tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSam's Summer: Car Wash

Sam's Summer: Car Wash


Sam was frustrated. She was supposed to have gone with her girlfriends on the week long trip to the beach, but her parents wouldn't let her out of the house. She was eighteen and just out of high school. This was the second weekend of the summer break and the beginning of the week she was supposed to be at the beach, but she was stuck at home. She had told her parents that she was going to look for a job for the summer, but didn't and was caught by her mom at the mall. As punishment she was not allowed to go with her friends and still had to pay her parents back for the trip.

Sam was short for Samantha, but she hated being called the longer name. She was an inch shy of six feet and one hundred thirty pounds. She had an hourglass figure with measurements of 32-24-34. She knew how to use her body to her advantage, but not to get a job, mainly because she never had an interview. She had, depending on the maker of the bra, large B-cup or small C-cup tits.

To add to her frustrations, her parents went on their own vacation for the week. They had left her chores list for the week. She knew they were all to be done before they got back and decided to just push through all of them and hope for a little stay-cation while they were gone.

The list said that she was supposed to clean her room, wash both cars, clean the kitchen, and many other things. Most of the stuff on the list was easy and indoors. She knew the lists needed doing before she went to bed on Friday after seeing her parents off.

She woke up Saturday and instead of griping and not doing her chores, she got right into them without changing out of her PJs. She normally wore a loose top and pants to sleep in when her parents were home, but when she had the house to herself or she stayed with friends she wore a tight tank top and just her panties. Now she was in a pink top and blue boy shorts.

Surprisingly, by eleven a.m. most of the chores on the list were done; only one major chore was left, washing the cars. Actually the chore list stated that she was to wash the Pathfinder. She decided that if she had to wash the SUV, she would also wash her Honda sedan. Both were parked in the driveway, with hers wearing a parking boot. The boot was placed on her car by her dad, a city police officer who had bought an older boot from the city when they were getting new ones. He had had Sam pull into the spot where the Pathfinder normally sat and placed the boot with her watching. The SUV was parked where the Honda Element, the vehicle Sam's parents took for their vacation, normally sat.

She changed her clothes to go outside. She pulled another tank top on, this one a light green. Her panties hit the floor and a pair of tight fitting black spandex shorts that ended three inches below her butt were pulled on. She then pulled her shoulder length strawberry-blonde hair up into a ponytail. Her track shoes on her feet were the last things she put on before heading out the back sliding door.

In the back she blanched at the heat, but didn't stop. Fewer people would be out, meaning a little fun while washing. She smiled at the thought. The washing bucket and other implements were in the shed off to the side of the house next to the pool machine shed. She welcomed the brief respite in the shade, but the temperature was only a few degrees cooler than in the sun.

With the stuff in hand she went out front. The cars sat in the driveway and looked hot. There was a hose attached to the spigot on near the garage door, which she grabbed and used to fill the bucket.

She started with her sedan, since it was closer to the neighbor's house. While spaying the car down, she got splash back and she enjoyed it, especially the cool water hitting her chest. After the car was all wet she got into washing the car. While she was washing the main body of the car, she never squatted to soak the sponge. Only when the body was covered in suds did she spray the car down again. By this time she was sweating and to help alleviate some of the heat, she pulled her top up to the bottom of her tits. She also splashed some water over her head. The water cascaded down her body and because of the difference in temperature, when the water hit her chest her nipples hardened and became very visible to anyone who was looking. She smiled at the thought, but noticed there was no one around and the smile faded some.

Next she did the wheels and bumpers, this time squatting and at one time accidentally splashed her knees. The water ran down her legs to her crotch. This time she shuddered. She stopped herself from touching her crotch. "Got to finish washing," she said to herself.

She sprayed the sedan down again and quickly dried it off.

Now it was noon and there was no one on the street. The temperature was over a hundred degrees and she was getting really hot. She spayed the SUV and wetted her hair again. That wasn't enough for her this time. That was partly because she was really hot from the sun, but she was also getting horny.

Her best friend, Emma, showed her how 'hot' it was to show off. Sam wasn't into stripping off in front of people, but she did get naked some times when there was a chance of getting caught. Being horny the way she was made her glance up and down the street to see if anyone was around. Seeing the street was empty and most of the homes were empty, it being the beginning of summer vacation and all, she pulled her top off and laid it on the hood of the SUV. She then sprayed the top until the entire thing was soaked. She was reveling in the feel of standing in front of her house topless. Her nipples were even harder and she was starting to make a wet spot in her short, but that was hidden from sight because of the water that had leaked there earlier.

Once the top was soaked she stopped spraying and pulled the top on. The top held a huge amount of water and dripped from the time she pulled it up. It soaked her body and she shuddered. The top stuck to her like a second skin and she pulled it down just past her nipples. She was feeling naughty and didn't care as much anymore. The water ran down her body, making it glisten in the sun. It started to soak the top of her shorts.

Felling cooler, yet hotter, she started washing the SUV in earnest. She used the same technique as on the sedan, spraying the entire vehicle (and trying to minimize splash back onto the sedan), washing the body, spraying off the suds, and then stopped again.

She was feeling too hot again, this time more for the sexual thrill than the heat of the day, but she did notice that the shirt was quite dry after the thirty minutes it took her to wash SUV. She was amazed at how dry her shirt got in that time. She pulled the top off again and pushed the sexual envelope by pushing her shorts down and off. She set both on the hood of the SUV and sprayed them down. All the while looking around to make sure no one saw her. Her free hand was gently gliding around on her bared body. Her nipples were at the hardest that she had ever had them and her pussy under a neatly trimmed bush was practically gushing.

She pulled her soaking wet clothes on again just before a car passed the house. She quickly finished the washing and then the drying of the SUV with a quick swipe of the towel over the sedan to get the splash from the SUV. When she was done, she dumped the bucket out onto the driveway and sprayed it out. All the items she had taken from the back were placed near the front door to dry and she stood in front of the SUV. She couldn't believe how quickly her clothes were drying, as they were almost dry again. That wasn't true, but it was the justification she gave herself.

She figured she was allowed a little down time, since there was only one more thing to do on her list. She was going to use the pool in the backyard. As a little play for herself, she had kicked her shoes off next to the door to dry with the other stuff. In front of the SUV she stripped herself bare again and smiled to herself. She pinched both nipples, causing her to moan happily.

As one last tease for herself, she squatted down and stuck a finger in her pussy. This caused her to moan again and she was close to sitting down right there to masturbate. That's when she heard a car coming down road. She pulled her finger out with a slight sucking sound and some disappointment. She ran around the corner just in time, leaving her clothes on the ground in front of the SUV.

In the back yard, she undid her ponytail, jumped into the pool and swam the length of it. In the shallow end she climbed the stairs and sat on a lounge chair. In short order one of her hands found its way to her crotch and the other to her tits.

This was a first for her. She had never skinny dipped in her own pool or tanned in the nude before. Both were making her hornier, and building on the feeling she had given herself in front of the house, than just the teases she had done in front. She had skinny dipped else where with Emma, but she had never thought she would do something like this at home. She smiled as her fingers played with her wet lips and hard clit. Her moaning became more pronounced as she worked herself toward a great orgasm. Her stomach was convulsing in time with her hands as she was getting closer to cumming.

As she crested her peak into orgasm, her body froze then she had tiny shakes, like many tiny earthquakes coming from the epicenter of her clit and pussy. The only thing that didn't stop was her mouth. At the crest she said quietly, "Fuckmefuckmefuckme..." Every time she cums she says exactly the same thing for the duration of the orgasm.

This time when she came down from her high she started masturbating again. The feeling of being outside in the middle of the day on the weekend was just something she couldn't get over and needed to release her happiness. She masturbated to two more amazing orgasms before stopping. She could barely walk when she went inside the house to get a drink and suntan lotion. After applying the lotion she laid back outside by the pool and truly enjoyed the sun on all her skin, especially on the tiny white triangles on her tits, over her pussy and on her ass. She vowed to herself that those lines would be almost gone by the time her parents cam home.

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