Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 05


I teetered on Jeannie's shoulders just long enough for two things to happen. First I saw my mom still crawling behind the elegant woman and heading towards the garage. Then I saw the woman open the door, turn on the light and walk inside. I could tell she dropped the sash and my mom remained outside the door. Just then we almost lost our balance and I had to grab the top of the fence harder to stop me from falling. To me the noise was deafening. I had a vision of my mom looking over and seeing my face peeking over the fence. Jeannie was wiggling under me trying to regain her balance which forced her head deeper into my crotch. My mom, on the other hand, was laser focused on what was happening inside the garage. Her head never turned and I quickly saw a slender hand pick up mom's makeshift leash and she then crawled inside. My pussy was even more on fire than before. The combination of watching my mom submit to this powerful woman and the way my pussy was rubbing directly on the back of Jeannie's neck had that itch inside me returning with a vengeance. It was all I could do not to wriggle harder against her.

We heard the garage service door shut. I think that was the sound Jeannie was waiting for as she let out a large breath. Apparently holding me on her shoulders was more stressful than she had bargained for. She began to dip her knees and I began to fall forward. Fortunately I had the fence to grab onto and this time we didn't have to worry as much about being heard. As soon as my feet touched the ground she dipped her head further and I was able to dismount. I was horrified to see her reach up and wipe the back of her neck with her hand; I knew exactly what she was wiping off. I tried to read her face as to whether she enjoyed my inadvertent flaunting of my excitement or whether she was distressed. But I couldn't get a read on her. Her face was noncommittal. When she finally spoke, she didn't say what I expected.

"Are there any windows on the back side of the garage?"

*** Sandra's POV ***

Erin was a much sterner task master than Nicole. I loved when she led me through the yard to the garage. She had hinted at her plans for me and we determined the garage was better suited than my basement. She said she needed something she could loop a rope over. My basement is unfinished so the floor joists are exposed, but the floor decking from the main floor covers the tops of the joists. She said she knew people in the trades which could finish the basement for a reasonable price if I was interested. She said they made a wonderful "playroom" for her. The way she said it made it clear the room wasn't designed for kid's toys.

My garage has a large attic with pull down stairs to access it. Erin said in a pinch the staircase will have to suffice for my punishment. As I knelt outside watching her exploring my garage my excitement was palpable. I'd forgotten totally about Nicole. My focus was 100% on the beautiful woman in front of me. I watched as she found some cotton rope I kept in the garage for lashing boxes to the roof of my car. She also pulled down the staircase. She briefly climbed into the attic before returning for me. As she led me into the garage my line of sight was drawn to her backside. It was a very nice view. The garage floor was cold. I was glad I didn't park my car in the garage anymore. I was embarrassed by how much junk I stored out here, but that also made it easy for Erin to simply push some boxes out of the way so I could stand under the stairs. She began to wrap the rope around my wrists. Once they were secured, she looped the rope over the top stair and pulled it tight.

Erin left me stretched tightly with my arms over my head and my toes just touching the ground. The position put a great deal of stress on my wrists and calves. Once she had me positioned she took her time admiring her handiwork, but she didn't touch me. I expected her to toy with my erogenous zones or even spank me, but she didn't. Instead she began to explore the garage while I stood and tried not to twist around.

She apparently was not satisfied with what she found in the garage because she made another trip up to the attic. I could hear her walking around. I tried to remember what I had stored upstairs. It had been years since I had been up there. I knew there were boxes of Rose's old belongings from her middle school and high school years. I think there were some old clothes. There was probably some of my husband's old junk. Who knows what else I never got around to throwing away? When she returned Erin walked around in front of me. She was smiling.

"You don't have a very good selection of punishment toys. Not to worry. I'm sure Nicole will give you a list of what you need. I promised not to mark you too bad and you don't need to worry. I'm an expert and I found exactly what I need."

I looked in a mixture of intrigue and apprehension as Erin help up a piece of rubber hose. Back when we first moved in my husband had planned to put in an underground sprinkler system. He had bought most of the parts but like many of his grand plans this one never was completed. The hose Erin was holding was about three quarters of an inch in diameter and about 4 feet long.

"I'm going to go easy on you tonight. I know you have not built up much of a pain tolerance. In time you will crave Nicole's lash. But tonight's lesson is mainly about learning to follow her instructions. Your shameless orgasm as if you were a common street tramp must be dealt with. Nicole will be here soon and I want to be sure you give her the proper respect she deserves. If you are sincere about serving her and she believes you, I'm sure you will be given more pleasure."

I didn't say a word. I just braced for the bite of the first snap of the hose. Erin didn't disappoint. She also didn't lie. She was an expert wielding the hose. The pain wasn't what I expected at all. My limited punishments with Nicole, spankings and a riding crop, were very focused on which nerves were impacted. There would be a jolt of pain, but it would quickly pass. The hose caused a very different sensation. Because of its length, it would wrap around my body. The first contact would not hurt much at all. There was a little sting at the point of impact, but nothing too painful. However as the centrifugal force built as the hose wrapped around my body, the sensation built too until the tip of the hose snapped against my skin almost like a crop would. It didn't hurt as bad as a riding crop, but the progressive nature of the pain caused my brain to build a level of anticipation unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. All though the impact, maybe half a second from first contact to the stinging snap of the hose end, my body could feel every inch contact my skin as if it were a separate event. My mind processed each event in slow motion building up to the moment of final contact in a manner not unlike how my climaxes build from a series of smaller touches.

Of course that was all on the subconscious level. Outwardly I was howling at the pain. Each time the hose wrapped around me I screamed and twisted putting more and more stress on my arms and legs. I'd read about being whipped but now that it was happening to me, I finally understood what the characters in the stories had been feeling. Erin concentrated on my legs and torso. There was no pleasure happening in my garage. I'm confident Nicole would have been teasing me if she had been in charge giving me at least a sexual thrill besides a beating. But that wasn't part of Erin's game.

I'd also read in the stories about women who's pain turned to pleasure in these situations. That certainly wasn't happening to me and I didn't grasp how that was even possible. Maybe if Erin wrapped the hose around my breasts or across my pussy I could get a thrill, but the intense pain that would cause overrode the potential for pleasure.

I was sure I would be black and blue from the thrashing I was taking. I did my best to be a good sub and not yell or curse Erin. I know I did a couple of times but I think she enjoyed it. It seemed like she thought if I wasn't screaming or begging her to stop she wasn't doing her job. I questioned in my mind whether this type of activity would become part of Nicole's fun time with me. I hoped it wouldn't. I hoped this was a onetime thing. Suddenly I heard her voice and looked up to see her standing in the doorway.

"Have you learned your lesson about following instructions?" she asked.

I held my head down defeated. "Yes mistress."

*** Rose's POV ***

Jeannie and I had taken up a position behind the garage. The windows were filthy and the view was obscured by the boxes of junk my mom kept in the garage. I could see that my mom was hanging beneath the stairs, but the woman was nowhere to be scene. For a brief moment I thought that maybe she had heard us and was about to come around the corner and catch us. I thought that maybe we would be joining my mom in the garage ready to submit to whatever devious plans this woman had for her. I was thinking a lot of nasty thoughts when I noticed the woman coming back down out of the attic.

I admit I was fascinated watching the woman hitting my mother with the hose. Thanks to the thin walls of the garage we heard mom's reaction to every blow. Watching her get beaten did not turn me on. I actually felt a little bit of relief that I didn't find this exciting. I could understand her motivation to follow instructions when the woman ordered her to lick her pussy. Those were the same motivations I had myself. But this was something different. I wanted to rush in and save my mom. What was happening to her just wasn't right. I looked at Jeannie with a "let's go" expression and a nod of my head in the direction of the service door. She shook her head. I had decided to go without her and started to move in that direction, but I felt Jeannie grab my hand and pull me back.

She whispered in my ear, "I know it's hard to believe, but she is enjoying herself."

I shook my head. "She is not enjoying this."

"Yes she is. This is what she wants. Look for yourself."

I looked in the window again. Mom was twisting in her bindings and I could now clearly see her rock hard nipples and could even see the wetness on her labia.

"I know it's tough to understand, but that woman could make her cum with that hose if she wanted to. Your mom may not even understand yet but pain can mix with pleasure under the hand of an expert."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Let's just say I've been on the receiving end once or twice," she replied.

And there it was. I had wondered if Jeannie's aggressive nature translated into the bedroom. Apparently it did not if she allowed herself to be beaten like my mom evidently did. That didn't mean I didn't still want to take her to bed tonight. After all I'd witnessed tonight and all the mental foreplay I'd engaged in during the week, I wasn't going home without satisfaction. If Jeannie wouldn't accommodate me my fingers would do the trick in the car.

I was about to ask her for more details about her history when the second woman entered the room. Immediately my focus was back on what was happening in the garage and not on Jeannie.

*** Nicole's POV ***

I was very pleased to find Erin so effectively punishing Sandra. I enjoy spanking an insolent sub but I've never been good at giving someone a whipping. Still I knew the experience was necessary for her to grow in her submission. I also knew Erin was thoroughly enjoying herself.

I had discussed the details of this night with Jeannie and how best she could position Sandra's daughter. When I pulled up to the house I made sure to move as silently as I could. Jeannie had been instructed to make sure Rose was watching her mom get punished. I knew Erin had planned to use the garage and that meant Jeannie and Rose would have to be hiding behind it. As quietly as I could, I crept around the edge of the garage until I could get a quick peek around the corner. I didn't linger. Both girls were there. Jeannie had done her job. Rose would now know the cost of disobedience. She should have also seen the pleasure her mom received for conforming. I was sure by the end of the night Rose would fall into place on her knees just like her mother.

*** Sandra's POV ***

My hero had arrived just in time to vanquish my tormentor. I felt a great sense of relief at seeing Nicole standing in the doorway. She wasn't dressed up in her mistress gear like last week. In fact she was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but she looked as radiant and sexy to me as anyone ever had. She walked up to Erin and took the hose from her hand. At first I thought she might swing it herself, but instead she said I'd had enough. Erin looked a little disappointed, but she quickly changed her expression when Nicole gave her a passionate kiss and thanked her for disciplining me. She then told Erin to get me down and bring me upstairs to my bedroom. Nicole then walked out of the garage leaving us alone.

Erin didn't say a word after that. She gently let me down from my bondage. She didn't make me crawl or even wrap my sash around my neck again. We walked back to the house next to each other as equals. I started to understand the hierarchy. Nicole was on top with Erin and Liz taking orders from her. If we were alone, Erin and Liz had dominion over me, but if Nicole was there, she was definitely in charge. This was an interesting development to me.

Back in the house, instead of heading up to my bedroom we went to the kitchen. Erin said Nicole would be hungry after working and that I should make her a sandwich. I had some tuna salad in the refrigerator. Erin instructed me how Nicole preferred it to be served. I carried the plate and a glass of water and we headed upstairs.

Nicole must have brought in her gear before she came out to the garage. The strap-ons she used last Friday were on my bed along with the movie camera. I saw a couple of additional dildo including one with a strap which wasn't big enough to fit around someone's waist. I didn't understand that one. The video camera was back along with the cuffs and a paddle. I didn't see the nipple suckers thankfully. I did see my collar but no leash.

Nicole had shed her clothes and was sitting in a chair next to the bed facing the window. Her legs were spread and her pussy looked inviting. Erin walked in front of her and grabbed the collar off the bed. She buckled the collar on my neck and then went back for the wrist and ankle cuffs. Once I was prepared, Nicole asked if I thought I could eat pussy better than I had done earlier with Liz. I figured the question was rhetorical. She began to eat her sandwich while I began to eat her pussy.

*** Rose's POV ***

The arrival of another woman who seemed to be in charge was an interesting development and one I had not anticipated. We stayed behind the garage until my mom was released and they walked out. We snuck around to the edge of the garage but we couldn't see anything because of the fence. I wasn't about to get on Jeannie's shoulders again. I didn't see them, but I could hear the squeak of the screen door on my mom's house open and close. I wondered whether I should risk another trip to the bushes in front of the house. Jeannie tapped my on the shoulder and pointed to the second floor. The lights were on in my mom's bedroom. There was no way they could have made it up there so fast. It must have been the other woman.

"Let's go up to my bedroom," offered Jeannie. "We'll leave the lights off. They'll never see us."

I doubted my mom's shades would be open. I knew she didn't leave them that way normally. But I knew we would never see anything from the ground so I agreed. We ducked through the backdoor of Jeannie's house. I was glad her parents were gone for the weekend. I couldn't imagine how we would explain what we were doing. We quickly made our way up to her room.

I stumbled a bit without the aid of her lights being on. There was some light from the hallway, but the room was dim. I found the window and looked across. The second woman I'd seen in the garage was sitting in the bedroom. The lights were on and the blinds were open. They were not pulled up, but the slats were flat and I had a good view. Jeannie handed me the binoculars again. Just like before I was suddenly transported into the room. This time though, instead of seeing just seeing my mom's back as she sat, I saw the woman sitting naked with her legs spread. She was lazily rubbing her fingers over her pussy as if she was just patiently waiting for something... or someone.

I saw no evidence of my mom or the first woman. I sensed Jeannie behind me and heard something sliding on the floor. I felt something brush up against my legs. Turning I saw in the dim light a chair.

"Here," she said. "Sit down and be comfortable. You might be watching for a while."

I sat down and returned my gaze to my mom's house. Nothing seemed to have changed in the bedroom so I turned my attention to the only other lit room, the kitchen. I could see the other woman standing next to the counter but I couldn't see me mom. The woman was talking so my mom must have been in the room. Finally she appeared with a plate with a sandwich. My mom seemed out of place standing naked in her kitchen while another woman in clothes watched her. I saw them turn and walk toward the stairs. I quickly refocused my attention on the bedroom.

This time I had a front row seat as my mom dropped to her knees and began pleasuring the second woman. I decided this must be Nicole. I still didn't have a clue that the first woman was. I found this voyeuristic activity very exciting. I could feel myself getting very wet. My mom appeared to me to be very skilled since the woman in the chair showed signs of being very happy. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to put my own fingers under my skirt. With the lack of light I wondered if Jeannie would see me and if she did if she would object. I decided against it for the moment. Looking back in my mom's bedroom I saw the woman grab my mom's hair and pull her tightly against her crotch. She was shaking. I assumed she was cumming. Apparently satisfied she then pushed my mom away. I was struck by the callous nature of the woman discarding my mom so quickly after she had climaxed. Was that all my mom was worth to her?

I watch as the first woman, who apparently had stripped in anticipation of her next turn on my mom's tongue, took up position in the chair. My mom was between her legs as quickly as she had been between Nicole's. She took had a look of pure satisfaction on her face. The primary difference this time was Nicole took my mom's wrist cuffs and clipped them together behind her back. As I had seen earlier in the kitchen, my mom was now reliant just on her mouth to please her tormentor. I looked back to Jeannie again.

"This time they cuffed her wrists instead of just having her hold them behind her back. What's up with that?"

Jeannie told me to keep watching. When I returned my focus to my mom's bedroom she leaned over my shoulder. I could feel her hot breath on my ear as she whispered. She spoke slowly and quietly. I had to strain to hear her and stay focused on the action in my mom's bedroom.

"Without the use of her hands she has to concentrate more on what she's doing with her tongue."

The soft gentle tone of Jeannie's voice was almost hypnotic. Her voice was dripping with lust. She had me right where I wanted to be. My plan was working perfectly.

"Have you ever licked a pussy," Jeannie asked me.

I hoarsely answered, "No." I suddenly had a frog in my throat and was having trouble breathing.

"But you've sucked cocks before haven't you?"

In scarcely more than a whisper I answered, "Yes."

"And I bet you used your hands a lot to help get him off, didn't you?"

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