tagIncest/TabooSampling Some Italian Ch. 03

Sampling Some Italian Ch. 03


Thomas fucked Claudia repeatedly that night, lasting well into the wee hours of morning. He rammed her in every hole and every position. She cursed and swore in Italian several times, as she came in multiple orgasms. Her blonde hair was soaked with the sweat of their romp. His seed covered her buttocks, her breasts, her belly, and even her face.

Whenever his dick was out of commission, Thomas licked all over Claudia's body. He especially loved the flavors of her ass, pussy, and taint. Her juices drenched his face as well. Their bodily fluids stained and smothered the bed sheets. He also kissed her mouth voraciously whenever they faced each other, ignoring the fact that she tasted like his cum.

Finally, however, they were exhausted and quite bow-legged from their relentless sexual congress with each other. They also stank of sweat and both needed to piss. It was time to freshen up.

"I think that we need a shower," Thomas admitted at last.

"Agreed. You have really made me exercise tonight. At least we probably burned some calories. Do you mind if I pissed in the shower? In fact, if you prefer, we both could do so. We could clean up immediately," Claudia proposed.

"Sure, why not? Let's kill two birds with one stone," he said, using an American expression that puzzled his Italian mistress for a moment, before she realized that it was a figure of speech.

The shower naturally took a while, especially since Claudia got very horny from Thomas's touch and wanted him to fuck her one more time they went to sleep. He was quite willing to do so, and the model found herself bucking her hips back and forth against the painter as they screwed. Inevitably, they had to rinse off again and only then did they dry off and head to bed to dream of whatever came to their subconscious minds.

When the couple awoke, it was at 3:13 am and due to a knock at the door. Two plainclothes deputy sheriffs stood there, waving their badges. The time of day and their grim faces made it clear that something was very wrong indeed.

"Are you Thomas Lennox?" the older deputy inquired.

"That's me, yes," Thomas assured him.

"I'm Sergeant Hugh Mansfield of the Sheriff's Department. This is my partner, Detective Esther Feldman. I regret to inform you that your wife, Marilyn Lennox, is dead. We found her body at the residence of a Mr. Jacob Rosenberg, who is also deceased. The evidence so far strongly indicates a homicide. We will need to come with us to the County Morgue and identify your wife's body, as well as make a statement to the Homicide Division," the senior deputy informed him.

"Alright, give me a moment to get properly dressed. I'll be right along. Make yourselves comfortable," Mr. Lennox agreed, both Claudia and he rushing to put on some clothes for the trip.

"So, what is your name and relationship to Mr. Lennox here?" Detective Feldman stopped Claudia when the Italian model emerged, seeking a possible connection to the case.

"My name is Claudia Bellini. I am Thomas's mistress," Claudia answered readily, not at all ashamed of what she viewed as a sensible arrangement.

"I see. So, the plot thickens. That further illuminates me on the nature of your marriage. Tell me, Mr. Lennox, where were you last night at about 1:47 am?" Sergeant Mansfield probed with a few key questions, wanting to gain a clearer understanding of where the painter stood on the list of suspects.

"I was in bed with Claudia. Ask her," Thomas spoke candidly, not wishing to deny the affair. He wanted the authorities to eliminate him and move on to the real culprit.

"Is that true? Were you and Thomas in bed together last night?" Detective Feldman took Lennox's suggestion and asked Claudia.

"Si, though at that point, we were asleep. I am confident that he was there with me, because he was as drained as I was by that point. We had a rather long day yesterday, you see," Ms. Bellini clarified.

"So, not an airtight alibi, but a decent one. Well, come with us and identify your wife's body. I would say to leave your mistress behind when we get to the morgue, Mr. Lennox, but clearly she had a secret love life of her own, or didn't you know?" Mansfield interjected, not wanting to let his partner delay them here.

The four of them rushed into the unmarked car and headed to the morgue, where it took a few minutes of Thomas looking at Marilyn's blue-blood corpse to recognize her. Her killer had savagely raped, sodomized, disemboweled her, and then slit her throat and wrists. There was blood splattered all over her body. Feldman turned pale and Mansfield went to the men's room to vomit when they actually saw the mortal remains of Marilyn Whittaker Lennox.

"As the husband, you're officially next of kin here and can decide what to do with her body. What do you prefer?" the coroner asked Thomas.

"Cremate her. The Whittakers shouldn't have to see her in this condition. There will be children at her funeral and wake, after all. Ashes are more sanitary and easier to transport, anyway," Mr. Lennox told him, feeling sick at the very idea that someone would do this. Marilyn was no prize, but she didn't deserve to have someone gut her like a fish.

"What about Mr. Rosenberg? Have his relatives identified him?" Thomas asked, by now sensing his own vindication. There was no way that he would have had the time and energy to perform this grisly double murder, even if he were so inclined.

"Well, he was Jewish, so they have already gone to work preparing his body for burial. The rabbi is on his way, in fact. I can't imagine that you want to give your condolences, though I plan to attend if I get the chance. It's my faith, too, and I feel that it will reinforce my determination to catch his murderer," Detective Feldman explained.

"In that case, please give them my condolences. It's a lot less awkward that way instead of my doing so in person. Whatever personal issues might have happened between us, he was a neighbor and I know his family rather well," Thomas said as he braced himself to head to the Sheriff's Department for questioning. They hadn't officially cleared him yet, after all.

Feldman and Mansfield were a bit surprised, but Thomas's statement made a certain degree of sense. It was a neighborhood where people still knew each other's names. It was also one where many of the residents went to the same country club, the same church or synagogue, etc.

The interview didn't take long, however. Claudia had just made her statement when a commotion caught everyone's attention. Nathan Whittaker III, Marilyn's elder brother, had turned himself into the Sheriff's Department and announced that he wished to confess to the crime.

"Nathan did it? This is really going to be rough on her family! They hate even the slightest suggestion of a scandal," Thomas reacted with shock. He had known his brother-in-law for a long time now, and wouldn't have thought the preppy fellow capable of a gruesome massacre like this.

"Yeah, well, he clearly had some demons that none of you knew about," Sergeant Mansfield agreed, trying hard to retch again at the idea of a man raping and killing his own sister.

"Well, it seems that you're free to go. I can imagine that you have some messy business to sort out at home and there is no reason to keep you here," Feldman told Thomas, after he made his own statement for the record.

A year later.....

"Push, push...that's good. Don't worry, girl. You're a brave one. There she is," the nurse told Claudia Lennox, as she delivered a healthy baby girl.

Thomas was naturally eager to cut the cord for his new daughter, just as he had moments before for her brother. He now had fraternal twins.

A few minutes afterward, the nurse presented the freshly washed babies to their parents, both of them quite proud to have such handsome and healthy children, even if said infants shrieked like banshees. These little, squealing creatures were part of both of their parents.

"So, what names do you want to give them?" the obstetrician asked the couple at last.

"John Colmes Lennox and Giulia Maria Lennox," the pair answered in unison. They had talked this over for quite a while. Naming the children after Thomas's assistant/gay lover and Claudia's late, lamented sister made perfect sense to them.

Waiting in the lobby were their new paramours, Sergeant Mansfield and Detective Feldman. Both of them had succumbed rather easily to the couple's charm during the prosecution of Nathan Whittaker III, who pled guilty to all counts and thus evaded the death penalty for his horrific crimes. He instead received life in prison, plus 75 years, the stiffest sentence the judge could issue under the circumstances.

Neither Thomas nor Claudia was the jealous type, so this extramarital arrangement hardly upset either of them. After all, as Winston Churchill quipped, when a man marries his mistress, he creates a job vacancy. Of course, with newborn infants, they would have considerably less time for such affairs for a while. The deputies would have to be content with each other's favors for some time, as long as they were discreet about their fraternization.

Still, the next time they saw each other, a few days later, Claudia winked at both of them. John Colmes was present as well, grinning from ear to ear. It was clear that any suspension of the adultery would be temporary. Even so, it was evident that Thomas Lennox had not only sampled an Italian girl: he had decided to take her home with him.

She also continued to be his favorite model and his future paintings reflected his love for his new bride. Overall, things had turned out well for the pair. He just wished that others could have found the same happiness in time. They deserved it, too, even if they were flawed. After all, who didn't have issues?

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