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Sallys Tattoo


Warning: This story contains some explicit dialogue and ideas, if you are under 18 or are easily offended please do not read!

She wasn't tall or slim or particularly good looking , so you ask what attracted me to her when she walked into the shop that day, well I'll tell you, it was her tattoos, they were beauties. She had one on the top of each breast and one on her thigh, I can still see them now and it's over ten years since I last saw her. She had a tiger on one breast and a lion on the other, they both seemed to be caressing her pink nipples. On her thigh she had a peacock which went from hip to knee and was the most mind blowing picture I have ever seen.

She walked in to the shop to see if we had any books on piercing as she was thinking of having some done and she wanted to read up about it. I said to her she was in luck that I had just received one in which was illustrated as well, not like the magazines for cheap thrills but more like an encyclopedia in content, she asked if she could see it.

From there Sally and I struck up a conversation as I was also interested in body art and piercing, I had in fact arranged to have my dick pierced but just needed to build up the courage, which was taking more than I thought it would. Sally and I discussed piercing and she bought the book and as she left said she would be back and if I saw any other books on tattoos or piercing could I get them in for her.

It was two weeks before I saw Sally again, it was a very hot day and she swept into the shop in a crop top and shorts, and believe me everyone noticed her. She was full of how great the book was and how she had decided to have her labia pierced, there was nothing shy about Sally, so I told her about my desire to have my dick pierced and we discussed the different piercings we could have, I decide on a frenum as this was as daring as I wanted to get at the moment and Sally was wavering between her labia and her clitoris. It was Sally's suggestion that we go and have the piercing done together, sort of combined courage, I agreed of course - so we set the date for the next Saturday at the local piercing palace.

Saturday rolled around and I was getting very nervous as I approached the place we were meeting, Sally was there and I was much relieved to find that she was as nervous as I was. When we entered we found no-one else there so we had free run of the place. Sally decided to go first and as the attendant told me to sit down Sally told me to follow her, the idea was we share each others agony. We went into the booth and the attendant, Charlie, ask Sally what she wanted and she said she had decided to have her clitoral hood pierced vertically as this would cause the most sensations on her clit.

"Fine" said Charlie " if you would like to take your pants off and lay back in the chair for me and relax, this is going to hurt but I will do my best to be kind".

Sally took her pants off and her g-string and lay back in the chair, spreading her legs and exposing the sweetest hairless little cunt I have ever seen. She had pink puffy lips and a clit the sat up like a thumb but in proportion to the rest of her. Charlie asked her to place her legs over the arms of the chair and as far back towards her arms as she could, she was nearly doing the splits but she was wide open. I wont go into details here but suffice to say her grabbed her and she squealed a bit and it was done. She lay back in the chair for a bit then got out and sat in the office chair with her legs spread and Charlie gave her some ointment and instructed her on keeping it clean and preventing infection. Then it was my turn.

My stomach was jumping as Charlie asked what I wanted and I told him a frenum. At his instruction I stood up and took my jeans and boxers off, I took the precaution of wearing loose clothing. That was when Sally saw what watching her had done to me, I was three-quarters hard. I couldn't really help it but whenever I saw a woman semi-naked I got horny, I'm just funny like that. Sally looking and just licked her lips and Charlie just laughed and called me a show off. I lay back in the chair and Charlie was marking where he was going to put the pin when he made an unusual comment, he said to me that it would hurt a lot less if I could keep my erection. I though, if Sally would just turn around a bit that was entirely possible as she was sitting there examining Charlies handiwork. Next thing I know Sally is standing up next to Charlie with one foot up on the chair showing me her cunt and looking at my cock. She reached down and cupped my balls in her hand and my dick was harder than it had ever been! And then Charlie did it.

I was still sore a week later when Sally came in to see me. She looked different some how and when she asked how I was going I realised what it was that was different, she looked even hotter than she had before and she was wearing a long sack like dress that did nothing for her. I told her it would be a couple more weeks before I was back in complete working order and asked how she was. She said one word, HORNY, and that if my dick didn't heal up quick she would have to grab a bloke off the street and rape him. Well I was stunned as I didn't think it would have that great an effect on her but she told me that if it kept up like this she would have to take it out as she couldn't concentrate on anything and she was darting off all the time to masturbate herself to orgasm! I told her to hold on and I would give her a ring the moment my dick works without pain but if she came around tonight maybe we could arrange something.

At seven o'clock sharp she was there, walked in the door and buried her tongue down my throat, I thought that I was having a cheap tonsillectomy. Without any words we went into my bedroom and she took off her dress, she had nothing on underneath it and I admired her magnificent body. I leaned forward and started to kiss and lick her breast rubbing my hand and tongue over her tattoos and flicking her nipples with my thumbs. She told me to strip, as she wanted to see my pole again, so I did and sure enough it was real hard only difference was it had some jewellery in it. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, diving her fingers into her glistening slit, rubbing her clit and sinking her finger into her hole. What could I do but dive on her tits again, not that I mind, nipple licking is one of my favourite games. I really worked those little suckers over, while sliding my hand down and sinking two fingers into her hole, which was running like a tap.

Sally sat up and grabbed her bag, diving in she came out with a wicked looking vibrator and a big pot of lube, strawberry flavoured, always considerate was Sally. She started to jam this thing inside herself but I told her to let me. I started to work up and down the outsides of her inner lips, occasionally teasing her arse, then her clit, then her vagina. Next I move inside and applied it gently to her clit. While I tried to jamb my tongue inside her as far as it would go, then I changed places putting the vibrator where my tongue was and vice versa, she exploded grunting and groaning and panting telling me to slick it in. Next I pulled it out, greased up the vibrator and placed it at her arse to see what she did. She just reached down and spread her cheeks, so I fed her arse with the thing and licked her. That was it, she went over the top with a massive orgasm which lasted for two minutes.

After she had calmed down she told me that she would return the favour and to lie on my back. She licked my balls and sucked them into her mouth, rolling them around. She licked my shaft and told me she couldn't wait to feel the jewellery inside her. Then she delicately started to lick my knob, while working her hand up and down my shaft being careful not to hurt. I took this for a while and said bugger it what's a bit of pain so I grabbed her hand and lifted her head and told her to I was ready, that if we slip on a condom that should be okay. She knocked me over in her rush to get one out, she put it on me aimed her cunt over my dick, greased me up and impaled herself. She was that quick I didn't have time to think I just lay back and watched.

Sally was a beautifully built woman and internally she was even better. She milked my dick like she had a velvet glove on. She barely moved her hips, just enough to jiggle her tits and rub her clit, but she milked me for all I was worth. We were like that for an eternity when I had an idea. I told her if we tried doggy style maybe I could hit her g-spot with my barbell, so we moved around and tried different angles when she started to pant and grunt, I had found it. She was really going so I stuck my two fingers in her arse, she exploded and brought me to the biggest climax I have ever had, I reckon I spewed about a litre of goo, it leaked everywhere and left me deflated.

I hurt a bit but hey what the fuck.

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