tagLesbian SexSandra's Fantasy Ch. 04

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 04


By Sandra and Tappy McWidestance

Editing and Continuity by Lisa Jones

Author's Note: If you are new to this story please go back to chapter 01 or you will be very lost. This story chronicles the fantasy of one of my readers (Sandra) as told by me (Tappy) with the assistance of another wonderful author (Lisa). Structurally I'm trying something new by having shifting points of view (POV) during the story. Enjoy. --Tappy

*** Liz's POV ***

It was with a great sense of anticipation that I stepped off of the elevator on the ninth floor. Nicole, Erin and I had played this game before. I don't know how she managed to find these women willing to do anything she asked. Nicole was certainly beautiful and exceptionally skilled in the art of love, but there seemed to be a never ending stream of attractive women willing to debase themselves for just a few minutes of her attention. Of course I was walking to her suite with exactly that same expectation so I guess I shouldn't be talking.

I work the bar at the hotel part time. I like working the weekends because it is more relaxed, although the tips are not as good. But on a Friday night when Nicole comes to play, the compensation is great. Whenever Nicole calls that she has a new conquest for our games Erin and I both bet her that she has misread the woman. That this time the girl will revolt, not call her mistress and cease to obey her without question. The bet is always the same. A couple of hundred dollars of Nicole's money versus an hour or two of our giving her our undivided attention pleasing her. So far neither Erin nor I have ever taken Nicole's money. Not that I am complaining. For the opportunity to play with another one of her female toys I'd gladly give her some personal satisfaction. Nicole can be a tough mistress on her slaves, but she always treats Erin and I well. She knows we're really not submissive but just enjoy kinky girl/girl sex.

From the moment Sandra waltzed through the bar door, I knew Nicole would once again be calling the shots. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about what I would be doing after last call. Sandra was certainly beautiful. She looked refined and elegant. She didn't look like the kind of woman who would soon be grovelling at a younger woman's feet. But I also knew that would be exactly where she would end up. Like all the others before her, she would soon be begging for Nicole to allow her pleasure and would be willing to do anything to get it.

Nicole had briefed Erin and me on her plans. After I closed the bar the rest of my night was free and I would have time to play. Erin wasn't so fortunate. She was on the night shift and had to work. Once I was done, I quickly changed clothes in the manager's office and headed upstairs. I knew Nicole's basic plan, but I was not prepared for the vision of a latex encased Sandra standing in the hallway. To be sure after she flashed me in at the bar I knew she would do anything for Nicole, but still, this was pretty far out there. Nicole had called me when she sent Sandra on her trip but I was still doubtful that I'd find her wandering the hallway. I walked slowly both to enjoy the view a little longer and to build some anticipation. As I got closer I noticed the cat suit was not covering the shivering woman 100%. I think Sandra's nipples were as hard as any I'd ever seen. Her clit seemed equally happy. Just what had Nicole done to her? More importantly, what was Nicole going to do to her and how could I help?

As I approached Sandra I could tell she was quivering with excitement. I used my swipe card to unlock the door. I was not surprised to find Nicole waiting for us holding two strap-ons. I knew she loved to fuck women. I do to and she knows that. I was surprised to see that she was holding out the larger one for me. Usually she reserves that for herself. As I was about to find out, that was all part of her master plan.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I watched as Mistress Nicole and Liz exchanged glances. They didn't speak but their eyes spoke volumes. I anticipated Liz grabbing the strap-on. I didn't know if they were going to take turns with me or DP me. Secretly I was hoping for the latter. Mentally I was ready for it and physically I was craving it. I stood still by Liz's side waiting for instructions. Unfortunately the instructions went to Liz.

"Are you ready to pay off your bet?" my mistress asked her.

"Business before pleasure?" Liz replied.

"Pleasure is my business," rejoined Nicole. "At least my pleasure."

I watched as Liz stripped down, took the strap-on and began to wrap it around her waist. I then watched as Nicole walked up to me and spun me around. Grabbing my arms she began to pull them behind me. I instinctively put up resistance, but it was a token effort and within seconds my wrist cuffs were clipped together behind my back.

Nicole then grabbed my erect nipple, marched me over to the couch, spun me around and pushed me back onto the cushions. My latex suite constricted as I bent to sit down taking my breath away. I could only watch as Nicole unsnapped the bottom of her corset exposing her pussy. She then ordered Liz to sit next to me. We were sitting side by side on the couch. My eyes were completely focused on the bouncing fake rubber cock attached to her waist as she sat down. The phallus was pointed skyward like an obscene flagpole. Nicole wasted no time mounting it. Her pussy stretched easily accepting the whole invader with a single stroke. She landed with a juicy splash as she bottomed out the strap-on. I could tell by the expression on her face that this was what she had been waiting all night for. Her plan was devious in its simplicity. I'd have to watch her get the pleasure I craved while I was unable to give any to myself. Nicole was a wicked, wicked girl.

Nicole began to fuck herself. She was taking her pleasure from Liz and obviously didn't care if Liz was enjoying herself. Nicole's pace quickened until she was riding the dildo with reckless abandon. I never knew a woman could fuck herself so hard. Watching this obscene sex show live in front of me had the effect you would assume. My own pussy was boiling. However with my hands cuffed behind me, there was little I could do but watch and get hornier. Over and over Nicole fucked herself on Liz. Over and over I begged to be next. Both Nicole and Liz reached over and slapped by breasts for being a bad slave and talking out of turn.

Nicole's lust was clearly out of control as was my own. Only she was the only one being satisfied. My juices were literally dripping onto my thigh and then over the cat suit. I continued to watch the carnal show in front of me unable to pleasure myself. It was pure torture. Finally with an animalistic grunt, a moan and then a scream, Mistress Nicole blasted off like a rocket. For a lesser woman that would have been the end of her night. How she managed to stand up after that pounding was a mystery for me. But stand up she did. She was still in control. Both Liz and I were looking at her with longing and desire.

I was not surprised, although still a little shocked, when she grabbed my hair and pulled my body down to suck the fake dick. I was now bent over parallel to the couch cushions fellating the strap-on and savouring every tasty morsel my mistress had left behind. Surely now it must be my turn. Or at least my turn to serve Liz. Alas, their plans did not involve my orgasm for some time.

Once I had finished cleaning mistress' toy she pulled me back into a standing position and unclipped the cuffs. "Inspection" was all she barked as Liz began to stand up and remove the strap-on. I was standing in the middle of the room with my legs spread to just past shoulder level and my hands on the back of my head. Liz put down the dildo on the table and then turned back to look at me. I felt doubly naked this time based on the fit of the latex suit. For some reason when I first learned this position and only had my stockings and shoes on I was more comfortable. But now, with my nipples, clit, pussy and ass exposed and the rest of my body covered in a fetish purveyors dream, I felt dirty. The latex forced me to realize just how far I'd fallen into my depravity.

Liz took her time inspecting me. She'd already seen my breasts in the bar but she seemed to take her time testing how heavy they were and how responsive my nipples were. Of course that brought another involuntary moan of lust from my mouth. When she pushed two fingers into my pussy and then flicked my clit I almost came. It took all of my willpower to keep from cumming. A fact Mistress Nicole appeared to take pride in. Both that she could hold me on the edge where a single touch could make me cum and more importantly that I was finally learning enough self control to hold back until she gave me permission. I was not happy about being made to wait. Liz commented that she thought I was ready. She didn't say for what but hopefully shaking in need on the edge of a massive orgasm was a qualification for what she had in mind.

I watched as Nicole resnapped her corset and grabbed the blindfold she had put on me before. She put it over my head but not over my eyes. They wanted me to see what they had planned. Liz produced a thick red collar from inside Nicole's bag of tricks. She quickly affixed around my neck. After a quick tug to make sure the buckle was secure she then produced a leash. I was not amused. She left the leash dangling between my breasts. The final item she pulled from Nicole's bag. I guess it wouldn't fit in her fashionable handbag. The item was a bright red leather strap. As you might have guessed the colour matched my new collar and the latex bra and shorts I had painted on my body. Obviously my two tormentors had the plan from the beginning and I was just along for the ride.

The strap went through a buckle on the front of the collar near the d-ring the leash connected to. Liz had to twist the collar just a bit to get it to line up straight down my torso. Liz lifted the leash from between my breasts and replaced it with the strap. The strap was about 2 inches wide. It was not very comfortable as it pushed my breasts apart. The leather's edge was sharp, even with the latex protecting the sides of my breasts and I could never forget what I was wearing. The strap was about six feet long which seemed very weird to me. I soon understood as Liz now pulled the strap between my legs covering my swollen clit, oozing pussy and to this point neglected asshole. She then pulled the strap up my back and pulled it through another buckle in the back of the collar. It was buckled very tightly and would further restrict my ability to walk easily or with any pace. My curiosity was running wild and for a moment I had the nasty thought that they were going to march me like this to another room. Then it hit me. They were going to take me to the swinging couple's room. Certain Liz would have talked to them after I left and knows where they are staying. The thought actually relaxed me a bit.

However that emotion was very short lived. Liz now produced two opaque cylinders from Nicole's bag. I immediately recognized them. Mistress Nicole and Liz both saw the look on concern on my face but neither took pity on me. I knew better than to complain verbally but I knew my eyes gave me away.

The new darkened nipple suckers were quickly attached. My wrists were still free and I had to fight the urge to defend my nipples from their onslaught. I wanted so much to push Liz away. Again my eyes told the story I knew my mouth could not. I could see in Liz's eyes I had made the correct decision to be passive. I put my hands behind my back to pretend I was cuffed as a way to keep from fighting back.

I found out at I should have thanked Nicole for only using two rounds of suction from the syringe. While that was painful it was nothing like the sensation from the three rounds that Liz used on my poor nubs. Due to the collar I couldn't tip my head down to see them, but without a doubt they were stretched further than they ever had been before. I did say a silent prayer that thanked God for the strap they had wrapped over my clit. At least they couldn't use the sucker on it.

Satisfied with their handiwork, Nicole reclipped my wrists together behind my back and then took control of the leash. Liz was busy getting dressed again as Nicole pulled the blindfold down. Instantly my world went dark. Nicole led me several times around the room. I could hear the clicking of a digital camera. That must have been Liz preserving the moment. I was led back onto the balcony. It was now far too late to have any office workers watching like they had when I was fucked out here earlier. How long ago did that feel. I knew it was only a few hours but it felt like another lifetime ago. The chill of the night air felt exhilarating, at least until I felt a tug on the leash indicating we were going back inside. But we didn't stop in the middle of the room.

As we were walking I tried to count my steps. They must be taking me to the bedroom I decided, with a grin. But we didn't turn the way I was expecting. We went straight. I immediately sensed the change in carpet quality as I crossed the threshold into the hallway. While I had been safe on the balcony, I was now in public. I was sure it was at least 2:30 or 3:00am which hopefully would mean I wouldn't be seen, but fear gripped me anyway. I felt myself being led down the hall. The leash was held tightly and I felt frequent tugs as I struggled to keep pace. I finally felt the marble tiled floor underneath my feet. I must have been standing in front of the mirror I'd masturbated in front of before. This time there was no chance of a repeat performance. I heard the pending arrival of the elevator, heard the bing and felt a tug as I was led into the car. Wherever we were going it wasn't on this floor.

*** Nicole's POV ***

I was having a grand time with Liz and Sandra. I could sense Sandra's will and resistance breaking down with every step she took. Liz was taking the lead holding Sandra's leash. I was operating the video camera. I took care not to identify Liz, although I did show her hand holding the leash and had enough shots of her torso and legs to show Sandra was following a woman. I even managed a few artistic shots of Sandra showing herself in the mirror of the elevator lobby.

I could almost feel the heat radiating off her body. I knew her arousal was at the boiling point. I also knew she would be perfect for our first film. Our purpose of making this video was twofold. First and foremost it would help Jeannie with her seduction of Rose. Second, Jeannie had found a website which paid serious money for this type of footage and earning a little extra cash was always good.

While in the elevator I tried to keep a tight shot on Sandra from the breasts up showing her increasingly heavy breathing. Her wonderful boobs were gently rising and falling as she tried to remain calm, at least on the outside. The nipple cups were doing a hypnotic dance like a magician's stopwatch trying to distract the view. Even though I had just fucked myself on Liz, I was starting to get aroused again. Soon enough I'd have her alone and would be able to indulge my own needs.

*** Sandra's POV ***

My anxiety and arousal continued to build as I listened to the elevator count down the floors. As each number went by my hopes of stopping before the lobby were washed away. Surprisingly the synthetic voice announced "lobby" but we didn't stop. I heard the doors open as the announcement said "lower level." What was down here? Most of these hotels had gyms and pools for their visitors. Was Nicole taking me for some kind of perverted workout? I started to move forward but a tug on my leash stopped me dead in my tracks and then back into the elevator.

"Sorry about that," I heard Liz explain. "I hit the wrong button."

I didn't have much time to think as the lobby was the next stop. This time I wasn't so quick to move until the now familiar tug indicated we were leaving the relative safety of the elevator.

"Now you will realize why we had to cover you up a little better," Nicole chimed in. "We don't want you arrested for indecent exposure. At least not yet."

*** Erin's POV ***

I'd been following Sandra's travels in the hallways to get the ice and her trip down the elevator on the security cameras. Nicole always brought excitement to my otherwise boring job. We'd sometimes get a couple making out in the elevator or in a hallway on tape, but only Nicole would send out a woman in Sandra's condition for me to spy on. I couldn't help but finger myself in the surveillance room as I watched her struggle to get ice. When Sandra stopped to masturbate, I almost came. I knew I wasn't going to get to play with her tonight, but Nicole promised I could have her next Friday. I was already planning what I was going to do to her. As the group started back to the lobby I quickly pulled my hand out of my panties and sprinted back to the registration counter. I wanted to see her for myself. I was certainly not disappointed.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I knew we were walking through the lobby. We didn't turn coming off the elevator so we were not heading back to the bar and we were not heading to the conference rooms. I tried to count the steps as I listened to my heel clicking on the marble floor. We must have been in front of the counter by now. That meant Erin and probably the other woman was watching me. Did what they saw excite them? I hoped so.

I heard a whistle and a catcall from the area where I'd first hidden to read Nicole's instructions. That time felt long ago when I was a different person. The voice sounded very male. I wondered if it was one of the drunken businessmen I had teased in the bar. I was wondering a lot of things right then but when I felt the cool night air hitting my face as we walked out the front door, my number one question was where are we going?

It didn't take long to be helped into the back seat of a car. It must have been parked in the drop off zone in front of the entrance. It was a roomy backseat with plenty of legroom, but needless to say with my wrists cuffed behind my back was uncomfortable. Immediately I wondered if Nicole would be joining me to use me on our trip. Instead I was strapped in with the seat belt. I heard both front doors open and close. The car began to move. No words were spoken and the radio was silent. It didn't take me long to lose my bearings. I didn't know this part of town that well and after a couple turns I was totally disorientated. I do know we drove for maybe 10-12 minutes before stopping. I heard the front doors open and then my own. I felt the seatbelt being removed and then another tug of the leash indicated I should follow.

The floor of wherever we were was definitely concrete. I could tell by the rhythmic click clack of my shoes. There was also an oily smell. I walked quite a distance before being told to be careful that we were going to go down some stairs. I then felt hands on my shoulders to steady me.

The oil smell now gave way to a cool damp feeling and a musky odor as if there was mould growing nearby. The outside of my body may have been cooling but inside I was still white hot. The strap running between my legs was doing a very effective job keeping me aroused with every step. I hoped we were nearing our destination. Finally I heard a lock being released and what sounded like a heavy metal door being opened. I was ushered a little further apparently into a different room. Finally Nicole addressed me.

"Sandra, are you ready to play a little game?"

I was ready to do anything she asked in order to give my body relief.

"Yes Mistress Nicole," I answered.

"Good," she replied. "A while back I found a website that specialized in adult super heroine fetish videos. At first I thought it was kind of stupid, but then I got into them. When we met I realized you were perfect for the role of a beautiful superhero that is captured and tortured by her arch nemesis."

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