet pussy!" She said to herself as she approached her bed and laid down.

Propping some pillows against her back, Sally started to rub her pussy through the rubber. Her own juices from earlier making the rubber slide like ice on ice, but with a little friction. Just enough to make her go a little faster, and move just a little more. This, in turn, continued the spread of her now flowing pussy juices from her pussy down to her ass. Making the rubber slide all the way from her pussy to the top of her ass, making her even more excited.

"Oh god, oh god, fuck! Fuck! Fuuuucccckkk!" Sally moaned out as she continued to rub faster, with longer and longer strokes. The rubber started to feel like almost like a stick as it rubbed from her pussy to her ass. Applying pressure to her perineum, and making her pussy flow like a river. It felt like she was pushing and pulling a rubber stick all the way from her pussy to her ass, and it was incredible.

" Oh yeah, oh yeah, almost there. Sooo close. Mmmm...Mmmm...ungh ungh ungh": Sally moaned as she continued the pushing and pulling of the rubber stick running from her pussy to her ass. Sally's juices continued to flow and she continued to rub back and forth, but as her orgasm built, she also noticed a strange sensation. It felt like she was also pushing a dildo in and out of her pussy and ass, as she continued to stroke back and forth.

"Ungh ungh ungh ungh" Sally moaned as she pushed and pulled the rubber dildo into and out of her ass and pussy. Faster and faster she pushed, and longer and longer the dildo seemed to get inside her pussy and ass.

"Fuck fuck fuck FUUUCK!" Sally screamed out as she came. "Ah ah ah ah AHHH!" she yelled as her orgasm continued. "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod AAAHHHHHH!" She yelled at the top of her lungs as she felt the rubber dildo continue to fuck her ass and pussy, rubbing across her perineum as she rolled around on the bed, her hands over her face, cumming again, the pleasure still building and building!

"Stop! Stop! STOOOOOPPP!" She yelled as a third orgasm ripped through her body and she started convulsing from the pleasure, before she passed out from holding her breath.

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That is very sexy for your first story, more please

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