tagErotic Poetrysame sex lovin'

same sex lovin'


my tongue's in her mouth
my hands are on her tits
they must have been made for my palms
'cause so perfectly they fit
she looks really good
but she tastes much better
she's a little moist now
but i plan to get her wetter
i love holding her close
as i grip her ass
the opportunity to do her
i couldn't let pass
her skin is so soft
her hair is so long
and she's wearing nothing
but stilletos and a thong
she whispers in my ear
"i need to be eaten"
and with her sexy self
all her needs i'll be meetin'
i lay her on the couch
admiring her beauty
i'm practically salivating
waiting to taste that booty
i pull her thong to the side
and i dive right in
lesbianism feels so good
it just can't be a sin
i'm suckin' that pussy
i'm lickin' that clit
she's jerkin' like an epiletic
who's havin' a fit
i'm happy as hell
my face is full of her juice
i love when she cums
'cause she really lets loose

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