tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 02

Sandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 02


Tom and I spent all afternoon replacing shingles on the roof where he figured the leak was coming from while Sandy and Lee went to the beach. We had a cold brew after we were done, and when Tom left I got under the shower and into some clean clothes. I was grabbing another beer from the refrigerator when the girls came in.

They'd been shopping and bought some swordfish steaks and a couple of bottles of good chardonnay. While they got cleaned up I put the fish in a marinade, iced down the wine, and saw to getting the barbecue fired up. An hour later we were sitting on the deck enjoying a delicious meal.

No one mentioned what had happened that morning, but neither did anyone seem uncomfortable about it, and we sat until late chatting and drinking. We were all tired and a little tipsy when we went up to bed.

The next morning found us in the kitchen with coffee and bagels and again making plans for the day.

"You know, Lee, we don't have to go to the beach," Sandy said. "We can hang out on the deck and work on our all-over tans. There are no houses back there."

Lee looked at Sandy and then at me and smiled. "Sounds like a plan."

They went upstairs to get ready and I loaded the dishwasher and sat down with another cup of coffee. In a few minutes they were back, each wearing a short robe and carrying beach towels, magazines and sun-screen.

"Hey, Dan, you gonna come watch?" Sandy asked me with a naughty grin.

"Maybe in a bit," I replied. "I've got a few things from the office I ought to look at."

Sandy stuck her tongue out at me and walked off, swinging her hips exaggeratedly. Lee glanced at me over her shoulder and followed Sandy outside.

After a few minutes I got up to put my coffee mug in the sink. From the kitchen window I could see them shifting the chaises for the best angle to the sun. Sandy spread a beach towel on hers and stripped off her robe. The sight of her small breasts with their perky brown nipples, her slim waist, and her perfect ass made my heart beat faster. Eight days of sunning on the deck had left her skin a cocoa-brown without tan lines. She lay down on her stomach with her feet toward me where I stood at the window, and I let my eyes run over her sleek legs and the curves of her ass.

Lee had pulled her chaise up a few feet from Sandy's and was lifting and locking the head end into place to form a back-rest. She, too, laid a beach towel out over the cushions, and arranged her things on the little table between the chairs. She tugged at the sash of her robe, and I realized I was holding my breath. As she pulled open the tie and shrugged the robe from her shoulders a long whoosh of air rushed from my lungs.

The morning sun gleamed on her pale skin, casting shadows on the curves of her full breasts, softly-rounded stomach, and lush hips. I could just make out the lines her bathing suit had left from her afternoon at the beach yesterday.

Settling onto the chaise, Lee twisted to pick up her sun-glasses from the table. Every line of her long, luscious body seemed soft and somehow firm at the same time, and I felt my own body responding to the sight. My fingers found their way to the thickening bulge in my sweat-pants and lightly stroked along its length.

"This is crazy," I thought. "Snap out of it, dude." I walked to the study and began to look over the papers I'd brought from work. After an hour my eyes were crossing from all the technical jargon, and I went to the kitchen to get a soda.

I got a Coke from the fridge, took a sip, and looked out the window. Lee lay with her back against the back-rest of her chaise. As I watched, she sat up and reached for the sun-screen, squirted some onto her hands, and started to rub lotion onto her arms and shoulders. I was unable to take my eyes off her, and I stared as she painted a line of lotion across the tops of her breasts. She massaged the cream onto the upper slopes and down over her stomach before bringing her hands back up and stroking her breasts lightly with her finger-tips. Her fingers ran over the undersides and brushed her nipples, which were now puckered and stiff. She tweaked each one between thumb and forefinger, and her whole body tightened. I looked up at her face. I couldn't see her eyes through the dark glasses, but I knew she was staring directly at me through the kitchen window. My cock lurched and I reached down to grip it through my sweats.

Lee dropped her head, leaned forward, bent her right leg at the knee, and starting at her foot, rubbed sun-screen up her leg to the top of her thigh. She pulled up her left leg and did the same, and lay back against the chaise, her eyes returning to me in the window. She was now in pretty much the same position as when I'd watched Sandy shave her, and the sight of her bare pussy, mixed with the memory of yesterday, brought me to full, throbbing arousal. Glancing down I saw my sweat-pants distended obscenely and a huge wet spot spreading from where my penis was trying to break free of its confinement.

I looked back up in time to see Lee reaching forward to squirt out a little blob of sun-screen onto her shaved mound. She leaned again to put the bottle on the table, rolled back, and slid her hand down over her stomach, her eyes behind the sun-glasses returning to the kitchen window. Her fingers eased through the cream and began a slow circular motion over her mound. My hand had started stroking in unison, and I walked around the L-shaped counter over to the sliding door. When I could see out onto the deck again, Lee's middle finger was sliding up and down her swollen lips and she had turned her head to find me at the slider.

Scrabbling at the draw-string of my sweats, I marveled at Lee's seemingly telepathic ability to know when I was watching, and her outrageous response. I shoved the pants down to my knees and my hand encircled my raging hard-on, my eyes darting back to Lee. Her fingers were swirling over her bare pussy, and her spread legs strained as she lifted her ass from the chaise. I settled into a slow rhythm, hoping to keep from blowing before she reached her peak. Lee raised her left hand and slid her sun-glasses up onto her head, and her eyes bored into mine. This was definitely the weirdest thing I'd ever been into, but, Jesus, it was turning me on. These two days with Lee were pushing my libido to new heights.

"Oh, man, I think I fell asleep." Sandy stirred and slowly turned her head towards Lee's chaise. Lee straightened her legs, dropping her hips, and said, " Maybe a little too much to drink last night. I'm feeling a little shaky, myself."

Sandy raised up on her knees, lifting her arms over her head in a huge stretch. I'd mostly deflated with the fear of Sandy catching us at our game, but the sight of her lithe body brought a twitch back to my cock.

"Lee, honey, you've got to be careful in the sun," Sandy said. "Come on inside and we'll get a glass of cold lemonade."

I yanked up my pants and ran into the study, grabbing my briefcase and flopping into the chair behind the desk. I popped the case open on my lap, covering my wet spot, and pulled out a sheaf of papers.

Sandy's head appeared around the doorway. "I think we'll run into town and pick up something for lunch. Wanna come?"

"No, I've still got some work to do here. You go ahead and I'll see you back here later."

Sandy walked over to where I was sitting, still in her short robe, and gave me a lingering kiss. "Lying in the sun always makes me horny. Maybe we can do something about that later." As I slid my hand over her warm calf and up her thigh I felt myself once again rising to the occasion. Sandy spun away and sashayed out of the room.

"Later, big boy."

I slogged my way through a corporate take-over bid. That'll get your mind off sex, and soon I was dozing in my chair.

They'd bought pate and crisp French bread and made a salad. When we'd finished eating, Lee said she thought she'd go explore Edgartown. "You guys want to come?" she asked. Sandy looked over at me and said, " No, I think Dan has something he's got to do, and I might be able to help him with it. You take the car. We'll see you when you get back."

Lee's glance shifted quickly back and forth between me an Sandy, and she shrugged. "Sure. I wanted to buy something for the house anyway. I'll catch you later."

When she had gone, Sandy said, "It's too hot to go back out in the sun. I think I'll shower and just hang on the couch until later. What are you up to?"

"I've still got some work to do," I told her and headed back to the study. I considered joining her under the shower and I felt my cock responding to the idea, but work called, and I sat back in my chair and once again pulled out my papers.

Sandy came back down and lay out on the couch in the living room with the New Yorker. I could see her through the open door of the study. After a while she drifted into sleep and I continued fighting my way through the take-over. At about three o'clock she shook herself awake and said, "I'm going back out. Join me?"

"Absolutely. Be there in a second." I loved basking in the sun as much as Sandy did, and it got my juices flowing, too. But I'd never been into bare-bones sunning; I guess I worried I'd burn my prick to a crisp. I went upstairs and pulled on a pair of loose jams.

When I came back out onto the deck Sandy had turned the chaises 90 degrees to catch the afternoon sun and was once again lying nude on her stomach. I paused to enjoy the sight of her. She heard me pull the sliding door closed and said, "I don't want to get too brown. Can you put some sun-cream on me?"

I straddled her hips and grabbed the bottle from the table. I shot some cream over her shoulders, my eyes drinking in her smooth brown color, and began to rub it in. Her skin was soft and supple under my fingers. As my thumbs met at her back-bone and my fingers caressed the long muscles beside it, she let out a small sigh. I let my hands spread over her slim back, and my finger-tips brushed the sides of her breasts. I scooted down and kneaded the small of her back. Her hips raised slightly, and my hands of their own accord moved to cup her cheeks. The lotion was drying on my hands, and I moved back off the end of the couch.

Sandy turned her head and pouted. "Hey, where'd you go?"

"I'm right here." Applying more cream to my hands, I began to massage her feet. As she relaxed, I moved slowly up her calves. When I got to her knees I saw her thighs beginning to spread and her butt again rose from the chaise. I kept working the backs of her legs, slowly moving upwards.

"God, that feels good," Sandy crooned. My hands were now on her thighs, which opened farther at my touch. I knelt between her legs and slid my hands back up to her ass. Sandy kept in good shape, and her butt was as toned as the rest of her, but her warm skin felt deliciously soft under my kneading fingers. My hands easily spanned her trim cheeks, and I pulled them a little apart with my thumbs.

That produced a soft moan, and her hips rose again. "Dan, you don't know what that's doing to me."

"I think I have an idea," I replied, dropping my thumbs into her crack and sliding my hands back down to her knees. My thumbs grazed her pussy lips in passing, causing a shudder. By now she was half up on her knees, and I leaned forward and planted a kiss on her right cheek.


"What's the matter, honey?" Sandy asked, glancing back over her shoulder.

"That sun cream tastes awful."

"Aw, poor baby."

"Well, yeah," I said. "Because I was just going to do this with my tongue." I pointed my index finger and reached out and ran it along the moist fold between her inner and outer lips on the right side.

Her butt jerked and she groaned.

"And then I was going to do this," and slid my finger through the fold on the left side.

"Oh, Jesus," she sighed and her butt jerked again.

"And then," I said, slipping the tip of my finger between her parted labia and sliding it slowly down her gaping slit, "I was going to kiss you right here." I took the hood of her clit gently between my thumb and index finger and lightly stroked it up and down.

Sandy was fully on her knees now, and I could see little shivers running over her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs. "And then, I was going to stick my tongue right here and lick you till you cried for mercy." With this I slid my entire index finger deep into her. As wet as she was, it went in to the hilt in one thrust.

Air exploded from Sandy's lungs as she bucked back against my hand. "Ah, dammit, Dan, you're killing me. You're going to make me come".

"Not yet, I think," I told her, sliding my finger out of her. Her cunt seemed to grab at my finger as it left her and she shifted backwards to try to keep me in her. "But if I wanted you to come, I might try this." I held my index and middle fingers together and placed the tips between her lips.

Sandy grunted and shook all over as my fingers eased into her. I fucked them in and out, my knuckles grazing her clit as she matched my motion. After we'd kept up a steady rhythm for a while I again withdrew my fingers.

"You bastard, come back here" she moaned hoarsely.

"Or this." I grouped three fingers together and stroked them along her glistening slit. Sandy was now quivering all over and her hips were thrusting back and forth. I knew she was close and I started to push my fingers into her. She reared back against my hand, grinding her clit into my little finger, and an earthquake ripped through her body. She was gasping for air and I could feel her muscles clamping on my fingers. I held my hand pressed tightly into her as she slowly calmed, then pulled out my fingers and stroked her ass and thighs until her breathing returned to normal.

Sandy turned over and I stood up to give her some room on the chaise. I looked down at her exposed body. Her short brown hair was damp, and stuck to her forehead and cheeks. Her nipples pointed at to the cloudless sky above us, and a sheen of sweat made her stomach, shaved mound, and molded thighs shine in the sunlight. I never tired of the sight of her, and as I took her in I could feel my erection throbbing.

"Whatcha looking at?" Her voice was soft and warm, the voice of a woman who'd just had a satisfying orgasm.

"God, you're beautiful." I meant it; she looked like a goddess.

"Oh, Dan, I love you. Thanks. Hey, you're not too bad yourself." She turned a little to look at me and said, "Not bad at all, and a man with a problem, I see." She eyed the projection in my bathing suit and she reached out to stroke my calf. "Let's see if I can help you with that."

Her hand slid up my leg under my loose bathing shorts and a tremor ran over me when she grazed my cock.

"First thing, why don't you lose the suit." I slipped my hands under the waist-band and slid the suit down over my thighs. My hard cock bobbed up as I stepped out of the shorts and straightened up.

"Omigod, look at you all shaved. It seems like I barely got a peek at you yesterday and then we fell asleep so fast last night. Has it always been that big? Oh, shit, Dan, sorry. But I mean, look at you." I looked down and saw my stiff prick dancing in the sunlight. It did look bigger than normal, but I'd seen it like that right before Lee had made me come all over her. I throbbed even harder with that thought and tried to wipe it from my mind.

"Yeah, maybe it's the shaving. Or maybe it's just you."

Sandy's eyes widened. "Why don't you sit there on the chaise and we'll see what we can do about it. You're all white there under your suit, and we don't want you to get burned."

I sank back onto the other chaise and leaned against the back-rest.

"You're starting to get a little pink," Sandy said, and knelt between my out-stretched thighs. She rubbed some sun-screen onto the tops of my shoulders. "I think your chest is OK, but this definitely needs some protection." She shot cream below my navel and began to work it down over my lower abs.

"So I did that to you?" she smirked. She put both hands around the base of my penis and stroked up to cover the head. "This doing anything to you?"

I'd been monstrously turned on by Lee's show this morning and again by what Sandy and I had just done. My cock was like steel and Sandy's slow ministrations were bringing me close to the boiling point. She seemed to realize this and backed off, squatting between my legs but no longer moving her hands on my greased cock. After looking me deep in the eye for a moment, she leaned forward and took my raging head in her lips. I was almost there and thrust forward, but she backed quickly away.

"Goddamn, you're right. That stuff tastes terrible. Maybe we'll just have to do it this way." She slid her hand down to the base of my engorged cock and squeezed with her thumb and forefinger. My orgasmic urge subsided and when Sandy figured I was ready she started up her slow stroking again.

Every time I thought I couldn't hold out any longer, Sandy would stop and catch the base of my penis in a tight grip.

After the third or fourth time, with Sandy kneeling between my legs and me silently begging for release, she said, "That was pretty hot yesterday with Lee, don't you think?" My already throbbing cock sprang wildly in her hands. She slid her fingers down and clamped me off again.

"Oh, really." Her hand drifted up and she gave me a squeeze. "You were a little turned on, too? You sure looked like it". A gob of pre-cum gushed out of my cock, and Sandy pulled her hand back down and tightened her grip on me once more.

"How'd you like her pussy all shaved?"

Nothing Sandy could do could stop my orgasm now. Sandy felt it, too, and loosened her grip and resumed stroking. I tingled all over and then I was bucking like a stallion , and great white ropes of cum were shooting into the blue sky and falling onto my chest and stomach.

Sandy sat stunned between my legs, gently milking my throbbing prick. "Wow. I guess I really pressed your buttons, didn't I?"

Then she was draped over me, her legs straddling my hips and her tits and stomach rubbing into the lakes of cum on my body. I closed my arms around her and crushed her to me, feeling the squish of hot liquid between our heaving chests. I came down eventually from my mind-blowing orgasm and nuzzled my head into Sandy's hair. I lifted my eyes and saw Lee staring out at us through the sliding door.

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