Same Time, Same Place, Next Week


"Have you sucked a lot of cocks?"

"I've sucked my fair share."

"Oh, don't worry, Susan, you can suck my cock alright, but I want more than that from you. I want it all. I want everything."

It the way he said that he wanted everything was different than in the way that I wanted everything. I wanted the ring, the house, and children. I think his everything meant that he wanted my life, after he was done with me sexually.

"Okay, I can do that. I can give you everything. Just let me down and undo my wrist, so that I can stroke your cock, while sucking you. Wouldn't you like me on my knees in front of you, Gus, so that you could fuck my face with your cock? Listen, Gus, I need to enjoy the sexual experience, too," I said planning to bolt up the stairs, as soon as he freed me. "Please untie me so that we can have some sexy fun."

"You must think me stupid, Susan. I'll never let you down, that is, until I'm done with you."

Done with me? What does he mean by that? Now, he was really scaring me.

"Done with me? What do you mean by that, Gus. See that scares me, when you talk that way."

Just as he ignore my plea to put me down, he ignored my question. Again, I cringed when he took his knife and in one swipe at my chest, as if he was cutting out my heart, he put the blade beneath and between my bra cups and cut off my bra. Never removing his eyes from my exposed breasts, he stared at my tits.

"You sure do have nice tits, Susan."

"Gees, Gus, I wish you hadn't done that. That was a front snapper. You could have just unhooked it. That was my best bra, too, Gus. That was an expensive piece of lingerie."

"Don't worry, I'll reimburse you," he said with a dirty laugh. "What size are they?"

I hate it when guys talk about my tits, as if they aren't a part of me, but as if they are an inanimate object.

"Size? They're a C, a 36C."

"Are they real?"

"Real? What do you mean, real? Of course, they're real," I said insulted and looking down at my tits. "Don't they look real to you?"

I couldn't believe I was feeling insulted because he thought my tits weren't real, when I was going to die. What did any of this matter? This man was going to kill me, after he had sex with me. I needed to think what to do. I'm a Wellesley woman, surely, I can think of a way out of this.

"They look too perfect to be real."

"Thank you, Gus."

"May I feel them?"

It was weird for him to ask permission to feel my tits, when he had already bound my wrists, suspended me on a meat hook, and cut off most of my clothes, while wielding the biggest and sharpest knife I've ever seen.

"I guess," I said. "Would you not feel my tits, if I said no?"

"Probably not," he said with a laugh. "I think we've already gone beyond that.

He felt my breast in his big hand, first one and then the other, before fingering my nipples, first one and then the other.

"Oh, my God," I said gasping, as soon as he ran his big hand across my nipples.

What is wrong with me? As soon as he started touching, feeling and caressing my breast, I thought I was going to have an orgasm. It's been a while, since I had sex and I was so horny. I was expecting so much from this guy. Then, when he sucked my nipples. Oh, my God, I so wanted and needed to get fucked. Forget about Valentine's Day, forget about this day being my special first date day, a day for love and lovers, and forget about me being suspended from a meat hook, I wanted and needed Gus to bang me with his big, hard cock.

"I love your big tits, Susan."

"Thank you, I think, Gus," I said with a snort and a laugh.

I mean, it was ridiculous being suspended like this and for him to pay me a compliment was absurd. Just fuck me, so that I can blow you, before stabbing me to death. At least I'll die happy and sexually sated. At this point, anything just so that I could get more comfortable. My shoulders and arms hurt. I felt as if I was being stretched.

Then, when he pulled down my panties, I forgot all about my pain. As soon as he pulled off my panties, he stuck his face between my legs. Then, when he put my legs over his shoulders, taking the tension off my shoulders, arms, and wrists, believe it or not, I was comfortable.

"I like the fact that you're a real blonde," he said examining my trimmed pussy hair, in between licks.

"Thank you, I think, Gus."

I couldn't believe he was eating me, licking the length of me, while finger fucking me and playing with my clit. If this wasn't so bizarre, if I wasn't so afraid, I would have cum already. Still, even with the absolute fear I felt, especially with the real fear that I felt, I could feel the orgasm slowly building.

"How's that feel, Susan?"

"Are you kidding me? Don't stop. Please don't stop. Eat me, Gus. Lick my pussy. Fuck me with your stiff, long fingers. Make me cum, Gus. Please, I need to cum, before I die. I need to get off, before you kill me."

"Die? Kill you? What the Hell are you talking about, woman?"

"What do you mean, what am I talking about? Aren't you going to kill me?"

"Kill you? What are you crazy? I'm a sheriff, for God's sakes, a man of the law, and well respected in this community. I live here."

"I just thought with the meat hook, the Bowie knife, and with you dragging me downstairs against my will and cutting off my clothes that--"

"Hello? Isn't this your fantasy? Remember? This is your fantasy, not mine. I was only giving you want you wanted."

"Fantasy? To be raped, brutalized, sexually assaulted, and to be scared out of my mind? No, I don't think that's my fantasy, Gus. My worst nightmare is more like it."

"You wrote to me that you'd love to be taken, stripped naked, and be fucked in the way you've never been fucked before, after having your pussy eaten."

Did I write that? I'd remember if I wrote that. I didn't think I'd write something like that to a man that I haven't even met, yet. Then, I remembered that I did write that. Oh, shit. I remember being horny one day. That was the day that we both masturbated, while talking on the phone. Then, I sent him that sexually explicit e-mail, while hoping to get him off, again.

"Oh, you're right, I did write that, but not on our first date, Gus," I said with a more relaxed laugh. "Maybe after a few dates, when we got to know one another better, that's something I'd like to explore. Maybe, at the very least, after a glass of wine, a bit of conversation, and something to eat," I said with a laugh.

"Sorry," he said with the look of a child, who had done something wrong. "Does this mean, you won't suck my cock."

"Let me down and free my wrists and I'll blow you, so long as you promise to fuck me silly afterwards, you big goof, but you're going to have to feed me first. I'm starved."

"Okay," he said taking me off the meat hook and unbinding my wrists.

After we went upstairs and had something to eat and drink and talked, as if we've known one another forever, we spent the next two hours having the best sex we ever had. He made love to me, then he fucked me, really fucked me. He banged my body into the mattress with such sexual force that if I was on the floor, he would have broken my bones. Then I rolled him off of me and fucked him, while sitting on him.

Humping him so hard, that my tits flopped up and down and side to side with the force of our humps, he reached up to harness my big tits with his big hands, while fingering my nipples. I loved the feel of him playing with my nipples while fucking me. Then, I leaned down to kiss him. I needed to feel his tongue in my mouth, while his big cock was buried in my pussy. I never had sex with a man that had so much stamina and he made me cum. Then, he rolled me over, slid down half the length of me and made me cum again and again with his long tongue and stiff fingers buried in my wet pussy.

"No, please, no more, Gus. Anymore and I'll be sore. That was incredible," I said giving him a deep wet kiss. I could taste myself on him. I was all over his face. "Now it's your turn," I said.

I moved my body down and explored every inch of his cock and balls with my hand and mouth, before taking all of him in my mouth. He was a big man and had a cock what was proportional to his body. After he made me cum three times, once by intercourse and twice when eating me, I was intent on making him cum in my mouth.

"I want you to cum in my mouth, Gus. I want to taste you. I want to swallow you. I love sucking your big prick."

I was sucking him. I was licking him. I was sucking him, while stroking him faster and faster. I made love to his cock in the way he made love to my pussy with his cock, his mouth, and his fingers.

"Oh, my God, Susan. No one has ever sucked my cock like this. Suck me, Susan. Blow me. Fuck. Oh, my God. Oh, yeah, baby. Just like that. Just like that. Don't stop. Don't stop."

I stroked him faster, while sucking him deeper. I was really blowing him now. I could feel his cock pulsating and I knew he was close to exploding.

"Susan! Susan! I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Oh, God, oh Susan, baby."

Gus exploded a load of cum that nearly gagged me.

"Gees, Gus. You really gave me a mouthful," I said wiping some cum that dribbled out of my mouth, down my chin, and on my breasts.

We spent the next hour talking and cuddling, before we both got dressed. Then, when I was leaving, before I turned to go, after picking up the roses that still littered the hall floor, I asked him.

"Will I see you again?"

"Same time, same place, next week."

Gus and I were married within the year. I was glad I decided to meet him on Valentine's Day. Now, every Valentine's Day, our way to celebrate the anniversary of our first meeting, he suspends me on the meat hook down the cellar and has his wicked way with me.

One time, he forgot about me being down there, when he got an official police business call and there was the gas meter reader at the door, at the same time. Busy talking on the phone upstairs about a case to the District Attorney, he allowed the man to come downstairs without remembering that I was hanging from the ceiling naked. When the gas man came down the cellar stairs to read the meter, he just stood there staring at me.

"Hello," I said. "The meter is over to your left," I said pointing with my eyes and head.

I was embarrassed that the meter man saw me naked, but I didn't care. Gus was about to give me another Valentine's anniversary fucking of my life.


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