tagLoving WivesSandy Ch. 05

Sandy Ch. 05


August was August. By that I mean everyone was busy; the kids were trying to get in the last of summer with their friends, Karen was preparing for fall classes, and Sandy and I returned to work.

We moved Sandy in within a week, after having a king sized bed delivered.

Now, you need to understand two things: first; while it's a four bedroom house; the kids have one each, obviously Karen and I have another, but the fourth bedroom has become Karen's office. Second; after twenty years, I've gotten used to having minimal closet space. I kicked some space among the boxes in the closet in Karen's office, and left the main closet to the women.

The sacrifices I make!

It took me all of one day to know there had to be some physical changes to the house. Quite simply the bathroom and the bedroom were too small. I called a building contractor friend, explaining I needed to expand. He couldn't understand why, until the day he came over. Yeah, Karen and Sandy had a lot to say about the new arrangements; I got to nod my head a lot.


We didn't try to hide anything from the kids (not that we could anyway). Funny thing, they really didn't have many questions or concerns. Maybe because they watched the whole thing happen. Katie thought having Sandy near was great; they talked often. MJ may have had a bit of a crush on Sandy, and who could blame him? They took all the household changes in stride, even laughing at three adults trying to share one smallish bathroom.

Getting used to differing schedules took some time; Sandy was off Tuesday and Wednesday, I was on rotating shifts, and when Karen returned to school she was working some days and some evenings.

Once the kids returned to school in September, the house actually settled down a little more. Until we started construction, that is. Then all of us were sharing the kids' bathroom, and we three were sleeping in the den.

Jerry Kinkaid and his crew ripped the front off the house and built a six foot extension over the front porch. The closets went to the back of the room and doubled in size (I'd be lucky to get twenty percent of that), and we had more walking around space. The bathroom was doubled in size, and a shower large enough for the three of us went in.

It was mid October by the time everything was completed, and we made sure to break it in properly: On the first Tuesday available; the kids went to school, Sandy and I had the day off, and Karen didn't have classes. We relaxed over breakfast, just savoring the time together; eventually we ambled upstairs to our wonderful new shower, admiring the tile work, the multiple shower heads, even the recessed lights.

With the water temp set just right; the three of us stepped in, luxuriating in the water flowing over us. In minutes I had to reach out and caress my partners. With large amounts of body wash in my hands I began with Karen; smoothing over her soft skin, seeking every inch. Sandy joined my efforts; our hands crossing each other, rubbing sides, thighs, breasts. Very soon Karen was moaning, writhing under our efforts. My hands sought her mons; slipping into her slit, a finger delving deeper.

All the attention brought her to a quiet climax; clamping legs together she begged us to stop before she melted. She leaned against me, calming her breathing. Sandy encompassed her, lightly running fingers down her back.

Karen and I turned to Sandy. Again, hands wandered everywhere; soaping, caressing, rinsing. This time it was Karen's fingers that sought out Sandy's pussy and she jumped in reaction, then pressed against the invading hand. I wasn't idle; pressing in against Sandy's back, rubbing my cock between her cheeks. She looked back at me; " Mmm, that's an interesting feeling. Don't stop now."

Even as I pressed against her my hands sought her nipples; pinching and twisting lightly, and when she gasped I rubbed my palms against them. Suddenly she squeaked, clamped her legs, and began sliding to the floor. I held her and Karen leaned in against her, nibbling her ear. We stood like that until Sandy recovered. "Whew. You guys really play serious, don't you?"

They turned toward me but I stepped out, "Oh no. I'm saving myself for the next stage; if I let you two at me in here, I'll be done for."

Quickly drying, I jumped into bed; A king sized bed; all mine! Ahh, the luxury. Sure we'd been sleeping in it for weeks, and yeah, I'd had other moments alone in bed, but in a few minutes they were joining me in a tangle of arms and legs. I was gathering my strength.

I laid there, taking in the direction my life had taken, all the time hearing them laughing as they toweled off and then dried their hair. When they did come in, they had dried and fluffed their hair, applied a light touch of makeup, and I could smell a whiff of body powder. They looked lovely. And I hardened. Can you blame me?

They separated, coming at me from both sides of the bed. Hands ran over me; arms, chest, belly, legs. Everywhere except my cock. They stroked, petted, caressed. Hard as I was when they walked in the room, they had me aching. Soon they dipped to my cock, taking turns licking each inch, kissing the tip, swirling tongues across my balls. I arched towards each mouth, wanting more, literally begging them for relief.

Just as I thought I would come ... they stopped. Both sat back on their heels, smiling. "Today," said Karen; "We're going to test your stamina. How long can you go ... before you come?"

Before I could answer; Sandy swung a leg over my hips, grasped my member, and slid down on it. She sat on my lap, clenching muscles while smiling at me. "Hi honey. How many times can I do this? Or maybe ..." And she lifted off. Karen instantly took her place. Slowly she posted on me; slipping up and down, clenching on each upstroke.

How long could I last? Damned if I knew, but I was determined to try. My hands went to Karen's hips - guiding her. I forced myself to stillness, letting her make all the movements while I focused on lasting. Just as I neared losing control, she lifted off; smiling down she whispered; "That's two ..."

She moved up, kissing my lips even as I felt Sandy encompassing my cock; her tongue tickling as she swallowed me. "Oh man," I thought, "I'll never last if they keep this up."

Again they traded places; Karen dropping to lick my cock; treating it as a hot Popsicle. It didn't take long and I was straining against her lips. I swear I've never wanted to come soo much in my life, and then a calmness came over me; holding Karen's face over my cock, I directed her attentions right where I wanted them. Once I had her rhythm going, I pulled Sandy's pussy lips to my mouth. Now it was my turn, I sucked those sweet lips in, almost as hard as I could. As she pressed down, I shifted up; going after her clit with everything I could think of.

It only took a couple minutes, when Sandy clamped hard against my face, and then slowly tipped off to the side. Now I pulled Karen up, leading her onto my chest. She opened her legs, and with one hand fed me into her depths. Sitting up; with her hands clenching into my skin, she lifted, then fell, lifted and fell, faster and faster, my hands on her hips. With a loud keening moan she came; her hair matted and falling over her face, panting, sucking air, trembling.

I'd never seen her come so hard. Ever.

Now she tipped off to my other side and snuggled against me.

All this makes me sound like Superman, far from it. I've never come close to that performance before or since. As it was; even though I hadn't come, I was pooped!

Eventually I went into the bath and washed my face, trying to revive. A few minutes of that and I felt better. Back in the bedroom, my lovely partners had restarted without me; one on the other; faces to pussies, legs clasping heads, hands pulling butts.

I lost track after that. I know I came in both, and had pussy in my face several times, but I don't know who did what to whom for the rest of the day.

When the kids got home they found three very tired, very mellow adults, but as kids all they really cared about was their day at school, so of course we heard about their days events. Eventually Katie asked how our day was. "Oh, you know; same old thing." was Karen's answer.


In November the Power Distribution Manager announced his retirement at the end of the year. That meant his Deputy would move up, and I would move up to Deputy. That would mean no more rotating shifts, but even more responsibility. All I had to do was pass a 'best of three' interview with a team designated by the Superintendent.

I made it! Beginning January First I'd be Deputy Power Manager. Sure, I had more meetings and the reports? God I hate doing reports! But, sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. The other side of the deal was better hours, more money, and a company car. Oh, and my pension in a dozen years or so would look pretty good too.


We watched Sandy go through a metamorphous that fall and winter; the longer she lived (and loved) with us, the more self-confidant she became. She let her hair grow out to a fine mane draping to her shoulders. The sweaters were gone too; now she dressed in silk blouses that clung to her, and slacks that softly outlined her legs and butt. Watching her walk was fun!


In early spring Mrs. Samuelson and Sandy had a long talk which resulted in Sandy being told that she should probably find other work, sleep as she was surely being underemployed where she was now. Grace emphasized that she wasn't firing Sandy as much is urging her to move up into other work that was more suited to her abilities and that she would really miss her tremendously. Sandy decided to put her college degree to work for her and found a spot with a large financial resources company as an executive assistant with a middle management executive in customer accounts. Things were going really well until early summer when we noticed a change slowly happen; she started being invited to parties, barbecues, and after dinner functions involving other company employees.


At first Karen and I were very pleased for her and where she was going with her career, but she slowly withdrew from us. Within three months with no explanation she decided to move out. All of us were heartbroken, the kids couldn't understand why she was leaving, and we certainly couldn't either. And when we asked her what was going on she got very defensive and refused to talk to us. Karen and I discussed it many times over the following weeks, thinking maybe it was something we had done, trying to find some clue as to what had gone wrong between the three of us. Slowly, we returned to our old routines but there was something missing and both of us felt it. Karen reached out to her several times trying to contact her by phone; the first couple times Sandy would talk to her for a few minutes, and then make excuses about having to go, but soon she wasn't even answering Karen's calls. I tried calling her several times but always her phone just went to voicemail, and she never returned my calls.

To say the kids were devastated would be putting it mildly. Surprisingly, I guess, MJ seemed to take it even harder than Katie; actively blaming us. Even my in-laws were sorry she was gone; they had virtually adopted her as another daughter. My mom, cheerful person that she is (not), just shrugged her shoulders and mumbled something along the lines of; "Knew it wouldn't last."


Early in November Sandy called us asking if she could come and talk. By this point I had essentially removed her from my life and my thinking and I wasn't sure if I wanted to see her again. Karen on the other hand, was anxious to see Sandy; she still wanted answers as to why and what happened. We agreed to see her in a small local restaurant early one evening. When she arrived we were shocked by her appearance; the sophisticated young lady that had left us a few months before was replaced by a hard looking, overly made-up woman. Her clothing may have been quite expensive but there were lines around her eyes, and she seemed to have a nervousness about her. When she sat down she was fiddling with the purse in her lap, and would not look us directly in the eye.

We ordered coffee and small desserts and in small steps Sandy told us her story. The executive she had gone to work with, a married man, had started out by flattering her work, then her figure, and then finally asking her out for after dinner drinks "Just to be friendly". At first she thought he was just harmlessly flirting, but as the pressure intensified, she gave in; thinking her job was on the line.

That was when we began to notice the changes in her. Soon he was inviting her to parties, company functions, and then afternoon "meetings" at a local motel. "I really wasn't trying to do anything," she said; "and I was flattered he thought I was that beautiful and that competent. But the more he flattered me and the more he drew me in, the more I started to feel ashamed, and the more I didn't want to be around you guys. It wasn't because I didn't love you guys, I still do, oh God, I still do. But I don't know what to do at this point."

Karen reached out to her; "Honey, what you want to do? What you want us to do, why did you call us?"

"I'm not sure why I called you today, I don't think you can take me back, not after what I've done, but I had to explain what happened, because of the way I had left. I thought he was offering me something... Special... But all he really wanted was a plaything for a little while and when he'd finished with me ... he passed me off to a couple of his friends. So now I've just become somebody else's toy, and all the specialness, the true specialness that we had between us is gone ... and ... I don't know how to replace it."

I studied her for a few minutes; actually I'd been studying her the whole time she talked and I realized under the makeup were several faded bruises. The old phrase "rode hard and put away wet" came to my mind. My lovely Sandy had been badly used. Trying to not be a confrontational I asked her; "Honey ... what's been happening to you, how have you been treated?"

Her eyes flickered up at me for a moment then back down looking at her hands fiddling with her purse. Again her eyes flickered up, held my face, "After he got tired of me , He started passing me around, I never knew anybody could go through so much so quickly, some of the men did not treat me very well, they seem to think they could do whatever they wanted with me... and they did."

Again her eyes dropped back down to her purse. I heard Karen gasp and she reached out and clasped Sandy's hands; "Honey you've got to come home with us; it's the only way you're going to get well."

Karen looked over at me; "Mark, you know I'm right... She belongs with us and we have to take care of her, she was once part of us... She still is, really."

I sat back looking at the two women, I loved them both; I still do, no doubt about it. But at that moment... I just didn't know if I wanted the heartbreak of Sandy coming in, getting swept up by someone else, and leaving again. "I just don't know...do I want to take a chance again? Sandy, you're leaving hurt us, hurt me very much, and I don't want, I don't know, if I can go through that again. We poured our heart and soul into you, and seemingly without even thinking about us, you took off on your little adventure, not even telling us what was going on. And the thing is you could have talked to us. That was our trust you broke. And I think it'll be a long time before I would fully trust you again." Yeah, I know that makes me sound small but that's really where I was at the time, this wasn't the same woman I loved, and maybe I was being harshly critical, but I really did have doubts about her coming back.

Sandy started to rise from the table, but I put my hand out stopping her." No don't go. Yes, I still love you, and we'll help you, but I'm going to ask somethings hard of you... I want you to go to the doctor and have a thorough examination, including social diseases. When you came to us originally, none of us and slept with anybody else in a long time; but now you've slept with I don't know how many different men, who may have had I don't know what kind of diseases, and for our own mutual protection ... I'm asking, I'm really asking that you find out ... If you been exposed to anything."

"Secondly, what this man has done is so blatantly illegal; I'd like you to consider what can be done ..."

"I don't want to go public, I'm too ashamed already ... and my parents, I don't even want to think what they would say ..."

"Alright, we can put that aside for now. Where are you living now? And do you want to move back in with us? Do you want to come home?"

That's when the dam burst. She broke into choking sobs that literally had her slender body spasming. "Home? You still want me?" The sobs went on for several more minutes. A few of the other customers looked over at us, but I didn't care about them. The waiter hustled over, but when I assured him Sandy would be fine he backed off, but I noticed he kept a sharper eye on our table.

Eventually we led her out, and I pressed a twenty into the waiter's hand. He cheered up at that.


The reception at home was mixed, to say the least. Katie ran into Sandy's arms the moment she saw her. MJ however, was totally different. He'd finally realized Sandy had left us; we hadn't pushed her out. His greeting was basically; "Oh hi. Are you staying long?"

Yeah, that stunned her. But what exactly did Sandy expect: roses?

Karen tried to smooth it over, but Sandy pulled her slumped shoulders back; "No. I deserved that. And he's right; I hurt all of you by my actions."

MJ just turned and walked stiffly out of the room, a moment later I heard his door slam. That was the first time he had ever slammed his door. I gave him half an hour, then knocked, without waiting I went in; he was sitting in front of his computer, earbuds in, hands still. When I turned him toward me tears were streaking his cheeks. "Dad? Why is she here? Things were better. We don't need her anymore!"

Normally you don't hug thirteen year old boys; they think it's weird. But that night I held my son. "Mark, she made some mistakes, and paid a heavy price for them. Now we're going to help her get her life straightened out."

"Has she been doing drugs? She doesn't look too good. They showed us pictures at school and she looks a little bit like some of those pictures,"

"Hmm, I hadn't thought about that. I'll have to find out. Would that be a deal breaker? If she's been doing drugs, do you think we should turn her away?"

"Dad! That's Sandy! You can't just not help ... I mean, um, at school they told us that druggies need help."

"Okay, I'll keep that in mind. In the meantime, do you think she deserves a little better welcome?"


Karen went to the doctor with Sandy. At my suggestion, Karen quietly asked that any marks or bruises be documented. Sandy also went through all the tests, sexual and drug that the doctor prescribed.

It was like we all held our breaths until all the results came back. They asked me to sit in when the doctor set up another visit. She was a bit taken aback when I came into her office with Sandy and Karen but simply nodded at my presence. "Well Miss Gullicson, I have both good and bad news: the good is there is no sign of drugs in your system. The bad is that you have two strains of STDs. Fortunately both can be treated with anti-biotics."

"Are you sure you want me to continue with everyone in the room?"

"Doctor, Mark and Karen took me back in after I betrayed their love and trust. There isn't anyone I would rather have with me now. They would be told everything anyway; I'd rather they hear it straight from you."

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