tagInterracial LoveSandals Second Honeymoon Ch. 04

Sandals Second Honeymoon Ch. 04


So, my wife watched away from the patio down the walk towards the main part of the resort. She was still talking to her slutty friend Gail from back home, on her cell phone, telling her about the last twelve hours of her slut for black cock adventures.

She looked fantastic as she walked away in her white string bikini, even the beach wrap she had covering her couldn't conceal the sheer material that showed off that sexy body.

My cock was rock hard from hearing her tell Gail how she sucked the big thick black cock of the porter who brought our bags to the suite. She had just started to go into detail about how Troy, the guy we met at the dance club last night, had fucked her pussy off when she started to walk away. Troy told her to meet him at the Jacuzzi Room at 9 am, and was looking to Gail for advice as to what to do. I knew what Gail's advice was, same as it always is. Suck and fuck any big cock you can find, especially when on vacation. It was just a couple minutes before 9 am, so she needed to make up her mind.

Well, I had made up my mind. I was going to see what was going on in that Jacuzzi Room in a few minutes. So I dressed real fast, headed out the front door down the walkway to the pool area. The bath house had a Work out room, a Hot Tub and Jacuzzi room with small Sauna inside it, also a locker area and bathrooms for men and women. This resort had everything, that's why I loved it.

I got there after my wife had just walked into the bath house, but I didn't see her as I went through the work out area to get to the Jacuzzi room. I thought to myself, if she asks I'll just tell her I got her note, and was headed to breakfast when I saw her walk in here.

Well, I went to open the door to the Jacuzzi room, but it was locked. I thought maybe she found it locked, and then went into the bathroom or locker area. I look around for her, then waited in the locker area to see if she would come out of the bathroom. Nothing. So, I went back to the Jacuzzi Room to see if I could get in some how. Now there was a printed out note on the door saying, "Down for Service. Will Re-open Shortly."

Obviously something was going on. I was determined to find out what, and where my wife disappeared to. I went around the outside of the building walked around it, but the windows to the Jacuzzi room were way up high. Unless I wanted to climb a up a tree and pretend I was coconut picking in broad daylight I was shot out of luck. I leaned against the outside wall under the windows frustrated, when I heard voices from inside. No, I couldn't make out what they were saying, but could recognize my wife's voice. Also what sounded like at least two male voices, both with an unmistakably island accent.

I guess she had made up her mind, but no way I could see what was going on so I walked away a little disgusted, and a lot hornier then I thought I could be. Making my way back to the main part of the resort I said to myself, "Time to start drinking heavily, and make your own fun."

I walked up to the main pool's bar, and wondered if the same guy was bar tending there. Rick was the awesome bartender that was here when we had our real honeymoon. I talked with him the first day we got there that ten tears ago, he started telling me after I ordered my first shot of Jack Daniels.

"Smart man, don't drink the crap they make here." Rick advised. "All these fruity drinks are made with the cheap syrups." "They know all the tourist folk drink them down like water." "Half of them end up back in there rooms sick as dogs." he explained further.

"They all want something cold, those frozen drinks are what they expect." I said back to him.

"I got something good for you to try my friend." Rick said smiling while pouring out my second shot.

"I don't usually make them here, just at home." "You gonna love this my friend."

Rick grabbed a huge handful of fresh pineapple, tossed it in a blender with some ice, than added Rum and a few other mixers.

"Just for you man." he said. "It's the Pineapple Daquari."

He poured it into a real tall glass, and I tried it. Awesome tasting with a nice kick, and no crappy syrup. He poured himself a small glass and drank some of it himself. He gave my glass a clink, and toasted me.

"You my friend are gonna have a good time here, I can tell." and he laughed.

Anytime Rick saw me after that during our honeymoon after that I was the Pineapple Man. He even started making a drink for me if he saw me coming up the walk, like I said awesome bartender.

So I turn the corner thinking no way he is still here, low and behold who is cleaning off his bar but Rick. Well, no way he remembers me after ten years I thought and I walked up to the bar smiling. He turned to help his first guest of the day which was me, then turn around from wiping down his bottles.

"Hey, it's the Pineapple Man. How you doing Pineapple Man?" Rick said, and like I said to myself awesome bartender. I laughed amazed that he remembered me.

"You don't look as happy as I remember you man." he said.

Then I remembered my last picture in Jamaica from our original honeymoon. I was in the middle of the pool with three big glasses of Pineapple Daquari's Rick made for me shaking my head at my new wife telling her I wasn't going back home. Yes, that picture was framed.

We laughed together, and he asked if I wanted a shot of Bourbon. Great memory I told him, and he poured two shots of Jack out.

"It's a little early for this but I'll join you my friend." as he grabbed one of the shots and held it up to toast with me.

"I always remember the good people." Rick said.

"I remember you bringing Felix that hat from your friend who was here." he said grabbing his blender tossing some fresh pineapple in.

"Shit, I forgot all about that." I said shocked.

The year before my friend had been here with his wife, and Felix was one of the other bartenders. I brought him a Felix the Cat baseball type cap from the states as a gift from my friend.

"A lot of people don't bother being so nice." Rick said. "They are here on holiday, and don't wanna be bothered." "Since you get it all included here, they don't even offer a tip to you." "We can't take the tip, but it sure is nice when the good people try to give you one."

I laughed, and remembered I tried to slip Rick a fifty before we left back then. He wouldn't take it, just smiled at me and said it was his pleasure to make sure I had a good time.

By this time I had a big tall drink of Pineapple Daquari in front of me. I talked with Rick for a while, and he told me he had it good there. There were some fun extras here he said, as a hot blonde walked by in a bikini and we laughed.

He asked if I was here with the same wife laughing, some men come back with the new ones over and over again. I told him we decided to come back for a second honeymoon here, we had such a blast. As time past people came up got drinks, and went on there way. It was around a little after 11 am, when I looked at my cell phone next. Having such a good time, and catching a quality buzz.

"Well, how are you doing my friend?" I heard an island accented voice behind me. I turned around, and it was Ed the limo driver.

"I see Rick is taking good care of you." Ed laughed. Ed was dressed causal in shorts and a button down printed shirt.

"Ed man, you off today." Rick said to him. "Come have a drink with my friend."

"Don't mind if I do buddy." Ed said to Rick.

"I need something to take my mind off all these pretty ladies running around in there bikini's." said Ed as he grinned and adjusted his crotch.

"They be driving me crazy, these white ladies." Ed continued.

Rick hung out with us mostly since it wasn't to busy yet. He told Ed about how he remembered me from those years ago, telling him pretty much the whole story of me and the wife being here before.

"So, how's that pretty little Missy of yours doing?" Ed smiled over at me drinking some of his drink Rick just handed him.

"She already made a new friend, and was out with her." I told Ed as I just remembered why I was over here drinking in the first place.

All of a sudden it was starting to get really busy at the bar, and after another round of drinks Ed suggested we hang out at a table so Rick can help everyone without feeling he had to keep talking to us.

Sounded normal so I said sure, and we went over to the tables having a seat.

"You sound like you make new friends fast man." Ed said.

"Especially the little Missy." he laughed.

"We like to have a good time when on vacation, Ed." I laughed raising my glass to him.

"We also tend to drink, and party to much." laughing more after I took a big slurp of my drink.

"You a nice man, my friend." "You just got to watch some of our islanders." "They tempt the pretty ladies." "Some of these white ladies come here just for one thing you know man." "Even if they are with a man already."

Ed sounded a little serious, and pretty sincere deep in this conversation now. I was getting pretty drunk at this point, and tried to lighten up the talk.

"Well, my wife can get pretty wild when drunk, but I keep her pretty close when she gets that way." I laughed.

"I'm serious man, a little drink, some weed from here, and the white ladies just wanna get busy." "Especially the wives that come here." "These white ladies get really sneaky." "These island boys know it." "They count on it on fact." as Ed Laughed.

"Hey Ed, your starting to kill my buzz my friend." I stood up laughing.

"Let me get us more drinks buddy." and took our empty glasses to Rick at the bar.

"OK my friend," Ed laughed back.

I put the glasses on the bar, and then Rick asked for another round. Then I saw her, my wife was walking up on the other side of the pool that was attached to the bar. She put her beach cover and cell phone on a lounge chair, and stood there looking a bit dazed. She was smiling as she stretched pulling up her hair over her head and seemed deep in thought as she walked to the pool steps that led into the water. Her suit was wet already, but her body shined like she was covered with sweat. That sheer white string bikini left nothing to the imagination, and could clearly see her nipples through the material. She walked in the water quickly up past her waist, and rubbed the water all over her body like she was getting something off her skin. I watched as she reached into her bikini bottom, she seemed to adjust her pussy like a man would straighten his cock in his pants.

"Looks like your lady has been having a good time already my friend." I heard Ed say as now he was behind me at the bar.

"A little early for smoking the herb for me usually, but you are on vacation." and Ed laughed.

I watched her walk out of the water equally as fast as she entered it, then pick up her stuff and over towards the beach area just past that away from the pool. She stopped after dropping something small, it was some kind of paper, and she bent over to pick it up. Showing her ass to anyone looking her way, the transparency of that sheer material stuck to her ass like it was painted with clear paint. She almost fell completely over with that move, then moved down the walkway after righting herself.

"I'm sure she's just tired from the long night we had." I said as I walked back to the table we were at.

"Your Missy there is walking like she something long this morning my friend." Ed sat down and laughed.

"I don't mean no disrespect, I like you man." "Lots of couples come here, for different reasons." "Some like to spice things up a bit." "The white ladies come down to get some black cock." "There husbands like to watch them get it man." "They like to swing yanno." I stared off into space as Ed explained.

"This place is just made up for all that." "You never know what you gonna see next when you turn a corner." "I seen the nicest ladies, sneaking off with an island man." "You turn a secluded corner, next thing you see she on her knees and is sucking his big black cock." "She not really caring who sees her doing it." "I won't lie to you man, I had many a white lady sucking my cock here." Ed finished as he grinned at me.

I sat there amazed at what all Ed said to me, not shocked though after all I had seen all through my honeymoon here long ago, and this vacation all ready.

"I'm sure you get plenty of white pussy Ed." I said back to him.

"You think your wife is different from the other white ladies my friend." "You think she can resist the excitement of sex with these island men." Ed asked seriously.

"That's a tough thing to know completely, Ed." "Since I think you can enjoy sex without all the love crap attached." "Sometime the best sex just happens." "I think my wife feels the same way as I do, good sex can just be that good sex." "So I trust her, to know the difference." and felt confident in my response to Ed, even if I just watched my wife fuck the big cock off and island man last night myself. By of course I was drunk off my ass at this point.

"You wife is a very pretty lady man." "I just don't want her to get in over head my friend." "She was looking a little high, the smoke here does funny things to people who don't have it all the time. "That's why we give it to the pretty white ladies visiting." "They lose there minds, and just want to get fucked." "Easy pickings as we say here." and Ed laughed loudly.

"Well I couldn't stop her if she wanted to do anything behind my back anyway Ed." saying as I finished my drink.

"Who says you need to stop her man, you just wanna know." "See for yourself." "Some piece of mind, yanno my friend." "Like I said, some husbands like to see there wife with an island man." "They like to watch them fucked with the big black cocks." as Ed grinned at me, he must have sensed that was me, and I was one of those husbands.

"Well, Ed you ever let some husband watch you fuck his wife?" I questioned him now.

"Sure man, that don't bother me." "I love that pretty white pussy." "Once they see what I got to give them I can get them begging for it." "Look come on my friend, come with me I have a feeling I know where your little Missy is headed." Ed said as he stood up.

I followed him, after almost falling over standing up. Damn, the Rum here is strong, and I was pretty hammered. We went around to the front of the resort by the check in, his limo was parked on the far side of the circle so other cars could get in easily. I looked in at the desk though the windows, and there was my wife talking to the girl behind the counter. She had that paper she had bent over to pick up in her hand, and showed it to the girl.

"You get in the driver's side, and turn on the engine." "Turn on the monitor for the back of the limo, and wait." "No driving for you though mister." "You had too many pineapple drinks." as Ed laughed and walked off to the door leading into the check in counter.

I did exactly what he said in my drunken stupor, and waited. Through the tinted windows I could see him leading my wife over to the limo, and open the side door.

"Missy, I told you it's no problem." "You can't trust these cab drivers sometimes little lady." "Now where you need to go?" Ed asked my wife as she climbed into the back.

"Well, to this address." she excitedly said and handed him the small piece of paper, it looked like a business card.

"Say Missy, this ain't the best part of town yanno." as Ed got in after her closing the door behind him.

"Oh really, I think I'll be OK." I heard her say right before Ed pulled the door shut. She looked worried for a split second then started giggling.

That's when I saw, she was definitely stoned. Her eyes were glazed over, and she had that playful horny laughing that comes from her smoking. I watched in the monitor as Ed, went over to the bar took two glasses and put ice cubes in them, and turned to her. Damn I thought nos freaking sound, I wanna hear what's going on. I played with the monitor, turned the right knob, and started to hear there voices.

"Sure Ed, I have some Rum." "After all I'm on vacation, and ready for some fun." my wife laughed.

"Two Rum's coming up." as Ed turned back to the bar grabbed a bottle and poured out the drinks. As he did there was no mistaking the fact she was checking his ass out. She had that horny slut stare on, and then shifted on the seat putting one legs under her. Just as Ed turned around to face she was pulling the beach cover of her shoulders, and even in the monitor I could see her nipples were big and hard. They were clearly visible through that sheer bikini top.

"It's hot back here." as she grabbed the drink from him taking a big swig. Of course when she did she took extra special care to toss her head back , and push out those beautiful tits.

"Well Missy, you sure look good in that suit." Ed said looking over her body.

"To bad you are going into town, I could show you a nice spot on the beach away from the resort." he added. As he did he moved next to her on the seat.

"I look even better out of this suit Ed." she giggled at him.

Then finished her drink down reaching past him to put the glass down. As she did that she put her other hand on his thigh to steady herself, her breasts and hardened nipples brushed against him. When she leaned back to sit that hand stayed on his thigh, and started to rub it. She sat the same way legs crossed under her, and I'm sure he was getting a good look at her probably very wet pussy through the sheer material of that bikini bottom.

"Is it a nude beach Ed?" she asked teasing his leg with her hand.

"Then I could show you how good I look out of this suit." she smiled at him teasing closer to the bulge in his shorts.

"Well Missy, you can't seem to wait to get another big black cock can you?" Ed asked her pulling her hand to that bulge. I thought to myself what did he mean another big black cock.

She didn't say a word as she squeezed his huge bulge, looking down staring at it.

"You should answer a man when he asks you something." "You like rubbing that big black cock?" "You want more big black cock , don't you?" "Don't you!" he sounded demanding an answer.

"No. I can't wait." "I love the feel of your big black cock so hard in your shorts." "Yes. I want more big black cock." she whimpered back to him submissively looking in his eyes now.

"I know you do Missy." "You know that I probably know that address is Troy's place." "You needed a ride over to suck more of his big black cock." "You don't need a ride, you got a nice big black cock right here." as Ed pushed my wife's head down, she undid his shorts. He had no underwear on and his hard black cock sprang up towards her face.

I watched as her hands grabbed the shaft and his huge balls, while her mouth sucked in the very large cock head. She was up on her knees on the seat now, slobbering all over his steel hard cock. Her head bobbed up and down on it, and her spit shined it up dripping down to his balls. he was lost in her cock sucking heaven.

Ed in the meantime had pulled the string on her bikini bottom, and it fell off her upturned ass. Her pussy and asshole has easy access for him now. Ed didn't waste time, sliding a couple fingers into her tight pussy.

"Damn Missy, you have one very hot wet tight little pussy." as Ed plunged his fingers deep into her hole.

"If I was alone yesterday, I would have told you to stop, pull over and let you fuck me right back here." "I saw you looking at me." she groaned out.

"Yes Missy, I knew you for what you are." "A fine looking married white slut who came for some big black cock." "Now get back on that cock and suck it." as he pushed her head down onto that big piece of black meat.

"Yes I am a slut for this big black cock." and sucked him back in deep into her mouth. She was bucking her ass back at his probing fingers, and I could hear the squishing of her juices around them.

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