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Salty Jim's


She was sporting an exquisite purple tube top dress with a simple black jacket. The form fitting tube top fabric snugly hugged her dainty waist and contouring hips. The attire permitting a tasteful amount of cleavage to be shown and it's hem reaching just above her knees. The presence of a pair of sheer pantyhose on her legs was near invisible and could only be spotted upon closer inspection. The nylon fabric matched perfectly to her silky legs and stretched to accommodate their length. She was standing barefoot on the white living room carpet with a pair of dressy black pumps situated to her left. Her short brown hair delicately descended down as she adjusted her skirt. She had chocolate brown eyes, a angelic face and gorgeous ruby lips that I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock into.

Her name was Maria Rafuse. She was my girlfriend since fourteen years of age and my best friend since elementary school. We had a life long history with each other and so it was only natural we ended up together. Precisely a year ago we moved into the same house and began living with one another. It was a wonderful state of affairs especially since it allowed us to spend large amounts of time together in privacy. This eventually engendered our first sex session in the house and all the fucking we did that year. We were both quite felicitous with our lives and the hot sex that constantly took place in the bedroom. But there was one thing I always sought after and could never seem to get. Despite the begging I did, the relentless asking and foot massages I gave, she refused to perform oral sex. Of course I loved her and forcing her to do something she was uneasy with was unquestionable. Yet, this was something I could not let go. I wanted to see her on her knees, sucking my cock with those lovely lips of her. And there was no better day than today...

"We may have to cancel our reservations." I abruptly said.

"Why is that?" She asked looking up from her skirt and taking a glance at me.

I motioned with my eyes out the living room window. She took a few steps to the side and stared straight out onto the front lawn. The titter tatter of liquid pellets hitting the glass window and black road engulfed the once calm and silent atmosphere. The rain did not start off slow or gradually pick up but cascaded down all at once in a violent manner. The heavy downpour quickly rendered the front lawn soggy, flooded the streets and created miniature streams along the road. Living in upstate New York meant frequently dealing with thunder storms along with the bitter cold that came during the winter.

"Out of all the day it could have rained it had to be today. We should have checked the weather." Maria discontentedly stated.

"I'll call the restaurant." I announced.

I got up from the couch and made my way into the kitchen. After five minutes I returned into the living room.

"What did they say?" She asked as I entered.

"There's a no refund policy so we can't get our money back. But we can reschedule for Wednesday. How does that sound?"

"As long as it doesn't rain like today, great."

Reservations were made at a nearby fancy sea food restaurant about a week ago for us. The plan was to go out, eat, have a good time, come home and fuck. See today was my birthday and I shouldn't have to explain more than that. Nonetheless I'll say state the obvious. Every birthday we did something special for one another. If it happened to be her birthday we'd go shopping for whatever she wanted and do something romantic. If it was mine, we'd do something romantic too. The only difference was the day would always end with us in coitus.

"So much for dressing up." She sighed deeply.

Normally we would consider driving the car to the restaurant but it was out of commission due to it's failing engine mere days ago. A idea quickly popped into my devious mind and I decided to take advantage of the current situation.

"I think we can make the best of this. Why don't we eat here?" I suggested.

"Good idea. I'll cook us something up."

Maria loved to cook and quickly jumped on board my suggestion. She began to walk by me but before she scampered on to the kitchen, I grabbed her by the wrist. She turned around in surprise to face me.

"Before you get started, I do have one more idea." I stared deeply into her eyes.

"What's that?" She asked leisurely.

My hand landed on her waist and our bodies pressed tightly against one another. Her eyes widened and the scent of pomegranate from her hair intoxicated my nostrils.

"Why don't we get right to the main course?" I whispered.

I swooped in gently and gave a long passionate kiss on those red luscious lips of hers. I ended the osculation and opened my eyes to the face of my gorgeous girlfriend.

"Babe, I have everything I could want."

"Except one thing."

"Oh, and what's that?" She asked smiling.

"Someone to suck my cock." I blatantly stated.

A sign of nervousness suddenly became apparent in her eyes. My girl never liked the idea of giving oral sex. She refereed to it as "trashy sex".

"Is that what you want for your birthday?" She asked trying to mask the jitteriness in her voice.

"Yes." I replied.

There was a part of me who was confident in receiving the same response as always. A adamant no. And there was an even smaller part of me who was avidly hoping for a yes.

"Then it's time to show you what I can do." She responded.

Utterly surprised, I watched as Maria got down on her knees and leveled with my hidden cock. After working my girl toward performing oral for over a year, it appeared to finally pay off. I always wondered the reason why she refuted my request for a good cock sucking. I asked her multiple times and was given the same answer. It's disgusting. At first I pondered a deeper meaning toward this response, but over time came to realize she was simply appalled by the act of placing a mans genitalia in her mouth. I on the other hand longed for a blowjob. It wasn't just the feeling I wanted to experience. There was something about seeing a woman on her knees, gazing up toward you while she sucked the dick in front of her that really turned me on.

"I still owe you for last time's pussy licking." She said as she unzipped my jeans and pulled them down.

It was a less difficult affair but I managed to perform oral on my girl in a attempt to keep her open minded. Or rather in an attempt to make her realize just how wonderful head could feel. And after all, I knew it was much harder to turn down performing oral when the person you're refusing has done it on you.

With my jeans pulled down, the hitched up tent in my underwear became clearly obvious.. I watched in pure excitement as Maria began to slide down the last piece of clothing that would separate her from my manhood. My cock sprang out immediately in erect fashion, inches away from her face. My balls hanged freely, no longer constrained by underwear or jeans. I was rock hard and ready to go. My privates were immaculate from the shower taken a hour ago. In addition the said area was neatly trimmed and groomed. I knew no woman found a face full of pubic hair arousing. And a week without any type of sexual activity ensured a large load especially reserved for my love.

Maria's soft hand gently wrapped around the head of my cock. In one gentle tug she pulled back the foreskin and revealed the head of my throbbing fleshy rod already dripping in precum. A wave of intense euphoria traveled up through my spine and body. Keeping my eyes opened, I looked on to see my girl begin the course of giving a handjob. It certainly wasn't the first time I was about to receive one. It was merely the apex of what Maria ever did without providing oral simulation. I received such a plethora of handjobs that she became extremely skillful in that area. This was the profound degree she had gone to prevent giving head. And although being jerked off by her was a decent substitute, that was about to come to a long awaited end.

"Ready Birthday boy?" She asked.

The faint distinctive sound of nervousness was still prevalent in her voice.

"Yes." I replied.

"And take your time." I tried to calm her.

She looked up at me and stared into my eyes. With that one glance I knew she was doing this because she loved me. In that same glance I let her knew she didn't have to go through with it. She turned back down to face my cock, took a gulp and began to near her mouth.

The rhythmic sounds of rain from the storm's downpour continued. The living room was empty of noise and Maria was in the position I always longed to see her in. She was kneeling on the carpet floor with my dick directly in front of her. I yielded the perfect angle from where I stood. The view of her beautiful cleavage was clear and accessible. Her round breasts tightly pressed up against the tube top dress she wore. And firmly grasped in her hand was my bulging cock. Slowly but surely her lips began to teasingly approach it. She came so close to the head of my penis she could have kissed it. To my disappointment she did not proceed any further and came to a abrupt halt.

I knew it was important to be patient. I did not want Maria to rush and make it uncomfortable and possibly painful for either of us. It was the only restrain I held to keep myself from shoving my rod into her mouth and begin furiously pumping. If a couple of years had not spoiled it for me a few more seconds wouldn't either. The savage sexual beast in me waited patiently for its sweet release. Alas, after a few more hand strokes I felt the lingering warmth of her breathe. I watched intently as she opened her mouth and my cock began sliding in. Her pursued red lips softly brushed up against the tip of my head. Shortly after the rest of my shaft was being engulfed in between those sweet lips. Along the process groans of pleasures involuntarily escaped my mouth. Once the entire head of my cock was in, an intense pleasure like no other immediately buried its hold ..

I strained myself to keep myself from climaxing so soon. My cock involuntarily squirmed inside as if it had a mind of it's own. It took in every sense it was being stimulated with. The alluring lips that held it in place, the warmth of the cave it was furrowed in, the soft moist tongue it rested on and the saliva it was being soaked in. More and more of it found itself inside as I watched Maria take my cock deeper. She firmly grasped the base of my rod with one hand while she steadily took my penis in with her mouth. At around two thirds of its length she came to a halt. At this point I felt like exploding. Vaginal intercourse was heavenly and intense but fellatio was it's own unique(extraordinary) experience.

I let out another moan in pleasure and watched her withdraw my cock. It was entirely covered in saliva. She commenced back to massaging my cock with her hand and a wet perverted sound sputtered forth. It was the distinct noise from a combination of drool and cum. The noise of cock sucking. Maria focused completely on the member in front of her. Her hand expertly stroking away. A indeterminate amount of time eventually passed and my throbbing rod who was aching for the sensational feel of her lips. I did not know if she was teasing me or was reluctant in placing my genitals back in. But this was the first time she was doing this and I was ambivalent on its continuation. My thoughts on the matter quickly disappeared when I felt a pair of pursued lips wrap around my penis.

Her soft moist tongue wrapped itself around the head of my cock while she stroked me. The tip finding itself under my foreskin and sending goose bumps through my body. At one point every inch of my rod was closely inspected by her tongue. Dollops off drool were hitting the carpet floor. It was thoroughly lathered in her saliva. The fellatio started off slow but was picking up a more moderate pace. I attributed this to Maria's ever growing confidence in what she was doing. The lonesome hand strokes stopped and instead were used in combination with her sucking. My heart was pounding and ecstasy was all I could feel.

"Yeah, baby that's it." I groaned

There was a faint popping sound when my cock exited the suction it was under.. I looked down to see Maria stroking my lathered rod.

"You love it when I suck your cock don't you?" She asked.

I could have melted into a giant human puddle from the words she uttered. .

"Yeah, I love it." I replied.

"You're such a good cock sucker."

She wasted no time in returning to give oral sex. Her head bobbed back and forth as she sucked my dick. I enjoyed every single second, every glance I took of seeing her with my dick in her mouth. Dollops of drool slithered down onto the carpet floor. The squishing sound of her lips brushing against my rod accompanied faint popping sounds when it escaped from her mouth. There were times I could see the head of my penis poke the sides of her cheeks. I aided the role by wisping away any of her loose hair. There was no way I wanted any interruptions. She was so much better than I anticipated....

With a hand kept at the base of my, she started to play with my balls. The tip of her tongue teasingly traced the ridged testicular surface. The warmth from her breathe was both soothing and arousing. She proceeded forward and licks befall on my testicle. The soft laps sent tingles up my spine. It was a strange but oddly gratifying experience. Her lips then gently gained hold of one of my balls. She playfully gave it a few tugs and began sucking it. I became immersed in the luxurious softness of her labial grasping my nutsack. My cock was eventually pivoted upward for more easier access. The hand that kept my cock up did not remain idle and joined in on the action, skillfully jerking me off. I was enjoying the ball sucking when the suction down below momentarily ceased. I watched Maria turn her lips O-shaped and move onto my other testicle. She did a wonderful job of licking and sucking that one too. A few last pulls of my balls ended the stimulation.

"Honey you're so good at sucking balls, but my cock misses you."

She took the hint and swiftly went back to work. Her lips began shifting up and down. Whenever my member was momentarily exposed, her hand went straight to it. Expertly and rhythmically massaging away. That glorious intense feeling of friction and suction on my dick spread through every inch of body. And though I was in a utter state of euphoria, there was one last request I had...

"No hands babe....Just- use your- mouth." I groaned in between her fellatio.

Perhaps it was because she had already gone so far, or maybe she was getting into it. Whatever the reason she complied and her hands shortly fell to their sides.

She continued on with just her mouth. Her precious lips always puckered and exerting the right amount of pressure. It was a sight to see just her mouth run along my throbbing rod.. Her gorgeous hair bounced along the way and any loose strands were quickly tucked behind her ear. She always managed to swallow my cock till its base and quickly retreat to repeat the process. She was truly a beautiful cock sucking machine. I wondered if she even suspected how good she was. The pleasure was steadily getting to be too great... A divine feeling began to collect in my loins. With every blow the pleasance increased in strength. I was quite certain it wouldn't be much longer before I reached the no turning point. I had already lasted longer than predicated. Surely enough, a few minutes later I was overcome with a strong sensation. My hips wanted to vigorously thrust in and out but I held back. A hand of mine landed on top of Maria's head.

"Faster." I uttered

With my cock in her mouth she looked up at me. She knew what was happening and didn't need to be told twice. The pace at which she took my cock in and out dramatically hastened. I let out groans that became louder and louder.

"Yeah, that's it. Suck my cock!" I moaned

She agilely took me deeper without sacrificing pace. Maria's warmth breath, the wet tongue that played with my head and those beautiful soft lips of her..They were all too much. Her pace quickened and she became a blur making slurping sounds. I could feel my muscles on the verge of contracting and I pulled out. There was no way she would let me cum inside her mouth no matter how much I wanted. At least not today. Nonetheless I had another equally excellent alternative.

"Baby, let me cum on your face." I replied.

She stared up at me with big expressive eyes waiting for my climax to occur. My right hand held my cock up to her face and I began to furiously pump away. I let out a huge groan and one of the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life followed. My muscles contracted rapidly and warmth spread throughout my whole body. A hot jet of cum shot straight onto Maria's face. She was slightly taken back by the sudden release but retained a calm composure. Her eyes were closed now and a strand of white goo ran across her forehead. I continued to moan and watch as my cock dumped the rest of my seed on her. The white fluid gushed onto her face in powerful consecutive bursts. They landed down her cute nose, rosy cheeks, and lovely mouth.

After a few seconds my orgasmic flow finally began to diminish. The last minor streams of cum landed on her before I pulled away. She sensed it was over and opened her dark brown eyes. I glanced down and her pretty face was completely covered in strands of sticky white goo. It was the picture perfect end to my first blowjob...

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