tagBDSMSandra's New Client Ch. 02

Sandra's New Client Ch. 02


By Tappy McWidestance and Sandra

I was sure Mr. Hendrick had told my boss about my new found appreciation for submissive sex. As I walked into his office I could feel my juices begin to leak down my leg. I wondered if he would even try to be coy with me or whether he would just expect me to service him. Then he surprised me. He congratulated me on landing "a whale" of a client and told me whatever resources I needed just to ask. He also hinted that such a performance would put me on the partner fast track. He was all business and nothing even remotely sexual happened. I was a little stunned.

I walked out of his office and back to my own. I wanted to compose myself. Once alone in my private sanctuary I reread Mr. Hendrick's last text. Just like the first time I read it I felt myself get squishy. He expected me to wait submissively at home for his arrival. This sounded like a fine plan to me. I quickly checked my calendar and saw that I didn't have any appointments for the rest of the day. So I did what any red blooded woman would do in that situation. I called my assistant and told her I didn't want to be disturbed and then I masturbated myself to a very satisfying orgasm.

After that I tried to keep my focus on my other clients and some projects I had pending but it was not easy. My thoughts kept diving down to my pussy and an increasing need to climax again. At lunchtime I gave up and told my assistant I was leaving the office for the day. I went home, showered and then lay down for a nap. I wasn't sure what Mr. Hendrick had planned, but I assumed I would need all my energy. I set my alarm for 5pm so I'd be sure to be ready for his arrival. I was a bit groggy getting out of bed but I quickly became alert when I remembered what was about to happen. I made short work of putting on fresh makeup and by 5:30 I was kneeling in my foyer waiting for him. I didn't have a watch and couldn't see a clock so I don't know how long I was there but I knew it was longer than 10 minutes.

I could feel my heart beating as I waited. It was psychological torture being alone waiting for him to arrive. Finally I heard steps at my front door and saw the lock begin to turn. Apparently the copy of the key was working fine. My heart began to race and my pussy began to flood. The door opened. With my eyes downcast on the floor submissively I could only see a pair of high heeled shoes walk through the door. I wasn't particularly surprised until they pivoted and the door shut. I heard the deadbolt click shut although in the stillness of my townhome it sounded thunderous. Apparently he was either late or not coming. The shoes walked over to me. I got a better look at the black pumps with delicate stocking clad feet inside. I held my ground resisting the urge to look up. I felt a female hand on my chin pulling my gaze skyward.

Her feet gave way to beautiful thin legs and powerful thighs constrained by a tight mini-skirt. For a moment I anticipated that I was looking at Mrs. Hendrick but it turned out to be a smiling Cindy standing in front of me. Why she was there I wasn't sure but I suddenly felt doubly naked kneeling on the floor. She held out her hand and helped me stand up.

"Master Jon will be pleased when I tell him you were waiting in the proper position," she said.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"We need to go shopping for supplies and he thought I could help you," she told me matter-of-factly.

"Supplies?" I questioned.

"Yeah, supplies. Clothes, toys, restraints, you know, things you'll need. Get dressed. A summer dress with no bra or panties will be fine."

It felt a little weird taking orders from her as I knew she was a fellow submissive, but in the hierarchy she was obviously above me so I did what she told me. Soon we were driving out toward the airport and stopped at a seedy looking sex shop. She didn't seem embarrassed in the least to be there. The same could not be said for me. It was bad enough I was walking into the joint with my breasts rocking under the thin material of my dress and the cool evening air blowing across my pantyless slit, but I was being led by a woman young enough to be my daughter. A woman dressed far more formally than I was which would lead everyone to assume she was in charge. And they would be right. I could feel my cheeks burning with humiliation as I followed her into the shop. I guess I could have been at least a little relieved that she brought me here early in the evening before the perverts came out. There were a couple of single men browsing the shelves of DVDs and two other couples looking at clothes, but that was it.

I was looking around the store trying to get my bearings when I felt Cindy grab my hand and begin to lead me toward the back of the store. I felt like every eye in the place was on me when I realized she was leading me to the bondage section. I could feel the stares of the men on my ass as they realized where I was headed. My shame was acute, but as happen so many times in the past few days, my pussy didn't realize that it shouldn't be excited. I was in a daze as Cindy pulled out a list and began grabbing items from the shelf. She began to hand me item after item.

"You'll need one of these," she said handing me a leather collar. "Oh, and one of these," she commended handing me a leather blindfold. "These are always handy," she continued "and these are so cute."

I was starting to get overloaded with gags, cuffs, a leash, a paddle and other oddities. Finally I had to ask if I could grab a basket. She told me sure apologizing for getting carried away. I moved to hand her the armful of bondage gear I was holding, but she just pointed back to the front of the store and said "I think there are carts over there. We'll need more than a basket."

Whatever eyes were not on me when we walked to the back were now definitely boring holes through me as I walked back to the front of the store. The guys looking through the DVD section were definitely scoping me out probably wondering if they could get lucky tonight. I saw one of the women slap her man's arm for watching. I guess she didn't want competition. The other couple looked like they wanted to join us.

I found the cart and dumped my selections into it. It made an awful din as they hit the metal rods in the basket. I turned and pushed the cart back to Cindy hoping my cheeks were not too red. I kept my eyes down preferring not to make eye contact with the other patrons.

After we finished picking bondage gear we moved to the toy aisle. I didn't say anything and neither did Cindy. She just picked a wide selection of dildos, vibrators, balls and butt plugs and handed them to me. With the exception of the "anal stretching kit" everything looked pretty fun. Two of the guys had moved to the adjacent section to watch us shop. I should have been mad, but I was feeling too aroused. I even considered asking Cindy if we could fuck them, but I figured if that was her plan she would bring it up.

We brought the cart up to the front counter. I could sense an air of disappointment in the other patrons that we were done. Cindy told the clerk, an unshaven man in his thirties wearing jeans and a dirty t-shirt that we were buying this stuff but that we were going to look at clothes too. He told us with a grin that he would be happy to watch out cart. This time Cindy walked side by side with me and cupped my ass with her right hand. I don't think the other shoppers saw the change but I knew the guy at the counter had. Cindy led me over to a selection of cheap costumes.

"I wouldn't buy any nice lingerie or real clothes here, but you'll need some of these costumes. They are cheap and disposable until Jon figures out how he likes you dressed. Then we'll get you the good stuff."

I looked at the selection. It was your typical French maid, police officer, fire fighter, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, harem girl and the like. They all looked poorly made but at least their prices were right. Cindy looked me up and down for sizing and grabbed the maid, cop, harem girl and a prostitute costume. I wondered if she would have me try them on. Looking around I didn't notice a dressing room. Of course I was so hot I would have gladly stripped in the aisle but she didn't ask. We returned to the counter and after a comment from the clerk that "somebody is going to have a good time tonight," I reluctantly handed over my credit card. I really didn't want him having any personal information about me, but I didn't have $350 in cash on me either. Back in the safety of Cindy's car I finally began to relax a bit.

"That was fun wasn't it?" she asked me.

In a mocking tone I opined, "Well you didn't have a leaking pussy dripping juice down your thighs."

"You're right. My panties were catching it all. I'm not a slut who goes to porn stores without underwear."

She was smiling so I didn't take offense at her calling me a slut. Plus that is exactly how I felt right then.

"Can I masturbate?" I asked her. "I really need to cum after that."

"Hold on a second," she said. We had not left the parking lot yet so it wasn't dangerous for her to pull out her phone and turn on its video camera. I watched as she pointed it toward me in the passenger seat.

"OK. Pull off your dress and have a good time."

I looked around at the parking lot. The sun had set but the floodlights from the store gave me pause.

"I'm not going to wait for long," Cindy told me. "It's now or never."

I threw caution to the wind and pulled my dress up over my head. At Cindy's suggestion I threw it in the backseat. I knew I was hot as a firecracker and it wouldn't take long for me to climax. The moment my finger touched my clit I moaned. I wasn't gentle with myself. I plunged two fingers into my pussy with my left hand and squeezed my nipples with my right. I was staring straight into Cindy's phone as she captured my depravity. For fun I pulled my slick fingers from my pussy and pushed my hand toward her mouth. It wasn't on camera but it was pretty obvious what I was doing. My right hand now found my clit as Cindy sucked on my left fingers. Her mouth felt wonderful as she cleaned my juices. I was concentrating so much on her that I didn't hear the people outside my window. I was jerked back to reality as the woman who slapped her man now began to yell at him for watching me again. I turned to look out the window and both were standing next to their car. She was trying to push him inside and he was trying to get a better view.

That extra humiliation was just what I needed to send me over the edge into a noisy, juicy orgasm. The woman was hitting her man again as my body convulsed. My howls of passion would clearly have been audible outside the car as I came over and over again. Finally Cindy put the camera down and pulled my head to her for a deep passionate kiss. I don't know if the couple next door saw that, but it was the perfect ending to our shopping trip.

I felt bad for Cindy's car as her seat was soaked with my love juice. She made me ride home naked and allowed me to keep playing with myself but she told me to stop any time I felt like I was going to cum again. She said my next orgasm was reserved for Master Jon. Even though it was a fairly short drive I had to pause my ministrations three times to keep from climaxing. I expected to see Mr. Hendrick's limo waiting for us outside my townhome but it wasn't. Cindy let me put my dress back on for the walk from the street to my front door. I was thankful for that. I was carrying four bags so my hands were occupied when Cindy lifted the back of my dress and cupped my ass with her hand. I let my mind wander away from the sidewalk leading to my door and to my fantasy world where she would bend me over in front of my place and spank me in front of my neighbors. I know she could feel the heat coming from between my legs and I could feel her wiggling her middle finger over my wet pussy lips. Finally we reached the front door. Cindy pulled her hand back and opened the door with her key. I walked inside wondering what was going to happen next.

Cindy told me to head to the bedroom with my purchases. Once there she told me to take my dress off again which I did happily. She said if I needed to use the bathroom now was the time so I headed to the bathroom. She was busy taking the plastic shipping cases off my new toys. Once I returned she simply pointed to the bed. Again I happily complied ready for whatever she had in mind.

Her plan was to first bind my wrists behind my back with my new cuffs. She then let me experience my new blindfold and a ball gag she had me buy. As soon as I was restrained without eyesight and unable to talk a new sensation of helplessness washed over me. It felt wonderful. I could hear her searching my room and going through my dresser. Soon I felt her wrapping what felt like pantyhose around my ankles tying them together. I then felt another pair tying my thighs together. I felt hopelessly under her control and I loved it.

Then I heard the telltale sound of a vibrator turning on. Oh how I hoped it was for me not for her. I heard her turn it up loud and felt her weight on the bed. I was lying on my side after she tied my thighs and I felt the weight shift on the mattress behind me. Cindy teasingly slid the vibrator over my asshole and then down between my thighs to the edge of my pussy. With my legs tied it would be a bit of a challenge to slid it inside of me and I hoped that didn't mean she was about to ram it up my ass. The buzzing tip felt great against the edge of my pussy and along the sensitive flesh between my pussy and ass. I would have begged her to fuck me if I had not been gagged.

She pushed the vibrator with a little more resolve and inserted about the first inch into my waiting pussy. Even gagged I knew she could tell my moan was of pleasure. Again she pushed, firmer this time working the vibrator deeper inside of me. Each time she pushed a muffled sound of pleasure escaped around the gag. Finally it was almost all the way home when she did the most evil thing I could have imagined right then. OK, maybe the second most evil thing. She turned the vibrations from high, to low. I then felt the weight shift on the mattress again as she stood up.

"I've got a couple more toys in my car I need to get. Don't go anywhere," she said as she walked out of the room. I was left alone with my thoughts and a vibrator not turned up enough to make me cum. Damn her. I heard my front door open and shut. She was only gone a couple of minutes but it seemed like an eternity. My mind raced with thoughts that she had left me this way for the night. Trussed on my bed unable to escape or more importantly unable to get myself off. Fortunately she did return. Unfortunately she did not return to my bedroom.

I heard the door open and close again and I could hear her heels on the wood floor but I could not tell what she was doing. Finally I didn't hear her walking anymore, but soon after I heard her talking. She was on my phone. My speakerphone to be exact and I instantly recognized the voice on the other end of the line. It was Master Jon.

Apparently she was sitting in front of my PC doing a video session with Mr. Hendrick. I couldn't hear everything they discussed but I did make out phrases like "yes, she did very well at the store," and "she's tied up as you ordered," and "yes, she will be begging to get fucked." It seemed like the volume of their voices were modulating when they wanted me to hear them. The rest of the time I couldn't really make out what they were saying, although when Cindy began to moan I had a pretty good idea what was going on.

I was forced to lay in the darkness, teased by the vibrator, and listen to Cindy bring herself off several times. Master Jon must have been pleased with her to allow her that much pleasure. And Cindy's prediction was 100% correct. I was ready to beg to get fucked even if it was just using this vibrator on myself.

The commotion from my home office seemed to have subsided after Cindy's third climax. Then I heard her footsteps again and felt her releasing the pantyhose holding my legs. She didn't say a word. She removed the vibrator and then tugged on my secured arm pulling me toward the edge of the bed. I figured out she wanted me to stand up. It was a little challenging with my arms behind my back but I steadied myself and let her lead me back toward my desk. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out I would be on the camera next. Cindy pushed me into my chair. It was warm and wet from her session.

I felt her tap on my knees indicating I should spread them. My ankles were then quickly tied to the legs of the chair leaving me restrained in a spread position. I was ready to beg as soon as she removed the gag. But she didn't. Instead she walked behind me and then reaching around my body began to tease my nipples. I absolutely love nipple play and there was no way of hiding the effect she was having on me. She then began to rub my clit. Her fingers had a delicious way of alternating between swirling around the edge of my happiness nub and vigorously rubbing back and forth over the top. She alternated between toying with my nipples and clit until I was seeing stars and about to shoot off like a rocket to the heavens. I was sure Master Jon was watching via the webcam and pictured him sitting in his office chair jerking off while Cindy continued to tease me. Every time I almost came, she would back off just enough to leave me panting through the gag and more and more desperate to cum. Finally she stopped for several minutes while I heard her moving behind me. Then the gag was removed although she left me blindfolded. Then I heard his voice through the speakerphone.

"That was a wonderful show girls. Cindy, you are getting better and better at teasing a girl. If I didn't know better I'd say you have some dom tendencies."

"Thank you master," she replied, "but you know I only do this for your benefit. I'd much rather be the one in the chair."

"I know you would, pet," he continued. "Soon we will have a private session. But tonight I need to finish Sandra's lesson."

"Of course sir," she said.

I listened as he described how I needed to learn not to feel shame and humiliation at being paraded around a sex shop. He said I would be taught to be proud of my sexuality and prepared at all times to give and receive pleasure. Cindy had returned to amusing herself tweaking my nipples while his hypnotic voice gave me more instructions.

"Tomorrow morning I want you to come to the office at 9am. Wear a loose fitting dress. Wear a push up bra and show some cleavage. Do not wear panties. "

I heard the words but Cindy's fingers were too distracting to commit them to memory. I'd have to ask her to repeat his commands. I remember him saying something about buying a thin leather choker and that I should wear it always to remind myself about my pledge to serve him. As soon as he said that I flashed back to always seeing Cindy wearing one too. My orgasm was close. Of course she stopped. I groaned in frustration. Master Jon laughed.

"You've been a good sport tonight Sandra. Would you like to cum now?" he asked in a mocking tone.

I nodded my head and then said "yes."

"As I have told you, you have not earned my cock yet. However, I believe Cindy can accommodate you."

I was confused until I felt the tip of a dildo pressing against my lips. Being in a sitting position I was at just the right height for her to push the fake cock into my mouth.

"The strap-on she is wearing was molded after my actual penis," he explained.

Molded after his own cock? What kind of narcissist does that? Still I really needed to get fucked so I let her have her way with my mouth. Obviously I preferred sucking the real thing but I had to have her inside of me so I pretended it tasted better than it did. I didn't need to lubricate the rubber to prepare it. My pussy was already dripping. But I figured he was getting off on watching so I gave her the best blow job I could under the circumstances.

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