Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 06


"I found a video my mom and dad made. The one time my mom lets dad have a little control is when she is in this swing. She'll never admit it but I know she loves giving head. If dad has been good to her, she'll get in the swing and blow him. I'm sure he would love to have you the same way.

With my pussy occupied and very happy, I didn't grasp what she had just said. As she pushed the strap-on into my mouth I realized she had just told me she was going to make me blow her father. I was repulsed. Inch by inch Jeannie's cock filled my mouth. Her dad would never be as large as the strap-on I remember thinking as she filled my oral cavity.

"Have you ever deep throated a cock before?" Jeannie asked.

I couldn't speak. I was effectively gagged by her strap-on.

"No matter. You'll learn," she notified me. "Dad's not this big but he's close. Mom will probably fuck you while you're doing him. You're going to have so much fun.

My lust went into overdrive as I thought of Jeannie's mom pummeling my pussy while I sucked on her dad's cock. If Jeannie's plan was to give me another mind numbing climax she succeeded. I was totally out of it as she helped me down from the swing. She had me lick the vibrator clean and then laid me down on the mat covered floor. I was curled into a ball shivering. She removed the blindfold and then told me she would be right back.

I stared up at the swing, the shelf and the light bulb. Tonight went sort of as I had planned, but not entirely. I'd successfully seduced Jeannie or did she really seduce me? I didn't know for sure but I had my first submissive sexual experience and I adored it. I knew it would not be my last. Jeannie returned from the other part of the basement with a sleeping bag, a pillow and more wrist cuffs. She told me it was late and I should get some sleep. I nodded my agreement.

"I can't trust you not to play with yourself. Remember that pussy belongs to me," she said as she cuffed my hands behind my back. That was going to make it tough to sleep. Jeannie helped me back up and then helped me into the sleeping bag. She zipped it up all the way to my neck and then helped me back to the floor. Cocooned in the sleeping bag the mats were not nearly as cold. The pillow was comfortable enough and I looked straight up and saw Jeannie flip off the light switch.

"I'll see you in the morning, slave. You'll be making breakfast. Have a good night's sleep."

With that the door was shut and the room was pitched black. I was left alone to think about what had happened and contemplate where my life was going. The cuffs were not very comfortable, but I had to admit to myself that without them I would have masturbated. Eventually I did fall asleep. Once I did, I slept through the night until Jeannie opened the door again. She was wearing a nightgown. She looked beautiful as always.

"Wake up sleepyhead. It's 11am. You've got 15 minutes to use the bathroom and make yourself presentable. Then you are going to make breakfast. Afterwards we're going shopping for some things you will need."

Jeannie unzipped the sleeping back and unhooked the cuffs. I stretched my arms and tried to embrace her. My lips were puckered leaving no doubt as to my intentions. But she pulled away.

"Never be so presumptuous, pet. If you please me you get pleasure. If not you get pain. That is the deal."

I gave her a flirty look and we walked upstairs. She went toward the kitchen. I went toward the bathroom. My first full day as a slave was about to begin.

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