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Sandra's Fantasy


This is my first submission I would like any feed back. Thank you.

Sandra is a 22 year old female that has been with the same boring lover for about 3 years. She recently started chatting with a sexy man. She recently told this friend she wanted to give him oral which leads to the best sex she has ever had. This is her fantasy, told by her.

Now I sometimes dream/fantasize about being down on my knees, with your dick needing my attention. I start kissing the head of your dick, lightly sucking, flicking my tongue across your needing, aching penis. I lightly kiss down the hard shaft of your penis, in a teasing manner. I then move back up to the head of your penis, taking the head into my mouth. I suck a little harder this time, my tongue enjoying the taste of per-cum that has surfaced and my tongue eagerly licked away. Your hands go into my hair. You want to full my mouth with your wanting cock. You push my head further down on your shaft. I moan I love it when you take control, unable to take my teasing any longer; you want to feel the head of your cock reach the back of my throat. I allow you to push my head down the shaft of your penis to a degree. I stop, unwilling to give you too much enjoyment all at once. I am really getting into your hard, wanting cock filling my mouth. I am sucking harder now, my head bobbing up and down, my tongue flicking across the head whenever possible. My mouth going further down your shaft each time I come back down on your shaft. You feel my throat with the head of your penis. You want it further down my throat. You start pushing on my head again, this drives me insane, I love the feel of your hands in my hair, turning me on even more. You start fucking my mouth with your cock, needing release. I want to give you release. I start caressing, playing with your balls in my hand. I am sucking very hard now, tongue licking up and down your shaft, tasting all you have to offer. You slam deep in my mouth. I know you are about to give me my most deserved treat. You fill my mouth, your cum running down my throat, the taste of driving me insane. I swallow all you offer.

When I swallow all you have to offer and clean up anything that may have escaped from my lips. You see in my eyes that I am very excited. I am excited to the point that I ache with need. I stand up and you are seated in a chair. You reach between my legs. I part them only slightly. You feel my wetness through my panties. I moan at your touch. How I've waited and wanted you to touch me. You slowly remove my panties. I am still standing over you. Your hands slide up my thighs, caressing my soft skin. You reach my hot, wet, wanting pussy.

You spread my pussy lips to get to my clit. My breath catches, feelings your fingers finally giving me the pleasure that I have wanted so badly.

You bring your fingers to your mouth and you taste me. You then want me to come closer to you. You spread my legs further and softly blow on my clit; this drives me closer to the edge. Your tongue lightly flicks across my clit. My hands grip your shoulders as I let a moan escape my lips. You begin to slowly, in a teasing manner, licking around my sweet pussy hole. You slowly then come up to capture my clit in you mouth, a louder moan escapes my lips. I love the pleasure you give me, my hips start moving to the assault that you are giving my clit. My hands go to your hair, unwilling to let you stop the fire that has erupted between the two of us. You suck harder on my clit and start licking around it, flicking it when I least expect it. This is enough to send me over the edge with a greater force than I have ever experienced. I scream gripping you, unable to trust my own legs.

You then look up at me; you see my eyes are dark with raging passion. I straddle you, your hands go in my hair to bring my head closer, we share a mind boggling, passion filled kiss. I taste myself on your lips. I moan, loving when our tongues play and seek out one another.

I feel your penis getting hard and wanting my attention again. I stand up long enough to position myself over your hard, wanting cock. I slowly lower myself onto you. My breath catches yet again when I feel the head of your penis enter my tight, wanting hole. Never before have I had someone your size within me. I slowly begin to take more of you. This continues for what seems as forever. Finally, you are buried deep within my pussy. I allow myself some time to get accustomed to the size of you. I slowly begin to grid on your lap. Never before have I been the one on top. You start moving inside me. Oh my god, how good this feels. Your hands grip my ass and we start moving in tempo. I am about to go over the edge yet again, your lips leave my mouth; you want to hear my screams of pleasure. You start kissing my neck, lightly sucking, this does it. I grip your penis with such force a moan escapes you. I try to be quiet, you are unwilling to let this happen, your tempo increases and you start fucking me with such force. I have to let go totally, my moans and screams of your name filling the room. You cum just when I think it can't get any better, sending me ever further over the edge.

We kiss passionately.

Our love session over.

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