tagLetters & TranscriptsSam and Ally Ch. 03

Sam and Ally Ch. 03


This is the next installment in the "Sam and Ally" series of letters. This correspondence is being written in collaboration and reflects the developing relationship between two Literotica writers, SensualSam and Allychris4.


Hello, Sam...

Well, you certainly left us in a precarious position, now didn't you? Your dick in my mouth, asking me what I'm going to do with it? While I'm still learning some valuable lessons from you about this, I'm fairly confident that I know what to do with an incredible cock pointing me in the face!

You're right. I have wanted to learn how to please my partner orally, and I've never felt particularly successful in that endeavor. But I'm hoping that your patience and your willingness to let me practice on you will be just what I need to get me past this feeling of inferiority when it comes to giving head. So as long as you're patient and willing to guide me, as you have been in our previous conversations, I'm sure we'll both end this night feeling good. Shall we give it a go? Ready to see what I've learned so far?

I'm going to start by kissing the very sensitive tip of your cock and swirl my tongue around the head like you've told me you enjoy. Can you feel me pass that spot underneath the head that drives you wild? I hear your sharp intake of breath and know that I've found the right place. But I don't want you to come too soon, so I'll keep moving onward.

With a wet, flat tongue, I lick you from tip to base and back up again, being sure to keep my tongue very moist, but not sloppy. There will be time for sloppy later. For now, we're just getting started and my entire goal is to make you feel good. Is it working? Are you feeling my tongue lapping you like my favorite flavor of soft ice cream? Perhaps I'll tighten my tongue just a bit and swirl that head again on my next upstroke. Yes, the smile on your face and your involuntary happy moan tells me that was a good move. But you've taught me more, Sam.

I'm going to gently, but firmly, grab your cock now, love. Near the center, toward the bottom of the shaft. But we can't leave the top of your gorgeous member alone. I think it's time to take you in my mouth. Slowly, as much as I can without choking myself. Well, well! Half of you on my first try. You have taught me so well, Sam! Are you enjoying the fruits of your instruction? Yes, I think you are. Your eyes are closed and you're smiling, even as you slightly moan every time I stroke you. When my teeth lightly graze you, as you've told me you like, you suck in your breath and throw your head back. Is that what ecstasy looks like on you, love?

I wonder if I might be able to take more of you at a different angle? Perhaps it's time for us to find a bed, Sam. Ah, you know where we could do that? In your bedroom, I hope. It's where I'd love to spend the rest of this night with you! As you walk me slowly up the stairs, you decide that I'm a little too dressed for this party, so when we arrive at your room, you take the opportunity to disrobe me, slowly revealing my body to you. I notice that it makes your cock stand even more fully at attention and I feel honored. I've never been so clearly desired by anyone, and my confidence is building exponentially the farther along we go. In fact, I'm confident enough to try what you've been talking me through. I'm going to deep throat you, Sam. Let's see how good of a teacher you really are, shall we?

I get you to lay back on the bed after I take off your shirt. We are both completely nude now, the way you like it. You are, after all, very comfortable in your own skin. It must be your naturist inclination. You always consider clothing optional, it seems! I'm becoming more and more comfortable with this. You've been a good influence on me in terms of body image.

Once you are laid back completely, I bring myself to a position alongside you, my mouth very near your cock. Because it's been too long since I've kissed him, even though it's only been ten minutes or so, I kiss the head and give it a quick swirl, just to see your cock throb in appreciation. Ah, you've missed me, too, it seems. You're leaking a bit of pre-cum, you know. And oh, Sam, it tastes lovely! I can't wait for you to feed me the rest of what you've got! After a few more stokes with my hand and mouth, I can tell you're pretty eager to do just that. It's really now or never, I suppose.

I focus on relaxing my throat and begin to take you slowly into my mouth again. I'm using my hand to hold the base of your cock for me. Eventually, I want the whole thing inside my mouth. And I will have it, you can be sure. You're so patient while I work my way down to the base, Sam. Thank you. Oh, it's not a bother for you? No, I guess it's not, really. The way you're moaning, though, I can tell if I want to reach that goal tonight, I'd better get a move on. I feel your cock throbbing. It won't be long, will it, love?

A few more strokes, a little deeper each time, a little sucking pressure to pull you further and further into my mouth. I focus on relaxing my lips, my cheeks, and not using my gag reflex the deeper you go. And finally, Sam, I'm there. My lips are at the base of your cock. You are fully sheathed in my mouth and throat. Do you like that feeling, baby? Oh, you do? You're going to come? God, yes, Sam! Please come! Come in my mouth while I suck on your gorgeous cock and milk it for all it's worth!

Well, baby, this was amazing! And now here we are after an amazing experience, cuddling together in your bed. Do you know this is right where I want to stay for the rest of the night? Have I mentioned that I'm completely and utterly sopping wet, hoping that your lovely cock is capable of multiple orgasms? Because, Sam, you should know that I want that gorgeous dick to fuck me. That's our next adventure, isn't it, baby? Oh, I so hope it is!

Where do we go from here, love? I'm anxious to keep on taking this ride with you. Oh, now there's a lovely idea! A ride on Sam! Yes, love. Let's go with that, shall we?

Eager to hear back from you,

Ally <3

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