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Sam's Visitor


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.
Thanks to my friend "SirBosk" for edit and addition of a few ideas!


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

Story Summary: Sam, a prosecuting attorney, meets Ron, a Latin rough guy online and submits to him. But now Ron wants to visit him at his home, with his wife present. Will he be able to keep his affair a secret, or will Ron let his secret out?

The story is told first by the part of Mary, Sam's wife; and then by Sam himself.

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.

****** MARY'S Story

Chapter 1

Sam was edgy all day today. He told me that a former co-worker was in town and called to visit. My sweet husband had invited him to dinner. But this was the 3-day weekend when I had planned to just do nothing. No errands to run. No work to worry about. No reason to even leave the house. I could just sleep in, and for the first time in ages this summer – I could just relax. Now, Sam, my husband, was having a 'friend' over for dinner and asking me to fix something special! More than just ask me to fix something, he was hovering around me all late afternoon, trying to entice me with what he thought was appropriate dinner attire. He insisted on a short sundress which did little to conceal my long flowing legs or hold the bouncing girls on my chest. The only thing I could gather was that Sam was very intent on showing me off to his former "co-worker".

I prodded him about this person and all I got was, his name was Ron, he was in his late 30's and they had done some business together. I knew many of the people at my husband's work and I certainly don't remember him talking much about a Ron. Most of the people that he hung around with are either criminals, or other attorneys. Never the less, I would not be able to enjoy my weekend if I didn't ease up and fix a nice dinner, and wear something attractive because Sam would have pouted all day over it, Then my plans for a relaxing time would be ruined.

When Ron arrived, Sam greeted him at the door, "Welcome to our home."

"Thanks, Sammy Boy! You give directions even better than you take directions," Ron replied as he entered our house. Then I heard him say to Sam, "You don't look half bad in clothes!"

Did I hear him wrong? Did he just tell my husband that he looks half bad in clothes or just those clothes? Before I had time to think about his comment, they both entered the kitchen where I was turning the stove down to warm so we could have a drink before dinner.

"Ron I would like you to meet …" Sam started to say in my direction before he was cut off by Ron.

"This must be your lovely wife Mary," Ron said as he held out both arms attempting to receive a hug from me. Not knowing this person, who could blame me if I only extended one hand for a shake instead. Gripping my hand and wrist, he pulled me close and then turned to Sam and teased, "Oh, she looks too good for you Boy!" I blushed at the compliment and Sam dropped his eyes and averted his cheesy grin.

Ron stepped back and Sam rushed off to the refrigerator for a cold beer. "Here you are Sir," Sam said as he handed Ron a Corona beer while putting a lime in his and bringing it to his lips.

"What, nothing for the pretty lady?" Ron asked Sam.

"Oh, no, I am not much a drinker. I will just stick with water or my diet coke. Thanks all the same," I replied. Then I added "by the time you all finish those drinks, dinner should be ready."

Ron asked, "Do I have time for a tour?"

I looked at Sam and said, "I have a few more things to do here. You two go ahead".

They departed for the family room, deck and of course the basement, while I made a few more special touches to my lasagna casserole and salad. My mind examined Ron now that he wasn't in the room. First impressions mean a lot and he seemed confidant and maybe a little overbearing. At a few inches shorter than Sam, I would say he was 6 foot even, a bit stocky with wavy brown hair. His dark olive skin made his Latin heritage seem royal. My mind sure wasn't registering everything he said or later the undertone of his conversation at dinner.

After 15 minutes, they had not returned and it was too close for my 'perfect dinner' to go running around the house looking for them. "Dinner's Ready Guys!" I shouted at the top of the basement steps.

Ron comes into the room. "We just couldn't resist playing a little pool, I was showing off a little, making a few trick shots. We're going to have to go back down there and finish playing. I've got your Boy on the ropes and he knows what the stakes are so its fun to let it build before I put him down and keep him there!" Ron gloated in a typical male form.

My husband's only response was, "yeah right." Not much of a come-back but I guess he didn't like to be losing on his own table.

Through the rest of dinner, the conversation was normal with the occasional sexual comment thrown in, just male behavior. He told us about his career, his adventures, and yes, even some of his female conquests. (I was not all that interested in hearing about that, especially when I or my husband were not going to throw in our former experience.)

When dinner was done, Ron offered to help with the dishes but I shooed the two of them away, saying "No, just go play pool and I will come down and watch in a little bit. I'll clean up. You two boys have fun."

Ron smiled back at me and leaned over to Sam saying "You heard your woman. Now go ahead and obey! Its time for me to kick some more ass!"

I cleaned up and heard them in the basement shooting pool and taunting one another. Come to think of it, I really didn't hear Sam making too many taunts. Only Ron was doing that. But I blew it off to just guy talk and testosterone coming into play.

As I finished the dishes, I started to get faint. I was tired and just needed to sit down. I went into the family room and plopped down on the edge of the couch. It felt like just a minute but when I woke up, I was in the bedroom.

As I awoke, struggling to rub my eyes, I realized my arms were bound to the bed frame, my legs were spread wide and tied to the foot board. Pillows were under my ass, raising this key part of my naked body. NAKED? How did I get to be naked? Why is Ron standing over me and smiling? Where is Sam? What happened to me? I tried to shout out all these questions and more but the gag in my mouth kept it to a low pitiful moan.

"Welcome back to the land of the living," Ron sneered at me!

I pulled hard at the bonds. They didn't budge. I had NO IDEA what was going on but one thing was for sure, I did not like him leering at me and I did not like not being able to scream for Sam. Ron put his hand to his mouth, index finger up against his lips, "Shhhh."

"Be Quiet and I will undo your gag. Talk too loud, and I will punish you," Ron warned me.

I lay still while he unbuckled a strap around the back of my head. Once free and removed, he wiped the drool from the corner of my mouth. His hand was close enough I wanted to bite it, but I refrained from that just yet. "What is going on? Why am I tied up? Where is Sam? UNTIE ME NOW," I started to scream!

Ron covered my mouth with his big paw and pinched one of my nipples with his other hand. "QUIET!" He yelled even louder at me than I had at him. "NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU!" He took a deep breath and released my nipple. "Now, if you ask your questions one at a time, I will answer those that I think are important at this moment." He pulled his hand off my mouth.

"Untie me at once," I hissed.

"That is NOT a question, and since I have not fucked you yet, it is not going to happen just yet either." Ron laughed at his comment.

"What is going on," I asked?

"You are tied up in your own bed," he smartly replied.

"I can SEE THAT! But WHY?" I started to speak louder.

"Lower your voice," he replied. "I made Sam tie you up after you passed out so we could have some fun with you this weekend."

"Sam knows I hate to be tied up. He wouldn't do this," I said through clinched teeth.

"Oh, I think I know what Sam will, and won't do, even better than you," Ron retorted in a cocky way.

"Where is he?" I grunted. "Where is my husband?"

"He's Busy" Ron smartly returned!

"Why am I tied up, naked?" This was a question I really didn't want the answer to, but just had to ask it anyway.

"I can't fuck you if your clothes are on," Ron grinned at me.

"You wouldn't dare! My husband will kill you," I shot back, trying to protect myself and make him worried.

"Oh, my Boy won't mind a bit if I fuck you," he confidently stated.

"You said you had him help tie me up. Is that true?"

"I showed him how I wanted you, but yes, he tied your legs to the bed. My boy obeyed me and tied your arms over your head. I didn't." Ron smirked.

"You lie." I shot back. The questions raged in my head faster than I could get them out and way too fast to comprehend the answers I was being given. "Why are you calling him Boy?"

"Just like you are a girl, he is a boy. He likes it that way." Ron paused, then chuckled to himself at some inside joke. "I mean, he really LIKES being a Boy!"

I had no idea of the significance of what Ron was saying. All I could think about was getting free. I wanted this mad man out of my bedroom, and out of my house. Where was Sam? Had he really helped tie me up? What kind of sick perverted thing is going on here? Then as I glanced down my belly toward my spread open crotch, I saw something on my chest. "Is that what I think it is all over my stomach?!"

"Where on your stomach, Ohhhh, you mean the dried up cum that's there. Yes, that is Boy cum all over you," Ron answered.

"I can't believe you took advantage of me. Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to fuck me? I'm married!" I shot at him

"Wooahhh there missy. I didn't fuck you. I wanted to, but I decided you should be awake! That is Boy Cum on your chest. Surely you recognize your own Boy cum when you see it. My cum is thicker, more potent than that." Ron bragged.

"Why are you constantly calling my husband 'Boy'?" I asked.

"Better than telling you, perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe I should just show you?" At that, Ron departed the room and was gone for about 4 or 5 minutes. When he returned, Sam was with him, or should I say trailing behind him. Ron stepped beside the bed, a leash in his hand and the other end of this leash was wrapped around Sam's cock and balls. Ron was leading my hubby by a leash and had me tied to the bed. What else could be wrong with this picture? "Mary wants to know why you are a boy. Why don't you show her now!" Ron encouraged Sam.

Sam sort of shuffled on one foot then another without doing much of anything while I was telling him, no, actually screaming at him to stand up for himself and set me free.

"Boy, I said show Mary why you deserve to be called boy and what makes me more Man than you!" Ron ordered.

Sam looked to Ron. "May I show her?" he meekly asked Ron.

Not knowing what he was talking about, I shut up and waited to see just what in the world was going on.

"Use your hands Boy!" Ron told him.

Sam reached over to Ron and slowly started to unzip Ron's pants, hauling out his cock. Sam started to massage it, rolling it between his hands while I watched, stunned by his actions. Pretty soon Ron's cock was blood full and sticking straight out, while Sam was still toying with the massive meat.

"Show her up close Boy!" Ron ordered Sam.

Sam meekly put his semi-hard dick against the thick cock of Ron's. It was like night and day. Sam's dick was not hard and was only half the size of Ron's. I was staring at an amazing sight. One man's cock was hard and full, bigger than anything I have seen in my own experience. While my husband's, whom I am used to, suddenly looked so insignificant.

"Tell her Boy!" Ron voice cut right though my conscious mind, which was running away with the sight before me.

Sam stuttered "Mmm my dick is so much smaller than Master Ron's. It's perfectly obvious that he is a Man and I am just a boy to him."

"What do you want to do to this cock?" Ron asked his open ended question.

"I want to get it hard, then place it into my wife's pussy," the broken 'boy' stated.

"Adore it properly Boy!" Ron barked.

Sam slunk to his knees before the huge meat and started gently kissing the thick cut head. Gradually he stuck more of the bulky cock between his lips until at least 4 or 5 inches of that mighty meat was engulfed in Sam's throat. When Ron removed his thick cock from my poor husband's mouth, a bead of spit followed it. You could see Sam's eyes follow that spit all the way to the head as Ron started to climb onto the bed between my tied spread legs.

"Oh NO. YOU'RE NOT putting that thing into me!" I started to object.

"You're perfectly right. I am not putting it into you." Ron gleamed at his evil thought. "Boy, get up here and get my cock into her pussy!"

I watched helplessly in shock while Sam climbed about the bed and guided Ron's stiff cock into my spread open pussy. My husband was obediently helping this oaf rape me. I screamed. I cried. I wept while my husband watched this thick cock slowly pry me open. Little by little, this 'co-worker' friend of Sam's pushed and prodded his thick brown meat into my pussy. I grunted when he stopped while he proudly stated, "This is about all the further that Sam would go with his little boy dick. He tells me you were a virgin when you married. So from this point on, you're going to experience something new. You are going to get fucked by a MAN!"

I wasn't wet enough and I sure as hell was not getting into it to where I could get wet enough to accommodate his prick. But in a few minutes, he had his tool buried to the hilt. Then he slowly withdrew it, then forced it back deeper into my open canal.

"Oh boy, is she ever tight." Ron admitted to Sam. "Don't you wish you had a big cock, one that fills a woman up?"

I gazed at the smirk on Ron's face as he grunted while he drove his thick cock deep into me, even as my worthless husband just sat on his knees closely observing as Ron's cock impaled me. I was ready to kill Sam for letting this happen.

Then, Ron gasped and moaned. Oh God, I think he's going to cum.

"Ahhhhh, Oh yeah, that's the way we do it. Take all my seed!" Ron blurted out.

Amazingly enough I could really feel the pulse of his huge cock and I could actually feel him erupt deep within me as each spurt of his cock ejected, filling me up. Ron slumped down on top of me and waited till his cock had shrunk some before lifting himself off me thus pulling his dripping tool from my sore pussy.

"Boy, you know what to do. Don't you? Get down here and clean my cock all up NOW!" Ron ordered my husband.

Much to my surprise, Sam slipped his face only inches from the covers of the bed and started to lick Ron's cock clean. He slurped on the tip and then slowly licked up and down the shaft until it was all clean.

"Good Boy!" Ron patted Sam's head while he was still mouthing his mighty cock.

"Now get yourself some of those Altoids you love and clean up your wife!" Ron pushed a couple of mints into Sam's mouth and then aimed his face toward my wet pussy and pushed so he smashed Sam's face into my crotch.

Sam's mouth knew just where to go, and his licking, after that huge fucking, melted my pussy. I wanted to squeeze his head between my thighs. I couldn't squeeze him. My legs were tied wide open. He had easy access to my pussy with my crotch raised up by the pillows.

Ron ridiculed my husband: "Press your mouth tight against her cunt Boy, then SUCK HARD. Draw that cum from deep inside her. Suck it all out! I know you want it. Show us both what you are good for. You've cleaned the cock you worship, now clean up the cunt where I just dumped my load." Then Ron turned and started to question me. "You married well. He's got a nice tongue. He's eager to please. You will like having a tongue to clean you out, so much so that you will want it all the time. Even when I am gone, and your Boy squirts his dripping load into your pussy, you'll make him lick it all out. He'll lick it so he gets used to the idea of sucking cum from a wet pussy." In the middle of Ron's demeaning rambling, I started to cum from Sam's tongue working against my exposed clit. I clinched my inner muscles and lifted my hips off the pillow as I could feel the juices just pour out. Sam just kept on licking, slurping up our mixed cum.

Ron must have enjoyed watching that sight, because before Sam was even done, he yanked on Sam's head and told him to suck his cock hard again. "We're going to do this again! Show me how compliant you can be."

I heard my husband meekly whisper, "Yes Master – I will be a good boy – and suck your cock hard."

Next time I had the nerve to look between my legs; Sam was kissing and licking the hardening shaft. I wanted to throw up. I have never liked the thought of gay guys sucking one another and to see my own husband worshiping this man's cock, was too much.

"Is it hard enough to slip into her yet or do you want to admire it some more?" Ron teased his Boy.

"Mary is wet and your cock is hard. Shall I place it into her slit?" Sam humbly asked.

"Tell me Boy. Who's cock do you admire and why?" Ron quizzed him.

"Your cock is impressive at 8 ½ inches. It fills my wife, unlike anything I can do." Sam admitted his inadequacy.

"Good, line it up and push it into your wife," Ron ordered his now emasculated boy.

My God, I was so wet; both from the fucking Ron had already given me and also from Sam licking me to orgasm. Being so wet, Ron's huge cock went straight in as he drove it all the way to the hilt. Now he started to pull it back out and push back again, over and over as he built up some gusto. What hurt before, now felt good. I was full of cock, an impressive 8 ½ inches, according to my husbands words. I think Sam is only 5 inches so this extra 40% was doing amazing things inside my body. 'Ohh, yeah,' I wanted to yell out. FUCK ME. It felt so damn good. Oh, this can't be happening. I am not supposed to be enjoying this. Ron is not my husband. A big cock is inside me and I love it. I want to tell Ron how much I love it but I am nearly biting a hole in my lip trying to keep this a secret. What would Sam think of me if I came from this fucking. What am I thinking? Why should I care what HE thinks? He just adored that cock in front of my eyes.

The pressure mounted as I tightly closed my eyes, blocking the smiling face of the man fucking me. I tried to clench my legs tight but the bonds holding them open never budged. I wanted to scratch at him as I peaked but again the bonds holding my wrists left that out too. My breath was short and my nose was running. I was so close. I have NEVER felt this way before. Sam has brought me to orgasm with his tongue on my clit – but I have never cum from the thrusts of a dick and now, Ohhhhhhh OHHHHHhhhhh, I am … CUMMING! I came and Ron kept right on fucking me. Oh my god! Would it build again? I can't stand it. I have to get him to stop!

"STOP! Oh I beg of you. PLEASE STOP! I have had enough!" I yelled out.

"No way babe. I'm getting my nut off now and then my 'boy' is going to clean us both up again! I love to watch that it gets me hard even after coming twice in the past 30 minutes!" Ron explained.

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