tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSamantha Wants to be a Model Ch. 01

Samantha Wants to be a Model Ch. 01


Author's note: This is my first serious attempt at writing erotica, and it was inspired by recent happenings that happened in the little city-state I live in known as Singapore (for Singaporeans or anyone following Singapore news, I am sure you know what I'm referring to.

I hope the story doesn't bore you too much, and I will continue writing it if you readers find it enjoyable. Constructive comments welcomed anytime, please! Cheers!


"ADV: Do you have what it takes to be a model? Do you want to earn really good money? If so, reply to this text"- Model Headhunter

For a few days now the text message has been constantly on Samantha's mind, even now on her daily jog. She had always believed that she had what it took to be a model, but the opportunity never really presented itself. And even if the opportunity did present itself, her traditional, conservative parents would never stand for her being one, having mentioned several times before how absolutely distasteful they found the thought of scantily clad women posing and parading around for the whole world to see.

Not that Samantha cared very much for their opinion anyway. Ever since her parents had discovered that she wasn't the studious type who could score straight As like her elder sister, they had written her off as a failure. With all their love, care and energy devoted to maximizing the potential of elder sister, Samantha had been neglected and left to her own devices as early as when she was in primary school. As expected, her grades fell and fell, which caused her parents to write her off even more -- and so continued the vicious cycle. Even more unfortunately, her parents had an annoying tendency to link good results with higher allowance and better rewards. So while her sister strutted around with the latest gadgets and branded accessories, Samantha always only had the bare necessities. Needless to say, they weren't on very friendly terms.

But her belief that she was model-material remained strong through the years, fuelled ironically by her parents' hatred of it. The spirit of rebellion had always resided strong in Samantha. Now 18 and blessed with full, natural 36D breasts that rested on a lean body borne out of her love for running, she had always turned heads whenever she had bothered to dress in something that accentuated her many and ample assets -- which, admittedly, wasn't often at all as her parents would frown upon her "dressing like a slut". It also helped that she had a somewhat shy, innocent deposition that was starkly contrasted with a naturally sultry expression, aided by her luscious, pouty lips and big round eyes. Her whole outlook, completed with long tresses of wavy black hair, made her look like -- in the words of her best friend -- "a hottie who doesn't know you're a hottie, and needs a life changing experience to bring out the hottie in you." An ex-boyfriend had also told her how she was every boy's fantasy, though she had wondered if he had really meant it, or it was one of those things that guys said to get into a girl's skirt.

As Samantha finished her run and started warming down at the fitness corner, she noticed a passing male jogger eyeing her appreciatively. He then noticed that she had noticed, and gave her a friendly smile. Slightly embarrassed, Samantha quickly turned away, and thankfully the guy ran past her without stopping. While relieved that he hadn't stopped to chat with her as they sometimes try to do, she couldn't help but wonder if that guy had smiled at her because he found her attractive... or that he smiled at every female jogger that he passed. The question got her curious and she wondered if she dared to put the question to test. At this time in the day, there were usually many male joggers who would jog by. After pondering a moment, she decided she was feeling a little more playful than usual this late afternoon, so she would conduct a little experiment to see how many pairs of lustful eyes she could attract.

She quickly finished the rest of her warm down routine and proceeded to the sit-up bench. It was a good place to execute her experiment, just beside the running path. Hooking her feet to the bar and extending her legs, she took great care to hike up her running shorts so that it was tantalizingly close to revealing her panties to anyone who went by. She started doing the sit-ups slowly. 1... 2... 3...

Just as she was about to reach 20, a male jogger ran past... and to her secret delight stopped. Samantha vaguely recognized the male jogger from her frequent runs down this route and she knew that it wasn't his usual routine to stop here. Why the change in routine this time? A small shiver went down her spine -- could it be because he had spotted her and her near naked legs? Samantha turned her head ever so slightly in his direction and thanked the heavens that she had decided to wear her shades -- she could now see what the guy was doing without the guy realizing it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that the guy was stretching -- or rather, pretending to stretch. He was totally oblivious to the fact that Samantha was eyeing him eyeing her, so focused was he on ogling her splendid runner's legs. A bulge had started to form at the front of his running tights and Samantha nearly choked. Just by showing her legs, she could arouse him so much?

After a couple of minutes had passed, Samantha started to get a little bored and decided it was time to take things up a notch. She wondered if she could get the guy to walk by her way to get a closer look by doing leg-lifts. Not only would leg-lifts hike up her shorts even more, it would even give him a peek of her panties if he had the gall to walk south of her. So with anticipation, she started raising her legs and holding it there for a few seconds at a time.

To her delight, that was exactly what he did, after a moment's hesitation. Samantha continued lying there, doing her leg-lifts, acting ignorant of the lecherous guy's intention. As he approached nearer and passed, he lingered way too long which confirmed that he wasn't merely innocently passing by. Samantha could literally feel his eyes trained on her now wet pussy, as certain, she thought, as he could feel the heat that was emanating from there. As he slowly walked away -- probably with an obscene bulge by now -- Samantha could barely contain the adrenaline rush she felt from having so much power over a guy. She had just made him cut short his run, warmed down at a place he didn't usually warm down at, and took a small detour to peek at her because SHE had wanted him to peek at her. She felt powerful! Her best friend was right -- if she knew how to use her assets properly, she could exert a lot of control over guys.

It was then suddenly, that she had an epiphany. If she could exert so much control over a guy without even really trying, surely she could exert even more control over guys if she really tried. And having said that, weren't the best models those who captivated the attention of men for as long as they demanded it? Wasn't that what she had just did? She totally had the male jogger wrapped around her finger! Now if she could replicate that consistently, she might actually have a future in the modeling world! Filled with overwhelmingly positive thoughts, she took out her phone strapped inside her running pouch, punched the inbox open and after a quick scroll, found the text message she was looking for.

"Yes, I have what it takes to be a model, and I want to earn some really good money," she replied.


"I need some photos to confirm you have what it takes. Send 5 of your sexiest shots".

The reply came soon after she'd gotten home. Samantha was a little taken aback by the forthrightness and speed of it; she had fully expected to show some photos of herself in a proper face to face interview, not over text. After a moment's pause, she typed out:

"Will there be an interview? Can I only show my pictures during the interview?"

The reply came soon.

"There have been too many applications. I will need to filter through the photos to decide on the first cut. No go if you don't send 5 shots by tonight."

By tonight?? Samantha started to panic a little, for time was running short. Fortunately, her parents were out celebrating yet another wonderful showing in the exams by her sister, so she had the house all to herself and could doll up in peace. She quickly put on some make up, and went through her wardrobe to pick out the sexiest clothing she had. Unfortunately, her choices were very limited, as her parents were very strict in not allowing her to get anything overtly sexy. All she had that could be classified as sexy were a couple of medium length dresses and skirts. Surely, she wouldn't stand out wearing those??

Samantha threw the dresses onto her bed in frustration and despair. She didn't even have a nightgown she could wear. If all she had were the medium length dresses and skirts, she would never make it past the first cut. Suddenly, an idea came to her head. What if she took some photos of her in her lingerie? It always used to drive her ex-boyfriends mad, and she had a secret pair of sexy lingerie which she had bought for special occasions with them. A wave of excitement filled her and she quickly rummaged through her wardrobe again for the pair of lingerie she had in mind -- a half-cup push-up bra that made her 36D breasts look even bigger than they were, and a purple lacy Brazilian thong. Sliding it up her legs in front of her full length mirror, she had never before felt so sexy. As she checked herself out, she felt herself getting wet. She couldn't believe that she was actually about to take some really sexy shots of herself and send it to a model headhunter! She decided she had better quickly finish it before her bout of courage ran out.

Samantha set her camera to automatic self-timer and starting posing in various positions. The more she posed, the hotter and hornier she felt. It got so bad that after her shots, she decided to finger herself to orgasm first before picking out the best 5 photos. As she laid writhing and moaning softly in bed, lustful thoughts of men getting aroused by the sight of her parading around in lingerie consumed her head. Yes, she was going to be a lingerie model. Yes, she was going to make make countless men's blood boil. Yes, she was going to so wanted, so desired.

Samantha had her most intense orgasm in her life that night.


The next afternoon, as she was preparing to leave school, the much anticipated text reply came.

"You have been selected for the interview. Can you make it tomorrow at 3pm? The location will only be disclosed to you 1 hour before the agreed time."

Samantha let out a big smile. She had been pretty confident that the daring photos she'd sent would see her through the first cut. But she couldn't help but wonder at the need for such location secrecy. They probably didn't want news to spread such that applicants who didn't make the first cut would show up and beg for another chance, she thought with glee.

Checking her schedule, she saw that her lessons ended at 1pm tomorrow so she would be free. She texted as such back, and got a reply almost instantaneously.

"Come dressed casually but bring along what you wore in the photos. There might be a preliminary shoot tomorrow."

Samantha went to bed that night dreaming of catwalks, flashlights and stardom. She awoke in the middle of the night flushed, breathing hard and feeling horny as hell. Knowing that she could not possibly fall back asleep without satisfying her lust, she once again fingered herself to an intense orgasm, before almost instantly falling back into her star-filled dreams.


3pm couldn't come any sooner the next day. Very promptly at 2pm, Samantha had received a text message informing that the interview was to be conducted at the lobby café of Amara hotel in the business district. She had rushed down and now found herself entering the café, looking for a guy in a white business shirt and tie. She soon found him, sitting alone at a corner table, busy texting away.

"Are you Tang?" she asked cautiously.

"Yes, and you must be Samantha. Have a seat."

Samantha pulled up a chair and sized Tang up. He was medium set, in his late 30s and balding. Not very good looking, certainly nowhere near as good looking as Samantha imagined a model headhunter would be. Still, he has this air of authority around him. It made Samantha immediately want to trust him.

Tang wasted no time in starting the interview.

"Samantha, I was very impressed by the photos you sent in. Were they shots from the past or did you take them on the spot?" he asked.

"It was on the spot. I have never done shots like those before. It is my first time trying out for a modeling job, but I am confident," Samantha replied, feeling much less confident than she sounded.

"I see, very impressive indeed. I must let you know -- although I suspect you already do -- you are an exceedingly attractive young lady, Samantha. In fact, among my portfolio of girls -- even among the experienced ones -- you are by far the most attractive."

Samantha blushed. Many guys have told her before how pretty she was, but coming from a model headhunter it felt different. This was a guy who job involved picking out the best and most beautiful of them... and here he was telling her she was the most attractive one.

"So Samantha, tell me," Tang's words interrupted her thoughts. "How far are you willing to go to make it in this industry?"

"I am prepared to give it my all," Samantha replied confidently. She had rehearsed for this question.

"Your all?" Tang asked, with a raised eyebrow. "Do you mean what you say? I do not take such answers lightly, Samantha."

Samantha nodded. "I really meant my all, Sir." "Good," Tang hummed. He leaned in closer and motioned for Samantha to do so as well.

"Are you still a virgin, Samantha?"

Samantha recoiled, surprised from the question. Once again, the forthrightness left her feeling speechless. After taking a few seconds to recover, she stammered back "No... I'm not a virgin. I... I don't know if there's a plus or minus point."

Tang threw his head back and laughed, blanketing the moment of awkwardness. "You may not be a virgin anymore but you certainly are innocent still. Don't worry, it is not a minus point unless you want it to be."

Samantha found his reply curious, and asked him what he meant.

"Samantha, a new young model like you, like in all careers, will have to start at the bottom. It is a very competitive industry. And while I have the means, power and connections to give you a good chance at success, you have to be willing to do everything I say, and by everything, I mean everything. If you do that, not only will you eventually find fame, you will also be fabulously rich. The fame will come later, but the money will roll in right from the start. Do you understand what I'm trying to say, Samantha?"

As the words sunk in, a wave of realization hit her. The question "how far are you willing to go to make it in this industry" suddenly took new meaning, and Samantha felt nausea rising up. She had heard stories before about how all top models had slept their way up to the top, but always dismissed them as envious gossips of those who hadn't made it. Now, it was actually happening before her eyes...

"Samantha, stop looking so shocked. I'm sorry to say this but you do not have much time to decide; I am not a patient man. You are very, very attractive and I am confident of your success in this industry. However, I have many attractive girls lining up for a shot at this, and if you are not interested in my preposition, then I'm afraid I'll have to take my leave soon for my next interview."

Samantha stared back at him, wide-eyed. He was threatening to leave already so soon? All that she had dreamed of the last few years, all that she could think about the last few days, it was all about to disappear in the blink of an eye! She was so close... this close... but could she really go through with it?? She had had a few boyfriends before in her life, but she had only slept with one of them, and he was a terrible lover in bed which caused sex to be unpleasant. And while she certainly enjoys masturbating, she never ever thought of herself as someone who would enjoy casual sex, or worse yet, sex-for-something. And now she was in a position where she would have to do it to be able to fulfill her dreams of being a model. Could she...


"Ye.. yes?" She opened her eyes. She had not realized that they had been closed.

"Have you come to a decision? Like I told you, I am not a patient man."

"Yes, I have."

"And your answer is?"

"I want to be a model, and I want to succeed."

***** They stayed on at the café, as Tang outlined what Samantha had to do. Because she didn't have any experience, she would have to undergo training and a series of tests. And because she was still only 18 years of age, Tang told her that she would only be contracted part time for now as she slowly worked her way round the circuit, making a name for herself. He intended only to expose her full time into the modeling world a year or two from now if she excelled at all her training and tests. Until then, it was imperative that she do everything he said, for failure to do so would see an instant cancellation of her contract. Tang also told her that from time to time, he would require her to "meet" certain very well-connected clients in venues such as this who will help pave her way to eventual success. Every "service" that she got paid for, she could keep a very generous 50%, with the other 50% going to Tang for brokering the deal and for helping her find her way to success.

When his briefing was over, Samantha looked at her watch. It was only 4pm -- only had hour has passed. It certainly felt longer than that, so much had transpired within 60mins. Or perhaps it was the 3 vodkas that Tang had made her drink in the last half hour that had made time slowed down. She knew she was taking in more alcohol than she was used to, but she didn't want to seem weak by rejecting them.

"Do you have any more questions?" Tang asked, interrupting her thoughts once again.

"Not at this point I guess," Samantha replied, hesitantly.

"Are you still in and willing to do anything it takes?"


"Good. Then you are ready for your first test."

"First test? So... soon? I have not prepared anything..."

"You brought the lingerie you wore in the photos, like I told you to?"

"Yes I did..."

"Then you are prepared. Come with me." Tang got up from his seat, left a $50 bill on the table and started making his way into the hotel lobby. Samantha paused momentarily, before getting up to follow him.

"Where are we going?" Samantha asked when she caught up.

"Upstairs, I have a room booked. Your first test is me, Samantha."

"Yo... You? What do you mean... I thought you were my boss..."

"Yes. I told you just now that you will have to go through training. Before I can decide what training to give you, I have to know what you can -- or can't do. Don't worry, it should be an easy test to pass, I am sure you will have no problems with it." Tang flashed a big smile as they entered the lift. By now, Samantha had a pretty good idea what the first test was, even though she was still in a daze from the chain of events in the last hour.

The arrived on the 8th floor and Tang led her by the arm to a room. She wasn't exactly drunk but she was definitely high from the alcohol. Good, she thought. It would give me more courage to do what needs to be done.

Once inside the room, Tang told her to get changed into the lingerie she had brought. Without saying anything, Samantha quickly did as she was told. All she wanted to do now was to go home as soon as possible, but she could only do it after she passed this test.

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