tagErotic CouplingsSame Time Next Year Ch. 07

Same Time Next Year Ch. 07


"I think we'll go straight to Napa if that's okay with you!"

"Sounds great, Randy," and Sue hopped in the car. She wasn't sure what to wear that day so she just threw on a pair of jeans and a low cut red t-shirt.

Randy glanced over at Sue in the Jeep and gave her a nod of approval. Nice color on you, as he glanced at her exposed cleavage. Randy sent a chill down Sue's spine and she felt a twinge between her legs. Good thing she brought the sexy lingerie, too, she thought because she was hoping Randy would rip her clothes off later.

Randy and Sue never stopped talking on the way up to Napa. They both loved to travel, mountain sports and the beach. Still, they never talked about why Randy was in Los Angeles but Sue wasn't going to press the subject. She didn't want to rush things or pressure Randy. He was young and he probably had lots of girlfriends chasing him back at home in Arizona.

"Want to stop at a winery before we check into the hotel?" asked Randy. He hadn't mentioned where they were going to stay or the accommodations.

"Sure, sounds like fun," Sue responded.

Randy pulled the car into the next winery.

Randy and Sue tried a few different types of wine, both red and white. The wines went straight to Sue's head. "We ought to get something to eat, don't you think? She asked.

"I have just the place to celebrate your birthday," said Randy.

"Birthday, how did you ... find out?" asked Sue inquisitively.

"I brought back your ID. Remember, Susie? And so I thought August would be the perfect time to visit Los Angeles."

"You little devil you," Sue ranted.

Randy pulled into a B & B just like she had hoped they would be staying at in Napa. It looked adorable. It almost reminded her of the Pink Mansion she had stayed at years ago. Randy unloaded their luggage and they checked in. "I got us a suite; I hope that's okay with you. I didn't want to assume anything."

The suite was beautiful, decorated impeccably in warm summer colors with a fireplace and a Jacuzzi. Sue hoped they wouldn't be using the two other bedrooms, one on each side of the sitting room.

To Sue's astonishment, there was a table set up for two for dinner with candlesticks and a vase of red roses. She was beginning to fall in love with Randy's thoughtfulness.

"Why don't you get showered and relax. Dinner will be served at 8," invited Randy.

"Okay, I'll shower ... promptly," trying not to sound too eager but she couldn't help it.


Sue panicked looking for the appropriate clothes to wear. She brought mostly outdoors clothes. Quickly she picked out a pair of black pants, black halter top, high heels and laid them out on the bed.

Sue was first to arrive but sat down at the dinner table anyway. The fireplace was lit, the candles burning ensconced a pleasant mood and music was playing. Then, Randy walked in from the corridor with a guitar.

"Oh, there you are. I thought I'd get my guitar from the car for later."

"You play the guitar. Randy, you cease to amaze me," Susan declared. I can't hum a decent note.


Dinner was fabulous. Room service brought up a bottle of champagne, the main entrée was salmon with wild rice and asparagus but no dessert...yet.

Then there was a knock at the door. A few of the staff walked in with a birthday cake and began singing, "Happy Birthday." Randy began playing his guitar.

The evening was just perfect and Sue was feeling affection for a much younger man and a man she adored.

As the staff left, Randy brought out a little gold box from Italy. "I have a present for you, Susie," and handed the accessory box to her. "Open it," he beckoned.

"Randy, it's beautiful," as Sue became teary eyed. It was a bracelet from Italy.

"I wanted to give it to you at the airport in New York but then we got split up. I hope you like it." Then Randy brought out a little turquoise box from Tiffany's.

"Susie," Randy began as he got on his knees. "I fell in love with you the moment I met you. Will you marry me?"

Sue was shocked. How could she marry such a younger man, a man she hardly knew?

As Randy saw the stunned look on Sue's face, he said, "Don't answer me now, Susie. Wait till the end of the weekend and think about it. Okay?" At that moment, Randy got off of his knees and kissed Sue. As he began addressing her, Sue forgot all about her unsteadiness and proposal of marriage.

Sue passionately kissed Randy back and wanted to say I love you back but the words wouldn't come out. Instead she began undressing Randy and staring into his blue eyes.

Randy looked at Sue's slender naked body and told her how beautiful she was, inside and outwardly. He fondled her breasts with both hands as he climbed on top of her. "I can't wait any longer to make love to you, Susie."

As her entered her, Sue forgot the time and place. His hard cock probed her wetness and slid in with experience and passion. She moaned as he continued to make love to her until they both came while in each other's arms.

Randy was an arousing, adoring and gentle lover.

They made love all night long. Randy was quite energetic and Sue didn't want the night to end. As the sun began to rise, they both finally fell asleep exhausted and totally satisfied wrapped in each other's arms and bareness.

Randy wore her out, but she was exhausted yet fulfilled. She wanted more but she fell asleep.


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