tagNonHumanSamhain's Fire

Samhain's Fire


Chapter 1

Xandra sat down on the rusting roof and sighed, tonight was the last night for yet another year where she could roam freely looking for that one man she could be with and not kill him of course.

She sighed again as she thought that it was the worst part of her job, she could never have a meaningful relationship. But at least she wasn't emotionally neutered like the angels. Her tail flicked behind her as she inspected her nails before getting up off her perch. She still had a quota to fulfill, she still needed to drag down two souls to the depths or she would get in trouble, again...

The delightful smell of wood smoke from the nearby fire had re-invigorated her and now she was ready to hunt. Just before she was about to leave someone entered the alley, she looked down and saw this pure hunk as he walked pass. A fireman from the nearby firehouse, she thought to herself as she watched him walk pass with a fire hose coiled around his shoulder. She wondered what he was doing out here as she looked into his mind, she was going to have him tonight she thought, as she looked through his soul.

His white aura almost blinded her as she looked through twelve of his lifetimes, all of them were noble and honorable pasts, he was either a protector or a warrior, when she looked at the last life she pulled out. In the last life, he was a Roman Centurion fighting against barbaric Gauls. Xandra felt this arching tingle creep through her body, she almost fell off the roof in shock of it.

He was the man that she could be with! She thought in shock as he turned the corner out of the alley, she jumped off the roof and stealthily followed him.

Angus reached back and rubbed his neck again, the fiery prickles were irritating him, since it felt like there was something behind him. He brushed it off, he was so exhausted that he just wanted to get home, get clean and fall asleep. Walking towards the station, he was aware of something following him. He only had one more block to go to get back to the station, the truck just had to break down right there he thought. What a week, he thought while sighing to himself.

Xandra kept her distance from Angus who continued rubbing the back of his neck, she knew it was him. It had to be since she felt a pulling attraction towards him, she'd have him naked and in bed in less than two hours she thought.

Reaching the firehouse, he walked inside and dropped the hose off, while looking around the empty firehouse he was finally off duty. Everybody else was still out and dealing with the fire. He went to pull off his protective gear but stopped when he heard a voice, it sounded strange but seductive. He dropped his hands from the jacket and walked back outside towards his car where he thought he had heard the voice.

Xandra grinned wickedly, her features morphing slightly, hiding her otherworldly appearance as Angus approached her. The suggestion she planted in his mind was working she thought.

"Who are you?" Angus asked as he looked at the woman who could easily pass as an Arabian princess.

"Your hottest fantasy Angus, you're a big powerful male and I want some of you. Ever since I saw you walking down the street I knew I had to have you," she said sexily while working on her seductive powers to turn up the heat.

He felt a wave of heat circle around him and press against him as he stiffened in his pants. He looked at the goddess who was practically throwing herself at him, as another wave of heated desire burned around him. He had to take this woman home, he couldn't wait to slide inside her hot depths. She was scorching him, he thought as he opened the door to his car and stepped inside to unlock the other side.

"Get in," he said huskily as he pulled his door shut. She stepped in the car, pulled the door shut and grinned sexily as he pulled out of the parking space.

He gave into this feeling of forbidden desire, while he repressed a shudder, thinking of how much fun they were going to have tonight as his earlier exhaustion soon forgotten as they drove through the city. She merely watched him intently, searing him while his clothes started to tighten restrictively, making it harder to breathe as he tried to concentrate on driving.

Finally he was home with the hottest woman he had ever met, he pushed open the door as she followed him into his house. Her gaze seemingly burn through his clothes and scorching his back.

Xandra felt the waves of tension coming from her prey's body, but she knew that it wasn't sexual or anxious tension. It felt like pain rather than emotional tension, she needed him in top shape for what she intended to do with him. She stared at him intently as she said, "Where's your bedroom Angus?"

He grinned ferally and led her down the hall of his house to the master bedroom, she looked around at the rather manly room. No paint in this room, it was all natural with dark stained wood and a massive, old black wood bed with black silken sheets, which he pulled off the bed.

She pulled him towards her body and pulled open his coat, pushing it off his thick shoulders before dragging his shirt up and over his head, while her nails dragged across his damp skin. Her girlfriends were going to be so jealous when she brought Angus down with her. Her breath caught as she studied his raw masculine chest, damp black hair flattened against his bronzed broad chest. He had hard pecs and sharply defined six-pack abs.

She almost drooled, but succubus don't drool, their prey does. The charcoal mixed with his sweat smelt hellishly good, the rich smell of wood smoke coming from his skin was a delight. She noticed him looking at her, knowing that he had stunned her. That won't do, can't let him be in control just yet, she thought.

"Lay down on your chest Angus, I got just the thing to make you relax," she said as she walked over to him.

He grinned and laid flat on his chest, the cool silk under his skin cooling his inflamed flesh. She straddled his hips, relishing the feel of his tight, hard ass under hers as she reached up and began digging her fingers into his tightly packed muscles. The sudden release of tension made him moan as a rush of pleasure flooded through him.

His back was so tense, she thought as she squeezed and kneaded his back muscles tightly and hard. He was grunting and moaning under her as her fingers worked the tension out of his back. When she finally felt like she was done with his back, she reached up and squeezed his neck muscles, making him arch and hiss as she released the tension.

She slid off her dress leaving her naked before saying, "Does your back feel better now?"

He groaned before saying, "Yeah it does, damn, where did you learn that?"

"Oh around... I travel a lot," she grinned, little did he know that she learned those techniques hundreds of years earlier from an Indian prince she was seducing.

"Turn over," she said huskily.

He turned over, but it was his turn for his breath to be lodge in his throat. She was stunning, her skin glistened from the exertion of working his back muscles. Her perfect breasts that he just wanted to reach out and caress in which he was about to do, before she ruthlessly yanked his protective trousers off. She then pulled at his pants by sliding them off and removed his boots and socks as well.

She looked up at his body, admiring his powerful legs and the large bulge in his black boxers. Damp black hair matting his well defined abs along with the sprinkling of black hair over his pecs followed the swirls of sweat and ash intermingling with his hair.

Then she looked up to his gorgeous face, the black ash and sweat over his face sharply defining his rugged features with his shadowed stubble on his cheeks and chin. He made a sizzling package but that was before she could admire his deep blue eyes and sensual lips.

"Like what you see?" Angus asked huskily as her gaze burned him. His cock throbbed painfully in his restrictive boxers, the olive complexion of her Arabic skin shimmering in the dim light of the room made him appreciate her form she was a beautiful radiant goddess her long dark and shimmering black hair and her cat like emerald eyes bored right into him making him want to squirm.

"Of course, your body is a masterpiece of work Angus," she said hotly as she closed in on him, again reaching for his boxers.

"I still don't know your name," he said as she pulled at his boxers and sliding them down, his thickness being revealed.

"Xandra," he purred as she dropped his boxers to the floor and wrapped her perfectly shaped lips around his thick cock.

He hissed in pleasure as she slipped her hand between his legs, dragging her nails up along his balls as her tongue dragged along the underside of the head, sucking gently.

Angus hissed as pleasure shot rapidly up his spine, he fisted his hands into the bed as the exquisite torture continued.

She knew how to extract the most blistering pleasure without forcing an orgasm, as she continued torturing the hunk underneath her with her lips, tongue and nail.

He squirmed under her touch and panted harshly as she continued sucking the tip of his cock while gently rubbing her tongue around the underside, he fisted the sheets tighter as her nails continued their gentle scraping. He moaned raggedly as her nailed scraped further down and caressed his ass. Rubbing and torturing the sensitive flesh.

His cock felt like a thick iron bar, he was so hard, he could tell she was holding back because the pleasure was so excruciating it was scrambling his nerves. He almost shot right off the bed as one of her sharply manicured nails slid into his ass. Rubbing and caressing the passage he moaned, sweat freely running across his forehead and chest as she tortured him.

She wanted to taste him now, the salty sweetness of his fluids were driving her wild. She slid a second finger inside him as her thumb rubbed around his rim, she sucked his cock the whole way in as her fingers slid the full way up, scraping the bundle of nerves at the back of his ass. He howled in pleasure as tremors shot through his body. She sucked him hard and harshly as her teeth raked him gently, while her fingers were probing inside of him.

The pleasure and the pressure became too much for him to handle as his vision began blacking around the edges, the most powerful orgasm of his life shot through him. He groaned harshly, panting rapidly as he shot his seed into her greedy mouth.

He tasted wickedly good as she swallowed him, she continued rubbing the spot, making him hard again as she slid up his body. Their sweat making it easier, she devoured his mouth while pushing him into the bed, her legs swinging over his hips. She rubbed her hips against his, feeling the delicious heat of his thick throbbing meat as she continued to devour his mouth.

She reached down to grasp his cock as she continued to explore the inside of his throat with her tongue. She slid down on his thick cock and moaned deeply, her moan mingling with his rough groan of desire.

He grasped her hips and thrust up, making her hiss at the sudden blast of pleasure. Sure sex was good with some of the filth she destroyed, but never this good. If she had a soul it would be broken, just like his was, she could feel the hellfire burning at his soul. This made her grin because she knew he was coming down with her. She just had to convince him of that fact as she pushed some of her essence deep into his soul while she pushed down onto him.

"God damn, you're so damn hot," Angus gasped as he gripped her hips tightly.

She moaned and said, "You feel so hellishly good," as she slid down his cock again. The pleasure arching through her body, she planted her hands on his thickly muscular chest while digging her nails in, making him hiss louder as she rode him.

She got a handle on the pleasure and started to build up her speed, making them both moan and gasp with every thrust either up or down. They worked themselves into a steady rhythm but the still present smell of wood smoke added an extra sensation for her. That smell mixed with Angus' pure male scent drove her wild, causing her to thrust harder and to rub his sweat and the charcoal soot over her body as well, as she slid over his hard muscles.

Angus' fingers dug harder into her hips as he bucked harder, thrusting deeper into her as she came down on him harder and faster. His face flushed dark red as he struggled to keep up with the pace and the bombarding pleasure. No one had ever brought her to a shattering climax before, not even the incubus that she had usually hung around with. She dug harder into his chest, blood pooling around her nails as she drew blood from him

"Fuck! Harder Xandra!" he shouted as he bucked his hips harder and faster, driving them closer to the explosion that surely felt like it would kill him. He lost his rhythm as the writhing pleasure sank its claws into him and shredded him apart. He cried out, losing himself as he looked into her eyes which were now brightly glowing as she shrieked, while ripping her nails down his chest as she clenched tightly around him.

Blackness shrouded around him as a heart-stopping climax exploded from him, his eyes rolled to the back of his head as it tore through him. The throbbing pain of the bleeding scratches over his chest mingled with the mind-shattering pleasure from his ceaseless orgasm. He gasped before the blackness crushed him.

Xandra panted heavily, no-one had ever shattered her world quite as completely as Angus had. She rested her hand against his neck and breathed a sigh of relief, since she could feel his pulse drumming wildly against her hand.

She slid off his sweaty body and laid down next to him, she admired the curve of his jaw as his breathing evened out and his pulse returned to normal. 'What a man,' she thought as her limbs ached with exhaustion. 'Damn, he's going to be awfully strong if he accepts the invitation,' she thought as she rubbed her tense thighs and calves.

She laid her hands over his chest and chanted a few words, his skin glowed for a second before vanishing while it completely cleaned and cleared off sweat, char and smoke. He needed his rest, while she thought of the plans she had for him causing her to grin crookedly.

Chapter 2

Angus slowly slipped back into consciousness after the wild night he had, the bright sunlight streaming into the room caressed his chest like warm fingertips. He groaned as his muscles tensed. They were jellified, throbbing and burning, mainly it was his thighs, ass and calves that ached the most. His arms felt like dead weights while his chest throbbed in painful agony but the half scabbed scratches on his chest burned and itched.

His eyes rolled slightly as his body remembered the intense, mind-shattering, heart-strangling pleasure that had knocked him out for a good twelve hours as he looked at his clock. He groaned as he regarded the clock, 1:05. He swiped his eyes and staggered off the bed towards the bathroom, he needed a shower as he held onto the doorframe for support.

He had never felt so wrecked in his whole life before, he thought as he steadied himself and walked into the shower. He pushed the door open and turned on the cold water. He groaned as the cold water cooled his burning skin, while soothing the scratches on his chest. They oddly looked more healed then they should have been.

After he finished showering, he staggered back into the bedroom and dragged on a pair of grey boxers he took from his drawer. He stumbled out his bedroom cursing, since he almost did a header into the doorframe. His legs wouldn't cooperate, his stomach grumbled and twisted painfully in hunger as he made his way to the kitchen.

He grabbed a banana from his fruit basket before noticing the note on the bench, he picked it up and noticed its exotic smell. He looked at the note and saw flowing cursive.


I know you'll be feeling tired and extremely sore after you wake up and probably won't feel much like making food. So... I took the liberty of raiding your fridge and pantry and made you lunch. I put it in the fridge for you. I want you to be well rested and fed when I get back tonight, I'm going to take you out to my favourite restaurant, if you're interested that is.

I will see you at nine pm, get some more rest and eat up.

Xandra XXXX

He looked up from the note and grinned, even though his whole body felt like a truck had hit him. He was looking forward to meeting up with the scorching hot Arab that had shattered his perception on what good sex was.

He rooted through his fridge for what she had made. He almost drooled at the huge platter of meat, vegetables and salad she had prepared for him. Like somehow, she knew what he liked. He could see a future and a lasting relationship with Xandra if she was this perceptive. Not to mention her take charge note, he loved and respected women who could take care of themselves.


Xandra flicked back her hair and looked at the reflection staring back at her in the mirror, her tail casually flicking side to side as she finished getting dressed. After putting on the finishing touches, she leaned against the doorframe and imagined herself with Angus in her real home.

She thought of his huge, hard golden body with a tail sweeping out behind him as he pushed her down onto their huge ivory bed, drowning her with mind-shattering pleasure.

She hoped that everything would go fine, she knew it wasn't a done deal and that some of the chosen couldn't handle the demonic essence placed inside of them. But she had faith in Angus, he was strong and would resist the temptations at whatever the demon seed pushed at him. She altered her appearance and shifted into her human form before exiting and hailing the taxi outside her city apartment.

Angus finished buttoning his black shirt as he looked at the time, 8:55. She would be here soon, he thought as he slid his feet into his formal shoes and grabbed his wallet from the side table. Last night had been so intense he could have sworn that it would have killed him but he wanted that thrill again. He strode down the hall towards the entry room, when a bright, yellow city cab pulled up outside his apartment.

She stepped out, Xandra was a radiant beauty. He was glad he had made that shortcut through the alley last night because he doubted that he would have met such an enchantingly, exotic woman. He reached out for her hand as she approached him.

"My... what a gentleman. Ready to go Angus?" she asked huskily, sending a shiver of pleasure down his spine as she took his extended hand.

"Of course," he said, trying to keep his obvious arousal hidden. He was embarrassed, it was like he couldn't control himself around her. He spent the whole awkward and tense cab ride with an iron club in his pants. He fought against the feelings of unease as she studied him. Like he was her prey, but he remembered the mind-shattering pleasure the night before. A sharp thrill passed through him, the woman was dangerous. She dripped sex to the extent that a man would suffocate on it. He only wished he could make it through the night unscathed.

Xandra struggled to keep her giggles to herself, she knew she shouldn't be torturing the man she was meant to be with. But it was fun, he had an extremely rigid mindset unlike what most of the neighborhood thought. He was quite reserved. She was going to rock his world again tonight. She only had a few hours left to convince him that he was meant for her. So when she came back to retrieve his soul, he would be ready for her. She didn't know if she could bear to let him go.

Once they reached their destination she paid the blushing driver, 'Men...' she thought as she took Angus' hand again while they ascended the steps out to the front of an elaborate entrance of the city's most affluent restaurant.

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