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San Francisco's Proposition K



I came across an interesting article while reading through my local newspaper the other day. With all the attention on the Presidential Campaign I wondered what other important campaigns or issues might be appearing on some upcoming ballots. On a page reserved for election news I saw the headline: Prostitution on ballot for San Francisco.

Certainly, in a city as progressive as San Francisco you would expect some very interesting things to vote on, but for a major city to consider prostitution on a ballot is something special. While prostitution is legal in a few areas of the country San Francisco will become the first major U.S. city to decriminalize prostitution if the voters pass Proposition K next month.

Okay, okay, before you bible thumpers begin thumping your bibles you need to understand that Proposition K doesn't actually legalize prostitution, so the selling of sex is still illegal. Proposition K simply eliminates the power local law enforcement officials have to go after prostitutes. Since state law still forbids prostitution California and San Francisco haven't suddenly legalized sin, if the proposition passes, local law enforcement will simply have to leave the punishment for prostitution to the afterlife.

Besides the obvious immediate benefits to a bunch of horny individuals with cash to spare, proponents for the proposition indicate that "...the measure will free up $11 million the police spend each year arresting prostitutes..." (1) This savings could then be reinvested back into the system to support health care and disease prevention for the sex workers. With a bit of work and more public awareness who knows, it may soon be safer to have sex in San Francisco than to use a public restroom.

Of course there are opponents to the proposition. The San Francisco Chronicle's editorial argued against it indicating that if the proposition passed the city would become a magnet for prostitution.

It is difficult to argue against the newspaper's logic, certainly the proposition will increase prostitution in the city, but with a little imagination many people can find that a positive thing. Although prostitution remains illegal, with local law enforcement blocked from prosecuting the practice there still remains the possibility of taxing it. Imagine the millions of dollars currently shuffling through hands under the covers of rumpled sheets all over the country. Hey, let's get the prostitutes set up to practice their trade without fear of arrest and in return simply ask them to claim the money they make selling sex.

In addition to an increase in income tax, consider the impact on the local economy when the influx of sex workers move into the neighborhoods of the city. Besides the brisk sales of condoms and sex gadgets, prostitutes will be renting hotel rooms for their appointments as well as renting or purchasing housing in the vicinity. The influx of sex workers and their clients will also increase business for restaurants, grocery stores, dry cleaners, clothing stores, and pharmacies.

Once the economy in San Francisco begins to boom because of Proposition K, the surrounding cities will have to take note. Entrepreneurs, businesses and shortly thereafter, politicians will quickly want to study the situation. With the proper press coverage politicians can avoid the public humiliation of disclosing their affairs to their constituency and simply visit a local prostitute. Hell, have them bring their wives or husbands and get a two for one deal.

One of the major problems this nation faces involves energy and our presidential candidates are furiously trying to find some solution to potential future energy shortages. Well, simply imagine the pent up sexual energy available if we simply free ourselves to the prospects of quick, effective and easily available sex. It's an obvious solution to the single man and/or woman, but even for a married couple the possibilities are endless. Imagine a politician with a wife who is still sexy, but tired of the same old thing in the bedroom. Now let's add a prostitute to the equation and suddenly the sexual energy will grow exponentially. Instead of a scandal, the politician remains married, doesn't have to announce to the public how he cheated on his wife and the prostitute happily pays a portion of the proceeds back to the country as income tax.

In order to remain completely objective about prostitution, I must outline that some people will oppose this wonderful solution to the country's economic and energy problems. All I can objectively say about that is: let those whining frumpkins freeze pumping $8.00 a gallon gas into their hybrid SUVs while the rest of us invests a bit of money in our country while having some professional level sex. Of course it is all riding on San Francisco and Proposition K.


1.) Prostitution on ballot for San Francisco - Houston Chronicle Wednesday, October 22, 2008 pg. A-6


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