tagLesbian SexSandra's Fantasy Ch. 07

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 07


By Sandra and Tappy McWidestance

Editing and Continuity by Lisa Jones

*** Rose's POV ***

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind. Jeannie had me make us breakfast. I then had to kneel on the floor beside her while she ate. When she was done, she fed me her leftover scraps. I received chunks of crust from her toast and was allowed to drink coffee from a bowl on the floor. The plate of eggs and toast I had prepared for myself went untouched on the table. I was famished, but I had to wait my turn. I could do nothing without her approval. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday until just before her parents were due home alternately pleasuring her (I'm getting much better she says) and acting as her domestic servant cleaning the house, doing the dishes, washing her clothes and the like. She kept stringing me along with promises of the opportunity to act out my slut fantasies like we had Friday night, but it never happened. To be sure, she did fuck me with the strap-on both Saturday and Sunday. She also ordered me to masturbate a couple of times while she watched. I had orgasms in several places around the house including her parent's bed and on the kitchen table. But it wasn't quite the same as Friday night. There was something special about last Friday. I don't know if it was the thrill of possibly being caught spying on my mom or the newness of first hooking up with Jeannie, but I never reached the peak Saturday or Sunday that I had on Friday. Jeannie now seemed inexperienced to me. She appeared to have been well prepared for Friday night, but after that wasn't sure what to do with me. We had fun on the weekend, but I was thinking I needed something more. Maybe I needed somebody with more experience like Nicole or the other woman I'd seen with my mom. As I was leaving, Jeannie told me to keep Wednesday night open. She said she knew of a club I would love and that we were going to go out dancing. I was about to tell her no when she planted an adoring and passionate kiss on my lips. I could feel my knees buckle the way they had Friday night. Maybe I should give her another try. I told her I'd see her Wednesday.

*** Sandra's POV ***

Just like last weekend I needed all day Saturday to recover from the night Nicole and Erin had given me. At least this time my daughter didn't show up early in the morning and I could sleep in. Before she left Nicole told me she had another fun filled Friday planned for me next week. Apparently this was going to become a habit. I wondered if she had other women scheduled on the other nights of the week. She also reiterated her instructions that I should masturbate six times a day but was not to cum. I was also to keep my pussy bare and to bring a bag of toys to the office, just in case. I think the last instruction was the most difficult. By the time my afternoon "coffee break" was over Monday afternoon and my juices were running down my leg again, all I could think about was the bag of toys under my desk and the wealth of pleasures they promised. I had two more sessions with my finger scheduled for Monday night. I was never going to make it.

Fortunately for me Nicole was apparently feeling horny herself and allowed me some relief. Just before bedtime Monday night she phoned me. Our conversation was all business and by all business I mean there was no idle chit chat. We started with me describing how I had masturbated at the office and ended with her ordering me to be naked and bent over the couch with three fingers in my pussy. Nicole apparently was masturbating too because I could hear her moaning. I begged for permission to cum, but she would not relent. I could tell she was getting close to cumming as I described everything I was feeling, how juicy I was and how much I was in love with her. Yes, I told her I loved her. I kind of slipped out the way you call out someone's name in the heat of passion. She didn't tell me she loved me, but her own animalistic sounds did ramp up after I made the confession. Once again I pledged my loyalty to her as her sex slave. That seemed to do the trick and soon I was treated to the heavenly sound of my mistress achieving orgasm. She didn't even make me beg after that. She just told me to cum and hung up the phone. I was disappointed she didn't want to listen to me climax. I knew I was born to give her pleasure and that is what I had done, but at least she could have stuck around for a few minutes. Of course all those thoughts and a dissection of her motivations happened after I came when I was lying in bed alone. In the moment, my brain was focused on the three little words she said, "You may cum."

The moment she said them the dam burst and I climaxed. How naughty I must have looked bent over the arm of the couch like a wanton whore drilling myself with my fingers. My cries of passion reverberated around the house as three days worth of teasing were released. My orgasm washed over me in wave after wave. When I finally calmed down I was covered in sweat and pussy juice. I felt grimy physically and filthy emotionally. But my lust was temporarily satisfied. At least until morning when I started the teasing process over looking forward to the next time my mistress said those three magic words.

*** Rose's POV ***

Jeannie didn't call me either Monday or Tuesday. I started to wonder what was happening between us. I got an email from her early Wednesday morning that she would pick me up at 9pm to go to the club. That seemed a little late, but I was certainly game. She told me to wear the same skirt I had worn last Friday but to wear a white blouse tonight instead of the blue one I'd worn then. That seemed like a strange detail. She didn't mention underwear. All morning I obsessed over why she had not specified what kind of underwear she wanted me to wear. I also was distracted wondering what she had planned. All in all it was a day spent thinking about sex instead of working. Fortunately my manager doesn't keep a close eye on what I do.

*** Sandra's POV ***

Tuesday I returned to my schedule of teasing myself six times per day. Having cum on Monday night I wasn't too stressed about not cumming Tuesday. Sure it would have been nice, but I wasn't feeling as desperate as I had on Monday afternoon. Maybe I was learning how to control myself better. Late Wednesday afternoon my phone rang. It was our receptionist. I had a visitor. At first I couldn't imagine who it was and then I remembered Nicole said she was going to stop by one day to check up on me. I was glad I had shaved my pussy this morning. I also didn't have to worry that it wasn't wet and ready like she commanded. It always seemed to be that way these days. Even so, just hearing she was in the office had me feeling all squishy. I hurriedly walked to the reception area to greet her.

I was shocked by what I saw. Nicole was dressed every bit as a professional business woman right down to a monogrammed leather briefcase. I'd only seen her dressed either very casually (at my house) or as a dominatrix (at the hotel) and it had never occurred to me that she could play this role too. I tried to act as if she was there for a business meeting, but inside my guts were churning thinking about what she would have me do in the office.

I didn't want to bring her back to my area where my coworkers would see her. They might begin to ask questions. So I asked our receptionist if any of the conference rooms were available. I told her I mistakenly had forgotten to reserve one. She offered me two choices, the main conference room and a small auxiliary one. I imagine she was surprised when I picked the smaller one. It was a simple choice for me. The large conference room has a glass wall along a busy hallway. Whatever Nicole had planned I didn't want her doing it where I would be seen. The small conference room was really more of a closet with a small table and four chairs. More importantly, the room had no windows. Nicole didn't seem surprised when I led her there. She commented that I probably was smart not to let her coworkers in on my secret life. I blushed.

Once the door was closed, Nicole was clearly in charge. The first thing she had me do was remove all my clothes. I stood before her naked at the day I was born. She didn't lock the door. I commented on it but she told me not to worry, but that didn't stop the butterflies in my stomach. If anybody walked in I'd be fired for sure. Even though my brain was concerned, my pussy and nipples were clearly not worried. Both displayed my arousal. Nicole had me stand in the inspection position. Even though she had examined me many times, standing with my hands on my head while she moved around me never failed to get my juices flowing. Of course today my pussy was already wet, but now when she first pushed a finger inside of me she felt a torrent.

Nicole played with me a little but she would not let me cum. She had me stand in inspection for about 15 minutes as she slowly toyed with my pussy and nipples. It was clear she wasn't going to give me the satisfaction I desired. While it was agonizing for me, she seemed to take great pleasure in keeping me from going over the edge. Finally she said she must get going. I hoped that meant she would get me off. Instead it meant I had to clean her fingers and then she told me to get dressed. I was very disappointed and I'm sure that showed on my face. Just before I thought she was going to open the door, she paused and looked at me.

"I almost forgot. I brought you a treat," she said placing her briefcase on the table. Now that I was dressed again why did I think she was pulling out a vibe to fuck me in my clothes? Instead of a vibe she produced a cylinder that looked like a test tube. I had to squint to focus on what was inside. Immediately I wished she had fucked me in my clothes instead of handing me the vial and telling me to drink up.

"I was at a party last night," she told me. "I was telling my friends about my great new personal slut. They all wish I had brought you. Well the guys told me that. Their girlfriends were pretty happy that I didn't. Anyway I passed around that container for the guys to fill with their jizz. About 10 of the guys did. The girlfriends of the others objected so it's not full. But it is good enough for you."

It had been a while since I'd tasted the load of a young man. I'd never really liked it anyway. I would swallow my husband's seed on special occasions, but it wasn't a regular thing. Now I was being ordered to drink down the fluids of 10 men. I think it was a tribute to how much I'd grown with Nicole that I didn't even give it a second thought. I just popped the cap, tipped my head back and poured it in my mouth. As bad as warm cum is, day old cum which felt like it had been in a refrigerator is even worse.

"Don't swallow it right away. Swish it around your mouth and then gargle with it," Nicole commanded.

I felt like I was tasting a fine wine as I swished the semen back and forth. Instead of spitting out the wine however, eventually Nicole told me to swallow it. I felt a little nauseous.

"Don't have anything else to drink or rinse out your mouth until you get home."

With that one final command she left. I was alone in the conference room with my juices running down my thigh and the sperm of 10 guys giving me cum breath. As I walked back to my desk I tried not to talk to anybody and when I had to, I tried to speak at an angle instead of directly to them. I had the distinct feeling everybody could smell the cum on my breath and the scent of my arousal from between my legs. The rest of the afternoon was the longest in my life.

*** Rose's POV ***

When I got home I quickly got prepared to go out with Jeannie. Even though she said she would not pick me up until 9 I wanted to be ready in case she arrived early. I made sure I dressed exactly as she instructed. My short easy access skirt, stockings with a garter and a white blouse were easy enough to put on. With my heels on I looked great. I didn't put on a bra because she said to dress like last Friday and I had not worn one then. It probably would just get in the way anyway. I struggled to choose underwear. Last Friday I had not worn any, but we were going out to a club so at the last minute I slid on a cheap thong. If I happened to lose them during the night I wouldn't be too upset.

Since I was ready early I sat in my living room waiting for her. I tried to still my pounding heart. It wasn't easy. Tonight was going to be my second adventure with Jeannie. I hoped she had put as much effort into planning tonight as she did into last Friday. Part of me was worried it would turn out more like Saturday and Sunday had. I watched as the minutes clicked off the digital clock on my DVD player's front panel. Time seemed to stand still. Finally at 8:55 the door buzzer alerted me to her arrival. I hit the talk button.

"Hello. Is that you Jeannie?" I asked.

"Hi sweetie it's me," was the reply.

"I'll be right down," I told her.

"Buzz me in I have something for you," she said, this time in a more commanding voice. I liked the sound of her voice. It sounded much more forceful than it had last weekend. I hit the door lock button. I also stood at my front door trembling with anticipation.

Jeannie arrived dressed for a night of clubbing. She gave me another passionate kiss like the last one we shared at her house on Sunday. Quickly any thoughts I had of tonight being a disappointment were washed away. We were still standing my doorway making out as she began to run her hands up my legs and under my skirt. Anybody in my apartment building's hallway could have seen her squeeze my ass and would know she was rubbing the front of my thong. I gasped as she pushed the thin material to the side and easily slid a finger inside of me. What would my neighbor's have thought if they had seen her then push that finger into my mouth so I could taste my own flavor? I pulled at her to get her inside and tried to steer her toward the bedroom. She gave me a disapproving look.

"Are you trying to dictate what we do tonight?" she asked?

Suddenly I realized the errors of my ways. I paused and carefully considered my reply.

"No mistress. I'm sorry. Would like a drink before we go to, um, loosen up."


"So you're nervous about tonight," she replied. "That is understandable. OK let's have a drink. The club isn't going anywhere."

Jeannie walked into my apartment and we went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine. While I was standing at the counter preparing to open it, Jeannie came up behind me and pressed me against the cabinet. Her hands reached around me grabbing my breasts in a firm grip. She began to squeeze them and then she began to pinch my hardening nipples through the thin material of the blouse.

"No bra, I feel. You must have assumed I would want to play with these," she said as she gave my hard buds a firm tweak. My squeal appeared to please her.

"Yes, my pet is in a saucy mood and wants to play, doesn't she?" mistress asked while running her hand under my skirt and between my legs for the second time. I didn't respond, I just moaned and leaned forward against the counter pushing my ass backward toward her.

Jeannie continued to pinch my nipple and rub my thong covered pussy. I continued to whimper. Suddenly she stopped. "Do you have that wine open yet?" she asked.

I fumbled back to reality. How could she just stop like that? I quickly opened the wine and poured two glasses. I moved to hand her one but she refused. "How soon you forgot," she said. "You may serve me in your living room."

Jeannie walked out of the kitchen. I was left to follow holding both glasses of wine. Jeannie chose to sit in my recliner instead of on the couch. I was hoping she would pick the couch so I could snuggle next to her and we could kiss some more. I handed her the glass of wine and then walked back over to the couch. Jeannie didn't say a word but her eyes spoke volumes. She was clearly upset with me. She kept looking at me and then looking at the floor next to the chair. Eventually I got the message a stood up. I began to walk toward her. I was about to sit down on the floor next to her when she asked where the TV remote was located. I pointed toward the TV stand.

"Hand me your glass and then fetch the remote. If we're going to waste time here at least I can be entertained."

That last comment pissed me off. How could she think the TV was more entertaining than I was? Of course I handed her the glass and walked over to the TV. After picking up the remote I turned to walk back but I saw her hand was in the air giving me the halt gesture. I was confused.

"Crawl to me," she commanded.

I dropped to my knees and crawled back to her. After I delivered the remote she positioned me sitting up on my knees so she could pat my head like a dog. She was treating me like the family pet. I loved it. Next she handed me my glass of wine and told me to drink up. I took my first sip as she turned on the TV.

Jeannie continued to pat and scratch my head like she was petting me. She didn't talk much. When I finished my first glass of wine she told me to bring the bottle. Of course I had to crawl back to the kitchen. I hoped she was watching my ass sway back and forth although I dared not turn my head to check.

I couldn't crawl well holding the open bottle, but I did manage to knee walk back to the living room. Jeannie seemed pleased and poured me another glass of wine. We continued to watch TV and not talk while Jeannie petted me. She was nursing her glass of wine, but I was happy to drink mine quickly. In the end she had just the one glass and I had three. It was now time to go. My head was spinning a bit as she lead me out of the apartment and to her car.

Jeannie told me to the door for her. It felt like we were on a date, which in a perverted sense I guess we were. After she sat down I walked back to the passenger door. As I was pivoting to slide into the passenger seat Jeannie grabbed the back of my skirt and held it up.

"Always sit bare-assed when you are with me. Never have your clothing between your skin and the seat."

I took the back of my skirt in my hand and carefully sat down. The leather seat was cool to the skin but I knew it would warm quickly. I also knew it would be wet by the time we got wherever we were going. I hoped that was part of her plan. Actually I just hoped she had a plan like she did last Friday.

We drove through the night until we reached a bar I had not heard of before. It was definitely not on our usual dance club circuit. It was an out of the way place in an industrial section of town. There were many motorcycles parked outside. I never would have walking into a place like this alone. I was glad Jeannie was with me and didn't just tell me to meet her here. The parking lot also had a number of high end cars. They seemed out of place to me. I began to slide off the leather seat holding my skirt so I wouldn't fall until I was clear of the door. I felt deliciously naughty looking down at my fluids pooled on the bucket seat. I was thankful Jeannie didn't order me to lick them up like I'd read in so many stories. Instead we began to walk toward the door arm in arm.

Just then the roar of a Harley turned the corner. I paused scared of who was pulling up. The biker backed the snarling machine to the curb and cut the engine. Jeannie tugged at my arm indicating we should continue. I kept my focus on the rider and was surprised to when the helmet was removed the rider was a woman! I realize that is a sexist remark, but I was surprised. I turned my head to look at her again as we rounded the doorway. Jeannie didn't break stride.

"You had better be looking at me instead of her," she instructed me. "Now open and hold the door."

Again I realized I'd made a mistake and quickly moved to open the door for Jeannie. As she was walking through it she spoke to me again.

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