tagErotic CouplingsSam and Celine Ch. 02

Sam and Celine Ch. 02


The early morning light was beautiful as I drove up the driveway on Monday. I'd stopped in town for a coffee to go and was ready to get to work. As I pulled into the parking court I noticed that Celine's red Jeep was not there and figured she was off somewhere seeking some R and R. It was going to be quiet around the Chambers homestead so I looked forward to having a productive couple of days.

I grabbed my coffee and headed into the pool house to survey what I'd accomplished the past week and plan out what I'd be doing in the upcoming days. With no interruptions I could probably finish most, if not all, of the wainscot and crown moldings by the end of the week. I dove right in and worked furiously all morning.

At noon I took a break and looked outside. It was a glorious day and was the first of what the weatherman had promised to be a great week in northern Vermont. Weeks like this don't come along too often in this neck of the woods. I glanced at the cool calm turquoise water of the pool and decided a dip might be in order before lunch.

I grabbed a towel from the closet and headed outside. I removed my boots and tee shirt and looked around. I had the place to myself so I figured a skinny dip was not going to bother anyone. I dropped my jeans and walked to the edge of the pool. I felt a weird sense of power and joy. Here I was standing at the edge of this beautiful pool looking out across the valley towards Mount Mansfield, cock and balls dangling in the soft breeze, place to myself -- life is good. I dove in and swam about ten laps; just enough to stretch out my muscles and cool off.

I walked up the pool steps, grabbed my towel and dried off, the sun beating down on my naked body. I could get used to this kind of job and having this place to myself for a few days was going to be like heaven. I headed back inside, snarfed down a sandwich and got back to work. I took another naked swim to cool off late in the afternoon just before heading home. This was the life.

On Tuesday I stopped in town again for coffee to go and headed up the valley to what I hoped would be another productive day. This morning, however, I noticed that Celine's Jeep was back in the driveway. We still had not spoken more than two words to one another, but it was nice to know there would be another human being on the premises today, especially a young beauty like Celine.

I went about my business on arriving and worked all morning measuring, cutting and fitting crown molding -- slow and tedious work. Toward the end of the morning I saw some activity outside on the pool deck and peered out through the window. Celine had just arrived down at the pool and looked to be settling in for a little sunbathing. After putting her things down by one of the chaise lounges, she tied her hair up, shed the light robe she had on, and walked to the end of the pool.

She was wearing a white bikini and for the first time I really got to admire her body. She was slender, almost on the verge of being skinny, but her breasts were full and round, almost looking a bit out of proportion on her thin frame. She must have been 5'-6" and moved with a smooth grace. She had a very cute face and long flowing blond hair. Her natural breasts bounced gently as she walked to the end of the pool, her bikini top doing little to support them. Her ass was small and tight and moved gracefully with the swing of her hips.

She reached the end of the pool, stood there for a moment like a Greek statue and then dove in. She swam with long practiced strokes and I went back to my work with a smile. Each time I went back to the band saw I'd gaze outside to see what she was up to. By noon I was ready for a break and something to eat. I was going to go back outside, but I decided to sit inside and admire the view. As I looked outside I could see that Celine was back in the chaise, sunning herself. She was topless. I ate my sandwich in silence and admired the natural beauty. Lunch with my kind of view. I decided to skip my swim and went back to work.

Celine had left the pool by early afternoon and I finished up what I was doing around mid-afternoon and decided to take off and start afresh tomorrow. Since Celine wasn't around I took another naked dip in the pool, dried off and headed home. The Jeep was in the driveway, but Celine was nowhere to be seen, for now.

Wednesday morning found me following what was becoming my regular routine: stop for coffee in town and then head up the valley. The Jeep was in the driveway again and I wondered if I might be in for another show today. Just one of the bennies of this job, I thought to myself.

I kept glancing outside during the morning and, just as she did yesterday, Celine arrived at the pool a little before noon. She took her swim, took off her top and began to sun herself again. My stomach told me it was noon and I took a break for lunch. I was somehow feeling like I'd lost the privacy I'd enjoyed on Monday when I'd taken a swim after lunch. Then I figured, what the hell do I have to lose here?

I took off my boots and tee shirt and grabbed a towel. Then I sauntered outside in my jeans and strode toward the pool.

"Hi Celine. Hope you don't mind if I take a quick dip."

Celine was sitting topless on the chaise reading with sunglasses on. She looked at me over her book and smiled. She seemed totally unselfconscious and made no attempt to cover up in my presence. It was a European thing, I presumed.

"Oui. I mean, yes. Please." What a cute French accent. I felt my cock twitch.

She went back to reading. With her sunglasses on I couldn't tell if she was looking at me or not. But I worked here now too, and I figured I didn't need to act any differently than I had on Monday.

I peeled my jeans down and stood naked on the edge of the pool. I didn't look to see if Celine was watching or not, but I took my time getting ready to dive in. I swung my arms back and forth to warm up, knowing that such movement would cause my cock to swing as well. My balls hung freely between my thighs and my cock, while not hard, was hanging full and dangling as I prepared to dive in. With a powerful surge off the coping I dove in, emerging smoothly halfway down the pool. I began a long slow freestyle stroke, turning and pushing off strongly each time I reached the end of the pool.

It felt great to be naked in the water and even better to know a cute young topless French woman was, perhaps, watching. I swam strongly for ten minutes then emerged slowly up the steps. I reached for my towel and took my time drying off, knowing I was directly in Celine's line of vision. I didn't look at Celine to see if she was watching or not, but I swore I felt her eyes on me. I dried off well, making sure I rubbed my cock enough to ensure it was full, but flaccid. I pulled my jeans on and tucked my cock into the left side before zipping up.

I turned to Celine and smiled.

"See you later, Celine," I said with a grin.

"Bye bye," she said in return. I still couldn't tell if she'd been watching, but I had done my best to put on a little show and something told me she hadn't read much in the past fifteen minutes. I headed back into the pool house, ate my lunch while watching Celine through the window, then started back to work.

Thursday dawned cloudy and it looked like northern Vermont's run of good weather was coming to an end. But I was on my way to the Chamber's place early because today Samantha would be returning from Boston. I was looking forward to showing her the progress I'd made and was hoping the incredible sex we'd shared last week was not some sort of weird aberration.

I didn't see Celine that morning, but figured she was also gearing up for the return of Samantha and resuming her nanny duties with Jolie after a few days off. I cranked that morning to pull things together and made an extra effort to clean up the premises so the pool house bar area would look as good as possible.

I heard a car coming up the drive just before noon and could tell the house started to stir. Samantha was back. I focused on the details at hand and hoped she'd come pay a visit before too long. I was eating lunch just after noon when I heard the door open. Sam walked in with a big smile on her face. She was dressed in tight jeans that fit her like a glove and a sleeveless tube top that hugged her breasts. Her flat belly peeked out between the two.

"How's my favorite carpenter doing? Oh my! Look at that! You have been a busy little beaver," she exclaimed as she walked the room and surveyed the progress. I'd fucked this woman silly a few days ago, but now I felt a little awkward at her return, not sure how I should greet her. I stood and she walked over, glanced out the window to make sure Celine wasn't nearby with Jolie and threw her arms around my neck. She kissed me deeply and I kissed her back as my hands wandered down to cup her tight little ass.

"Did you miss me?" she whispered in my ear.

"You know I did. And you?"

"Mmmmm. Desperately. I had to use my fingers the past few days and pretend it was you."

She leaned back and ground her pelvis into my hardening member. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

"We can't do this right now, as much I'd love to. But Celine is going to put Jolie down for a nap around three. I told her that I'm going to have you come up and look at a few things that need doing in the master closet. So bring your little self up there right about then. Okay?" she cooed.

She stroked my stiff member and smiled seductively.

"Ooooh. You are glad to see me."

She gave me one more tug, turned and headed for the door.

"Later," she smiled over her shoulder.

I watched her sweet ass stretching her jeans and just sat there dumbfounded.

"I'll be there," I managed to blurt out.

I stayed busy over the next two hours and found I kept looking at my watch to see if it was three yet. The early afternoon crawled, but it was finally time to go and I grabbed a pad and pencil so I'd look like an earnest young carpenter who was ready to take notes. I headed up to the house and knocked on the back door.

Celine came to the door, smiled and let me in. We gave each other a knowing glance. I'd seen her topless and she'd seen me naked, but we'd still only exchanged a few words. Damn she was cute up close. I smelled a wonderful fresh fragrance coming off her body as she stood to the side and let me in.

"Samantha is in the Living Room, Jeremy."

Her accent was so provocative, but I could tell from even the few words I'd heard her speak that her English was excellent.

"Thanks, Celine," I said politely.

I gave her a smile and quickly surveyed her body. She had to have noticed. I turned and headed toward the front of the house. Sam met me in the hall and told me to follow her upstairs.

The interior of the house was well-detailed and reeked of money. I followed Sam up the winding staircase to the second floor. We headed down a hall and through a pair of double doors that led to the master bedroom suite. An entry foyer connected the master bedroom with the bath and two walk-in closets. The main bedroom was huge and a large bay window seat looked out over the pool and to the view beyond.

"Very nice," I said. "I don't see much that needs doing up here."

Sam walked up to me directly and put her hands on my butt and pulled me into her.

"I need doing," she whispered as she leaned in for a kiss.

As our tongues explored one another's mouth, she began to unbuckle my jeans.

"Careful," I said as she started to ease down my zipper.

"You really should wear underwear, Jeremy," she chastised.

"Gets in the way," I replied.

She slid the zipper all the way down and then reached her hands around to cup my bare ass. I tugged my tee shirt over my head and threw it on the floor.

"We need to be quiet. And quick," she added. "Jolie will be up from her nap before too long. But I have to have you this afternoon," she whispered.

"I can do quiet. And quick," I whispered back. "And I need you too, Sam."

I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her tube top and lifted it up and over her head. Her braless breasts sprang free and her pert nipples were crying out to be sucked. I sat down on the bed and did just that while I began to return the favor of removing her jeans. She stood before me and gasped as I licked and sucked her stiff nipples. She pulled my head into her breasts.

I gently eased her jeans down, peeled them off would be more like it, and she stepped out of them, now only wearing a pair of silk bikini panties. I began to knead her soft round ass as I continued to suck her nipples and I could already smell her wetness.

"Oh, Jeremy. Oh my God. I need you so bad," she whispered.

I peeled her panties off, already slick with her juices, and pulled her back on the bed with me. We began to giggle and roll around on the bed, laughing and groping one another. She was grabbing my dick and as I rolled around I could feel how wet her pussy was. The sweet smell of her sex permeated the air.

"I need you to fuck me," she seethed.

I pulled her straight up so her head was toward the foot of the bed. I kneeled up over her face and dangled my cock over her mouth. She pulled me in hungrily and began to suck me with abandon.

"Just suck me a little, Sam, before I slide this into you," I said softly.

She sucked my stiff dick fervently for another minute and then popped me out of her mouth.

"I need you now, Jeremy."

So I complied. I scooted back down the bed and she grabbed my cock and positioned it at her soaking wet opening. I eased in slowly, sliding back and forth as my length was absorbed by her slippery cunt. I pushed up on my arms so I hovered above her and could control my thrusts. I was beginning to build up speed when she put her hands on my chest.

"Jeremy. Fuck me slow. I want to look at you. Nice and slow, baby," she whispered.

So I began to slide the full length of my cock in and out very slowly. I slid all the way in and left it fully ensconced as I looked deep into her beautiful eyes. She was in ecstasy and I was right there with her. I moved back and forth, just easing out an inch or two each time. It felt so good and so fucking tight. We moved in a slow rhythm, she bucked her hips up to meet each one of my slow thrusts. I could feel her slick labia pull on my member each time I moved inside her incredibly snug pussy.

We built up a natural rhythm that kept increasing in tempo. I could feel her begin to thrust and move underneath me at a faster pace, and I began to pump harder and faster as her breathing increased. I pushed up on my arms so only my cock was in contact with her body. Now I began to pound her hard.

As I lifted my head up I noticed a fleeting movement just outside the partially opened door and heard a short gasp. It was Celine and she was standing in the shadows just out in the hallway. Sam hadn't noticed her, but her presence was a major turn-on for me, as if I needed one at this point. I refocused on Sam and doubled my efforts. Sam threw her head back and moaned as I fucked her in long steady strokes. Her sweet little breasts bounced with each thrust.

I pulled out, turned around so my head was on a pillow and pulled Sam on top of me.

"I want you on top, Sam."

She quickly straddled me and impaled herself on my cock, grunting loudly as she did. She leaned forward and began to move her hips in a grinding up and down motion as she found a natural rhythm. Each time she pulled up I could see the door framed between her legs and my cock. Celine was still there and now had a magnificent rear view of my stiff long cock being engulfed by Sam's pussy. While it was hard to see her in the shadows, I could swear she was playing with herself. Sam was oblivious to the show we were putting on, but I loved the fact that we had an eager audience.

I spread my legs slightly so my balls were hanging down between my thighs and Celine could have a excellent view of Sam pile driving herself down on my cock. I began to lift my hips up to meet Sam's thrusts.

I could tell Sam was tipping toward orgasm as the pace of her breathing increased and she began to moan loudly. She was the one who had insisted on silence, so I pulled her off and told her to get on her knees face down in a pillow. She did so quickly.

"Shove it back in me. Quick! I need your cock!"

I kneeled between her legs and guided the head of my dick back toward her gaping hole. I slipped right in and she growled in appreciation.

"I'm going to fuck you good now, Sam. Use the pillow if you need to muffle yourself."

And with that I began a furious fucking, doubling the rhythm of before and pounding my cock into Sam as deep as it would go. She was so wet now the union of our bodies was a juicy slick mess. The sound of my hips ramming against her ass created a wet slapping sound. She was moaning loudly in the pillow and arching her back to meet my thrusts.

Celine had to be watching my ass cheeks clenching with each thrust. My balls were swinging freely in this position and flapping with my frantic movements. Celine began to moan louder into the pillow.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh fuck! Jeremy! Don't stop! Aaaaahhhh!!"

With that I felt her entire lower body clench with an orgasm, her pussy tightening its iron grip on my cock. A few more slippery strokes and I felt myself release into her deepest recesses. Our thighs were soaked with the juices of our sex. I reached forward and massaged her shoulders before pulling out.

Sam stayed panting in the doggie position for another moment as I pulled out and scooted to the side. I looked back toward the door and could still see Celine's shadow in the hallway. I looked right at her and then reached down to spread Sam's soaking wet pussy for Celine's benefit. My semen was dripping out mixed with her own juices. My cock was still rock hard and I gave it a few pulls as I looked in Celine's direction. Then she was gone.

Sam collapsed on the bed, catching her breath, then suddenly looked at the clock and jumped up.

"Oh my God! Look at the time. We've been up here too long. We've got to get back downstairs. Celine is going to suspect something."

I chuckled to myself as I pulled on my jeans and made myself presentable again.

We both got our clothes back on and casually left the master bedroom trying to look as normal as possible. It didn't matter really, as Celine was nowhere to be seen by this point. We walked downstairs and toward the back door. I reached down to pull Sam close. I gave her a kiss and told her I'd see her tomorrow.

"Ciao, baby," she cooed.

I hopped into my truck and headed down the valley.

Friday was an uneventful day. I worked my ass off and only saw Sam for a few moments. I concentrated on the work at hand and put the sexual tinderbox I'd landed in toward the back of my mind. Celine was nowhere to be seen and the pool remained a placid plate of glass most of the day. I took a quick dip before leaving early and headed back down the valley to a weekend of playing music. I figured all the other things would take care of themselves.

Friday night was kicking and the events of the last two weeks began to fade into the immediacy of the moment. The band was beginning to click big time and the Friday night crowd danced wildly past midnight. I kicked back on Saturday and rested up for what was going to be our first Saturday night in August. Things tend to kick into high gear in August -- the end of the summer is suddenly close at hand and the crowds, especially the college students, are eager to party as the summer is wending to a close. Saturday night did not disappoint. The band had been in sync now for over two months and we had our sets down pat and knew how to work the crowd. Tonight was no exception and by the second set the dance floor was packed.

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