tagLoving WivesSamantha's Strange Wish...

Samantha's Strange Wish...


Samantha's Strange Wish For Relief!

Samantha had always been a bit of a wild girl and I loved her for it! We have only been married for 2 years and already she is starting to be a handful for me. She is always wanting sex and there is only so much a nice lad like myself can provide. She has always had this strong desire for sex and I have only to touch her clit or her nipples and she demands to be fucked! Most men would find this the biggest turn-on possible, but that is not always the case for me. I just can't keep it up to her!

Samantha had a rather full sex life before she met me. She wasn't shy about telling me about all of her lovers before me and I had heard some very graphic stories from her. She had been the object in a very big gangbang and had enjoyed being fucked by at least 25 men, all at the one session. She had been a willing participant and had asked to be the center of attraction. She had also had lots of sex with other men and almost considered herself to be an expert. She understood I couldn't satisfy her more than three times a day and I am sure, if she had the chance, she would fuck at least ten times each day! I had explained to her that I was normal and she was the one who was abnormal in her demands. At first I had managed to fuck her lots of times each day but now, although I am the same age as Samantha, I just cannot do her more than three times a day - sometimes less.

She fully understands my problem and has told me she wouldn't fuck other men outside of our marriage and I know she believes she is telling the truth.

One day she came home from a visit to her local gynecologist with a very big smile on her face! She told me he understood her problem and thought the only way she would be able to tone down her sex desire, apart from drugs which she hated, would be for her to have her clitoris rendered less sensitive! When I asked her what she meant, she told me he had suggested she have her clitoris pierced in a special way and that would probably quell some of her desire. I wasn't in favor of having her pierced but told her I would agree if she really wanted to do that!

She seemed fairly convinced that this was the way to go and so she began contacting tattoo and piercing studios asking the opinions of the piercers! They all told her it depended on the shape of her clitoris and how much was exposed. They all told her not everyone would be suitable and the only way they could tell would be for her to visit them and let them examine her.

Samantha asked me if I would go with her when she visited a few of these studios. I asked why she wanted to visit more than one but she said she wanted to see if all the opinions were the same. This seemed to be reasonable to me so I took the day off from the office and agreed to accompany her.

She had her list of 6 studios and we began at the first early in the morning. The studio was owned by a man who was about 40 years old and, although he was tattooed a deal, he looked to be a genuine person. He listened to what Samantha had to tell him and then told her he would have to examine her. She told him I had to go with her and he readily agreed. We moved into the small room at the rear of the studio which he said was more private. Here he asked Samantha to remove her panties and to then climb up onto the table where he would examine her.

Samantha is a very attractive girl with a very good figure and a wonderful smile. She readily climbed onto the table and pulled her skirt up well above her waist and then spread her legs widely apart as the piercer moved between her legs and sat down on a stool at the end of the table. He was wearing rubber gloves and he gently parted her labia and moved his fingers around examining her intimately. He then moved his fingers to her clitoris and began to stroke it. Her clitoris always stands up, when she is aroused, and is right outside the hood so that it is very visible. It is very easy to touch and thus she is very easily aroused.

I could see, as he was stroking her clitoris, that he was arousing her very quickly and suddenly she gave a little scream and a shudder and experienced a wonderful orgasm! The piercer was surprised she had cum so easily and remarked that he now knew just how sensitive her clitoris must be.

Samantha had a very hairy pubic bush but wasn't even a little bit embarrassed lying there with her dress up around her waist and her legs spread wide as the man played with her clitoris! I was standing alongside her holding on to her hands and as he played with her (examined her) she squeezed my hands hard as she became excited.

After examining her for about 20 minutes during which time she had three orgasms, he announced he would be prepared to pierce her clit and expected, if it was done correctly, it would diminish her sensitivity and thus reduce her desire for more and constant sex. He also asked how sensitive her nipples were and when she told him they were almost as sensitive as her clit, he asked if he could examine them too. She didn't hesitate and, still lying on her back, unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. She wasn't wearing a bra - she told us it rubbed her nipples too much to wear a bra - and her beautiful breasts and nipples were exposed to his gaze. He began caressing her breasts and then moved to her nipples. Immediately she began to groan and squeezed my hands as she came again! He was more surprised at the sudden response from her nipples and told her she had extremely sensitive nipples - more so than he had seen before.

He eventually told Samantha that he was fairly confident he could pierce her nipples too and make them less sensitive although he wasn't as confident as he had been about her clitoris! He gave her quotes to have her clit and nipples pierced and told her to go away and think about what he had said! At least he appeared genuine. Samantha dressed and we thanked the man and left the studio.

Once outside, I asked Samantha if she thought she would go ahead with the piercing and she said that seemed to be very likely but she wanted more opinions so we drove to the next studio on her list.

The procedure at the next studio was almost identical to the first. The man here asked her to remove her panties and to hop up onto his table. This man, however, didn't wear gloves and I was a bit alarmed when he began touching her clitoris with his bare fingers. She responded much more quickly here than the first studio. She began cumming as soon as he began touching her! She certainly squeezed my hand a lot! His diagnosis was similar to the first man although he thought she might need a very large ring or bolt to achieve the right effect! He took the time to explain that while she wanted to reduce the desire to fuck everything in sight, if the piercing was successful, it would also reduce the desire for me to fuck her and I certainly didn't want that to happen! He too wanted to examine her nipples and again he played with them without the benefit of gloves. I was a bit off this fellow! Eventually he too gave her quotes for the work and told her he was very confident it would work for her! After leaving this studio I asked Samantha if she really wanted to go to other studios because I thought they would all tell her the same thing! If the truth is told, I guess I didn't want too many men looking at and handling my lovely wife! Samantha told me she would like to see one more piercer and see what he had to say before making up her mind!

The next studio was not as attractive as the other two and I didn't feel as comfortable here as I had at the first two but agreed to let Samantha see what would be said here. When we first entered the premises my reaction was of a third rate studio - there seemed to be mess everywhere and there were several men standing around talking and looking at books of tattoos! When the man in charge came over to Samantha and asked her what she wanted even she didn't look very happy but never-the-less she told him of her problem and asked his advice.

He didn't have a separate room and just told Samantha to take off her panties and to hop up onto the large table which was in the center of his studio. All of the men standing around came over to watch. He didn't do anything to discourage them and so they formed a ring around Samantha lying there naked from the waist down and with her legs spread widely! They all looked at her body and they were so close I had a hard time trying to hold Samantha's hand while she was examined. The piercer played with her clit with his bare hands and soon she was shuddering and beginning to scream as she reached her orgasm, much to the delight of the men watching. This man kept on playing with her clit and she came 5 times in a very short space of time. He then, without asking, shoved two fingers into her cunt and I could see him moving his fingers around in her. At the same time he was playing with her clit. This time, as she came, she bucked wildly and her orgasm was obviously a very big one. He laughed as she came and asked her if she wanted to be fucked while she was here! I stepped up and pushed some of the men away and tried to pull Samantha up off the table. I am sure she would have moved if she hadn't had such a big orgasm but she was completely exhausted for the moment and seemed as if she couldn't move. The man hadn't removed his fingers from her cunt and continued to play with her until she was moaning again and about to have another orgasm! I couldn't stand this any more and pushed violently at the piercer who was playing with her. With his hands busily occupied he wasn't able to defend himself and overbalanced when I shoved him. Now he had to let go of her body but immediately several other men began sticking their fingers into her cunt and of course played with her clit. Also the other men were undoing her blouse and playing with her nipples. I knew if I didn't get her out soon she would be raped although in her present state it wouldn't be rape if she asked for it!

I am not a big person but now I was furious and seemed to have a sudden burst of power. I punched a couple of the men and slowly the others seemed to back off. I quickly pulled Samantha off the table and rushed to the door and the safety of the street! We didn't have time to grab her panties but that didn't matter - at least we had escaped what could have been a very nasty ordeal. I wasn't sure just how happy Samantha was that I had taken her away from the men! In her own way she had been enjoying all the attention she had been getting.

We returned home and I insisted Samantha have a shower and get cleaned up. She did this without question and when she came out of the bathroom naked I knew she was still aroused and I would have to fuck her quickly! We went into our bedroom and fucked until Samantha was satisfied. We were really fucking and not making love because although I loved Samantha with all my heart we have gone past the time when making love is enough for Samantha.

When we had rested I asked her if she still wanted to have her clit pierced after all that had happened today. She told me she still wanted to see more piercers and if I didn't want to accompany her she would go alone. I knew then that she was unhappy that I had stopped her getting fucked at the last studio! This made me all the more determined that I would go wherever she wanted because I couldn't trust her to behave if she went alone.

Next morning we visited one more studio. This certainly looked a lot better proposition than the last we saw yesterday. This studio was run by a man and wife team and they seemed to be very understanding of her problem. They too asked her to remove her panties and to hop up onto their table in a private room and were most happy for me to come with her. They both wore gloves and very carefully examined Samantha's clit and didn't make any attempt to play with it before asking if that would be O.K. with Samantha. When given permission they touched her clit very carefully and they were able to examine it for a long time before Samantha had an orgasm. They agreed it was terribly sensitive and in their experience they had only seen one like this before but had read quite a deal about over-sensitive clits and thought they might be able to help her.

They asked Samantha to get dressed and to take a seat while they looked up some references in their books. Their library was very impressive and I was sure they were a genuine couple anxious to help their clients.

After reading for about 30 minutes the man asked if we would mind if they phoned a Professor they knew very well at a university in the next state! We agreed, of course, and so the call was made. We were able to listen in on the conversation and were delighted that the Professor completely understood what they were telling him. He told us he had dealt with similar problems in the past but there had been mixed successes because it was largely unknown how each person would react to the treatment. He didn't recommend having her clit pierced but suggested we travel to his city and meet with us and he would then introduce us to a special plastic surgeon who had helped him in the past with similar problems. We thanked the couple for their kind attention and armed with the address of the Professor we left.

Samantha was showing a great deal of interest in what the Professor had to say and wanted to immediately travel to his city to see him. The Professor had told us we should just arrive at his office when it was convenient for us and he would make sure he would see us as soon as possible. We packed our cases and left in our car to meet the Professor.

We had well over 600 miles to travel so we broke our journey half way and booked into a motel for the night. Unfortunately the motel was attached to a truck stop and when we went to the diner for a meal it was crowded out with drivers of all ages and appearances. With so many men around her, Samantha started to become very aroused and began to fidget on her chair. I asked he if she was alright and she simply told me she wanted to be fucked right away. I told her she would have to wait until our meal was finished and then we could return to our room. Part way through the meal Samantha said she had to visit the ladies room and left the table. The diner was quite large and she had to cross the room to reach the ladies! I lost sight of her as she wended her way through the tables. Samantha had been gone for about 25 minutes and I was starting to get very worried about her. At this point she threaded her way back to the table and sat down and smiled at me! I asked her where she had been and she simply said, "Darling, I went to the ladies room but after I had entered I found three men had followed me in and they came up to me and began to play with me. I was sure you wouldn't mind and so I let these men get me very aroused. They took my clothes off and when I was naked they fucked me! Now don't get upset, the men told me they were leaving anyway and I am sure they are a long way gone by now. I really enjoyed being fucked by these men and now we can take our time finishing our meal!" She was so unconcerned about this happening to her I just couldn't believe what she was saying! It had happened so quickly and with her permission that this couldn't have been an isolated incident. I then asked her to be very truthful with me and tell me if she had been fucked by any other men since we had been married! She asked me if I would get mad if she told the truth. I told her I just wanted to know so she said, "Darling, I have this problem and you know how hard it is for me to resist when the urges get so strong so, yes, I have been fucked by other men. In fact, lots of them but I do hope you understand we are on our way to get this problem fixed and so I will be faithful to you in the future!" I was stunned by her words! I had always suspected she was getting fucked by others but I had always dismissed that fear by remembering she had promised me she wouldn't go with any other men but me!

I am an understanding sort of chap and had to realistically take what she was saying on board and try to get my head around it! She was admitting to me she had been fucked lots of times by other men since we had been married and I would have to accept it or lose her! I told her I loved her but was disappointed she hadn't had the trust in me to tell me the truth. After the meal we returned to our room and, perhaps because she had been fucked so recently, we were able to make leisurely love with one another - the feeling was wonderful. I didn't mind having my cock in with the cum from the other men - I just loved Samantha.

When we met with the Professor he asked to examine Samantha and was so professional in his approach he asked for two nurses to be with him whilst he examined her. Samantha looked lovely lying on his examination table with her legs clamped in the stirrups and spread so widely. His examination was very slow and careful and he kept taking notes as he worked. Of course I was allowed to be with Samantha too and I really trusted this man and felt sure he would be able to help us.

Professor Terrill told us he would discuss our case with a plastic surgeon and asked us to return to his office next afternoon. We left full of hope and were very excited at the prospect of a cure.

The next afternoon when we returned to Professor Terrill's office he had another man with him and asked that they be allowed to examine Samantha one more time to make sure of what they had planned for her. Again she was strapped into the stirrups and examined by both men intently. I should point out that although Samantha has a very hairy bush and we both love it left as it is, the hair doesn't grow right down over her clit - for some reason her clit is always completely visible and not covered with her hair. The surgeon was a Dr. Maxwell and he was also very sure he could help us. He talked candidly with us and told us many tribes throughout the world used a very banned procedure on the young women by removing their clitoris altogether thus rendering them unable to get excited and thus remain true to their menfolk! He told us he would never do anything like that but he did think by removing just a portion of her clit he would be able to reduce the sensitivity of her clit and thus make her less aroused in the future. All this time Samantha is still strapped in the stirrups and lying with her legs widespread and under the intense gaze of the two medical men and their two nurses who were again present for the examination.

I felt the two medical men were discussing Samantha's clit like a piece of meat but then again, I knew they had her best interests at heart. They were discussing which piece of her clit they should surgically remove for the best result. Finally, Dr. Maxwell produced a strange looking marking pen and drew a very careful circle on the side of Samantha's clit extending around to the bottom of it as well. Dr. Maxwell became alarmed when Samantha produced a very strong orgasm just because he had touched her clit with his marking pen. He was sure it would hardly be felt. He expressed his apologies and hoped he hadn't hurt Samantha. She just grinned at him and told him he would probably now understand her problem more clearly.

It was now decided! Samantha would enter the private clinic of Dr. Maxwell and he would operate on her clit tomorrow and remove the part they had marked. Understandably Samantha was very nervous about the operation but she was assured by Dr. Maxwell all would be alright and she shouldn't worry herself about it.

Next morning Samantha entered the private clinic and was made ready for the operation. We had previously asked Dr. Maxwell if he could operate with Samantha's pubic bush left as it is and he agreed he could work with it in place. I, of course, wasn't allowed in the operation theater but waited anxiously in the waiting room while it was carried out.

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