tagBDSMSamantha Ch. 01

Samantha Ch. 01


Yawning and stretching herself Samantha slowly started to awaken after a restless night. Her mind had been working overtime with the thought of the next few days of what her Master had in store for her. He would not be pleased with her once he found out her misdemeanours. The air in the bedroom was cold, she snuggled a bit further under the duvet the warmth making her feel safe and secure. She closed her eyes and let her hands glide over her body, the silkiness of her skin under her own hands turning her on, her fingers finding their way to her ecstasy button, parting the lips with one hand as the other gently pulled and manipulated the source of her dreams.

The alarm clock penetrated her brain bringing her smartly back to reality; with a deep sigh she stopped playing knowing she would have to confess her sin to her Master. Samantha swung her legs out of bed and ran her hands through her tousled hair. Stretching her legs in front of her she thought she had better shave them so that they were smooth, the Master hated touching her legs when they were stubbly. As Samantha stood up she caught sight of herself in the mirror, running her hands over her body she could feel the firmness of her breasts, her pink nipples erect with the coldness of the room, her warm fingertips gently pinching them to make them pinker, her pussy bald and inviting, the seeping wetness making her aware of the heat between her legs. Turning herself sideways she ran her hands over her bottom, the skin so white and unblemished, soft and silky to the touch, she closed her eyes as she massaged the cheeks spreading them slightly wishing the Master was there to see.

A glance at the clock told her that she had better get moving and prepare for her Master’s arrival. The last thing she wanted to do was to anger him anymore than what he was going to be when she confessed all her sins. As Samantha showered she shaved her legs and removed the stubble from her pussy knowing that the Master would be pleased. He always inspected her on arrival to make sure that she had done all he had asked, only once did she forget this ritual, never again would it happen!


Her mind went back to that day; her Master had arrived in a good mood as he was looking forward to seeing her. As was usual she was dressed minimally, a white shirt that just covered her bottom and the buttons done up to just under her breasts. The Master could glimpse them gently swaying as she moved about. As He greeted her with a kiss his hand slid over her belly down to her pussy. His lips lingered on hers relishing the taste and softness at the same time his hand cupped her mound and grabbed the pubic hair, grasping tightly he pulled so hard that she screamed in pain. His other hand twisting her long blonde hair around and pulling her head back glaring into her blue eyes.

“What” he sneered?

“Is this?” pulling hard at the pubic hair.

“I’m sorry Master, it slipped my mind”, whimpered Samantha as tears rolled down the sides of her face

Her blues eyes looking deep into his dark orbs, pleading for him to stop pulling so hard at her now tender mound. He released her and pushed her to her knees, circling her tapping his hand against his thigh.

“Well little one, how do you think you should be punished?” he asked quietly.

Samantha knelt on the floor her eyes lowered, she knew she would have to answer but couldn’t get her mouth to work to let the words out. She felt the Master move behind her his warm hands laid gently on her shoulders, one hand gently stroking her hair, closing her eyes his aroma infiltrating her senses, she felt comfortable. Suddenly he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so hard she thought her neck would snap. Her eyes looking up at the ceiling his face slowly moved over hers, his dark eyes penetrating her very soul, keeping a tight grip he repeated the question…this time an answer escaped her lips.

“I don’t know Master, whatever will please you”.

“Now little one, you will go and shave that disgusting pussy but I want you to leave a strip of hair down the centre”, he said, releasing the grip he had of her hair.

“Yes Master”, she replied meekly.

The Master instructed her to go to the bathroom and put herself as he requested, she had fifteen minutes in which to be ready and present herself to him in the appropriate manner. Samantha did as she was told wiping the tears from her face; she shaved her tender mound as quickly as she could making sure she left the centre strip as He wanted. Checking herself in the mirror she felt quite proud of her handiwork, it looked quite cute in its own way she thought.

As Samantha entered the lounge the Master watched her walk slowly over to him, her tanned naked body a true sculpture to his eyes. Her white breasts gently moving with her walking, the pink nipples hard and erect, a movement in his groin made him aware of his lust for her. His eyes went to her mound, red from the pulling of the hair and her shaving, the centrepiece like the hair of a Mohican. Her long legs so beautifully shaped remembering the feel of them wrapped around his neck the last time he had taken her. She knelt before him and sat back on her legs, her knees wide apart and her hands laid on her thighs, her back and head straight the eyes lowered to the ground. He smiled to himself; she could be so good at times. “Raise your eyes to me”, he said sternly.

Samantha raised her eyes to him, she loved this man in front of her with all her being, this tall slim man who had such incredible hands, they could make her scream in agony but yet make her scream in ecstasy. Beautiful manicured hands, his body lithe and well maintained, his hair well groomed all the time and his mouth so gentle yet vicious at the same time. On Master’s lap he had three items, a crop, a pair of scissors and a pair tweezers

“Now little one, which item do you think is befitting for your punishment”, his eyes softening slightly as he watched for a reaction and her answer. “It is not for me to say Master”, she replied knowing full well that he would choose the one that would give him the most satisfaction.

“Alright lets go through them shall we?” he asked.

“Yes Master” was her quiet reply

“The crop, do you think that is sufficient for your sin?”

Samantha did not reply, it was not appropriate, this was her Master thinking out loud but at the same time tormenting her.

“The scissors, that would be too easy, wouldn’t it my dear?”

Again she did not reply.

“Now the tweezers, that I think is the best implement for today, don’t you?”

A few tears welled up in her eyes she knew that this punishment would bring pain that she would never forget. He ordered her to lie down with her legs up in the air and spread wide, she could hold them there with her hands. As she placed her hands behind her legs to steady them he bound her wrists to her legs so now she would not be able to move once the pain started. He looked down at her and stroked her face gently his other hand gliding over her body to her pussy, spreading the lips so he could see her clit, which was already large and swollen. His long fingers working their way down her slit until they reached her warm moist opening, sliding two fingers in feeling the walls hold onto his fingers. Smiling he pulled his fingers out of her and placed them to her mouth, her tongue licked at them hungrily tasting the bitter sweetness of herself. The Master pulled her mound towards her belly, the hairs separating, she saw the tweezers going towards her mound and held her breath for the first one to be plucked. Samantha bit her lip as each hair was pulled out, the pain was bad, she had never realised before how tender it was down there. He started pulling two and three hairs out at a time, she could stand it no longer, tears rolling down her face she began to plead with him to stop, but he didn’t hear her.


Looking at herself in the mirror she saw her face wet with tears in remembering how her Master had dealt with her. She checked her pussy one more time to make sure it was clean-shaven, that sort of retribution she did not want again.

Today her Master wanted her dressed in a school uniform, she had ironed her white shirt, the pleats in her grey skirt were very carefully pressed. Her gym shoes had been whitened ready for his inspection when he arrived. Her underwear had to be all white and as she put her lace bra on and panties she admired herself in the mirror, thinking how pleased He would be. As she put her shirt on and buttoned it up she made sure that the first three buttons were left open so he could glimpse her small but succulent breasts. She wriggled into her skirt, put her white socks on and then her gym shoes. Her hair went up into bunches and light make up on her face. On inspection of herself she was pleased with the result, she ran her hands over her clothes hesitating at her crotch feeling a slight dampness beginning with the anticipation of her Master’s arrival.

Looking at the clock she had about an hour before he arrived. Samantha stripped the bed and put the black silk sheets on that He loved; they looked so erotic and welcoming against the brass bedstead. The Master liked all his equipment to be laid out on the bed before he arrived and she did this in the meticulous order in which she had been taught. A quick look round the room to make sure everything was in place, satisfied, she went downstairs to get a drink and some breakfast as she didn’t know when she would eat and drink again over the coming few days. All she knew was it would be only with Master’s permission if he thought she deserved it. Her right to food had to be earned; leniency was given where fluids were concerned.

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