tagIncest/TabooSamantha and Bill

Samantha and Bill


It was five o'clock Friday evening as I walked in the front door of my house and began shedding clothes on my way to the shower. As the water was coming to temperature I looked at my face in the mirror. I'm not a vain man by any definition, but every so often I just need to see what if any changes have occured since my last perusal.

My hair is light brown and in the last few years there has been a noticeable retreat of my hairline. If it kept going I vowed to shave it bald instead of fighting it.

My eyes were a crystal clear blue that all of my former girlfriends enjoyed looking into so deeply that at times I actually felt self conscious about it. They all commented on how those blue orbs were the first thing they noticed when they looked at my face.

My nose had a slight hook to it. The result of a fight in high school when the guy I was fighting gave me an unexpected head butt and broke my nose. I won the fight and the hearts of several girls. One of whom was my sister Samantha's best friend Angela. I smiled as I remembered Angela coming to my room to see if I was OK.

My mouth always had a permanent grin. The corners of my lips had always been upturned. I thought the smile gave me a look of quiet confidence.

Not an ugly face, but not the face of a male model either.

I usually only did my inspections in between girlfriends. This was no exception. Stephanie, my last girlfriend had broken up with me just a little over a month ago. Same old story. She loved me but didn't know if she was in love with me. Just like my other girlfriends she used the most stupid reason for breaking up with me. "You are such a good man. I don't deserve to be with you." Give me a fucking break. If I am so good then stick around and become the woman that deserves me.

I sigh as I turn around and step into the now warm shower. I let the water wash over me. Letting my mind go blank as I begin to wash away the sweat and grime from work. Five minutes later I step from the shower feeling all new and shiny. As I dry off I begin to wonder if or when I will ever find that one woman who wasn't afraid to be treated good for the rest of her life.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and went to the kitchen to start dinner. I was debating what to cook when the phone rang. The caller ID showed it was my sister Samantha calling. "What's up Sam?" I asked when I answered.

"SSDD. What are you doing right now?"

"Getting ready to grill a steak I think."

"Got one for your little sis?"

"Sure come on over. Door's unlocked so just let yourself in when you get here."

I left the kitchen and began to pick up the trail of clothes from my entry when she walked in the door. "Let me guess. You called from your car in my driveway." It was more of a statement than a question.

"You know me so well Bill."

"Give me a few to change and I'll get the grill going. You know where the drinks are so help yourself."

"You don't have to change just because I'm here." She said coyly.

I shook my head as I picked up the rest of my clothes on the way to my room dumping them in the clothes basket when I got there. I grabbed a fresh t shirt from the closet and pulled on a pair of denim shorts, going commando. When I got back to the kitchen Samantha was tipping a beer to her lips. This was a little shocking since wine was her drink of choice. I always kept at least two bottles on hand just in case she dropped by. The beer was usually for when my friends stopped by to watch a game on my flat screen. I didn't drink any more. I quit a few years back when I woke up next to a stripper in her apartment three years ago.

I had gone out to get over another break up and found myself at a so called gentleman's club.I spent almost $400 on dinks and lap dances. Most of the dances had been courtesy of the girl I woke up with. When "Candy" woke up she was just as out of it as I was and was polite at first before trying to rush me out the door. I drove home hoping that I had had the sense to wear a condom. I vowed that if I did not get an STD I would swear off all alcohol in the future. It still amazed Samantha and my friends that I could sip iced tea while they all got hammered around me.

"Make a salad while I get these things burning on the grill." I said on my way out the door. I soon had the steaks going and went back in for a glass of that tea. Samantha was chopping tomatoes when I came in. With the onions, olives, mushrooms and peppers she had already diced this looked like a great salad in the making.

As I poured my tea I took a look at my sister. We had always been confused for twins growing up, in spite of the fact I was two years older. She had the same brown hair, now with blonde highlights which made her look twenty instead of her almost thirty years. The same blue eyes. And I was sure if my nose were straight it would look very similar to hers. She even had the same upturn at the corners of her mouth that gave her more of an impish expression all the time.

My eyes strayed to Samantha's body. At 5'9" she was five inches shy of my 6'2". Her long well muscled legs were bare up to mid thigh where her skirt started. The skirt was an airy cotton dyed a light blue that almost matched her eyes. Her blouse was also light blue and the bottom hem was just above her recently pierced navel. I had given her crap about the piercing when she got it, but I actually thought it looked good on her. Her body was well toned from yoga, which she had been doing since college. I marveled at her 36D breasts. I noticed as she began to toss the greens and other ingredients how her breasts had just the right amount of bounce to them. As usual she was not wearing a bra and the swaying of her breasts had started her nipples to react. I saw her look over at me checking her out and quickly took a sip of tea. I could swear she smiled as I headed out saying I needed to flip the steaks.

Five minutes later we were digging in with gusto into both the steaks and the salad. Samantha had grabbed another beer to drink with dinner.

"Slumming tonight I see."

She smiled and said "You're awfully observant tonight." Not making any attempt to hide the double entendre suggesting my earlier interest in her body. She giggled lightly as she saw my cheeks redden.

We moved on to other subjects quickly. Samantha and I had this great rapport that at times was silly but could quickly change to downright raunchy. Several times over the years we gotten some very strange looks from people until we realized the subject matter we were loudly chatting about. A few of Samantha's boyfriends had suggested that our repartee crossed boundaries that bordered on incest and were so sigusted they soon left her.

Samantha and I had similar personalities and a similar history of dating only to get dumped. Her break ups usually had to do with her boyfriends being jealous of our relationship. After the last break up she came over and downed two bottles of red before stating that the two of us should sleep together since everyone seemed to think we were doing it any way. With her eyes twinkling from her state of inebriation and the perpetual smile I couldn't tell if she was serious or not. I carried her to the spare room that night after she passed out.

As I laid her down her skirt rode up so I could see her panties. I saw Samantha in bikinis all the time, but for some reason seeing her panties caused an immediate reaction in my groin. I pulled the skirt down before covering her with a light blanket.

I must have been out of it for a while remembering that night. I felt something bounce off my forehead and snapped back to the here and now. "Earth to Bill. What were you thinking about just now?"

I couldn't come very well tell her so I said. "Still thinking about Stephanie. Why? What were you saying?"

"I was asking if you wanted to watch a movie with me. But if you're going to be a girl all night I'll go."

"Go pick something and I'll be in after I load the dish washer."

She shook her head and I thought I heard her call me a girl one more time as she went to the living room.

"You need another beer Sam?" I called before I left the kitchen.

"Bring me some of that tea you drink. I'm not really in the mood for drinking tonight. That's why I was slumming."

I carried the two iced teas to the living room and set hers down in front of her on the coffee table. She let me settle into the couch before moving herself and her drink right next to me. She grabbed the remote and hit the play button. She snuggled up against my arm and pulled the blanket from the back of the couch over her long legs. Soon I was hearing the familiar tune of "She" by Elvis Costello as the film Notting Hill started. It was one of Samantha's favorite movies and truth be told I kind of liked it too.

About an hour into the film I realized that Samantha's hand was resting on my thigh just about half way between my knee and my crotch. I began to get lost in the movie once again and forgot all about her hand. I knew that Samantha was crying about the break up scene. It always made her cry. I put my arm around her and gave a reassuring squeeze. As she slid herself tighter against me her hand moved up my thigh to rest just below my crotch and, to my dismay, my quickly growing hard on.

I watched as the blanket slid from Samantha's legs. I had always been a leg man and seeing Sam's well tone legs lit by the glow of the TV coupled with her hand's proximty to my groin had me feeling both horny and confused. Confused because I shouldn't be thinking these thoughts about my sister. Horny because my sister was a very desirable woman and I was after all just a man.

The living room was pretty dark and I hoped that Sam couldn't see my growing bulge. As the movie finally came to the ending credits Sam slid upright and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. I could feel my cheek warming from the spot of the kiss outward. I was still reacting to the kiss when Sam threw her leg across mine and sat her butt on my knees while straddling my legs with hers.Her arms atop my shoulders, hands linking fingers behind my neck.

"Sam what..." Before I could finish her mouth was locked to mine and her tongue was eagerly probing my mouth. I hesitated the beat of my heart before wrapping my arms around her waist and returning the passionate kiss.

Our mouths were mashed together for what seemed like hours. In reality the kiss lasted only the length of the ending credits. It was at once the most incredible kiss I had ever shared with anyone. I felt so much conflict once our mouths finally parted. Here I was with my sister kissing me and me not wanting it to stop. But the one thought holding me back was the fact she was my sister.

"I have wanted to do that for fifteen years." Sam said.

I was still too numb to speak.

"I never told you, or anyone for that matter, that I saw you take Angela's virginity. I heard about the fight and someone said your nose was bleeding. I ran home to see if you were OK. As I walked in the house I knew something was going on. When I got to your bedroom I could hear heavy breathing. The door was open about six inches so I peeked in. There you were with Angela and both of you were naked. I could see your cock as Angela laid back and opened her legs. I saw you stop and ask her something I couldn't hear. I assume it was to make sure she really wanted what was happening. Then you thrust inside her. I heard her groan of pain. Then she nodded at you.

Soon you were moving back and forth and she was moaning again. This time in pleasure. Without knowing I had moved my hand to my pussy and I was rubbing myself hard. I left and went to my room when I realized what I was doing. I fingered myself to orgasm for the first time that day. Wishing the whole time that my fingers were your cock. I was a little jealous of Angela for some time after that day."

My cock right now was throbbing in time to my heart beat. I felt like I was going to blow a nut in my shorts.

"So what now?" I finally asked.

"Now I want to feel this..." her hand grabbed my cock for emphasis and I almost came at her touch"...inside my pussy."

"Sam." I started. Before the next word could come Sam's blouse was lifted over her head and softly hit the floor behind the couch.Her nipples were standing out the size of my pinkie finger round and a little over a 1/4 inch long. Her areolas were slightly larger than a silver dollar. I thought they would be bigger given her 36D's but I was still impressed.

My head moved on its own and my mouth found her right nipple and I began to suck and lick it hungrily. Samantha began to moan loudly as I moved to take care of her left nipple as well.

"Take me to your room Bill."

I placed my hands on Sam's ass and stood as I pulled he body tight to mine. Her legs were wrapping around my waist and her tits mashed against my chest when I was fully standing. Her skirt had ridden all the way up and was bunched at her waist.When I took the first step away from the couch my bulging trouser snake nudged her pussy. A low moan escaped her lips. I walked to the bedroom carrying my sister. With every step her pussy rubbing my cock. I knew I wouldn't last long if this kept up.

I laid Sam carefully on my bed. My shirt came off in a flash. I looked down and saw that Sam wasn't wearing panties. Sam reached back for the button and zipper on her skirt. She got frustrated when she couldnt find them right away. I pulled her off the bed and did the honors for her. As soon as the skirt was past her hips she spun around and placed another long kiss on my mouth. I felt her fingers going for the button of my shorts. Soon I was wiggling my legs until I could step out of them without breaking our kiss. Sam pressed in so that we were in full contact along the front of our bodies. My hands made their way to those luscious nipples and as I pulled on her left nipple Sam's hand reached for my cock.

My right hand, emboldened by Sam's actions, slid down her stomach in search of her pussy. My finger rubbed over the sheath of her clit and her hips moved to give me better access. I plied my middle finger between her legs and felt the heat and moisture of her slit. As I drew my hand back lightly the heel of my hand brushed against her now emerged clit. Sam was moaning so loud it vibrated through both our bodies.

Sam broke the kiss and climed into my bed. "I need to feel you inside me right now!" A command I was more than willing to obey at this point.

As I climbed into bed next to her I thought that there was nothing we had done so far that couldn't be excused. I looked into Sam's eyes and saw the hunger. Her face had a now fierce cast to it that both excited me further but also had me feeling a little bit intimidated.

Sam pushed me roughly to my back. I think she sensed my relunctance to go any further. There was no doubt of her intent to make this happen and I was not going to talk her out of it. Her body slid on top of mine and her hand reached for my cock as she lifted her hips from my waist. Positioning the head of my seven inch cock to her honey dripping pot she pushed herself all the way down in one fast thrust of her hips. A tight scream escaped her lips and she sat there for a full two minutes letting her body adjust to the sudden invasion.

Slowly her hips began to move. Knowing that it was done I let her take control of tempo while I began to play with those milk cans swaying in my face.

I found her left nipple with my right hand and just cupped it with my right palm. My left hand sought out her right breast and I pinched the nipple and tugged it gently. The contrast of hard and soft made Sam stop for a second as her pussy lightly convulsed. She began her humping action again and I switched the pressure, going soft with my left hand and pulling the nipple taut with my right. Sam's moans were coming from deep in her belly and I was getting dangerously close to cumming. I clamped my mouth to Sam's left nipple and ran my tongue around the areola lightly flicking it against her nipple before catching it softly between my teeth and sucking hard. My right hand snaked down between our bodies. I was looking for her clit once again. My thumb brushed against the nub and Sam bucked against my hips like I hit her with a stun gun. Once again I sought it out and was rewarded with "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK...OH GOD I'M GOING TO CUMMMM." Her pussy began to grip my cock and the suction was so intense I instantly blew my load of cum deep inside my sister's cunt. Pulse after pulse of steaming cum splashing against her cervix.

Oce her orgasm subsided Sam's lips were locked to mine and we laid there in post coital bliss just enjoying our new relationship. Neither wanting to speak. In spite of having just cum my dick was still hard. A few of my girlfriends enjoyed the fact that I could maintain my erections through at least three of my own orgasms. Sam was about to get a real big surprise.

I rolled us over so that I was now in top. Sam looked into my eyes as I began to pump my seven inch cock inside her. My mouth found hers, as for the first time I initiated the kiss. I kept a pace similar to the one that Sam had used when she was riding me. Soon she was pulling back and thrusting forward at the hips to match what I was doing. I slid my pole until just the head was being held inside her pussy and stopped. Her hands began to tug at my ass wanting me to thrust back inside and her hips kept tring to lift as well. I heard a small cry of frustration try to escape her lips before I plunged fullly inside her once more. her fingers were working her clit furiously as I redoubled my assault of her silken love tunnel. I could tell she was getting close to cumming once again and slowed my thrusts for several beats before pounding away with complete abandon once again. Sam dug her nails into my back and her thighs clamped tight around my waist in her second orgasm of the night. I waited until her thighs loosened their strangle hold before I began moving again, going for my own second O.

This time I just kept a single pace letting my cock slide halfway out before plunging back so that my balls slapped against her ass. Sam grabbed her knees and pulled her legs up to her tits to give me batter access to her depths. We were bathed in a sheen of sweat and Sam's hair was plastered to her face and shoulders. My steady pace was getting good results as I could see Sam's eyes begin to glass over. My own orgasm was close so I held it back with a force of sheer will. Sam began to buck wildly as her third orgasm shook her body and I finally sent another wave of my seed inside her pussy losing count of each pulse of cum that shot out.

I once again rolled us over so that Sam was on top. Sam pulled lowered her face to mine and began to kiss me lightly on the lips. A true lovers kiss. She held her lips to mine for a minute before she felt that my shaft was still steel hard and not moving inside her.

"Get on your hands and knees." I commanded.

Without asking a word she slid my fuck stick out of her tight hole and assumed the position I asked for. I got to my knees behind her and once again drove my pole home. Sam's legs buckled slightly from the sensation and I had to grip her hips to keep her from collapsing.

Once she was steady I began to probe her depths with my cock. I brought my right hand around from her waist and soon found her clit with my thumb. As I held my hand there I could feel my balls slap against it with each forward thrust. I moved my hand out of the way and heard Sam squeal with delight each time my balls made contact with her sensitive nub. Producing a wet splat as my sack became soaked in her juices with each swing.

Sam's next orgasm was fast and furious as I found her g spot with the head of my cock. I kept up the pace as her arms collapsed. Her hips held up by my arms once again gripping her there. And her fifth orgasm followed as soon as her fourth had subsided. There was so much fluid pulsing from our combined juices I was feeling no friction. She was begging me to stop but my ears had quit working from the blood pulsing through them with every beat of my heart. I was nearing my final O and finally my cock thickened and my balls began their tingling withdrawl before my sperm was once again flowing into my sisters well lubricated snatch. Her pussy juices flowing so freely the sheets were completely sodden beneath her knees.

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