tagInterracial LoveSandals Honeymoon Ch. 02

Sandals Honeymoon Ch. 02


I thought I better go back in before she sees me and did quickly... as she was feeding herself breakfast and I was going back in I saw 2 other guys at the buildings corner were watching all this also... they looked to be in porter uniforms... but all I got was a glance at them... I saw her talking to her new stud as he pulled his shorts on and she was frowning... she wanted more I know her and it was easy to tell by anyone... all I saw was him smiling real big as he walked over to rake out our neighbors beach... she laid there all smiles as she finger more cum into her mouth... licking her fingers clean... so hot... she groaned to them to jack off for her... much louder than I think she intended... almost sounded like a pleading scream... they both moved right next to her and stroked there cocks... they were just inches away from her face... she always loved to see me jack my cock off...

Her fingers were pumping her pussy so fast and hard as she moaned with her mouth open wide tongue out and licking her lips... that first guy was so far gone he was dripping pre-cum off his fingers... she licked them off saying she needed to see them both cum... she sounded so submissive as she said that... that wasn't like her and I knew she must have dreamed of this and it was a hot fantasy of hers...

She never liked me cumming on her much before... just loved it deep in her pussy... now she looked like a cum-craving slut... mouth open waiting for hot spurts of seed... tongue wagging in need of semen...

Well her licking his cock was all the other guy needed to be set off and started to groan loud and pushed his cock against her cheek... she turned towards him and opened her mouth wide... he shot a huge thick wad across her face hitting her nose... she was shaking like mad now as she popped the head in her mouth and her cheeks caved in to suck it all out of him... he had to have a huge load cause it dripped from the corners of her mouth... and I saw her swallowing... gulping as much as she could down as he squeezed it all out into her open mouth...

She was scooping the rest off her face and what had dripped down to those perfect tits I love... she was grinding her hips into the air as she fed herself the rest... she looked at the first guy and started to urge him on by talking like a real slut... I thought she said to fire that hot load all over her... but really couldn't hear to well... also whatever she said it was working as he threw his head back and held on to the base of his cock... now it looked huge and my wife's eyes bugged out... she screamed out let it out baby... yeah cum all over... let me see It...

And shit he did... she watched every spurt fly out of his cock with her mouth wide open licking her lips... she was about a foot away though and didn't catch much with her mouth... but he unloaded a lot on her tits... she was pulling on her nipples hard as she cleaned the cum off her chest... I never saw anyone feed on cum like that before... especially not my wife... it was way too hot for me as I came when back when the other one shot off in her mouth... and now I was pumping out blanks cause I was still hard... she stood up and was close between them buck naked as there pants were down around there ankles...

One guy slid his hand around to her ass as she bucked towards his hand and he pushed his fingers in her from behind... just then a women walked from around the corner I was by behind the tree... I pulled up quick as I acted like I was just headed back around the corner she came from and bumped into her... I guess the guys noticed this and reached for there pants cause after I excused myself to her... I turned to see what was going on and they had there pants up and one was handing my wife her robe... she still had her back towards where I was as I walked to the room...

I went in completely amazed and thought shit what am I missing now...and took off out the back door that leads to the beach to come around the other corner and see what was happening now... my wife was still there talking to the guys... just for a second and then hugged them and walked away... she headed over to the bathroom over at the other side of the pool as I saw them watching her and grinning like crazy... and I though shit what else is gonna happen on this trip... after a few minutes my wife walked out with her bikini back on robe in her hand... and then jumped in the pool... so I headed back to the room to lay down... she came back in a few minutes...

I pretended to still be asleep as she pulled off her bikini and got in next to me... she started to whisper in my ear... asking if I was up yet... she reached around and grabbed my cock... it was limp as a noodle as I came 3 times already watching her... and she said nope not up yet and curled up to me kissing my ear...

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